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Resident evil: outbreak Cheats for PS2
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Resident evil: outbreak PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE
Resident evil: outbreak Cheats

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Resident evil: outbreak

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Breaking the elevator's code in scenario 3 - The Hive 79%
Along d mission, find all d memos that you r able to find. Then you will notice that 1 of d memo says something about a list of medicines or something like that & codes are given as well beside the medicines' names (e.g. carmine - 1210). Later in d hallway, u'll find another torn memo that says (Red chemical bottle - +2345). Using your knowledge, logic & IQ, according to d earlier list that you have obtained, Carmine means RED. Thus, sum up d carmine's code and d red chemical bottle code together which: 1210+2345= 3555
*3555 is the code, 110% guaranteed. Now THAT'S COOL!
By: muzibecool(189)
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Get bonus a reward point more 73%
When in any scenario use without a weapon and no damage clear the scenario and you willl get more reward point.
By: hot166(183)
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Question#1 73%
What is Infinite Mode?Well I don't have Infinite Mode but I hear that if you have it for sale in the collection area at the Extras Section you can get it for 50,000 points.I also hear that if you get it and set it to infinite then all your weapons will not break or lose ammunition.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Question#2 67%
What is for sale in the collection?Well here is a list of stuff for sale for the gallery section:All character's pictures,collage pictures,and costumes pictures,background images,creature images,alternative character pictures,and alternative enemies picures.Here is a list of stuff for sale in the costume section:Kevin's costume,George's costume,Alyssa's two costumes,Yoko's two costumes,Cindy's two costumes,Jim's costume,Mark's costume,and David's costume,NPC characters, and special stick figure NPC characters.Here is a list of songs in the song section:Character's voices and level's BGMs.Here is a list of stuff for sale in the movie section:All character's beginnings and endings,opening,epiloge,and scenes from levels.Finally here is a list of stuff for sale in the extras section:Hard Mode,Very Hard Mode,Lone Wolfe Mode,and Infinite mode.That's all for sale.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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How to heal your bleeding 63%
To heal your bleeding try use a green herb or First aid spray to heal you up + the bleed is gone.
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How to get past the first sernario 58%
Grab the key of the bar and grab the gun. use the key on the staff room door and enter. run all up the stairs until you go in a room were there is a hallway near it and go through the hallway to the coffee table. get the newspaper and click on the same spot again and you will get a key. go to the locked door near the locker room door, unlock it and enter. go up the stairs and go to the door you first see enter it. there are 2 doors to choose from first choose the door closes to the door you came through and save your game and get the key, exit. now go through the other door, run all the way around until you see a crane. turn the key in the crane and climb up the ladder until you come out a small hall. run in the direaction of the sceen and exit the door. you will be on the rooftop and run around till you find the wired fence, shoot it open and climb up. watch the short sceen. jump over the gap exit the door take the lift to the bottom floor and exit the door on your left. after talking to the policeman wait until near church door and enter the policeman willunlock the second door just shoot zombies till then and enter. the policeman will be killed by zombies and grab his shot gun and his lighter go to the wheel turn it and go to the side of the tank and throw the lighter. jump in the river and enter the sewer run until you find a way out and enter the van.short sceance. exit the van and go up the stairs arcross the bridge until you get to the point were they is lots of zombies gather the 2 special items and combine them put it in the centre and it willturn into a bomb! the end!
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How to shoot a zombie while biting? 50%
To shoot a zombie head while biting you have to equip "Handgun" then when a zombie is bitting you Roll the L3 then you will see your character or your favourite charactar shoot a zombie head Note: you can do this every scenario
By: sean50(263)
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Resident evil: outbreak 603107Is there any way to kill the zombie with worms all over it? Answers: 1
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Resident evil: outbreak 555219Where are the 2 chemicals in scenario 2 to kill the blant that is blocking the path,please tell me where and how to get there. Answers: 1
Resident evil: outbreak 680522I beat decisons decisons but I cant get the next level Answers: 1
Resident evil: outbreak 612523Why I cant use the turn table, I already get the key Answers: 2
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