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Civilization III Cheats for PC
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Civilization III PC Cheats

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Civilization III Cheats

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Civilization III

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Hint 100%
When you start a new game, enter "Leemur" as your leader
name. You'll start with 100,000 gold.

When you go to save, name the save "multi"
This allows you to see the map and you can change what
other civs are producing.
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Richness 100%
This is not a cheat I have read from another site

on civ 3 when you have almost defeated someone (if you have got them to their last city)
ask for a peace treaty and EVERYTHING they have.
they will accept
you will get richness and THEN you can destroy them
if you destroy first you dont get any richness.
maybe they have resources, ask for 9999999 gold per turn but I havent tried that

by: anonymous (just a random friendly who has selected a site to put a helping hint on it)
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