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Gothic Cheats for PC
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Gothic PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer (GOG) by: 0x90 Feb 5,2013

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Cheats 100%
In the file gothic.ini change bbloodDetail from 1 to 3 for Blood mode, and/or change test mode from 0 to 1 to activate ingame cheats:

[F2] - Console

[F3] - Play in windows modw

[F4] - Normal mode

[F5] - Immobile camera

[F6] - Mobile camera

[F7] - Cycle trough game sections
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Cheat mode (alternate) 100%
*** These codes require the v1.07 patch. Press B (or S in earlier versions of the game) during game play to display the beginning menu. Type marvin to enable cheat mode. Press [F2] during game play to display the console window. Type one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function.

God mode cheat god
Heal cheat full
Restore HPcheat eat
Kill targetcheat kill
Hurt shark hurtswampschark
Harpie harpie
Lurker lurker
Artifact for questlichtbringer
Spawn listed iteminsert
1000 oremarin
Toggle all cheatsautocomplement
Load positionload position
Load gameload game
Save Gamesave
Display game versionversion
Teleport to waypointgoto waypoint
Teleport to the castlegoto pos
Teleport to Xardas' towergoto vob
Move player to camera locationgoto camera
Move to waypoint by easiest route; always changes aigoto
Move to castle by easiest route; move to cave entrance when
inside goto pos
Move to waypoint by easiest route; always changes goto vob
Move to camera locationby easiest routegoto camera
Set guildset guild
Set trueguildset trueguild
Set clipping rangeset clippingrange <1-3>
Recipe for Dexterkalomsrecipe
Unknownapply randomani

Please submit any information regarding the unknown codes.
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Item names: Armor 100%
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed armor.

ArmorItem nameWP APFPMP Value
Light Diggers Trousersvlk_armor_l 10500250
Diggers Trousersvlk_armor_m 15500500
Shadow's Dressstt_armor_m 305150750
Shadow's Armorstt_armor_h 4052001200
Light Guard's Armorgrd_armor_l 4552001350
Guard's Armorgrd_armor_m 55102501650
Heavy Guard's Armorgrd_armor_h 70103502100
Royal Guard's Armorgrd_armor_I 5052511500
Robe of Stateebr_armor_m 7272632160
Gomez Armorebr_armor_h 8594232550
Heavy Ore Baron's Armorebr_armor_h2 8084032400
Diggers Dresssfb_armor_l 10050250
Light Rogue's Dressorg_armor_l 305150750
Rogue's Dressorg_armor_m 3551501050
Heavy Rogue's Dressorg_armor_h 4052001200
Light Mercenary's Armorsld_armor_l 4552001350
Mercenary's Armorsld_armor_m 55103501650
Heavy Mercenary's Armorsld_armor_h 70103502100
Novice's Lion Clothnov_armor_l 150100500
Light Novice's Armornov_armor_m 300150750
Novice's Armornov_armor_h 4052001200
Light Templars Armortpl_armor_l 4552001350
Templars Armortpl_armor_m 55102501650
Heavy Templars Armortpl_armor_h 70103502100
Guru's Robegur_armor_m 7173532130
High Robe of the Gurusgur_armor_h 8284142460
Fire Robekdf_armor_l 4052551200
High Robe of Firekdf_armor_h 50530101500
Water Robekdw_armor_l 65640151950
High Robe of Waterkdw_armor_h 701045202100
Robe of the Dark Artsdmb_armor_h 902060302700
Crawler Plate Armorcrw_armor_h 8053052400
Ancient Ore Armorore_armor_m 952540105700
Improved Ore Armorore_armor_h 1003045156000

WP.: Protection against Weapons
AP: Protection against Arrows
FP: Protection against Fire
MP: Protection against Magic

Item names: Bows and crossbows:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed weapon.

