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Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgames Cheats for GBA
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Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgames GBA Cheats

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Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgames

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Intermission bonus 100%
During a break when it shows a character, press A and something will

Control credits song tone:
Press L while the credit music is playing to increase the bass, or
press R to increase the treble.

Control credits sequence:
Hold Left, Right, Up, or Down during the credits to change the star
Boss mode:
Win the game to unlock an option to fight just
Staff mode:
Win the game to unlock an option to view the
game's developers..
Chicken Race (two player) mini-game:
Defeat any 2 of the 1st group of characters.

Chiritorie (two player) mini-game:
Defeat anyone in the 1st group of characters.

Dong Dong (two player) mini-game:
Defeat anyone in the 2nd group of characters.

Dr. Wario mini-game:
Get 15 mails against Blue Jimmy.

Fly Swatter mini-game:
Get 20 mails against Yellow Jimmy.

Hurdle (two player) mini-game:
Defeat any 2 of the 2nd group of characters.

Pyoro mini-game:
Complete the Wario stage.

Alternatively, unlock all of the mini-games for every character.
Information in this section was contributed by D4rkst4r775.
Pyoro 2 mini-game:
Beat the challenge score on every Microgame.

Paper Plane mini-game:
Successfully defeat Red Jimmy.
Wario's Sheriff mini-game:
Get 25 mails against Red Jimmy.

Easy mode:
Defeat Wario to unlock the "Easy mode" option.

Thrilling mode:
Win the game in easy mode with a high score to
unlock the "Thrilling mode" option.

Hard mode:
Get at least 15 mails in Thrilling mode.
Alternate menu music:
Defeat the 2nd Wario, then view the credits. When the credits are
over, the game will return to the main menu. A different song will
now be playing.

Skip introduction or opening sequence for level:
During the introduction of a level, turn off the Game Boy Advance,
then turn it back on. Go to the level that you were just on and you
can now press A button to skip the introduction.

Hint: Jump Forever: Alternate music:
Get over 100 points in Jump Forever to unlock 3 alternate songs
the next time that mini-game is played.

Hint: Jimmy: Skip!:
When you are on the 3 2nd game, jump where you have to jump
the skipping rope. *** When the rope is on the ground, jump. Do
not jump when the rope is in the air.

Hint: Jimmy: Tennis:
When you are on the tennis game, wait for the ball to bounce and
then give it a whack.

Hint: Jimmy: Chop:
To chop up the piece of log, hit it when the bar reaches the red.

Hint: Jimmy: Hurdle:
When you get to the hurdle, make sure there is no gap between you
and the hurdle; otherwise you will not make it.

Hint: Pyoro: Points:
Eat a white seed to refill one of the holes in the ground, then eat
a flashing seed to refill all of the holes and make all the seeds on
the screen disappear. When you catch a seed when it is very close to
the ground, you will get 10 points. When it is a bit farther off the
ground, you will get 50 points. When it is pretty far off the
ground, and you will get 100 points. When it is very far off the
ground, you will get 300 points. When it is at the very top of the
screen, you will get 1000 points.

Hint: Genres:
The following is a list of the characters with their genres.

Jimmy: Sports
9 Volt: Nintendo Classics
Mona: Strange
Dribble and Spitz: Sci-Fi
Dr Crygor: Reality
Orbulon: IQ
Kat and Anna: Nature
Hint: Micro game list:

