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Beavis and Butthead: Virtual Stupdity Cheats for PC
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Beavis and Butthead: Virtual Stupdity
PC Cheats

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Beavis and Butthead: Virtual Stupdity

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

The Gate to Jail 100%
Give the dog the steak, it won't work. Give the dog the blown up condom dog

and while he's busy use the clippers to cut his chain. Pick up the hammer.

Go down the tunnel. Exit your cell and go into the insane wing. Give the

one eyed guy the snake eye. Ask him about the book and he'll give it to you.

Return to your cell and give the book to the guy underneath the bed. Pick

up his teeth and exit to the park.
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Jail 100%
Pick up the toilet paper and soap sitting on the sink. Give the soap to

Beavis. Leave the soap on the floor. Chat to the guy sitting on the bed,

he'll tell you about Todd, the quarter and have Beavis ask him about dinner.

Pick up the keys after the guard gets it. Use the keys in the jail door,

you can now exit the cell.
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Coffee House 100%
Chat to the girl at the front door, she won't let you by until you give her

the flyer you got from the garbage. Walk around the coffee shop, pick up the

poetry book on the table in the far corner. Chat to Wilber to find out about

Open Mike Night. Chat to Vandreson. Drink coffee from the cups around the

coffee shop.

Have Beavis chat to the coffee guy, ask for more coffee. After he leaves,

use the coffee machine. Beavis will turn into CORNHOLIO. Exit.
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Return to Coffee House 100%
Chat to Wilbur and kick him off the stage, use the mike to play "Air Guitar".

Go into the bathroom (to the left of the stage) and use your quarter to get

a condom out of the machine. Exit the coffee house.
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Taxidermist 100%
Give her the roadkill and pick up the stuffed squirrel. Ask her about the

bear. Exit to the coffee shop to chat to Buzzcut. Chat to Buzzcut. To have

him let you go, kick him in the nads. You overhear the bear is at the

Veteran's Hall so off you go.
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Back to the Store 100%
Go the store and try to take some nachos. Chat to Mr. Anderson, ask him

about Nachos. Ask him for a dollar. Exit.
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Back to Veteran's Hall 100%
Beavis aka CORNHOLIO can now open the tank's hatch, climb inside. After the

video sequence, you will end up in jail.
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Back to Park 100%
Look at the squirrel underneath the car, try to pick it up. Touch the car

and look at the Free Parking Sign. To get rid of the car, use the pen from

the taxidermist on the sign, after its gone pick up the road kill by using

the spatula on the roadkill and the hammer on the spatula. Pick up the road

kill and exit to the taxidermist.
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The Slaughter House 100%
To get the chains of Beavis and Butthead, look at the pile of wood next to

them. Pick up a piece of wood and use it on the chains. You have use it

once on the chains and then use it again for Butthead to have his "idea".

After the video sequence and finding out what you have to do to get into

Todd's gang return to the slaughter house. Pick up Todd's license plate

outside. Go inside and pick up the steak on the floor. Look at the killing

machine, it on. Turn the machine up by the knob to right on the lever. Turn

the machine on fast and let it go. Pick up the axe spit out by the machine.

Exit the slaughter house and go to the farm.
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The Store 100%
Go to the store, ask the clerk about Todd.
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Back to Burger World 100%
Chat to the guy behind the counter. Chat to Gina, ask her about Todd and the

keys. Pick up Gina hamburger and use it on the ceiling fan. At this point

you can pick up the food on the counter and use it on the ceiling fan, use

the drive thru mic and for a laugh use the mic at the counter. Go into the

back and pick up the spatula on the counter. Pick up the mouse for fun.
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Back to Verteran's Hall 100%
Look at the bear and have Butthead kick it. Go around and look at the bear's

butt. Have Beavis stick his hand up the bear's butt, you have to do this a

couple of times before the remote comes out. Now you have the remote so all

you need is the keys which are in Gina's locker, so back to the school.
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Burgerworld 100%
Go to burgerworld and chat to the manager. Ask for some food.
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Back in the cell 100%
Give the guy under the bed the bear, the blocks, the book, the toilet paper

