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Command And Conquer: Yuri's Revenge Cheats for PC
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Command And Conquer: Yuri's Revenge PC Cheats

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Command And Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

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Money $$$ Money 100%
In a skirmish game, play on Yuri's team. Build a Cloning Vat. Train
a Yuri Prime. Go to the enemy's base with the Yuri Primes. Capture
any part of the base, then sell them. *** Get the base defense
parts 1st and use them to kill enemy units around the base.

This trick will only work with Yuri. Build Cloning Vats and a
Grinder. Build Infantry and send the clones into the Grinder. You
will get free money because you never paid for the clones.
When playing as Yuri, get control of the Genetic Mutator. Now,
build the Cloning Vats. Deploy it near or beside the Barracks. Train
about 20 Initiates and the Cloning Vats will double it to 40. Take
your 40 Initiates and bring them to an open location. When the
Genetic Mutator timer runs down to zero (0:00), activate it on all
40 Initiates. They will all turn into Brutes. Instead of putting 40
Initiates in the Grinder, you can now put 40 Brutes in there, which
gives you more money. Repeat this to receive additional funds.

In a skirmish game, play on Yuri's team. Play on a level with an
civilian airport on it. Capture the airport and build a Grinder.
Every time you send down reinforcements, put them in to make a
profit of about $500. Since you never run out of reinforcements, you
can always do this repeatedly and never run out of money.

Play as Yuri in a multi-player or skirmish level with a city. Make
sure that there are civilians or vehicles in the city. Build a
Grinder and any amount of Mind-Control units. You can mind control
the civilians and vehicles. Send them to the Grinder for a free
amount of money.
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Build everything 100%
*** The following trick only works for Yuri's side. First, you
must have 2 allies, one Soviet and one Allied. Next, build
everything you can build including Cloning Vats. Train a Yuri Prime.
Since you have Cloning Vats, you will have two. Send one to your
Allied allies and use Force Control to take control of their
Construction Yard (hold [Ctrl] and click on it). While the Yuri
Prime is still controlling the Construction Yard, build every thing
you can with the Allies. Now, repeat the entire process again with
the other Yuri Prime on your allied Soviets.
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Destroy enemy Construction Yard 100%
First, you need to have 2 allies, one Allied and one Soviet. After
building a Cloning Vat, build a Yuri Prime. With the Cloning Vat you
will get 2 of them. Send each of your Yuri Primes to both of your
allies' Construction Yard. After building a Psychic Dominator,
Nuclear Silo, and Weather Storm, wait until they are all ready. When
they are, and you know where your enemy's construction yard is
located, launch all of them one after another as quick as possible.
This will cripple your enemy's base.
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Hint Soviet level 7: Easy win 100%
Oyou get the chance, build a Missile Silo. Destroy the Psychic
Beacon controlling the Allied base. Destroy all the Psychic Towers
and send in a Navy Seal to destroy Yuri's Fortress. You should try
to destroy the Construction Yard so that he cannot build more
towers. Also, send in about five to 10 Seals in case one dies.
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Cheaper Cosmonauts 100%
In the Soviet mission where you are on the moon, the Cosmonauts cost
$600. Use the following trick to get cheaper Cosmonauts. Build a lot
of Barracks and sell a few. The barracks cost $500 and give you a
cosmonaut, saving you $100. If you need a few others, building a lot
of Barracks will increase the rate at which they are trained. You
have plenty of money for this mission -- build many Cosmonauts and
attack the bases. The Psychic Towers and Masterminds cannot affect
them since they are an air unit.

