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Crash Nitro Kart Cheats for PS2
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Crash Nitro Kart PS2 Cheats

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Crash Nitro Kart

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Unlockable: Velo 89%
To unlock Velo as a playable racer, beat Adventure Mode as both Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex.
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Unlock Characters 86%
Complete the tasks listed to unlock the listed characters.

Dingodile: Win the Red Gem Cup.
Fake Crash: In Adventure Mode, do 50 consecutive boosts with the evil team.
N. Tropy: Beat all of the N. Tropy Ghosts in Time Trial Mode.
Polar: Win the Blue Gem Cup.
Pura: In Adventure Mode, do 50 consecutive boosts with the Bandicoot team.
Zam: Win the Purple Gem Cup.
Zem: Win the Green Gem Cup.
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Easy Consecutive boosts 61%
For easy or consecutive boosts, just press R1, it will show a red scale or gauge on it's way up. When the scale or gauge turns green press L1. you can only do this three times so be quick after the three to gain another three boosts.

F.Y.I.: Don't hit or run into the walls or side because you can lose your amount of boosts!
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How to get 100% complete the game 57%
Get 16 trophies 4 keys 4 gems 13 relics it doesnt mater the colour. you will have 98%.
after that defeat velo again where it sais galaxy will have 100% complete the game.Do that with both teams and you will unlock real velo. thanks for reading.
By: Alex the best(39)
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Unlokable characters 51%
Polar: win the blue gem cup.
Dingodile: win the red gem cup.
zem: win the green gem cup.
zam: win the purple gem cup.
pura: Do 50 boosts with team bandicoot in adventure mode
fake crash: Do 50 boosts with team cortex in adventure mode
N. trophy: beat all his times in time trial mode.
Velo: Get 100% with both teams.
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Pura polar 43%
Get 50 boosts in a row without stopping playing as crash and neo in adventure. P.S you need to play as crash then beat the 50 boosts then start an another adventure on neo's team and beat the 50 boosts on that
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Unlock all characters 40%
Hold l1 and r1 and prees x x4
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