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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Cheats for Xbox
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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Xbox Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Impossible mission 100%
During the game press r right(x4) r this will give you all missions complete
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People Can't Leave 100%
after you have about forty people in your park its time to save. then you can have some fun!.
destroy the park entrance and the people are stuck in your park. make some t-rexes and watch peple get eaten and when your done just don't save and when you load it will all be back to normal!!!!!!!
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More Money 100%
Press L+up, then L+down (repeatedly), you will get $10,000.
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Welcome to melbourne 83%
Enter r r l r down up down this causes it to rain
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Extinction event 83%
Press l r down r l this kills all dinosaurs
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Guaranteed immunity 80%
Enter up up r l up up dinos wont get sick
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All research 70%
During the game press DOWN(x3) LEFT RIGHT L DOWN UP
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Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 67%
Enter left right left right r this kills all visitors
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Hot one 67%
Enter r+down r+down this causes a heat wave
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Gimme some money 67%
During the game, press L up L down Lthis gives you $10,000
By: cabry2k7(11)
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Rampage time 67%
During gamplayprss l l l left left leftthis makes all carnivores rampage
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Dial-a-twister 67%
Enter left up right down this creates a tornado in the park
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Wheres the money? 67%
During the game press L R L R down down this takes all the money away
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Gimme lots of money 63%
During the game press L RIGHT RIGHT L R DOWN this gives you $250,000
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Money money money 58%
Enter l r down r l this gives $500,000
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MR DNA 58%
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Drive by 57%
Enter r+l up down up down this makes dinos appear decayed
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Realy realy fun 50%
If you r bored and whant to have some fun save you game first then wait until you have a lot of visitors (around 50+) destroy the entrance and then place a fence around the pathways and a chosen dinosor of your choilce (i always choose t-rex and/or spinasourous) then deleat the fencing around that dinousor and delete the pathways then sit back and watch them run around trying not to get eaten
By: scarecrow(1)
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No twisters 45%
Enter left right l r left right l r this stops tornados forming
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Operation War!! 25%
Put in 10 t rexes and then 10 spinos, then the trexes ally with each other and so do the spinos, then they will fight each other trexes vs. spinos, after that, the winning team will have to fight the ones who are left.
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