Build a War Factory and sell it. You should get 4 Cosmonauts,
which will save $400 dollars. However, you will get money from
selling the War Factory for a savings of $1400. Make sure to have a
primary War Factory before doing this.
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Slave help 100%
When playing against Yuri, destroy an unpacked Slave Miner. The
slaves will turn to your color (they cannot mine, however) and they
will beat things with their shovels.
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Glitch: Free energy on 1st mission 100%
Capture 2 Power Plants then immediately sell all 4 Grand
Cannons. Use the time machine to go into the past. The Grand Cannons
will be there and you will have plenty of power. To get more,
capture any remaining Power Plants since you have no MCVs.
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Destroy or seal off enemy with Tech Buildings 100%
Select a level with Tech Buildings close to your enemy positions.
The best country to be is France, but any allied nation will also
work. Rush to capture the Tech Buildings around your enemy. You
should have some tanks to guard the Tech Buildings. Build up Armory
Structures such as the Grand Cannons or Prism Towers. Since you have
Tech Buildings, they work like regular buildings; you can build next
to them. Put the Grand Cannons up and they should fire on the enemy
if you are close enough. If the structures are not close enough, you
can seal you enemy off from the outside, allowing you to kill them
much faster. Some good levels to do this with are Breakaway and
Tanya's Training Ground.
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Psychic immune units 100%
Get control of the Psychic Dominator. The best way to do this is to
set random crates on, so that random powered up crates appear on the
map. If you are lucky, you will get a Yuri MCV. Build Yuri's super
weapon, called the Psychic Dominator. When it is fully charged, get
the units you want to be Psychic immune and hit them with the
Dominator. Do this far from your base, since the Dominator also
destroys nearby buildings. These units are now Psychic immune
because they will act as if they are already mind controlled. Yuri
and his army cannot control them. The only downside is that the new
Psychic immune units cannot be put into Transports, Battle
Fortresses, IFVs, Flack Tracks, and Nighthawks.
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More Infantry in Soviet Amphibious Transports 100%
When playing as the Soviets, you can send much more Infantry into
the Amphibious Transport then you think. Normally, you can only send
12 Infantry, but if you put Infantry into Flak Tracks first, you can
have up to 20, plus the 4 Flak Tracks, inside the Transport.
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Nuclear Reactor explosion 100%
Build a Nuclear Reactor inside the enemy's base. When it gets
destroyed there will be a big nuclear explosion.
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Invisible Mirage Tank 100%
When playing as the Allies, put a Mirage Tank in an ore field and it
will be invisible to the enemy.
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Devastating attacks 100%
When playing as the Iraqis, build a Terrorist and an Ivan. Have the
Ivan put a bomb on the Terrorist. Also try having a Demolition Truck
as the Allied and Soviets. First, you need a Crazy Ivan and an IFV.
Load your IFV with the Ivan and have it attack.

Get a Flak Track, five Conscripts, and a Crazy Ivan. Get Crazy Ivan
to attack a Conscript. Make sure there is a bomb ticking above their
heads and load it in the Flak Track. Do this again until all five
are in the Flak Track then send it into the enemy base. When it is
destroyed, there will be a big explosion which can take out Prism,
Tesla, and Gatling Guns. This is a cheap method, as each Flak Track
costs $500, the Conscripts cost $500, and an Ivan costs $600. If you
buy lots, it works out to be cheaper than a Demolition Truck.
Another trick is load a couple up and leave them between you and the
enemy. If they approach to attack, the enemy will destroy them and
be wiped out.
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Glitch: Nighthawk landing on water 100%
Select a skirmish level with water as the Allies. Build a
Chronosphere and land your Nighthawk chopper on some land that is
away, so that other units cannot accidentally be transported along
with it. When your Chronosphere is done, select the Nighthawk and
choose an area of water to put it on. Next, transport the Nighthawk
onto it. If you have units in the nighthawk, it will not deploy
them. If there are any ships in the water, they can destroy your
Nighthawk if you cannot get it to take off fast enough.
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Safe eradication 100%
Have a Chrono Legionnaire attack something, then force fire ([Ctrl]
+ Left Mouse Button) on it until it is destroyed. They cannot repair
buildings because of the effect.
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Defeat Yuri quickly 100%
If playing as the Soviets on the 2nd to last mission, build about
4 Close Sentry guns and a Telsa Coil powered by a lot of Telsa
Troopers to the right top side of your base. Have some Apocalypse
Tanks guard the left. Make a Service Depot for Terror Drones. You
may also want to build 4 more War Miners. Make about 10 Kirov
Airships and send them to Yuri headquarters, which you can see at
the very left top side of the map. There will be many Flak Troopers
and Flak Turrents, so expect to see many losses. At least one Kirov
should get through and destroy the headquarters with a few bombs.

