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Helbreath PC Cheats

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Endurance & Repairing Items 100%
As items are used, they lose endurance, so for example, continuously using a
longsword will
eventually lead to it breaking and needing repair, to repair any item, simple
drag it over
the blacksmith. The repairing fee will be around half of the price you pay
when you first
buy it. The dagger you get at the beginning of the game will not deteriorate
until level 6,
so it is quite useful to take advantage of this.


Extra monster characteristics: ( monsters randomly have one of these characteristics, sometimes non at all!
Anti-Physical Damage : severe reduction of physical damage.
Anti-Magic Damage : severe reduction of magic damage.
Poisonous : can poison you.
Critical Poisonous : can cause extremley potent poison.
Explosive : will explode on death of the monster.
Critical Explosive : will explode intensivley when killed.
Clairvoyant : able to detect and cancel invisibility.
Destruction of Magic Protection : cancels magic shield effects, and defense magic effects will become usless.

It will go from the easy monsters to the toughest ones.

Slime: it’s the easiest monster in the game, a simple hit should kill it.
Hp: 3-6,
Drops: 1-5 gold, tagi shield, dagger, slime goo, 2-3 gold.
Tactics: do you really need them for this monster?

Dummy 1: this monster can only be found in the top level of the barracks!
Hp: 40-70
Drops: none
Tactics: none needed, this monster will not fight back at all!

Dummy 2: this monster can only be found in the bottom level of the barracks!
Drops: none
Damage: 1
Tactics: this monster will always hit for 1, good for training SHIELD skill with, however, care should
be taken to prevent many of these monsters from swarming you, as the damage can mount up. ( have tendencys
to build up massive armys) Recommended level: around 20. Due to the swarming tendencys.

Giant Ant: this giant ant does little damage, and can be killed with ease.
HP: 10-30
Drops: tagi shield, wooden shield, zemstone of sacrifice ( highly rare), 4-8 gold, ant antenna, ant leg.
Tactics: these spawn in small groups normally, just keep attacking each individual until it dies.
Shouldnt be a problem.

Two headed Snake: 2 heads may be better than one, but this monster is still a weakling! This monster
has a poisoning ability.
Hp: 8-20
Drops: snake meat, snake skin, snake fangs, 10-20 gold, medusa sword ( very rare), amulet of medusa
( exceptionally rare).
Damage: 5-11 + poison ability.
Tactics: if you keep attacking it hard, it will die before it can poison you, these monsters are very
easy to kill, and poison doesn’t happen that often.

Orc: a ugly green creature, with the intelligence of a flea. These tend to spawn in groups along with giant ants.
Hp: 20-25
Drops: daggers,orc meat, gold (around 30 gold per time) and swords ( non special mostly, some critical longswords
have been reported to have been dropped)
Tactics: This is the 1st monster you could have problems with if you are not kitted out properly, equip some sort
of weapon, and some armour, and just head in for the kill, be careful not to be ganged up on though, as these things
can turn nasty. Recommended level: 8+.

Scorpion: this 2 pincered menace is easy to kill, and gives fair experience.
HP: 20-30
Drops: scorpion pincers, Scorpion meat, gold 30-50, and has been known to drop special wooden shields + axes. Also drops small potions.
Damage: 10-15
Tactics: these are quite fast, and can be hard to run from, so make sure that you can kill this, before trying to.
Simply attack it head on, and it should be dead soon. (defense shield can help for lower levels) recommended level: 15+.

Zombie: this monster is simply a walking body, you can tell zombies from their lazy walking.
Damage: 8-20
Drops: gold 50-70, small healing potion, small stamina potion, small mana potion.
Tactics: This one has a lot of hp, so be careful when taking it on, this monster is very slow, so you can safely
attack it, then retreat a small way in order to heal, having defense shield is recommended, as this monster can
take quite a beating. Recommended level: 25+

Skeleton: this walking pile of bones is a fierce fighter.
HP: 40-50
Damage: 10-20 + short range
Drops: gold ( unknown amount) small potions, and drops a few minor weapons.
Tactics: when taking this one on, be very careful, it has a fierce attack, and if you try to retreat, it will
still be able to hit you from a small distance, so if you decide to run from this one, do it while you still
have some health left. Recommended level: 30+.