ItemItem nameDamage Req.Value
Longbowitrw_bow_long_01 4020240
Hedge Bowitrw_bow_long_02 4422280
Willow Bowitrw_bow_long_03 4824320
Oak Bowitrw_bow_long_04 5226360
Wolf Shredderitrw_bow_long_05 5628440
Wind Breakeritrw_bow_long_06 6030480
Army Bowitrw_bow_long_07 6432520
Horn Bowitrw_bow_long_08 6834560
Nimrod Bowitrw_bow_long_09 7236600
Short Bowitrw_bow_small_01 201040
Rider's Bowitrw_bow_small_02 241280
Field Bowitrw_bow_small_03 2814120
Hunting Bowitrw_bow_small_04 3216160
Bone Bowitrw_bow_small_05 3618200
Light Crossbowitrw_crossbow_01 5025180
Crossbowitrw_crossbow_02 8542780
Heavy Crossbowitrw_crossbow_03 90451000
Crossbow of Waritrw_crossbow_04 100551300

Item names: One handed weapons:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed weapon.

ItemItem nameDamage Req. Value
Axeitmw_1h_axe_01 2912320
Skullclefteritmw_1h_axe_02 53241020
Bonebreakeritmw_1h_axe_03 54251160
Maceitmw_1h_mace_01 231055
Sting Maceitmw_1h_mace_02 251165
Blood Fly Stingitmw_1h_mace_03 261175
Steel Tongueitmw_1h_mace_04 291185
Morning Staritmw_1h_mace_war_01 3514125
Steel Maceitmw_1h_mace_war_02 3615132
Stone Crusheritmw_1h_mace_war_03 3716139
Heart Breakeritmw_1h_mace_war_04 3917600
Crude Sworditmw_1h_sword_01 2020100
Judgement Sworditmw_1h_sword_02 301297
Guard's Sworditmw_1h_sword_03 3212104
Battle Sworditmw_1h_sword_04 3313111
War Sworditmw_1h_sword_05 3414472
Rusty Bastard Sword itmw_1h_sword_bastard_01 4531200
Butcheritmw_1h_sword_bastard_02 64321660
Executoritmw_1h_sword_bastard_03 65331720
Berserker's Sworditmw_1h_sword_bastard_04 66351760
Broad Sworditmw_1h_sword_broad_01 55261240
Warrior's Verdictitmw_1h_sword_broad_02 57271300
Storm Whisperitmw_1h_sword_broad_03 58281360
Guard's Handitmw_1h_sword_broad_04 59291400
Long Sworditmw_1h_sword_long_01 4017640
Sword of Fearitmw_1h_sword_long_02 4218620
Sword of Hateitmw_1h_sword_long_03 4419800
Sword of Victoryitmw_1h_sword_long_04 4620860
Sword of Deathitmw_1h_sword_long_05 4821920
Short Sworditmw_1h_sword_short_01 12644
Farmer's Defenceitmw_1h_sword_short_02 14764
Lurker's Biteitmw_1h_sword_short_03 16888
Thorn of Woundsitmw_1h_sword_short_04 189120
Diggers Disciplineitmw_1h_sword_short_05 2010160
Orc Hammeritmw_1h_warhammer_01 50221000
War Hammeritmw_1h_warhammer_02 51231040
God's Hammeritmw_1h_warhammer_03 52231080
Smith's Hammeritmw_1h_sledgehammer_01 1055
Pick Axeitmwpickaxe 754

Item names: Two handed weapons:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed weapon.