and the pillow. Pick up the flash bulb on the cell floor that comes out of

the pillow. Use the flash on the camera. Exit the cell to go back to the

courtyard. Use the camera with the flash on Kyler, you have to use it more

than once to piss him off and start a riot. When you are returned to your

cell, use the keys to get out again. Go to the courtyard and retrieve the

quarter. Return to your cell and give the quarter to the guy sitting on the

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Farm 100%
Give the farmer the teeth and he'll leave. Use the garage door opener on the

barn and head that way. You have to disguise the car so pull off the license

plate and stick the one with Todd's name on the car. Use the can of paint on

the car. Use the keys on the car. After the video sequence ask Daria to let

you out of the truck, but be nice. Use the keys on the car again to drive

away. AND YOU'RE DONE!!!!!
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Veteran's Hall 100%
Chat to Buzzcut. Attempt to wash the tank, you won't do it. Attempt to open

the tank's hatch, you won't be able to now. Chat to the hippy teacher,

Vandreson. Ask him about the sperm whales. Exit.
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Highland High 100%
In science class, grab the washroom/hall pass off the wall. Give the pass to

the teacher. Exit classroom.

Go to the fountain in the hallway, pick up the chewed up bubble gum off the

fountain. Go thru the gym doors.

Jump onto the springboard. Jump again but direct the hand sign toward the

pummel horse. You should jump onto it. It may take a few tries. Jump back

onto the springboard. Butthead should jump up and grab onto the ladder.

Climb up ladder.

On the roof, look over the edge and you will enter the mini game

"Hock-a-loogie". Hints: every 10 points you get for hitting something, you

get a big green loogies. This is how you win the game. Hock the green

loogie on the principals head (using the right mouse button). After

returning to the game, pick up the stick, stick the stick into the fan.

Climb in. You'll return to the school's front doors, exit the school.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Back to Park 100%
After the squirrel dies, try to pick it up. Talk again to the gang,

eventually they'll ask you to get them some Burgerworld. Exit
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Breaking Out of Jail 100%
They're out but you have to get past the sleeping guard. Use the

electroshock machine on his chair. Get onto the van.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Courtyard 100%
Chat to Kyler ( guy in the green shirt with the quarter), pick up the pillow

beside him. Walk around the courtyard. Use the basketball to get rid of the

guard on the wall. Pick up the towel beside the lady guard. Go into the

insane wing. Chat to the guy reading the book. Pick up the blocks, the

teddy bear, the camera and open up the cabinet to find an electroshock

therapy machine. Exit the insane wing and return to your cell.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

The Park 100%
o the park and chat to Todd's gang. They won't say much now. At this point

you can play "Court Chaos" by entering the tennis courts. Knock over the

garbage can and pick up the flyer.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Return to Veteran's Hall 100%
Chat to Mr Anderson, ask him about Todd and the remote.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Walkthrough 100%
These are the direct solutions to the game. There are many other things to

see and do for fun in the game which are not essential to the game's

solution. Take the time to chat to everyone and to explore every area
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Back to Highland High 100%
Give the stuffed squirrel to the janitor. Enter the gym and have Beavis jump

on the rope. Use the towel on Beavis to get him to go up. Once at the top

have Beavis use the axe to cut the rope. After the video sequence look

around the boiler room. Pick up the can of paint by the sink. Open the

filing cabinet and take out the locker combination file folder. Exit the

boiler room. Use the file folder and the lockers. Gina's locker is number

69. Grab the keys and exit the school. Head to the farm.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Back to Store 100%
Use the condom on the air tank in between the gas pumps. Exit and go to the

school. Chat to the janitor and ask him about the locker combinations. Give

him the blown up condom, exit and head to the jail.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

The Farm 100%
Chat to the farmer, ask him about Todd, the barn and why he talks funny. For

a laugh have Beavis go after the chicken and the pig. Exit from the farm.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Taxidermist Shop 100%
Chat to the lady. Pick the pen sitting on the counter. Grab the rabbit to

acquire some string. Look in the box on the table and pick up a snake eye.

Exit and go to Beavis and Butthead house, use the string on the chewed up

gum and fish the quarter out of the grate.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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