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Daggerfall Cheats for PC
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Daggerfall PC Cheats

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Cheats 100%
Go to the daggerfall dir on your Hard Drive, find a file called Z.cfg open it up and add the line: cheatmode 1 Verified: Now start up the game, while in a dungeon hit ctrl and F4 to toggle 'god mode'.
Alt and F11 will put you bacl on the last thing you were standing on , if you fall into the 'void' and can not get out, (you may have to hit this key combo a few times) Unverified but listed: Ctrl F1 -activates all maps, not sure exactly what this one does or means. [ and ] cycle through quest locations. Again, I haven't verified this one yet.
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Hints 100%
When creating a custom spell, place a $ as the 1st letter of the spell name. The spell will cost only 25% of it is normal value to cast. Or, use an ! as the 1st character and you will be able to cast the spell for free once per day. If you find a dungeon where there is treasure just inside the door, simply grab the treasure, leave the dungeon and reenter and new treasure will await. If you find a house/tavern with a stash of treasure, grab the treasure, save the game, reload the game and the treasure will return. If you go to some of the smaller towns outside of the realm of Daggerfall and go to some of the private banks you can get loans for the maximum amount of gold and do not have to pay them back. This will affect your reputation in some of these smaller towns in obscure realms but since your probably not going to do alot of adventuring there it wont hurt you. In the city of Daggerfall if you go to the weapons shop during the day and loiter around for 3 hours, 4 times in a row, the shop will close and you will be inside. Click on a weapons rack and remove all the items on the rack into your inventory, then switch to your wagon and drop all the items into your wagon. Go to each rack and clean shop!! Then go to the shop keeper and sell back all the stuff (unless you want to keep some stuff :) This should yield about 3000 to 12000 gold each time. A fast way to make money without effecting your reputation in the city.
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