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Grandia Cheats for PSX
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Grandia PSX Cheats

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Unlock code for the door 100%
Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up.
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Beat Nana, Saki and Mio easily 100%
At one moment of the game, you'll fight against Nana, Saki and Mio, the girls from the Garlyle Base. I'd suggest that you'd use the same tactic for each girl. Use Howlslash, W-Break, Burnflare, Puffy Kick and normal combos. It seems to work well.
(Nana is weak against knifes, Saki is weak against a V-Slash attack and Mio is weak against nearly everything.)
By: RipperRoo(320)
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Easy experience for water magic 98%
This trick may help you gain easy experience for you water magic. Before recovering yourself in the recovery points, press Triangle to display the status screen and recover yourself. Using Alheal gives you more experience. After you recover yourself, recover yourself again by a recovery point or at an inn.
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Hidden Missions 67%
To access a bonus stage, go to the Zil Desert on Disc 2. In the southern part of the desert, there should be a path in the canyon wall that leads to the Castle of Dreams. This area is not so important, but you can go there and gain exp. points and obtain the Lightining Sword.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To access the hidden mission "Soldier Graveyard", you must enter the Zil Desert by way of Cafu (the real entrance). Once you are clear of the trees, head right until you see a small brown building with massive doors. This building does lead to the hidden mission, but please note that the enemies around there give you very little exp. points, so this place is not as good for training as the Castle of Dreams or even the Zil Desert itself.
By: RipperRoo(320)
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Beat Master Chang easily 43%
This is the fight in the Church of Parm. To defeat Master Chang easily, use Howl magic, V-Slash, Puffy Kick and if you have the magic, use Sue's Water magic to keep the characters alive.
By: RipperRoo(320)
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