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Game & Watch Gallery 3 Cheats for GBC
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Game & Watch Gallery 3 GBC Cheats

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Game & Watch Gallery 3

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Flagman mini-game 100%
Earn 10 stars to unlock the Flagman mini-game.
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Music room 100%
Earn 2 stars to unlock the Music room. *** 200 points equals one star.
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Donkey Kong 2 mini-game 100%
Earn fifty stars to unlock the Donkey Kong 2 mini-game.
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Toggle music 100%
At the mode selection screen, press Select. A musical note will appear when music is enabled. *** Music is only played in modern mode games.
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View ending credits 100%
Earn fifty stars to view the ending credits.
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Spitball Sparkey mini-game 100%
Earn forty stars to unlock the Spitball Sparkey mini-game.
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Instant save 100%
[Pause Game] and power off the Game Boy. When the Game Boy is powered back on, the game will automatically resume at the last point played.
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Museum 100%
Earn five stars to unlock the Museum.
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Reset saved game 100%
At the main screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2).
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Lion mini-game 100%
Earn thirty stars to unlock the Lion mini-game.
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Judge mini-game 98%
Earn twenty stars to unlock the Judge mini-game.
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Fire mini-game 96%
Earn sixty stars to unlock the Fire mini-game in the Gallery.
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