Intro Games
Crazy Cars
Dodge Balls
The Maze That Pays
Wario Whirled
Super Wario Bros.
Saving Face
Wario Wear
I Spy
Diamond Dig
Hectic Highway
Mug Shot
Boss: Sparring Wario
Jimmy: Sports
Log Chop
Spare Me
Hammer Toss
Mountain Mountin'
High Hoops
Ring My Bell
Fruit Shoot
Batter Up
Balancing Act
Guy Scraper
Hurry Hurdles
Heads Up
Baseline Bash
Putt For Dough
Lift & Shout
Gifted Goalie
City Surfer
Butterfly Stroke
Ski Jump
Pro Curling
Jumpin' Rope
Snowboard Slalom
Boss: Punch-Out
Dribble & Spitz: Sci-Fi
Alien Ambush
Classic Clash 1
Manic Mechanic
Hover For Cover
Classic Clash 3
Space Escape
Scooter Commuter
Bubble Trouble
UFO Assist
Scoot or Die
Zero to Hero
Ninja Vision
Space Fighter
Super Fly
Classic Clash 2
Word Up
Tidal Cave
Slick Wheelie
Stick & Move
Arrow Space
Mars Ball Destroy
Ninja Pipe Cleaner
Mars Jars
Boss: Galaxy 2003
Mona: Strange
Paper Plane
Gold Digger
Sloppy Salon
I Came, I Saw
Air Supplies
Crash Test, Dummy!
Dry Eye
Terminal Velocity
Page Panic
Douse the House
Toast the Ghosts
Sunny-Side Up
Parking Prowess
Chicken Pinch
Sole Man
Fries With That?
Boom Box
Right in the Eye
Nighttime Allergies
Pompeii Back
The Brush Off
Boss: Nail Call
9-Volt: Nintendo
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
Racing 112
Duck Hunt
Family Basic
Laser Outlaw
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Clash
Game Boy
Super Mario Bros.
Hogan_s Alley
Wild Gunman
Donkey Kong
Ultra Hand
Mario Paint: Fly Swatter
Dr. Mario
Urban Champion
Boss: Ultra Machine
Orbulon: IQ
Praise or Haze 2
Maze Daze
Sphinx hijinks
The Great Cover-Cup
Identity Crisis
Code Buster
What's the Toadal?
Gear Head Fred
Four Leaf Hover
Electric Groove Fish
Noodle Cup
Find My Behind
Getcha Groove On
Tip the Scale
Strength in Numbers
Petri Panic
Cavity Calamity
Odd Man Out
The Real McCoy
Button Masher
Garage Rock
Boss: Dungeon Dilemma
Dr. Crygor: Reality
Banana Munch
Berry Berry Good
Hard Core
Funky Fountain
Cheeky Monkey
Mirror Mirror
Cat Nap
Assembly Line
Raging Rhino
Pod Pinch
Wrong Way Highway
Make My Clay
Mashin' Martians
What's Your Beef?
Veg Out
Bad Man Bash
Rough Puff
Body Block
Spoon Spectacular
Quickie Quiz
Kettle Metal
Boss: Alien Laser Hero
Kat & Anna: Nature
Hare Scare
Go Fer the Tater
Veggie Mite
Disc O_ Dog
Hoppin_ Mad
Spunky Monkey
Munch a Bunch
Picture Perfect
Mouse Trap
Fruit Fall
Worm Squirm
Crack Down
Leafy Greens
Coconut Catapult
Penguin Shuffle
Kitty Cover
Flower Shower
Crane Game
Bug Bite
Two Birds, Big Rocks
The Claw
Blow hole Bridge
Boss: The Frog Flap
Wario: Anything Goes
Wario Bros.
Laser Vision
Wario Pinball
Float Your Boat
Hasty Pastry
Air Pain
Hot Dog Hog
Wario Windsock
Mix & Match
Wario Facial
Wario Kendo
Shingle Smasher
High Treeson
Down & Outie
Apple Shrapnel
Grow Wario Grow
Bug Birdie
Produce Pandemonium
Rock Paper Scissors
Thumb Wrestling
Unexite Bike
Loot Scoot
Sinking Feeling
Boss: Wario's Adventure
Other games and modes:
Jump Forever
Dr. Wario
Fly Swatter
Paper Plane
Pyoro 2
Chiritorie (two player)
Chicken Race (two player)
Dong Dong (two player)
Hurdle (two player)
Total Boss
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Music test 100%
Choose the "Name Entry" selection at the options screen. Select
"Yes" to enter a name. Do not actually enter a name. Instead, press
L to display the music test screen.
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Poem in Jump Forever mini-game 100%
After unlocking Jump Forever at the "Games" screen, complete 100
jumps. The next time you play Jump Forever, you are able to choose
one of 3 songs to listen to while jumping. Choose the song on
the right side and a poem will be listed while you are jumping.
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Scroll faster on grid 100%
You can scroll through the writing faster on the grid by tapping or
holding L or R.
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Item rolls back 100%
When playing the game where you have to jump over the object rolling
towards you, if the title/instructions say "Dodge?", you will not
have to do anything. The item will roll, stop, then turn and go
back. *** This only happens if the title has a question mark after
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