On the last Allied mission, build the Soviet Radar and Chrono in an
Allied MCV. Once the MCV is Chronoed in, destroy it with the Prism
tank and Grizzly tank and move the remaining forces to the left side
of the screen. Repeat this until a sufficient force is built up and
attack Yuri's bases. All of the tanks will be free. To make it
easier, build a Nuke Silo and destroy the Psychic Dominator and
Genetic Mutator. Alternatively, use the nuke 3 times to destroy
the Psychic Dominator and use 6 Kirov Airships to destroy the
Genetic Mutator.
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Defeating submarines and boomers 100%
Usually, you cannot hit Soviet submarines and Yuri's boomers because
they are undetectable underwater. Rather than just building
destroyers or other ships, find where the submarines or boomers are
use [Ctrl] + Left Mouse Button to attack wherever desired. They will
suddenly appear, and you can use other units to attack.
Information in this section was contributed by Frank Herrera.
Hint: Get rid of the Soviet Black Elite Guard around the Kremlin:
The most annoying part of any mission in the game is when the enemy
stations tanks as guards. To get rid of them, build a Chronosphere.
This strategy works especially well against the Black Guard. First,
build a Chronosphere, then find a target (in this case a Black Guard
tank). Once the Chronoshift is ready, select a vehicle that is
stationary. Activate the 1st part of the Chronoshift, then scroll
over to the lake and activate the 2nd part of the Chronoshift
over the water. The tank, in this case a Black Guard Apocalypse,
will appear in the water and sink into the lake and never return.
This reserves your tanks for a later attack.
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Glitch: Squid on land 100%
When playing as the Allies, take over a Soviet base and build a
Giant Squid. Now, build a Robot Tank and send it next to the squid.
Tell the squid to attack the Robot Tank. Use your Chronospehere to
teleport them to land. The squid will continue to attack the tank.
When the tank explodes, the squid becomes transparent and stays in
the ground.
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Glitch: Build units promoted or build secret units 100%
In multi- player mode, have an ally, then build 3 Engineers and
3 Spies. Get a tank or something to damage your ally's War
Factory, Battle Lab, or Barracks just enough so an Engineer can be
sent in to repair it. Move your 3 Engineers and 3 Spies next
to the building you want to spy, for example, an allied Battle Lab.
Now, select your 6 men and click on "Waypoints" Click the men to
walk right next to the Battle Lab (not inside yet), then click on
the Battle Lab. Your Engineers and Spies should now go inside. The
"New Technology Acquired" message should appear, and you can now
build a Chrono-Commando. This can also be done to War Factories and
Barracks. *** Sometimes it may work with only one Engineer and one
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Eliminating an enemy base 100%
Make sure you have a Cloning Vat built before attempting this trick.
Build the Yuri Prime. Since you now have two, take them to an enemy
base and systematically take over the base. If they have a Prism
Tower (Telsa or Gatling Cannon) and it is too far in the base to
capture, just take over their power plants and sell them. You can
take out any base with this tactic.

