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The Hobbit Cheats for Xbox
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The Hobbit Xbox Cheats

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The Hobbit

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Saving Beorn 100%
In order to save Beorn on the last level, you must push 4
different blue barrels located around the area. Follow the courage
crystals and do not stop to fight. Use the ring when you encounter
enemies, because you are timed.
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Defeating Smaug 100%
Stay behind the debris until all of the fire is gone. Even though he
stops, some fire is still there and it will kill even if you take
one step out. The ring will not help you at all.
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Walking stick 100%
Until you obtain Sting, the walking stick will be used mainly for
combat. Once you do obtain Sting, drop the combat aspect and only
use it for jumping. When moving forward, quickly press L1 then X to
use your walking stick to jump. Be careful -- using it on shorter
jumps may result in over-jumping.
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Obtaining equipment 100%
There are 3 items you can acquire throughout the game: the
walking stick, throwing rocks, and Sting. The walking stick can be
found in a chest in Bag End at the Shire (first level). The rocks
can be found in a grove of apple trees in the Shire. Sting is
obtained in the troll cave at the end of that level.
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Carrier upgrades 100%
At the end of each level, you will be taken to the vendor. Here, you
can buy upgrades for your rock bag and medicine chest. Each affects
your carrying capacity. The upgrades are as follows:

Rock Bag
First upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 20 rocks.
Second upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 30 rocks.
Medicine Chest
First upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity;
total of 10 each.
Second upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity;
total of 15 each.
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Mirkwood Forest: Fighting spiders 100%
When fighting the spiders, stay up on one of the rocks. Throw rocks
at her minions. If you run out of rocks, just slpp on your ring and
sneak (or she will hear you and attack), over to some rocks and get
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Save regularly 100%
It is very easy to die quickly in this game, whether it is from
accidentally falling off a ledge, a severe poisoning, or being
caught sneaking around. Save regularly to prevent jumping back a
quest or more.
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