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Front Mission 3 Cheats for PSX
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Front Mission 3 PSX Cheats

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Front Mission 3

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Destroy Wanzers and Body Parts Quickly 98%
To easily pummel any enemy wanzer, always equip some sort of melee weapon like batons and fists. When in battle, come up close to the enemy wanzer and punch him. Depending on your Power level and upgrades, you should be able to do around 200 damage on a part of a wanzer. I find it easier to destroy the arms or legs of an enemy wanzer by just punching them rather than shooting.Kazuki's Zenislev works best in these situations.
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Backup Wanzer 98%
If you capture an enemy Wanzer at the end of a battle, keep it.
This way, if you lose a Wanzer in your next battle, you have a spare Wanzer to replace it. Besides, you do not have to replace any destroyed parts on a captured Wanzer; they are automatically repaired for you. Just make sure that you add some weapons to it, because your only attack on a captured Wanzer is the HADRBLOW, which is the weakest.
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Kill ejected enemy pilots easier 98%
Attack an ejected pilot with a machine gun, shotgun or flamethrower.
Although rifles, missiles, and melee weapons do much more damage, you will often miss completely because only one shot is fired.
However, a machinegun and shotgun will fire multiple times, and the flamethrowers can attack a target at least 4 times.
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Grenade launcher 98%
A grenade launcher does not strike one square; it strikes several,
depending on which type you have. Make sure "friendly" units are at least 2 squares from the damage area to prevent a "friendly fire" situation.
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Split point 98%
The "split point" in the game is so close to the start that gamers could play the same story and never know what they did wrong. It occurs when you finish the Wanzer testing. Royogo will ask you if you want to deliver Construction Wanzers with him. If you go with him you will get Emma's story. If you do not go with him you will get Alisa's story.
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Capturing enemy Wanzers 98%
To capture an enemy Wanzer, make him surrender. Any Wanzers that surrender before the stage is cleared will become yours. You can tell if a Wanzer has surrendered by looking at its color. If it is gray, and has a white flag on top of it, it has surrendered.
This does not work, however, for tanks, jeeps, etc., as you can not store them.
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Fighting helicopters 98%
Helicopters are big, but you have a greater chance of hitting them with a machine gun or shotgun than any other ranged weapon.
Missiles, however, can usually hit a helicopter if it is almost out of missile range.
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Special Weapon 96%
In the Alisa missions, after mission 46 go to the ArmoredK web site and check out BBS 3. At the bottom there is a number(555-XKR-224).
Then go to the Auspend Garbagepit. There should be something called the Infernal Dialer. Dial this number in and you will recieve
the parts to a Hoshun Mk112 and a laser weapon. You must then put it together and upgrade it. It is the best wanzer in the game!
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Play with your Battle Skills 96%
When you beat Emma's or Alisa's story line. Wait until after the credits and you can save your game at a final save point. Then the Title Screen comes up. Load your memory card file into the game. You are allowed to play the other or same story line with all the Battle Skills you learned in your previous game file.
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Restart a battle 96%
Save the game as soon as you start a battle. If you lose, you can reload the save from the beginning of the fight and try a different strategy. This also prevents you from losing a Wanzer that you want to keep.
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Money and The Power 95%
During the course of the game, you either receive or download Battle Simulator Scenarios for you to "practice" in.
Of course its not only for practice, its also for getting experience and money. The 1st battle you get is the JDF base scenario which
is a good beginning one, but later on you will want the Taal Base scenario. The Taal scenario gives you a lot of money depending on the level of your wanzers. The stronger your wanzers are, the harder the opponents get, and the more money you receive. The experience you receive in the Simulator count as actual experience.
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Computer programs 95%
This is a list of all of the computer programs that you can download:

1) Sim practice mode . $500 . (Iguchi)

2) Kaleidoscope . $200 . (Netcomsys)

3) Code security 21 . $100 . (Armoredkin)

4) Sim Data . Free . (Auspend)

5) Sim Data, Battle Mode . $600 . (Papel)

6) Restrex . $400 . Papel)

7) Yahan Q . $500 . (TTsoft)
Those are the programs that will help you to compress, uncomress
enlarge, ect.
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Hidden battle sims 95%
There are 2 hidden battle sims in the game. They are both acquired at the NTJ (national land and traffic agency of Japan). The 1st is Koriyama the cheat-password is Sintj. The 2nd is Nagoya, the cheat-password is wntj
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Get the Hoshun mk 112 95%
Another way to get the Hoshun mk 112 is to capture it. If you capture one you cannot get one off of the computer. You can capture one in mission 58 in Emma's story (the observatory) and in mission 46 in Aliases story (koriyama).
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Skills 95%
One of the strongest single battle skill in the game is called, Shield ATK 3, learned off of the Lenghe Arm. It hits for around 1000pts on a single part. The strongest skill (single) is Tackle 3 , learned off of the Lanze Body. This skill makes you use the total weight of your wanzer in a single melee attack. Depending on the weight of your wanzer this skill can cause anywhere from 700pts of damage to a waping 1800!
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Level Up Beam Weapon 93%
The beam weapon might be the most powerful weapon in the game, but its also the hardest to handle. Since you can only use it once per turn, 2 if you turn off some upgrades, so the shot you take is supposed to count. The weapon is really easy to level up. The EXP requirements are about 1/2 or more less than regular weapons. An easy way to level it up is to let the weapon finish off near death wanzers. A good wanzer to let the weapon blast on and level up fast at the same time, is the Shangdi 1. I managed to work the beam weapon up to level F in about 10 or 15 missions.
At around that level, it can destroy ANY body part in one hit.
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