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Jade Empire Cheats for Xbox
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Jade Empire Xbox Cheats

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Jade Empire

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Unlockable: Technique 100%
Defeat Imperial Arena with flawless vicotry and you will receive a new technique
from Sweet Poison Lyn.
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Silver coins 100%
After talking to Master Li, go into the other room. You will find a
chest that has 3 small statues in it. Take them. Now, go to the
large statue of a lion. Approach the altar, and whatever color his
palm glows, place the listed statue there. After you have
placed all 3 statues you will receive one silver coin. You can
do this until you receive 17 silver coins, and you will keep the
small statues. If you decide to destroy the alter, you will be given
24 silver coins and will lose the small statues.

To get silver and a item at the start of the game, after you chat to
Master Li there is a statue in the room next to the one where you
and Li had a discussion. In the room with the statue is a chest with
colored lions.Put the lions one by one on the wooden frame
listed to the color of the sphere the statue lion holds. For
example, blue sphere, blue lion, etc. You can do this seventeen
times and get silver coins. With those silver coins, go out in the
back of the school (not where smoky mountain is, but on the other
side). There is a path that leads up to a spot where 2 students
are training. Defeat them for easy experience. Now, keep exploring
that area. You will see a bridge with a burial memorial. Deposit the
silver coins and you will get the headstone. Take that head stone to
the lion statue and put it in place. Three more colors will appear
on the sphere. Choose the correct combinations of the lions to get a
lion statue that helps with your health and something else. *** Do
not break the table because you will only get twenty silver coins
and it is not worth it. If you break table you will not be able to
do this trick.

Instead of getting the maximum number of coins from the altar, get a
coin, then explore the tomb of the old master of the school. Put a
coin in the bowl. You will then get the symbol from the tomb. Go
back to the lion altar, place the symbol in the lion's mouth, and
the test will change. Complete the new test (yellow + blue = green,
yellow + red = orange, and red + blue = purple), and you will
receive the Gaze of the Lion, which will give you a few bonuses.
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Get All 3 Endings 100%
By saving your game near the end of the quest, you can play the ending and view
all 3 different endings of Jade Empire.
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Unlockable: Crimson Tears Technique 100%
Climb the ranks in the Imperial Arena to the Bronze Division. When Cho comes and
asks you to poison Crimson Khana, make sure to refuse. Then find her and tell
her about this. Defeat her in the ring she'll teach you dual sword style Crimson
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Regain health 100%
If you are running low on health in battle, hold B (block) and hold
White (heal) to heal yourself without receiving damage from enemies.
*** This drains Chi energy.
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Unlockable: Minigame 100%
When you're confronted with enemies during the story, make sure to choose
attack, and not evade. With each confrontation you unlock a Dragonfly mission
that's available from the main menu.
Chat to Lord Lao in Imperial City that's standing by your followers. When you
chat to him he'll offer you a quest to get machine parts. This will unlock more
Dragonfly minigames.
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Get all endings easily 100%
Save near the end of the game. You can then choose to complete the
game as desired and view each of the 3 different endings.
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Gain unlimited ex poits 20%
When you get to the temple of the forest shadow and get the black whirlwind then the cristl make sure you dont open the portal to heven if you do your screwed really
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