Magic Orc: this monster looks identical to its non-magic counterpart, that is, until it unleashes its spells upon you!
Damage: 10-20 + uses energy spells.
Drops: identical to orc.
Tactics: it is best to have some magic protection, either use a magic resistant piece of armour, or use the spell
protection from magic, apart from the magic abilitys, these orcs are not that different from the regular ones. Recommended level: 30+

Clay Golem: This giant can pack a punch, with a lot of hp, this one can hurt!
HP:125- 150
Damage:13 - 24
Drops: gold 100-150, small potions + superr evitalising potion, clay.
Tactics: this monster tends to have a lot of health, so attacking it weakly is not worth the effort, instead try weakining
it with some basic magic spells/arrows before rushing in and hitting it hard, the faster you can kill it, the less damage
it will do, dash attack works well on this monster.
Recommended level: 40+

Stone Golem: this walking mountain has more defence and attack power than its clay counterpart, however it has slightly less health.
Drops: gold 100- 150, all small potions + revitalising potion.
Damage:16 - 30
Tactics: use similar tactics to the clay golem, however, due to its less hp and higher defense, it is a lot easier to kill by
using magic than with phsyical weapons.

Hell Hound ( HH): this gate guard of hell is quite a fight when in packs.
HP: 150-180
Drops: claws, gold 200-230, magic weapons ( rare), all manner of potions.
Damage: 20 – 30 + uses thunder spells.
Tactics: this nasty beastie tends to roam in packs, when hunting hell hounds, it is often best to get friends to help you to separate
the pack, and pick them off individually, magic protection is essential against these. Recommended level : 50

Cyclops: this huge beast is fairly intelligent, not only does he use thunder magic against you, but his arm blades can hurt.
Damage: 14 – 38 + thunder spells
Drops: cyclops eye ( uncommon), gold 300-350, magic weapons and armour. ( mr shields are common)
Tactics: you can tell when a cyclops is near because it will immediately zap you with lightning, the cyclops only resorts
to using magic when you are out of range, the thunder spells deal a lot more damage than its normal attack, so it is best
to get in close and finish it off quickly, running away from these is not a option. Recommended level : 60+ ( 100% weapon
skill is essential for cyclop’s and the more powerful monsters)

Troll: this big ugly green monstrosity has a skin as hard as rock. And is the 1st monster that has hp recovery.
HP: 200-240 + slow hp recovery
Drops: trolls meat, troll nails, gold 400+,
Damage: 20-40 + poison ability
Tactics: this monster, and all monsters from now on, have the ability of hp recovery, this means that attacking it,
running, and healing will not work, and the troll has a long reach, a handy tactic, is to stay about 4 squares away
from it, use a critical attack, then walk away slightly, repeat this until you have used all your critical attacks,
then dash attack and plunge in, make sure you pack a revitalising potion for this one, and having defense shield is
a great advantage. Recommended level 60+

Ogre: this giant purple club wielding menace is extremley strong
HP: 425- 510
Drops: unknown.
Damage: 20-60
Tactics: this monster, not only is ugly, but stupid, very very stupid, this monster tends to get stuck on rocks,
a easy way to kill this monster if you are a mage or archer, is to sit upon the cliffs of the middle lands, and pick
it off, it will only walk around, waiting to die, not losing interest like other monsters would, this monster has a
very long reach with his club though, so be careful.

Lich: this monster is extremley strong, and will not die unless you hit it very hard.
HP: 450- 550
Drops: unkown
Damage: 30-65 ( defense is double of an ogre!)
Tactics: this monster is very very strong, and its high defense means you either have to hit it extremly hard, or
attack continously with friends, don’t go hunting this one alone, and use greater defense shield if you wish to stand a chance!

Beholder: this chicken legged eyeball can be very powerful.
HP: 500-600
Drops: unknown
Tactics: not much is know about this monster, however, attacking it with magic protection and defense shield is essential,
because it not only has a very fierce attack, but it also likes to shoot ice beams to slow you down, preventing retreat.

