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Faery Tale Adventure Cheats for PC
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Faery Tale Adventure PC Cheats

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Faery Tale Adventure

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Cheats 100%
Take a save game file and use a PD program such as NewZap to patch byte 18 to a non-zero value. Load your save game, and now these cheat options are enabled:

Arrow Keys - Move Rapidly over any terrain
B - Summon Gold Swan
R - Rescue Princess
= - Display coordinates
F10 - Location in coordinates
F9 - Increase time by 1 hour

Sometimes you can accumulate all the treasure you want by going near the item, pressing space bar, and then continue hitting 'T'. You'll receive an infinate supply of that treasure.
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Hint 100%
On the island with the Crystal Castle, press the right mouse button while talking to the Sorceress and your luck will go up to 65. 'ASK'ing the Sorceress several times will usually boost your luck.

If running low on Green keys, use a secret entrance for the fort. It's on the left side, almost even with the door.
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Hint 100%
Save your position in a dungeon. Then go through it until you run out of keys. When you restore your game, all the doors will be open and you will have a new set of keys. Also works in caves.

Jump on the turtle and start slashing. Your bravery points will go up to infinity and it doesn't hurt you or the turtle.
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