This trick will only work with the Allies and Soviets. Build 2 Flak
Tracks or 10 IFVs. Put as many engineers as possible in each (10
engineers). Build some Rhino Tanks, Tesla Tanks, or Apocalypse Tanks
for the Soviets. For the Allies, build a couple Grizzly Tanks,
Mirage Tanks, and some Prism Tanks. Send the army into the base and
have the tanks go first. They will take the defense's attacks while
your engineered vehicles enter. Unload near the Construction Yard
and the War Factory. If there are walls, destroy them with your
tanks. Capture the Construction Yard and the War Factory and you can
sell or keep them. They cannot build any MCVs or structures, so
slowly eliminate them. Destroy the Barracks so they have no access
to troops.
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Demolition Truck devastator 100%
When playing as Libya in a map with water, create an Amphibious
Transport. Now, build 4 Demolition Trucks. Order a Crazy Ivan to
plant a bomb on one and send it into the Amphibious Transport.
Repeat the steps with the other 3 Demolition Trucks. Next, have
the Amphibious Transport enter the enemy base. If the enemy has base
defenses, just leave the transport in the middle of the base to be
killed. If the enemy does not have base defenses, deploy the
Amphibious Transport when it is in the middle of the base. Either
way, the result is a devastating explosion with the power of a
nuclear missile.
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Hint 100%
Get Tanks or Humans in your other team for the price of a
Have 2 teams in a skirmish (you and CPU). Train a Yuri Clone, then
hold [Ctrl] and click on one of the Tanks or Humans on your CPU
team. Release [Ctrl] and you should be able to move the tank or
human around.
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Glitch: Mind control your own units 100%
When playing as Yuri, build the Psychic Dominator. Wait until the
timer runs down to zero (0:00). Get a few of your units gathered in
an area. Take the units away from your base or you will destroy your
buildings. When the Psychic Dominator is ready to be activated, use
it on your units. Your units should now have a little brainwave
above them, letting you know they are being mind controlled. Your
units will not change to the bad enemy, but they are just being mind
controlled for no reason. Also, they do not self control themselves
like civilians.
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Chrono Bombers 100%
If you infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab with a Spy you will get
Chrono Ivans. You can use regular Ivans for this as well. You need
3 to 4 Ivans and Chrono Legionnaires, Hook bombs to the
Legionairres, then Chrono them to the enemy's base where they
explode, causing severe damage to nearby buildings. Make several
Legionnaires to cause more damage.
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Keep Construction Yard 100%
In skirmish or multi-player mode, when you need a base and have a
Yuri Prime, capture the Construction Yard, then click on it. After
that, click anywhere on the map in the area. The vehicle is now
permanently yours.
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Defeating the Elite Black Legion 100%
If playing as the Allies on the last mission, there are 4
3-stripe Apocalypse Tanks as the last line of defense. These can
easily destroy the largest of attacks from normal troops. Get about
4 Spies and go to the top right corner. You will find a base with
Telsa Defenses. Get a few Harriers to the Nuke Power Station just
below and across from that base to put them down. There may be some
Dogs, so put in a few Grizzlies to kill them. Put a Spy into the
Barracks, War Factory and Soviet Battle Lab. Also, put a Spy into
one of their Ore Refineries below to steal many credits. Get a few
Psychic Commandos, another Spy, and Mirage and Prism Tanks outside
the final base. Send the Spy into the closest Power Station or
Nuclear Power Station and the Telsas will be down. Crush the Red
Soviets, but you should find that even your veteran units (due to
the Spies going into the War Factories and Barracks) are no match.
Get the Psychic Commandos to take them over and help you take out
the rest of the forces.
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Quick kills with Chrono Troopers 100%
It usually takes forever for a Chrono Trooper to make things
evaporate into nothingness because one trooper is only so powerful.
However, if you build (or capture) an Allied War Factory and build a
Mobile Battle Fortress, you can have the advantage if you can
produce Chrono Troops (works better if you have Navy Seals and best
if you have Snipers). Build a few Battle Fortresses and fill each
with one Seal or Sniper. Let the other 4 persons in the vehicle
be Chrono Troopers. For example, one Sniper or Seal and 4 Chrono
Troopers. With this combination of firepower from the Track Vehicle
and the Sniper/Seal to get rid of Yuri Clones, the Chrono Troopers
all wipe out the vehicles and buildings in range. Also, because
there are 4 Chrono Troopers firing instead of one, the
disappearance is notably faster, and thus giving more damage to the
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Kill tanks and ships with one Chronophere 100%
Play as the Allies and make a Chronophere. When it is ready,
Chronophere some enemy tanks on their ships.
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Free Brutes 100%
You will need a Genetic Mutator and Slave Miners. Use the Genetic
Mutator to mutate Slaves into Brutes. Because Slaves are free, your
Brutes will also be free.
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Destroy 2 vehicles at once 100%
This trick requires a Magnetron and 2 other vehicles. First, align
the vehicles so that all 3 are in a straight line. Next,
activate the Magnetron so that it is targeting the vehicle farthest
from it in the line. When the 1st vehicle is just about to pass
over the 2nd one, press S to stop the Magnetron. The 1st
vehicle will fall on top of the 2nd one, destroying them both.
You can use this trick to kill infantry, and you will not lose the
tank. *** This trick may be difficult to complete.
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Glitch: Squid with changing tentacle colors 100%
If a Squid tries to "sink" an Allied Robot Tank, its tentacles will
change color and it pops up without traveling. After the Robot Tank
is destroyed, the squid changes back to normal.
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France mission 100%
After your base is well built, defended well, and you have a lot of
money, build a new MCV. Now, build 2 tanks with it. When the
units are finished, order the tanks to escort the MCV. Now, start
building a Grand Cannon. Send the MCV to the enemy base, but out far
enough so that it cannot get damaged. When it arrives, move the
tanks away and deploy the MCV. By now, the Grand Cannon should be
finished. Deploy it by your new Construction Yard. Now, target any
structures as desired. Make sure you build pillboxes for close range
defense. If you need more range to put other Grand Cannons, build
Barracks since they are the cheapest. Now, place the new Grand
Cannon further out. You can do this repeatedly for other bases --
just sell the Grand Cannon(s).
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Compromise Soviet/Allied Demolition Truck 98%
You can play as Yuri for this to work. Build a Allied IFV, or
capture one if Yuri. Place a Crazy Ivan inside to build a low scale
Demolition Truck. It still makes the radiation and explosion, but on
a smaller scale.

Send a Crazy Ivan into a Flak Track and it will act just like a
Demolition Truck when it explodes.
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Get rid of trees for building 98%
If trees are in the way of building, take them out with some tanks.
It will take a bit, but they will be destroyed

Trees require five Grizzly, Rhino, or Laser Tank shots to be
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