Stalker: this green menace is very hard to beat, and has VERY long range.
Drops: unknown
Damage: unknown
Tactics: this monster has a long attack range, so if you see it, retreat a small distance so you have time to use greater
defence shield and beserk on yourself before attacking. This monster is almost impossible to beat without help from friends.

Were wolf: this wolf was cursed by abbadon, and now it wants to kill you! Exceptionally strong.
Tactics: my favourite tactic for this monster, is to get a powerful mage to hunt with you, and paralyze the wolf,
then run to the back of the wolf, and attack it, keep attacking it, while the mage keeps paralyzing it, because the
wolf is weak at the back, you should be able to bring it down.

Unicorn: this beatiful creature, can turn nasty if provoked!!!
HP: 1700-2000
Damage: unkown + large variety of magic spells
Drops: unicorn horn ( very valuable) + magic items and large potions.
Tactics: leave this on alone, seriously! Oh, all right, if you must kill it, then bring along several powerful mages with you,
the unicorns favourite tactic, is to paralyze, walk away, then cast powerful spells on you, its hp is enormously espansive,
so taking it on alone is suicide, if not provoked, you can actually lure magic orcs into attacking this, ( with fun effects)

Demon: This monster is the basic opposite of the unicorn, although it has the same statistics, it doesn’t have any spells.
HP: 1700-2000
Drops: demon slayer, Blood sword, Bloodrapier, bloodaxe, ( all extremley rare)
Damage: unknown
Tactics: to kill this beast, paralyzing it, and dealing damage to the back is the best way to do it, make sure you have Greater
defense shield, or you will not last long. Using the demon slayer against this monster is extremley handy, as it will give you
a lot of extra damage compared to a giantsword. Do not fight alone.

Gargoyle: this monster looks similar to a demon, however the gargoyle has far superior power.
HP: 2000-2400
Drops: unknown
Tactics: I cannot give you any real tactics against this one because I have never faced it before, just paralyze it, use beserk
and critical attacks, attack from behind, and hope for the best.

Dark elf: this elf has a extremley long ranged bow, it also has extreme magic protection.
Drops: dark elf bow.
Damage: unknown.
Tactics: this one has lots of defense, but a very low hp, so if you get in there, and kill it fast, it shouldn’t be so much of
a problem, by the time you encounter these, you should be able to kill them easily anyway.

Hellclaw: this double scythed killing machine is the 2nd strongest monster in the game!
Drops: unknown
Tactics: I have never encountered this monster before, the best thing to do is run. Never take this on without a group of 8 other people with you!

TIGERWORM: this monster looks quite weak when you see it at first, but it is the strongest monster in the game, and I have yet
to hear of anyone that has beat it before!
Drops: unknown
Damage: unknown
Tactics: run, just run, this monster will only be beaten by a mob of people, if not, more. This monster should be avoided at all
costs. ( this monster is very rare, and does not appear very often) this monster is rumoured to be stronger than gm’s! so be afraid, be very afraid.

To use a item, simply double click it while it is in your pack, you will need
to eat once in awhile,
so buy food and eat it, the best kind of food is meat, baguettes tend to be
far less useful.
RED: this is a health potion, drinking it will restore health, comes in larger
BLUE: mana potion, drink for magic power, comes in a larger form.
GREEN: stamina potion, drink for stamina and to help cure poison, comes in
small, medium and super size's.

Once mages have some gold ( you will need around 500 to learn some simple
spells) and a fair amount
of intelligence ( around 20+) head to the wizard in aresden town ( north-west
area) and chat to him,
simply click on a spell to learn it, at first, you can only learn from circle
I, but as you get more
INT ( and more gold) you can gradually get better spells.

To cast a spell, click on the rune symbol in the bottom right hand corner, then
click on the I, or
II , or the III symbol (etc) and select the spell you want to use, after
clicking on it, your
character will start powering the spell up, you can then target, and use the
spell by clicking.
To use the same spell you last casted again, hit F4
To set a hotkey spell, start casting the spell then hit CTRL 2 or CTRL 3, then
hit one of these when needed.