ItemItem nameDamageReq.Value
Krush Pachitmw2horcaxe01 503035
Krush UrRokitmw2horcaxe02 553538
Krush Agashitmw2horcaxe03 604040
Krush BrokDaritmw2horcaxe04 654543
Rusty Two-Handeritmw_2h_sword_old_01 61301480
War Axeitmw_2h_axe_heavy_01 94723660
Warrior's Voiceitmw_2h_axe_heavy_02 96743860
Barbarian's Fistitmw_2h_axe_heavy_03 98764060
Troll Fistitmw_2h_axe_heavy_04 100784360
Light Battle Axeitmw_2h_axe_light_01 77522400
Thunderstrikeitmw_2h_axe_light_02 79542440
Smashitmw_2h_axe_light_03 80562520
Two Handeritmw_2h_sword_01 84582600
Hero's Bladeitmw_2h_sword_02 83602760
Blood Bladeitmw_2h_sword_03 85622840
Heavy Two-Handeritmw_2h_sword_heavy_01 86642920
Rage Steelitmw_2h_sword_heavy_02 88663040
Wrath Steelitmw_2h_sword_heavy_03 90683260
Revenge Steelitmw_2h_sword_heavy_04 92703440
Light Two-Handeritmw_2h_sword_light_01 70421900
Lustodian's Bladeitmw_2h_sword_light_02 71441950
Mercenary's Bladeitmw_2h_sword_light_03 73462000
King's Bladeitmw_2h_sword_light_04 74482200
Demonic Bladeitmw_2h_sword_light_05 76502320

Item names: Special weapons:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed weapon.

ItemItem nameTypeDamage Req.Value
Innos Rageinnos_zorn 2 handed11090570
Ulu-muluulumulu2 handed35301000
Whistlers Swordwhistlers_schwert 1 handed2015110
Thorus Swordthorus_schwert 2 handed9075460
Scars Swordscars_schwert 1 handed8570460
Lesters Mediatorstreitschlichter 1 handed6040340
Lee's Axelees_axt 2 handed10595560
Red Windroter_wind 2 handed10580570
Artos Swordartos_schwert 1 handed6550360
Diegos Bowdiegos_bogen Bow7045390
Silas Axesilas_axt 1 handed5540290
Thorlof Axetorlofs_axt 2 handed9985550
Cords Cleftercords_spalter 1 handed6050310
Oriks Axeoriks_axt 2 handed9590540
Namibs Clubnamibs_keule 1 handed5040300
Wolfs Bowwolfs_bogen Bow535200
Urizielmythrilklinge01 2 handed9030900
Uriziel Updatedmythrilklinge02 2 handed120+30 3010.000

Item names: Runes:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed rune.

RuneItem name
Breath of Deathitarrunebreathofdeath
Chain Lightningitarrunechainlightning
Death to the Undeaditarrunedestroyundead
Fire Boltitarrunefirebolt
Rain of Fireitarrunefirerain
Storm of Fireitarrunefirestorm
Ice Blockitarruneicecube
Wave of Iceitarruneicewave
Storm Fistitarrunestormfist
Teleport to the Magicians of Fireitarruneteleport1
Teleport to the Magicians of Wateritarruneteleport2
Teleport to the Necromanceritarruneteleport3
Teleport to the Swamp Campitarruneteleport5
Ball Lightningitarrunethunderball
Ice Boltitarrunethunderbolt
Fist of Winditarrunewindfist
Uzariel's Wave of Deathurizielrune

Item names: Scrolls:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed scroll.

ScrollItem name
Army of Darknessitarscrollarmyofdarkness
Chain Lightningitarscrollchainlightning
Death to the Undeaditarscrolldestroyundead
Fire Ballitarscrollfireball
Fire Boltitarscrollfirebolt
Rain of Fireitarscrollfirerain
Storm of Fireitarscrollfirestorm
Ice Blockitarscrollicecube
Ice Waveitarscrollicewave
Shrink Monsteritarscrollshrink
The Fist of Winditarscrollstormfist
Summon Demonitarscrollsummondemon
Summon Golemitarscrollsummongolem
Summon Skeletonsitarscrollsummonskeletons
Teleport to the Magicians of Fireitarscrollteleport1
Teleport to the Magicians of Wateritarscrollteleport2
Teleport to the Necromanceritarscrollteleport3
Orc Teleport Spellitarscrollteleport4
Teleport to the Swamp Campitarscrollteleport5
Fist of Winditarscrollwindfist
Transform Into Blood Flyitarscrolltrfbloodfly
Transform Into Minecrawleritarscrolltrfcrawler
Transform Into Lurkeritarscrolltrflurker
Transform Into Meat Bugitarscrolltrfmeatbug
Transform Into Moleratitarscrolltrfmolerat
Transform Into Orc Dogitarscrolltrforcdog
Transform Into Scavengeritarscrolltrfscavenger
Transform Into Shadow Beastitarscrolltrfshadowbeast
Transform Into Snapperitarscrolltrfsnapper
Transform Into Lizarditarscrolltrfwaran

