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Project Gotham Racing 2 Cheats for Xbox
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Project Gotham Racing 2 Xbox Cheats

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Project Gotham Racing 2 Cheats

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Project Gotham Racing 2

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Uncontrollable Spinning 100%
This glitch only works on the Porsche 959 (Extreme Class). You have to be
in MANUAL for this to work properly. When you get into the race, (KGB is a
good track to use for this) start moving in 1st gear. Drive until 1st
gear maxes out (about 42 mph) then make a hard turn left, let off the gas
for a 2nd and press the ''downshift button'' (The default for this is
'X') which will put it in reverse. When you begin spinning, press and hold
down the gas again and you should spin extremely fast.
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Glitches 100%
Music in Geometry Wars
To get music in Geometry Wars simply do the following:

1: Get into Geometry Wars. (Go into the garage, walk up to the arcade
machine and press the ''A'' button)

2: Press the ''B'' button once.

3: Now here comes the tricky part as it requires a little timing. Press
the ''A'' button again so you are back into the garage. Now, wait about
half a 2nd then get back into Geometry Wars.

The music from the stereo should now be playing in the background.
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Easter Eggs 100%
Geometry Wars
This neat little mini-game can be accessed by going into the Garage. While
you're in walk mode, go over to the arcade machine and press A.
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Unlock Geometry Wars 100%
First, go to the Kudos World Challenge. From there to the the car select screen. Then go to your garage. Once in your garage, press Y to walk around freely. Walk over the the arcade machine and press A. This will allow you to play the arcade game Geometry Wars, which was created just for PGR 2.
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Geometry Wars mini-game 100%
Go into the garage and press Y to enter walk mode. Go to the area
where there is an arcade game next to some tool boxes and rims, to
the right of the garage door. Press A to play the Geometry
mini-game. To quit the game, press B, then A. *** The arcade game
is usually in the north area of the garage.
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Porsche 911 GT1 100%
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Silver setting.
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Change Car Colour 100%
Go online, and either join/make a game.

Choose the car you wish to change the colour of. (eg Ford Focus)

Choose a car in a different class with the colour you want the 1st car
to be. (eg VX220 for orange)

Go offline, and go to either single player kudos challenge, or ghost
trials (the names may be wrong, it's from memory)

Select the class of the car with the colour you want to be changed. (eg
the class with the Ford Focus)

Keep pressing A until you see the small 3D version of the car on the right
hand side. Do not select it with A.

Once you have seen this screen, keep pressing B until you are back at the
title screen.

Join/Create a game on xbox live, and the car you chose (Ford Focus) should
be the car you have selected, but in the colour of the other car. (orange
from the VX220)

This can be done with any car in the game, but will not ''transfer over''
stripes onto a car without them.
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High scoring 100%
There seems to be a loop hole to get great combo bonuses. Unlike the
original Project Gotham Racing, this game allows you to go through
the cone gates twice. You can go through either forwards or
backwards, and hence build up your combo bonuses.
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Unlocking cars 98%
Win all of the expert (platinum) races in the Kudos World
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Mercedes CLK-GTR 98%
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Gold setting.
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TVR Cerbera Speed 12 98%
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Platinum setting.
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Delfino Feroce Beat Kudos Challenge on Steel Ferrari 250 GTO 98%
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Bronze setting.
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Unlockables 98%
Unlocking the Bonus Cars
This tells how to unlock the 5 bonus cars in the Showroom.
Get ThisBy Doing This
Delfino FeroceBeat Kudos Challenge on Steel
Ferrari 250 GTOBeat Kudos Challenge on Bronze
Porsche 911 GT1Beat Kudos Challenge on Silver
Mercedes CLK-GTRBeat Kudos Challenge on Gold
TVR Cerbera Speed 12Beat Kudos Challenge on Platinum
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Fast Kudos Tokens 100%
Create a new profile. After you're done, go to Single Player and choose Arcade Racing. Choose Street Race or Timed Run. You'll be able to earn Kudos Tokens fast. Try this and try to score big on kudos during races.
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