Higher circle magic has less casting potential, but the magic is far more
powerful. and often more taxing on your mana.

I shall list all the magic spells here, and i shall also list the

Circle one ( I )
Magic Missile, requires 18 intelligence to learn,
magic missle is the most basic spell you can learn, use it directly on a target
to inflict minor damage,
costs 8 mana per cast.

Create Food, requires 18 intelligence to learn,
create food does just what it says, makes food! use it on the floor, then pick
it up!
costs around 15 mana per cast ( varies with magic ability)

Heal, requires 20 intelligence to learn,
heal does just what it says, creates more hp for the casted upon ( the guy u
targeted) this is the
most basic healing spell you can get, and costs around 20 mana.

Circle 2 ( II )

Recall, requires 20intelligence to learn,
recall, will allow you to teleport yourself back to elvin/aresden farm, to use,
you have to
cast on yourself ( cannot work on others)
costs : unknown

Stamina Drain requires 22 intelligence to learn,
this when targeted on another player, will give you more stamina at the expense
of your targets stamina.
costs 35 mana

Energy Bolt requires 24 intelligence to learn,
energy bolt is a step up from magic missle, it damages more, and it has a small
area of effect. requires 15 mana.

Celebrating Light requires 25 int to learn,
woohoo! shoot fireworks from your hand by using this spell ( warning, this
spell is just for decoration,
provides no other purpose) costs : unknown

Defense Shield requires 26 intelligence to learn,
this is your most basic defense magic spell, this spell will allow you to dodge
physical attacks alot more easily,
costs: unknown

-Circle Three-
Stamina Recovery requires 20 intelligence to learn,
this spell will recover the stamina of your target, costs: unknown

Protection from Arrows requires 20 inttelligence to learn,
does just what it says, this will mean that arrows will have reduced effect on
they will miss more often and do less damage, cost: unkown

Fireball requires 26 inttelligence to learn,
your 1st good offensive spell, this will affect a fairly wide area ( much
than energybolt) and do slightly more damage, costs: around 31 mana

Hold Person requires 26 inttelligence to learn
this will prevent your target from running away! hitting your target
deactivates its effect ( phsycal attacks)

Possession requires 26 inttelligence to learn
Want to grab something that you just cant reach? Then use a possesion spell on
it! This spell will allow you to grab distant items off the floor, use it on
the item!.

Great Heal requires 28 inttelligence to learn
this is a more powerful version of the Healing spell, this costs more mana

Poison requires 29 inttelligence to learn
this spell, basically poisons the target, you have to click on your target
though, as
this is a field of 1, just like magic missle. posion damage varies.

Greater Stamina Recovery requires 30 inttelligence to learn
basically, a more powerful ( and mana costing) version of the stamina recovery

Circle Four (IV)
just what it says in the name, turn yourself and others invisible for awhile,
attacking while invisible will uncloak you, and detect invis will allow others
to see you!!

Detect Invisibility requires 30 inttelligence to learn
turns invisible people visible, nuff said

Protection from Magic requires 32 inttelligence to learn
this is like defense shield, only this works for magic, and not phsycal
has a higher mana cost too, around 40.

Tremor requires 33 intteligence to learn,
this spell will harm everything around your target area, very mana costly, and
hard to cast.

Fire Strike requires 34 inttelligence to learn,
a far more powerful and widspread version of fireball, this one is a must have
for mages!!

Cure requires 35 inttelligence to learn,
this spell cures people of poison, nuff said.

Paralyze requires 36 inttelligence
many people say this is a stronger versio0n of holdperson, but it is not,
paralyze, allows
you to hit a person without him unfreezing, however you cannot cast any other
magic on him,
or they shall unfreeze, effects last shorter than holdperson, and requires
double the mana.

Summon Creature requires 38 inttelligence to learn,
this is when the really good spells start, with this spell, by using it, you
can summon monsters!
hacing a higher magic level will allow you to create better monsters!!

summon's table
0&+ giant ant
10%+ snake
20%+ orc
30%+ skele warrior
50%+ rock golem
60%+ clay golem
80% hellhound

Lightning Arrow requires 38 inttelligence
a electrical arrow, high damage, no field damage, nuff said.

