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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Cheats for Xbox
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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Cheats

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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

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Defeating Norman Soth 100%
After you have climbed up the elevator cables and have gotten on top
of the other elevator, crawl through the hole in the wall. Norman
Soth and 2 other mercenaries are on the top pathways. While in the
hole, there will be one guard on the top path, slightly to the
right. You should be able to shoot him in the head. Now, a timer
will start and you will have one minute to kill Norman Soth and his
other mercenary. When you shoot the 1st mercenary, drop out of the
hole onto the 1st pathway. The 2nd mercenary will go to exactly
where the you shot the 1st mercenary. Shoot the 2nd mercenary
in the head. *** The 2nd guard will be aiming at the hole, so
he will not see you if you drop out of the hole. The last person to
kill is Normon Soth. Start running down the pathway and turn left on
the 2nd to last walkway on the left. Look up and turn on your
thermal vision. You will see Normon Soth. Get a clear shot and shoot
him in the head. After that you must retrieve the smallpox box from
the top pathway. If you are on the 2nd to last pathway on the
left, go up the ladder. There will be another ladder; use it to
climb up. Drop off the ledge onto the pathway. Run down the middle
pathway to find the smallpox box.
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Get Through Smoke Bombs Without passing out 100%
Get Through Smoke Bombs Without passing out: insted of just trying to run through a smoke bomb on xbox live, you could instead back up a few feet and as you run toward the smoke press the A button to charge through the smoke. You may hit a wall and be imobilized for about a half-secong but then your fine.
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Knocking out guards 100%
To knock out a guard without using a Sticky Shocker or a Air Foil,
shoot a Sticky Cam at their head. *** It must hit him directly in
the head for the guard to get knocked out.
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Easier aiming with pistol 100%
To aim better with the pistol, press X to pull it out. The crosshair
should appear normal. Now, press Up on the D-pad and the crosshair
should become a laser sight. This makes it very easy to aim, since
the laser sight is smaller and thinner than the normal crosshair.
This allows fast kills and head shots. *** If you are in dark
corners and have the laser sight on, the enemies will notice and
attack you.
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Easier aiming with SC-20K 100%
Click the Right Analog-stick to zoom in the sniper scope, then press
L to hold your breath. You should be able to get a good shot while
Sam remains still.
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Whistling 100%
To whistle, press Black. This will usually make a guard approach the
sound. *** Hide in a dark area and whistle, then jump the guard
when he stops.
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Multiplayer: Talking to teammate after losing 100%
When you are playing in an online match and lose all of your respawn
lives, mute your teammate and then unmute him. Both of you can now
communicate with each other.
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Prince Of Persia references 100%
On the mission when you are on the train, look in the 2nd car
where the guard is located. Knock him out then go behind the fenced
door. Look down you will see a magazine featuring Prince Of Persia.
Information in this section was contributed by Nick Shrader.
On the 3rd level when you are in Paris on the train, at the
beginning there will be a room with an engineer. Knock him out. On
the floor of the room is a Prince Of Persia strategy guide.
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Stealth 100%
To move quieter, crouch down and walk slower. This will make your
steps softer, and keep you undetected to a limit.
Information in this section was contributed by Shortsht123.
To decrease your chances of being seen, shoot out the lights with
your gun. Be careful, as if there is an enemy is under that light
they may see you shooting it out.
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Glitch: Los Angeles: Persistent light 100%
When you are past the dog area, go in the room with the security
guard and the half circle cut window and make some noise. When he
comes out, hit him then put on your night vision goggles. Now,
shoot out the light. The light will still be there.
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How to equipt things to your SC-20K. 100%
To open the equip box, Select your SC-20K as you normally would and then click the white button on the controller. once you have done that, a list of your weapons and items will show up with some other items in diamond boxes (if you have the other items). Look across the list and select the one you need or want to use.
By: knuckvin10(184)
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Easter egg 1 100%
On the 2nd level of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, reach the room with glass walls and a glass roof. enter the room and shoot all of the people, when all dead walk towards the biggest door leading into the hall way. when in front of the hallway turn left and you will see a pay phone, walk in front of it and it will ring.
By: knuckvin10(184)
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Easter egg 2 100%
On the last level, LA California, get to the part before the vent in the bathroom, the room with the cleaner, the man and a soda machine, knock the man out when the woman has gone and you have shot the lights, If he drops his phone (Sony Ericsson), zoom in on it and you will see a picture of Norman Soth. the woman will only drop her cleaning sponge though.
By: knuckvin10(184)
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Level select 98%
When you win the game under the normal or hard difficulty
setting, when you go back into the game make sure you go over
towards the level select instead of checkpoints. You could lose your
data and have to do it over again if the wrong choice is made.
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