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Monster Rancher 4 Cheats for PS2
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Monster Rancher 4 PS2 Cheats

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Monster Rancher 4 Cheats

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Monster Rancher 4

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to get ShogunMogi 100%
Enter the shrine and insert the Spirited Away DVD, you get a Japanese
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Get the Kagemusha 100%
By inserting the Onimusha 1 game (PS2) you will create Kagemusha
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Get main character from fatal frame 100%
When unlocking monsters, use your disk for fatal frame 1 and put it in.
You will a Miku, the main character from fatal frame, another game done by
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Matrix Rabbit 100%
At the shrine, put in Enter the Matrix. This will result in you getting a
black rabbit in an all black suit and sunglasses.
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Get the Baseball Boy Moster 100%
By inserting the Field of Dreams DVD you will create Baseball Boy
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Get FakeGraffiti 100%
Go to the shrine, when asked to insert CD, put Monster Rancher Hop A Bout
(PS)CD. You will get rare Zan (Zan/???) monster that looks Zan but on
handwriting style or Doodles style. Very unique and funny monster.
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Get HippopoChaos 100%
Go to the shrine and insert the Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
DVD, Disk 1, to get the awesome HippopoChaos!
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Delete your monster 100%
If you happen to accidentally get a monster you do not want (usually by pressing X too fast when regenerating monsters), you can get rid of it for good. When you go to the association and select "Retire", the lady will ask you if you want to freeze it. Tell her "No". She will then ask if you want to retire it. Tell her "Yes". It will not use up a spot in your freezer and you will get rid of an unwanted monster
By: adventureboy(595)
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Get the Pirate Ape 100%
By inserting the Splinter Cell game (PS2) you will create Pirate Ape
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Get the HipMew 100%
By inserting the Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD you will create HipMew
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Get the "Goku" of legend! 98%
Go to the shrine and enter DBZ Budokai (PS2). You'll have unlocked the
"monkey king" of legend!
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Secret Gamepro monster 98%
Gamepro got there hands on this game and made a great monster.
It's name is Gameprobot and can be achieved by going to the shrine and
putting in Gameshark2v2(for PS2). It will come out a shiny metallic
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Unlock WhiteHound 98%
Go to the shrine and enter the Princess Mononoke DVD. You'll get a white
wolf that has ears instead of horns!
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Unlockables 98%
Get Kasumi
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Go to the shrine to create a monster, and when it asks you to put in
a disk use the DOA2 Hardcore game.Kasumi
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Get Wolfie! 98%
By inserting the Dead To Rights disc, you create a blue wolf-like monster,
kinda like Jack Slate's husky Shadow.
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Secrets 98%
Pandora's Disk
There is a Pandora's Disk for this game and the best thing is you don't
need to buy it.This Pandora's Disk is built right into the game.When your
at the place to make monsters but instead of putting a game in just keep
the Monster Rancher 4 disk in and like the Pandra's Disk for Monster
Rancher 2 you will get a special monster depending on your breeder lvl.
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Red Pants Monkey 98%
To Unlock a Monkey from Ape Escape with the red pants, go to the shrine
one you can create monsters. When it asks for you to put in a disk, put in
the 1st Ape Escape game. You now have the monkey from Ape Escape with
the menacing Glare and red boxing gloves.
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Easter Eggs 98%
Formula 1 Monster
If you insert Gran Turismo 3 when creating a monster, you will get a
monster with the body of a Formula 1 car, a helmet for a head, and tires
on the arms and legs.
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Get Mr.Fujiyama 98%
Go to the shrine and insert the Lilo & Stitch DVD. You'll recieve a sumo
ninja turtle.
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Get Yellow Pants Monkey from Ape Escape 2 98%
When you get a chance to create a monster, put in the Ape Escape 2 PS2
game to get one of the original monkeys from the Ape Escape series.
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Get the ChaosDragon 96%
By inserting the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD you will create
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Special monsters 86%
There are certain monsters you cannot make through combinations and must get through discs. They usually have a unique look, relating to the disc they have been spawned from:

Name Type Disc

Ambush - Henger/? -Artificial Intelligence

Ant Yellow-Ant Blue/?-Monster Rancher 4

ChaosDurahan- Durahan/? Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (Special Features Disc DVD)

ComedyKoroKoroPendora/?-Simpsons Season 1 (Disc 1 DVD)

Devi-Mocchi/?-Monster Rancher 2

Dino- Zuum/?-Monster Rancher 1

Dolaine-Antlan/?-Kingdom Hearts

Drividillo-Madillo/?-Midnight Club 2

Drividillo-Madillo/?-Gran Turismo 3

FakeGraffiti -Zan/?-The Simpsons Season 2 (Disc 1)

Goku-Garu/?-Dragon Ball Z Budokai

GuanYuDuck-Ducken/?-Grand Theft Auto 3/Grand Theft Auto Vice City

HipMew-Mew/?-Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Joker-Joker/Joker-Silent Hill 3 soundtrack

Joker-Joker/Joker-Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Kagemusha-Duran/?-Omnimusha 2


Miku-Pixe/?-Fatal Frame

MushTan-Plant/?-Most computer games

Nightsickle-Ripper/?-Final Fantasy 10

Kirin-Zumm/?-Dynasty Warriors 4

PandiBaku-Baku/?-Shrek (Disc 1 DVD)

Phoenix -Phoenix -Dragon Ball Z Majun Buu Defiance (DVD)

White Mocchi-Mocchi/?-Ice Age(DVD)
By: adventureboy(595)
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Easy Training 80%
If you have a new monster that has trouble in adventures, use this trick to get it leveled up faster. Go to an adventure, it does not matter where. Make sure you have a powerful monster in your party. Battle an enemy, and instead of KOing them with the powerful monster, weaken them so that they only have a sliver of life renamining. Then, switch with your weaker monster and allow it to finish the monster. The experience will be rewarded mostly to the weaker monster. This is an easy way to give it experience and allow it to gain new attacks and abilities.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Train Phoenix 80%
Successfully complete the game and save it once the credits are done. Then, reload your game. Two weeks after you completed the game, a feather from Suzaku is left behind. He asks you to train a Pheonix, and tells you that the feather allows you to revive a Phoenix from a disc. From this point on you can revive Phoenix monsters.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Get rid of unwanted traits 75%
When you fill up the traits on your monster's data you can get rid of unwanted traits like Genius. To do so, level up until you get another trait. You will be asked if you want to delete a trait to make room for a new one.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Increased monster stats 67%
It seems that a monster that you use directly from a CD or DVD has better stats than one that you use from the book.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Easy wins 67%
A very easy way to go through the storyline quickly is to get a monster dedicated to Power and Accuracy, Train it in Power and Accuracy mostly, but have all its other stats at level 10. The power and accuracy easily raise to level 20 to 30. Most monsters through E, D, C, B, and A classes will not be able to dodge your attacks, and they will be KOed in one to two moves. This works well against Bosses and in dungeons, since they attack rarely which leaves them wide open for quick attacks that will do devastating damage. Having 700 Power and Accuracy makes the final Boss very easy to defeat in both forms. Note: Monsters such as Bleakons are perfect for this, since their Power and Accuracy are raised quickly and easily.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Adventure + mode 67%
Successfully complete the game. Once done, wait three weeks. After the third week you will get a visit from Mr. Karnab. He informs you that new passageways have opened in the ruins that you have. Go to adventure and press Right or Left to switch from normal adventure to Adventure +. Adventure + is much harder then normal adventure. All the wild monsters are "S" rank, and the ruins have many levels (about 10). Of course, the items are much better in Adventure +.
By: adventureboy(595)
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