Circle Five (V)
Confuse Language requires 42 inttelligence to learn
this is a harsh spell to perform, but it handy to perform upon search partys
the other side, this spell will scramble the letters when players speak, for a
long time too.
do not cast this on your friends, because they will hate you for it :P

Firewall requires 45 inttelligence to learn
this creates a wall of fire, that harms people as they procceed through.

Triple Energy Bolt requires 45 inttelligence to learn.
this is a much much more widspread version of energy bolt, no damage improvment

Great Defense Shield requires 46 inttelligence to learn.
a much more effective and longer lasting version of defense shield.

Lightning requires 47 inttelligence
a favourite attack of the cyclops and the hellhound, this spell is highly
has no field of effect though. and costly on mana.

Fire Field requires 48 inttelligence to learn.
this is basically fire wall, only creates a 4x4 field of fire, instead of 1x4,
holding a person then casting this around them! watch them burn!

Poison Cloud requires 49 inttelligence to learn.
a cloud of poison hangs in the air, walking through it WILL give you poison
you have a poison resistance of more than 20.

Chill Wind requires 50 inttelligence to learn.
BRRR! this spell inflicts minor damage, and has a large field of effect, but
the main effect
is that it will chill your target, slowing them down! costs lots of mana

Circle Six (VI)
Mass Poison requires 52 inttelligence to learn,
this attack is basically a more powerful form of poison, with a wide area of

Mass Lightning Arrow requires 53 inttelligence to learn,
Lots of lightning arrows shoot out, does more damage + wide area of effect.

Spike Field requires 56 inttelligence to learn
this leaves a area like fire field, and walking through it does damage,
however, by standing
still in it, you can evade its effect!.

Ice Storm requires 59 inttelligence
this is like chill wind, however this deals serious damage.

Lightning Bolt requires 58 inttelligence to learn
a very powerful lightning spell, no field of effect on this one though.

Berserk requires 59 inttelligence to learn
RAAAAAAAAAAAAR! this powerful and useful spell will DOUBLE your attack power
a limited time, very handy, also note that you can beserk summoned monsters
( a beserked cyclops can do wonders...) efffects only phsycal attacks.

Ice Strike requires 60 inttelligence to learn
Ka smash! chunks of ice come hurtling down to deal major damage and freeze the
requires alot of mana.

Circle Seven (VII)
Energy Strike requires 67 inttelligence to learn
this is a favourite of the mages, deals more damage than any other spell in
circle 1 - 7!
high mana use!

Mass Fire Strike requires 85 inttelligence to learn
a more powerful version of firestrike, nuff said.

Mass Chill Wind requires 93 inttelligence to learn
a larger area of effect, and more damaging than chill wind, nuff said.

Earthworm Strike requires 97 inttelligence to learn.
a massive worm comes out of nowhere, and hits your enemy, dealling lots of
and reducing his stamina by a large chunk! hit retreating enemys with this to
em in their tracks!

Absolute Magic Protection requires 112 inttelligence to learn.
wow, this is the best magic protection spell there is, you CANNOT be hit by any
when you are protected by this!! requires alot of mana. prevents you from

Armor Break requires 97 inttelligence to learn.
a annoying spell, this does decent damage, and seriously depletes armour

Circle Eight (IIX)
Bloody Shock Wave requires 105 inttelligence to learn
this is a very powerful form of tremor, with a larger area of effect

Cloud Kill requires 120 inttelligence to learn
a large green cloud hangs in the air, walking through it does heavy damage, and
can kill
fairly quickly, poison resistance doesnt work here!!!

Lightning Strike requires 123 inttelligence to learn
basically lightning, however it does far more damage, and uses more mana, oh,
and it looks
better too.

Mass Confusion requires 130 inttelligence to learn
this spell is a real laugh against groups of people, it is confuse language,
with a
very wide field of effect. confuse a party of 4 people, and watch how they
as each think that the other is mimicking them!

