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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Cheats for PS2
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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2 Cheats

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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Defeating Kingbot 93%
Fire missiles at Kingbot until he stops moving. This usually happens
after about 4 to five shots. Now, aim your targets at his right
leg, stand just off-center, and throw in a Core Charge. This
normally takes about five times. After ever 2 charges, some little
bots will appear. The best weapon to use against them is the Scatter
Ammo, as it will kill them quickly, especially when they are
directly bearing down on you. Missiles will cause more damage to
your health.
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Original Concept FMV sequence 91%
Win the game in campaign mode.
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Multi-player: Invincibility 90%
In any multi-player level, press Start. You can be shot at, but
receive no damage. You cannot move, but it is better than dying.
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Defeating general corrosive.( In the level:The Final Battle) (The Last Level.) 100%
Walk around the level until you find the cleaners and the thing that makes you run very fast.Once you obtain the items keep running but run backwards and throw the cleaners at him then once that is done get out your rocket launcher and use it on him next.If you run out of ammo then get out your slingshot and keep hitting him with grenades.This is the easiest way to kill him.

TIP:Make sure that you have ammo for the rocket launcher and grenades for the slingshot befor entering the level.Hope I could help.
By: jlj13(153)
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Standing on top of the tower in the level where the titan and flyguy is and its dark. 67%
Ok where the door goes threw the wall get a loader and go to the side of the mountain and go up it by holding left till you get up high.not too hard or you will flip over.but once you get up there fly fast over to where the purple light is and land by it and there ya go!all credit goes to joseph jarrell.
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A way you can beat the zombiebot king very easily!! 63%
On the very first level of the wastelands toward the end of it, were that balcony is above the messed-up lookin' jokers there are two MAGMA bombs, SAVE EM'! why? Because, when you fight the zombiebot king, they will kill him way faster! they continually burn, kiling him faster. do this with whatever supply of them you have.      P.S: do the above, and you'll get by this level in no time! peace out!
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Rocket launcher upgrade in the trenches on capmpain mode! 60%
Go to where all the rocks are in the first part of the trenches then throw a coring charge and it will blow up then walk inside it and there will be a rocket launcher upgrade inside the small trench!unless at full level it will upgrade it!All credit goes to me joseph jarrell and of course I also forgot to put my name on the flying combat cheat for halo3 on xbox 360 oops!
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Secret chip 56%
On the first time you find the spiders chasing you, after the pipe there will be a floating thing. jump on it and look down. you will see a place where you will jump. go here and you will find:
2.Recruiter grenade
3.Secret chip
also there will be spiders bouncing on each other. dunno what it means though.
By: Sumner(141)
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Space station secret chip(#4) 56%
When Glich flyies to the space he will end up on a rocket ship.there will be a metal pole behind you.Walk up that and you'll notice a ledge.hop on to it and keep runing on any obstacles and you will run into it
By: Coded867(250)
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Upgrades for scatter blaster 50%
1:regular dmg.
2:gets extra hole for double shot,more ammo
3:even more ammo,lets you rapid fire.
By: Sumner(141)
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Upgrades 4 rocket launcher 50%
1: regular, takes long time 2 reload
2:Becomes a launcher like the titan, reloads faster, hurts more.
3:Becomes the barrage cannon,1 rocket splits into 4 hurts most
By: Sumner(141)
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Destruction 48%
All two player missions unlock
By: paper(244)
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Quickly killing the Zombiebot king 33%
Okay, this hint only works if you save the two magma bombs you get on "they live". there might be a magma bomb or fifteen on "wasteland journey", i'm not sure if there is or not. but, if you save the magma bombs for the Zombiebot king it will only take: 2 magma bombs-and about 2, maybe 3, coring charges. why use the magma bombs? because, they are still hurting him after he catches his breath. GOT IT, BUB?
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Aper in anoder levol and be in et::by luis 24%
GrAB THE TANK and a titan in tanks a lot but let the titan wer is was fand ron agen the tank and dont stop hiting the titan bot is not chuting
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Flind tank glitch bay:luis 17%
Dis wane is wid de tank and the grabing sini put the grabing sine in a wall den use the tank start ronig inde tank den wend the tank flips exit the tank then ti wi bi fling but sori for mi two dad epeled chets
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