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Scooby-Doo!: Phantom of the Knight -Walkthrough Cheats for PC
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Scooby-Doo!: Phantom of the Knight -Walkthrough
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Scooby-Doo!: Phantom of the Knight -Walkthrough

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Walkthrough/Cheat 98%
Throughout this game there are things that will react to you. If you move the arrow shaped pointer over something that will react it will change into a paw Ė press the left mouse button and see what happens. My favourites were the crossed swords in the "Dinning Hall", and the little door above and to the left of the "Armoury" "Saaright, - Saaright". The van in the bottom left corner shows you what you have in your inventory, and how many Scooby Snacks you have left. You can also review the clues you have already been given and view the suspects.
Scrappy Doo is helpful at the beginning when you donít know your way around. Click on him and your pointer will change into a question mark. When positioned over a door or exit it will wiggle and make a noise pressing the left mouse button and he will tell you where the door leads.

Start of game Choose the level of game you want. The choices are "Spooky" = easy, "Spookier" = medium, "Spooktacular" = hard. The difference is how many Scooby Snacks you need and how difficult the hedge maze is.
Bear in mind this depends on how clever you are and if you are using a really cool walkthrough.

Outside the castle -
Click on the flags to get the correct sequence. Each click on a flag will change its appearance, carry on until they match the ones on the castle. The drawbridge will then come down. Scooby Doo doesnít want to go further. Click on the Scooby Snacks and give one to Scooby Doo to persuade him, he will then proceed. You are now in the "Town".

Click on "Joust for Fun". You are now in the "Room of Doors". The doors are left to right "Dinning Hall" (unavailable for now) "Armoury", Blank door and "Throne Room". Go into the "Throne Room" and listen to what Jane McHaggis has to tell you. This lays out your mission. Find the ruby, rescue Bernice, and solve the puzzle using the clues to identify the Black knight.

Go into the "Armoury" click on the feather duster (Scooby will pick it up).
Go back to the "Throne Room" give the feather duster to Jane McHaggis (click on the van to get the duster). She will thank you and give you a clue.
Go back the "Room of Doors". Click on the jester heíll tell you a terrible joke and then tell you heís lost his juggling balls.

The "Dinning Hall" is now open, go in. Help the waitress balance the dishes. She will give you a clue. Click on the dish cover to get the burger.

Go out into the kitchen and chat to Ewan the cook. Answer his questions. You may need to explore a bit including where you have already been to get the correct answers, but they are available. Ewan will give you a clue.

Go out into the storage closet. The door will slam behind you but donít worry there is a way out. Get the shield, and use the screwdriver 3 times on the door to get out. There is now a pool of grease on the floor in the kitchen. Itís no use to you now, but it will be later.

Go back to the "Room of Doors" Take the shield to "Brad" who plays "Sir Lackslot" to do this go back to the "Throne Room" (take the right hand door to the other part of the arena). Put up with "Brad" telling you how wonderful he is and get the armour off him. "Brad" will then disappear. Put the shield onto the other shield (the one with an arrow on it) "Brad" will re-appear and thank you. He will also give you a hand mirror (That must have been really tough for him).

Go back to the "Dinning Hall". You will need more Scooby Snacks now. Click on the tankard on the table and the waitress will ask you to help serve the knights with root-beer. You may need to practice this.

I found that if you let the 1st knight nearly get to you before passing the beer, and then wait until the last 2nd to pick it up before he returns it usually works.
Tip when you get more than one knight coming down the tables just position Shaggy as if he was going to catch the glass but donít click on the glass. Shaggy will just take it. Move to the 2nd table and catch that one. Every glass you catch gets you a Scooby snack. You can return and play again at any time to win more.

Go into the "Magic Mirror Room". Itís on the right of the "Dinning Hall". Pick up the jesterís juggling ball. Put the hand mirror onto the reflecting mirror. You will have to treat Scooby Doo again to get him to follow you. Click on the different cameras. The important one is the one that shows you the wizard. Note which way he turns the skulls, if necessary click on it again and make a note of his answer. You will need this information later.
Go back to the "Room of Doors". Click on the jester again, he will give you another clue. Listen carefully and note the answer down. Click on him again if you missed it the 1st time, and he will repeat it. You will need this later.

Go to the town and into the gardeners house. The clue the Jester just gave you refers to the shield above the barred door. Click on it, and then click on the pictures in the same order as given by the Jester. The bars will rise.

This gives you access to the hedge maze go in and follow the silver trail as best you can to the fountain. In the harder versions the silvery trail doesnít go all the way. Pick up the shears. Click on the fountain and then on the van to get the burger in the inventory. Put it on the piranha, you will then get the tokens.

Go to the "Balcony" and then onto the "Employees Entrance". Pick up the jesters juggling ball. He will sing you another clue. Down by the Silver man could this be a reference to the suit of armour in the armoury?

Go down the chute which will take you into the "Dinning Hall".
Go to the town. Enter the "Souvenir Shop" and place the tokens on the bottle.

Take the bottle back to the kitchen and get the grease.
Return to the "Armoury" and pour the grease in front of the suit of armour on the right. Fred will push it forward giving you access to a room below.

Go down and go into the far room. Get the rope and return to the "Throne Room" take the door on the left and sharpen the shears by placing them on the grinding wheel.

Go back through the maze to the "Balcony" and prune the thorns you will now be able to climb up.

The room on the right is the "Wizards Room" the room on the left is the "Princesses Bedroom" explore both. There is a book missing from the wizardís bookshelf you will find it in the "Princesses Bedroom" under the clock on the chest of drawers. Go out onto the veranda click on the well and you will see that the rope on the well is broken, but you got some rope earlier didnít you ?

Return the book to the wizardís book shelf you will now get the chance to turn the skulls. You know which way to turn them from earlier. Click on the wizard.

Play the wizardís game. I didnít score at this but it doesnít seem to matter much, he still thinks your great. The wizard will give you a clue. Make sure you get the scroll off the wizardís bed. This is a map of the maze and makes thing a lot easier. Just click on the pictures on the map to travel where you want to go.

Go down again and click to go to the hedge maze the map will appear click on the well. You will be magically transported there. Pick up the last of the jesters juggling balls. He will appear again and give you a clue. Click on the rope and put it onto the windlass (thatís the thing the broken rope is attached to) Ė all this and free education too! Fred will throw the lasso and then you can go down into the well. Get the ruby.

Return to the "Throne Room" and put the ruby back into the throne. The throne spins around and reveals another room that was hidden.
Go behind the throne. You will be in a passage full of smoke. Scooby Doo may refuse to go further. You may need to go back for more Scooby Snacks to persuade him again.
Click on the smoke to proceed. You will find Princess Bernice, and now the fun starts. The Black Knight turns up. Solve the puzzle and you have done it. Well Done !
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