Mass Ice Strike requires 133 inttelligence to learn
mass ice strike is a widspread effecting version of ice strike, nuff said.

Circle Nine (IX)
Illusion requires 150 inttelligence to learn
Effects and cost are unknown

Meteor Strike requires 169 int to learn,
woooosh POW! this attack is very widspread and the 2nd most damaging attack in
game!!! powerful mages always have this one under their sleeve, beware it. This
is a sacry attack to be hit by.

Circle Ten (X)
Mass Illusion requires 180 inttelligence to learn,
this attack's effects and cost are unknown

Blizzard requires 195 inttelligence to learn,
blizzard is the ultimate attack, extremley high damage, and freezing/slowing
down an enemy,
not many people know this attack, nor can stand against it!!!

Guilds are like the groups of helbreath, by joining a guild, you are becoming a
member of a team,
and will need to work together to make your guild succesfull, to chat to other
members of your
guild, place the $ in front of your message. Eg.

$hello guild, im writing a FAQ

your message should appear in green.
In order to join a guild, you will need to find the leader of the guild you
wish to
join ( you will need to ask around for which guilds you wish, and some require
you to take tests)


*create a character with a high Charisma, in order to buy cheap items for your
other characters.

*just before fighting a big monster, eat some meat ( 3 or 4) then attack, this
will increase your
hp regen a lot, so that your hp will stay up for longer than normal.

*bank rare items, and when selling, always use the !message to get good deals,
if you are in a guild,
check it out with them.

*be courteous to other game members, this will help to create friends, and if
you do get into a tight
spot, they will be much more likely to help you out.

*never take your best equipment out when you are exploring new grounds, if
possible, take
nothing with you to ensure you lose nothing.

*once you have joined a side ( whether aresden or elvine) attempt to stay out
of fights
with the opposite side if possible until you are a high level, or you may get
yourself targeted and
often it is high level players that come looking for players to kill.

*always use the barracks until you are level 40+ and can no longer use it.

*once you have items worth more than 15k, which you cannot afford to lose,
always buy a 1/3
zemstone of sacrifice ( a zemstone of sacrifice will be dropped if you are
killed, preventing
you from dropping anything else. They can be expensive however)

*Remember, its just a game! Don't get riled up over small matters like lost
its not worth the stress.

*have fun, that's what you are paying to do.

*when attacking monsters you haven't fought before, try taking friends along
with you just incase.

*avoid these monsters until you have left the barracks...
tigerworm, ogre, cyclops, hell hound, clay golem, rock golem, werewolf, demon,
dark elf,
anything big-purple-and holding a club,beholder.

*avoid going to the middle lands if possible, I have many memories of lost
items and ambushes,
which could have been avoided.

*don't bother buying items you can only just afford, for when you have used it
a little bit,
you wont be able to repair it! So try saving up about 3 times the value of the
item in gold coins.

*avoid anyone from opposite side with any kind of glowing weapon, or oddly
coloured armour/swords.

*eat regularly

*create food is a very handy spell for hungry mages.

*beware of trading with other people, check the endurance of the item you are

*don't become a dex freak, a Mag freak, a Str freak, or any other kind of
freak, try to achieve a nice balance ( chr is almost useless)

*try to concentrate on 1 kind of weapon group, and max it out
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Strength 100%
Some items are so powerful, that you need a particular level in order to use
it, for example,
you will need at least 110 strength in order to use platemail, and at least
overall level 85 to use golden platemail.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Weapons 100%
For a fighter, the best kind of weapon would be a longsword or a claymoore, ( a
only if you have about 40 strength or more) longswords, greatswords, and
claymoores belong
to a weapon type called Long blades, these are the damage dealing swords, this
group also
includes the flamberg, however, the flamberg requires a lot of strength to
wield and use
effectively, so it is best to use the claymoore.

If you are a axe lover, then I would definitely use a handaxe, or a lightaxe.
is a very nice attribute of the axe, and for a low level, the lightaxe is
definitely the weapon of choice!