Item names: Quest items:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed Quest item.
Quest item Item name
Allmighty Warriorall
Elementary Arcanum (Book: Value 100) elementare_arcanei
Astronomy (Book: Value 100) astronomie
Mordrags Ring mordragsring
Nek's Amuletneks_amulett
A healing potion to Y'Berionhealthwater
Orc Medicineorcmedicine
Art of Fighting (Book: Value 100) kampfkunst
Letter from Cronoscronos_brief
Dungeon Key (Old Camp)dungeonkey
One of the Orc Shaman's Sword'sbannklinge
One of the Orc Shaman's Sword'sdaemonenstreich
One of the Orc Shaman's Sword'szeilenklinge
One of the Orc Shaman's Sword'sweltenspalter
One of the Orc Shaman's Sword'slichtbringer

Item names: Potions:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn the listed Potion.

PotionItem name
Essence of Healingitfo_potion_health_01
Extract of Healingitfo_potion_health_02
Elixir of Healingitfo_potion_health_03
Essence of Magic Energyitfo_potion_mana_01
Extract of Magic Energyitfo_potion_mana_02
Elixir of Magic Energyitfo_potion_mana_03
Potion of Swiftnessitfo_potion_haste_01
Potion of Velocityitfo_potion_haste_02
Potion of Hasteitfo_potion_haste_03
Essence of Lifeitfo_potion_health_perma_01
Extract of Lifeitfo_potion_health_perma_02
Elixir of Lifeitfo_potion_health_perma_03
Essence of the Spirititfo_potion_mana_perma_01
Extract of the Spirititfo_potion_mana_perma_02
Elixir of the Spirititfo_potion_mana_perma_03
Essence of Strengthitfo_potion_strength_01
Extract of Strengthitfo_potion_strength_02
Elixir of Strengthitfo_potion_strength_03
Essence of Dexterityitfo_potion_dex_01
Extract of Dexterityitfo_potion_dex_02
Elixir of Dexterityitfo_potion_dex_03
Crawler Potionitfo_potion_elixier_egg
Potion of Poweritfo_potion_master_01
Potion of Supremacyitfo_potion_master_02

Item names: Miscellaneous:
Use one of the following values with the insert code to spawn them listed object.

itamarrow (arrow)
itambolt (bolt)

Blood mode:
*** This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
"gothic.ini" file in the game folder. Change the "bloodDetail 1"
entry to "bloodDetail 3".

Remove censor:
*** This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Version 1.08j was censored for
American audiences. However, you can turn the censor off by going
into the "/data" folder and renaming or deleting the
"textures_bikini.vdf" file. The bathing woman in the castle will now
be nude.
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Gorn: 100%
Description: orn will go crazy in the free mine and attack you. However if you
run away and tell him to guard the entrance, he will get off your
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Cheat mode 100%
*** This cheat procedure involves editing a file! Please create a backup copy of the file before editing it to be safe.. Use a text editor to edit the "gothic.ini" file in the game folder. Change the "test mode 0" entry to "test mode 1" to enable cheat mode. Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the listed cheat function.

