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Spiderman 2 Cheats for Xbox
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Spiderman 2 Xbox Cheats

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Spiderman 2 Cheats


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Spiderman 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Start in a special mode 98%
When the game starts up, it will ask you for a name. enter the cheat-password as a name, press Y, then enter a real name to use.
*** You must not have any game saves yet.

No intro. 20100 Hero points, Swing Speed 6/8. Web Zip Aquired. Awards: Big Game Hunter, Alien Buster, Shock Asorber, Tentacle Wrangler. 44.38% doneHCRAYERT
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Unlockables 98%
Unlock Movie Viewer and Battle Arena

Win the game and then go back to the Spidey Store. You'll see 2 new options you can buy, the Battle Arena and a Movie Viewer.

Battle Arena Beat the Game/Purchase from Store
Movie Viewer Beat the Game/Purchase from Store
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Misc. Unlockables 96%
Wallsprint Upgrade 2Collect all 150 Secret Skyscraper Tokens
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Quick Jump 94%
Passwords (1) | Unlockables (3) | FAQs & Walk-Throughs (3)
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Treyarch Password 53%
Start a new game and enter HCRAYERT as your name. You will start at 44% complete, and have 201,000 hero points, some upgrades and MORE!
By: Cheatmaster22(443)
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How to get into the Daily Bugle 50%
What I do is I climb to the very top of the Empire State Building or the tallest building and I access the map and it should show a red picture of a bugle somewhere around the building. Go that way and you should see a rectangular shaped building that says "DAILY BUGLE". go to the top of the building and walk around the vent, the only vent. A vent should open. Climb inside the vent and a loading screen should come up. You should find yourself in restroom. Go in the door take a left into another door and go to the far right corner and a talk symbol should come up. Click on it. Then when Robbie is done talking, get back to the bathroom and click on the change symbol. Follow the yellow symbol in the middle or anywhere on the screen and go to it as fast as you can because a clock is counting down and this is an oportunitie for 1000 hero points. You should see a purple thing. Go to it and click on it. Repeat this as many times it requires you to. Then head back to the bugle as fast as you can and do not take it to Robbie, instead take it to Jonah in the left corner. Jonah will say something crappie about them but you will still get your hero points. THESE CHALLENGES ARE NOT EASY. THEY ARE VERY VERY HARD. SO DO NOT TAKE YOUR TIME!
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Fight areana 43%
After Doc Ock is defeated and the credits finish rolling, Chapter 16 will start and the Fight Arena can now be bought at the Upgrade Store. The Fight Arena upgrade costs 5,000 Points. After you purchase it, go to the Warehouse near the Lower East Side. Enter the warehouse through the large bay doors. Go to the main room where the first fight with Shocker hapened. Access the marker to start the fight. At first, only "Timed Rounds" is available, but playing it to Round 3 unlocks the Endurance Rounds . Completing Round 3 unlocks the Boss Rounds . The Boss Rounds includes the various villains from the game with thugs.
By: game freek 465(17)
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Beating myesterio 40%
Swing around him about 3 times. then jump on the top and use your web cannon to take the bzrain plant down.
By: double c(5)
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Quint beck cheat 38%
At the last bit with 3 lives jump off and power jump on the last platform.
By: momeatball(5)
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Spider-man 2 easter eggs 33%
Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs
How to fight The Lizard
First to fight The Lizard you need to beat the game and beat EVERY single round possible in the battle arena located at Shockers old warehouse, then go across the street from the pizza parlor in between the time 10:00A.M. and 11:00A.M. ON THE GAME and the manhole in front will open up a hole and jump in it and you will fight The Lizard.
By: shorty14(141)
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Play as doc ock 31%
Enter the code:y,y,a,b,x to play as doc ock
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Hesoyam 15%
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