For all mages, use a staff, you will not be able to use any of the good staffs
but when you grow more powerful with your spells, then you will want to use
some staffs can increase your attack power, and allow you to attack while
holding them,
( normal weapons interfere with spellcasting) so getting a decent staff level
will help you later on.

Rapiers are a weapon class that requires low strength, these can be very useful
especially when you start at the beggining,
when i got my 1st weapon, it was a short sword, however rapiers do tend to
hit harder.

If you are not sure what kind of weapon to use, turn to the skills section.
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Creating a Character 100%
When you create a character, pick a real name, people with names that are only
popular for awhile, will eventually be shunned, leading to a downgrading
experience. You will be asked to spend some stat points, the stats work by
simple calculations, for example, the weight you can carry = your level + (your
strength statx2). The maximum you can have of any stat is 200, and the maximum
level you can reach as far as I know is 150.

Each character has 6 specific points that can determine the personality of
the character. As your character level
increases, 3 points of specificity will augment. Specificity values range
from 10-200.

1. STR (Strength): The STR points define the power of a character.
The STR points relate to the maximum load you can carry and weight of item you
can wield.
Greater STR points enable faster attack speed and bonus damage.

2. VIT (Vitality): The VIT Points defines the life force of a character.
VIT Points determine the health point of a character. VIT Points are directly
proportional to recovery points.

3. DEX (Dexterity): The DEX points define the agility of a character.
If your DEX points increase so does attack success and defense rating.

4. INT (Intelligence): The INT defines the intelligence of a character.
The more INT points you have the greater you're potential for learning magic of
a higher circle.

5. MAG (Magic): The MAG points define the magical ability of a character.
Increase MAG points results in and increase to mana points, extension of
recovery points, higher magical attack success,
and a bonus to damage.

6. CHR (Charisma): The CHR points define the charisma of a character.
Specific CHR point levels enable you to found Guilds and increasing CHR points
enables you to buy items at cheaper prices.
HP (Hit Point), MP (Mana Point), SP (Stamina Point), and MaxLoad (Maximum
Weight Load) will be calculated with compounding
characteristics above.
Maxhp = 3*VIT + 2*Level + STR/2
MaxMP = 2*MAG + 2*Level + INT/2
MaxSP = 2*STR + 2*Level
Max.Load = 5*STR + 5*Level
You can also click on one of the choices at the bottom of the page to become
specifically a Mage, Master, or Warrior.
Be careful, a Mage cannot level up as quickly as a Warrior.
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screen 100%
The speed is how much strength you need in order to swing the weapon properly,
for example,
a rapier would need a Str of around 50 for a good swing, when the mighty
flamberge requires
a huge 156 strength before you can use it at its best speed.
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Cost 100%
The amount of money you pay for a weapon, remember, as you use weapons, then
they become worn
, and do not work so well, so if you buy a very expensive item, remember that
you will need to
repair it sometime...
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To start 100%
Firstly, after you have created your character (see the Website for account
help) you shall start as a naked person (however you chose to be) on a weird
platform, the platform which you stand on is actually the spawn point, if you
do die, then you will start here. The 1st thing you will want to do is equip
your weapon, do this by entering your inventory, and double clicking the dagger
(ignore the other stuff in your pack for now) The open window at the start is
your stats screen (the one with the picture of a man/women in it) you will then
have to set your level up points before you can proceed. When you level up, you
will gain 3 skill points, a single skill point will go towards whatever
statistic you have set the point to, for example, setting 2 skill points on it,
and 1 on dex, will result you in gaining 2 vitality points and a dexterity
point overtime you level up. Do not worry if you set these wrongly, because you
can always change them from the stat window at any time. For now, I ecommend
having 2 dex, and 1 strength, the dex will let you grow in weapon skill, and
the strength
will allow more damage, and wear better equipment, keep doing this until you
have about 40 dexterity, then you should change to 2 Str and 1 vit if you are a
fighter, or 2 magic 1 int if you are a mage.
In order to pick an item off of the ground, simply walk over it, then left
click on yourself ( or you can use possesion! See spells for details)
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Cheats 96%
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