Display console[F2]
Window mode[F3]
Normal mode [F4]
Fixed camera view[F5]
Floating camera view[F6]
Cycle through game sections [F7]
Full health and mana[F8]
Get injuredH
Spin around Z
Drop into ground K
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Snaf: 100%
Description: f you take over Snaf the chef, you will not see a bunch of stews,
ragouts, and food. Snaf only has them when you ask for some, and it
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Move player to camera location 100%
*** This code requires the v1.08j patch. Load a saved game. Press
B once in the game to display the player stats. *** Press S in
earlier versions of the game. With the player stat screen displayed,
type marvin. You will not see your entry. Do not press [Enter].
Instead, immediately press B (or S) again. The player stats screen
will disappear and "MARVIN-MODE" will appear in the upper left-hand
corner in white text. Press [F2] to display the game console (a
black stripe across the top of the screen with a command line). It
is recommended you enable the cheat god code to enable God mode.
Press [F6], then hold [Up] or [Down] to move. Use the mouse for
further control movement. The camera will move away from your
character. You can fly the camera around as high as you want,
through objects, etc. To speed up, hold [Shift ]. Now, at the
console prompt, type goto camera. Press [F4] to position the camera
back behind your character. If you cannot seem to move, press [F8]
to drop back into position correctly.
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Open doors 100%
Enable the marvin code. Face a locked door and press K. *** You may fall though the ground and will be unable to get back up, unless you find water.
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Unlimited food: 100%
Kill a Scavenger in order to get some raw meat. Now, go to the old
camp and find a pan somewhere there. There should be one somewhere
near the south gate exit. Stand in front of the pan so the name is
selected, go into your inventory, and select the meat. Hold [Use]
and press [Up] as if you are going to use the meat. You will then
kneel in front of the pan. Do not press [Up] to cook the meat.
Instead, release [Use] and you will stand back up. Check your
inventory and you will find you have double of what you started
with. Keep repeating this to double it each time.
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Weapon code warnings: 100%
If you are not in God mode and you insert sum1's weapons, such as
Lee's Axe, Innos Rage: Gomez, RedWind: Y'borron, and others, they
will attack you. Y'barron has the Pyrokennesis spell, which will
freeze your character. When he runs out of mana, he stops and you
can walk away. However, you cannot go into the exit menu, to save,

If you try to insert Ore Armor, including the Improved, it will fail
and will freeze your game.
Information in this section was contributed by BlackOmegaGod.
If you insert sum1's weapons, excluding the bastard swords, the
person who sees you will say "Using my weapon eh? I'll teach you",
and then punch you out. You cannot get back up.
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Chapter 5: Easy experience: 100%
Description: nter the collapsed old mine with the use of the "walk through
walls" code. The game will see it as Chapter 2, with all the people
and items, and as the Chapter5 where the guards and Templars are
trying to skin you. If you are invincible, you can kill everyone,
mug them, and get lots of experience from the whole ordeal. The gate
guard, who opens the gate to the mine crawlers, is still
invulnerable, but you can Charm him. If you get lost, enable the
goto pos code to return to the entrance.
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Pickpocketing: 100%
Description: f you want to pickpocket, sneak behind sum1 while unarmed. Press
[Ctrl] + [Up]. You will have little time, and if they catch you,
they run to a guard or an invulnerable NPC.
Information in this section was contributed by BlackOmegaGod.
Hint: Orc Hammer:
You use the Orc Hammer to kill Trolls and Stone/Bridge Golems very
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Spawn people: 100%
If you take control of sum1 and enable the edit abilities code,
you will see at the top their code. It will be something like:
Enable the insert code (like when getting items) and that code. That
person will spawn in front of you. Your player character also has a
code. When controlling sum1, if they disappear just enter their
code and you will have a level 0 hero character spawn in front of
you. This can also be helpful for getting tutor characters and key
characters you may have killed, though most key characters are
invincible (such as Thorus, Diego, and Gomez). *** Some characters
such as your player character and Diego have codes different from
the normal characters, such as the diggers. Their codes are usually
are something like:
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Glitch: Guards in the old camp: 100%
In the old camp, you can enter the castle gate without a grant or giving money to the guard. Draw your weapon and run past the guards.
Instead of stopping you, they will just yell. Once you are in, put away your weapon so that other guards do not mad.

