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Cat in the Hat Cheats for PS2
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Cat in the Hat PS2 Cheats

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Cat in the Hat

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Extra life 96%
Press Up, Down, Square, L2, L1, Down, Up, Down(2), Up.
Extra 10 magic pickups:
Press L1, Down, L1, L2, Square, Down, Up, Down, Up(2).
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Have Most of the Levels Unlock 25%
Press Down, L2, Up, L1 Square, Down(4X), Up
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Questions & Answers
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Cat in the Hat 356095How do you beat the bonus level in venus cat trap Answers: 1
Cat in the Hat 500906How do you shoot goo down ward. Answers: 2
Cat in the Hat 635605In the freezer burn where do you get the goo ball theres none on that level Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 838014How do I pass the third level of the broiler room? Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 874935Where is the blue key in washy washy Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 208741How do you shoot down goo in the furnace level Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 411156I cant beat the venus cat trap level..... I cant find the last thing.... any help? Answers: 1
Cat in the Hat 725407Where is the blue key in the venus fly trap level? Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 57997What is the main screen Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 568412In Quinn TV I keep getting killed once I have short circuited the crablock. How do I complete the level and collect the broken off piece of the crablock? Answers: 1
Cat in the Hat 687584How do I shoot the Crablock Answers: 1
Cat in the Hat 741670How do you get past quinns tv level. Answers: 1
Cat in the Hat 845277How do you enter cheat codes in cat in the hat ps2 game? Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 909020Where is the 3rd heart in the boiler level? Answers: 0
Cat in the Hat 89802On the freezer burn level.. and there are no ways for me to go there are 3 purple goo blocks blocking me and there are none of the machines that make the goo balls so I cant go any further what do I do? Answers: 2
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