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Chicken Invaders Cheats for PC
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Chicken Invaders PC Cheats

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Chicken Invaders

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Fire with no overheat 53%
For version: Chicken Invaders 4
.Net 2.0 required with Windows Xp.
100% Clean.
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Neutro power 53%
Can kill bosses easily with neutron gun
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To prevent your weapon to oveheat 50%
Dont keep pressing the left click but keep clicking it instantly
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Hint 50%
In the game:
Press F9 + F10 together and now the cheats are enabled.

(While cheats enabled):
F6- Skip levels
F7- More missiles (keep pressing)
F8- More lives (keep pressing)
Disable cheats: press F9 + F10 together again and the cheats are off.
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Ultimate ommelet 50%
All chickens give you the same present
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More keys in Chicken Invaders 4 50%
K++ ( while playing )( doesn't matter what level )
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Super speed 50%
First when a boss comes lose 1 life and before you exit the force
field click ctrl and lose a life again then type in ggrtdhbhighspee
and restart the level and you will have super speed!
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Next lvl 49%
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Doha qatar 49%
F5 skip level f6 more lives f7 more wepons f8 more rockets
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How to unlock the secret weapon.secret fork weapon (chicken invaders) 49%
First press F3 AND F8 together.then type SFW then enter.
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Chicken Invaders 3 48%
B- Secret Weapons
F6- Skip levels
F7- More missiles (keep pressing)
F8- More lives (keep pressing)
Disable cheats: press F9 + F10 together again and the cheats are off.
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Many Lives 47%
After enabling the cheat mode press F5 for lives press many time for many lives
By: tayaba99(88)
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Chicken Invaders Roty 46%
A- Strip Poker
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Chicken Invaders Revenge of the Yolk 46%
B- 7 unlock secret
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Power up on first level!!! 46%
Start your game and keep killing chickens until a present drops down. If you are quick enough, exit the game and restart to the first level. The present should still be there (you can also do this with chicken legs), so get the present. Now when you start the first level, you will fire 2 bullets instead of one.
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Live longer 39%
When playing alone wait till all the eggs have fallen from one row and quickly shoot and kill all the chickens in seperate rows going upwords using that you should hold on to your lives
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Chicken Invaders 383772I know this is a newb question, but my sis and I just recently started playing the third CI game and we can't figure out wat the lightning stands for or how to use them. can anybody tell me wat it is for? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 767503How can I unlock the superhero level? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 285981What is the newest version of chicken invaders 3? Answers: 3
Chicken Invaders 380793How to beat easter egg Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 716779How to use super-secret mine bombs in ci3 Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 877578What are coins for? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 928201How can I use rockets inchiken iveders 2plxx telll Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 403975What are the 7 secrets and how do you unlock them? Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 795149How do I get through the asteroid belt? Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 798616Whats clupea harengus red in chicken invaders 3? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 965231I am not at all cheats thousand person I wrote when I was writing when I wrote cheats deme site on google and entered the site leam copied to a folder and when writing leam Broken Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 967928Where are the super secret mine bombs in chicken invaders 3 Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 969639Chicken invaders 4 how to unlock the super star mode Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 971778How do you collect the medals? Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 972784Can anyone tell me how to change the controls in the first game? I'd like to play it with the mouse instead of the keyboard. Thanks in advance. Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 986444How can I install chicken invaders 3 with cheat mode on my computer forever without purchasing it please tell right now Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 990647How to play chicken invader with mouse and keyboard Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 992115In UO, I can't get any missiles to fire with the mouse or with the keyboard (Mac). What am I doing wrong? Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 996925I want code of chicken invaders 2 Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 998273The lightning stands for the power level of your gun.To unlock superstar mode just finish the veteren mode.The save profile of CI is in C:\program data(which is always hidden.)The coins are for big score.To use mine bombs just activate them and fire missiles.I have the CI4 with cheat mode on, If anyone wants just write an SMS to 919971675786.To use rockets in CI4 press the enter key, to use it in CI3, CI2 press the left mouse botton, To use it in CI press the ctrl key.I also have CI3, CI2 full version. Answers: 0
Chicken Invaders 869398Where is "Save File" of Chicken Invaders? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 305155What is the clupea harengus (red) in CI3 and how do I get it? Answers: 1
Chicken Invaders 434786I have CI Xmas Edition but I check Options->Gameplay but there are only one option and I don't see cheats! Answers: 2
Chicken Invaders 171110How do I unlock the superhero level? Answers: 1
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