[F8] - Health and mana refresh

H - Character harms himself

Z - Character spins around

K - Character vanishes in the ground (press multiple times)gothic.ini
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Quick level increase: 100%
Enable cheat mode and enter the "Edit Abilities" screen. Set your
level to "0". If you fight an Orc or a Snapper/Biter, you will gain
a level very quickly.
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Easy experience: 100%
Description: ummon one Golem and 3 Armies Of Darkness, then just wait. The
Golem will attack the Army Of Darkness and you will gain the
experience. You can then attack it for experience. It will not
attack back.
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Transformation tricks: 100%
Description: f you transform into a Bloodfly and try to fly off a cliff to
another, you will fall down. The Bloodfly must stay a certain
distance from the ground.

Transform into Shadowbeast. You cannot go into the daylight. You
will run from it.

If you are transformed into an animal and insert the same animal,
you will turn back into yourself because you pressed [Enter].
Hint: Quick swords:
If you are smelting pure ore to make crude swords, repeatedly press
"Use" ([Ctrl] + [Cursor Up]). The game forgets to take your sword
for it, and gives you up to 10 to 50 times the rate of swords.
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Stealing armor: 100%
If you take sum1's armor and they do not see you, they will not
care if you are using it.
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Glitch: No damage after fall: 100%
When you fall or jump off willingly from a high area, hold one of
your Strife just before you hit the ground. Your character will reset, stand up, then go back to falling. When you land, you will not take any damage or die.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Edit abilities: 98%
Press [F2] during game play to display the console window. Type edit
abilities to display a menu of all your character's attributes. "lp"
corresponds to skill, "xp" to experience points, "xp_next" to the
experience points needed for the next level, "level" to your current
level, "voice_pitch" to your vocal pitch, and "guild" to your guild
*** You can only use this trick to raise your level.
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Take over other bodies 98%
*** This code requires the v1.08j patch. Load a saved game. Press B once in the game to display the player stats. With the player stat screen displayed, type marvin. You will not see your entry. Do not press [Enter]. Instead, immediately press B again. The player stats screen will disappear and "MARVIN-MODE" will appear in the upper left-hand corner in white text. Press [F8]. You will move forward once. Press [F8] again. You now flip to another body. Press [F11]. You now inhabit that body. You can (more or less) do what you usually do (except chat to NPCs in a meaningful way) unless you are a "babe" object or an animal of one kind or another. *** If you decide to be a babe, you are very limited in what you can and cannot do. Gomez does not like it when his babes walk out the front door. *** If you walk too far away from the "me" object (your actual player character), then the "me" object will disappear permanently and you will have to reload the game. If you reload a game and press [F8] again while in Marvin mode, the game dies and you have to relaunch the game after killing it in the Windows Task Manager.

*** For earlier versions of the game, load a saved game. Press S once in the game to display the player stats. With the player stat screen displayed, type marvin. You will not see your entry. Do not press [Enter]. Instead, immediately press S again. Look at a person. When you can see their name and health bar, press O and you will control them. *** If you are an NPC and they walk or stand guard or if a babe and you take a bath or try to please Gomez and you press O again, you will have their inventory bar, which makes it difficult to see.

*** When you take over another body, the NPC that you take over will be invincible, but your original body can be hurt.
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Taking items: 98%
Description: f you have sum1 drop an item that you want, make sure they do
not see you pick it up. You can control sum1 to have them drop
their armor. Now, make them get attacked, or draw attention while
you pick up their dropped items.
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Easy stats: 98%
Description: n some versions of the game, you can get unlimited strength and
dexterity. First, press S then type marvin quickly. Press S again to
activate cheat mode, then get the Ring Of Strength or any other
rings. Put them on and off. When they are taken off, the effect of
the ring should remain.

To get past 100 dexterity, mana, and strength, just enable the
insert ud or insert shamon codes. They both have the best things
that increase mana, dexterity, and strenth, plus a lot of food,
weapons, scrolls, runes, ore, etc.
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Avoid falling damage: 98%
When falling from high places, press [Cursor Right ] and you will not get hurt.
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Castle armory key: 98%
Description: arthalol has the key to the armory in the castle. You can take
control of him and have him drop it.
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