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Grand Prix 3 Cheats for PC
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Grand Prix 3 PC Cheats

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Grand Prix 3

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Rain driving in GP3 presents a whole new batch of problems, as it does in real life. It is important to remember that even a perfect setup won't allow you to hammer the throttle. Instead, this is a time to practice your smoothness never act hastily, and slowly introduce any changes in velocity and momentum. And in the garage beforehand, try increasing the downforce and softening the suspension. Of course, then you will have to increase the ride height, too, in order to stop the frame from contacting the ground.

If you're a newcomer to automobile simulation racing, the most important Driver Aid you have at your disposal is the Best Line. Turn this aid on and a dotted line will appear on the pavement to show you where on the track your car should be positioned to best set up for maximum speed through the turns. Remember, entering a corner from the outside, cutting inside to the apex, then swinging back outside during the exit using the curbs if you must is the only way to drive.
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