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Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick Cheats for Xbox
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Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick Xbox Cheats

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Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlock Arcade Levels 98%
Finish levels in story mode to unlock them for Arcade play.
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Unlock Gallery Art 96%
Each time you finish a level, concept art for the level in question will be unlocked for viewing by accessing the Extras menu.
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ASh "omaga, holy crap" speach 44%
When you are in a new game and you need to get a cop badge to show some under cover cop ID there is a bunch of deadite cops and zombie farmers by the (turned over) truck kill the cops for the badge but for the easter egg hint go straight toward the truck the turn left a bit then there should be a blocked off wall press Y at it and if you got a chain saw he'll say "some flimsy wood I should be able to cut through this" then chop it up with your chainsaw go in grab the save, save the game and grab what looks like a book now if you didnt collect enough souls he says something like "omaga sola,holy crap"and a light shoots him backward but it wont hurt your health do this again and he says smoething like "what in the hell is your proble.." and gets shot again no health will be touched.
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