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Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats for PS2
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Kingdom Hearts 2

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Tornpages 100%
Torn page locations

page 1:disney castle(library)
page2:pride lands (oasis)
page 3:hollow bastion(crystal Fissure)
page 4:land of the dragron(throne room)
page 5:agrabah(sand ruins tower)
By: kinghalo(18)
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How to Find out if the Games in Olympus Colliseum are easy or Hard 100%
Before you start any game at Olympus Colliseum, look at where the level difficulty is. It will say which level you should play the games as. For example I was going in a game that was a level 80.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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How to deafeating oogie boogie 100%
First have high jump level one two three and equip twp or three high potions (and one ether if you can)then you should have trinity limit and aerial recovery and I suggest the (oathkeeper if you have it already or one one from pride lands)if not equip the one from port start with knocking the three to nine boxes up onto the platform then he should say "I,ll squash you flat" if he dosen't he'll move left or right if he does move left or right after this he'll say "hope you enjoy the oogie gift I picked out for you"don't destroy the purple bags if you do heartless come out (and they can be annoying but sometimes you can level up and that is helpful because if your low on hp and you level up it restores your hp)now knock him off the platform and go into valor thats helpful and attack until he becomes invincible then he'll move again follow your partners will follows in a couple of seconds later and then he should send bolts of lightning at you they are annoying because they distract you from hitting the boxes and for the rest of the fight repeat the process above.
By: sephiroth101(43)
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Anti Sora/Anti Form transformation 100%
When you Drive gauge is at 4, check you transformation. If you only
have one transformation that would be the Anti transformation. If
your life is on the red and your gauge is full, press Triangle and
you will be in your anti transformation.

If your life is on the red and your gauge is full, press Triangle
and you will be in your Anti transformation. You must to check if
there is a reaction before pressing Triangle.
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Easy Form Leveling, Easy Leveling, how to get final form, infinate drive gauge and how to beat sephiroth!! 100%
Right 1st things first, each form as you should know levels up differently, below is a list of the to level them up and where!!

Valour form: Valour form levels up when you land a successful hit on an enemy, there are many great places to do favourite is "The World That Never Was" because there are loads of heartless and you will also level up quicker. Land at the very 1st point, walk into the next area and go into Valour form and start going nuts...but when your gauge goes down onto either 1 or 0 go back to "Alley To Between" (where the 1st save point is) and go to the world map. When you land again your drive gauge will be completely full still. You may also want to use the "Oathkeeper" keyblade if you have it, this will make your drive gauge last longer, also equip any form boosts that you may have.

Wisdom form: Wisdom form gains 1 point for each heartless you kill...for this i would do as above...i did it this way and i found that it was the easiest!!

Master form: Master form levels up for each drive orb you collect, 1 point for a small and 3 points for a large, the best way to accomplish this is to go to "The Land Of The Dragons" and go to the village, then walk up to the ridge (mountain), here you will see those fireworks carts, go into master form and attack them. When they explode you will get some drive orbs. If any heartless or nobodies appear - just kill may get more drive orbs from certain heartless. when you have destroyed the carts just walk up to the summit (top of the mountain) and back again - they will reappear. Just repeat this over and over, you may want to use the "Oathkeeper" for this one as well, but the drive guage should last a while becauseof all the drive orbs you are colleting. when your gauge is getting low, just go back down to the village and exit through the save point and when you re-enter the world your gauge will still be full!!

Final Form: Well 1st you will need to get this form, level up at least 1 of your forms to level 5 (maximum level until you get final form), then i found the easiest way is to go to olympus colloseum and enter the cerberus cup, as soon as you get into the 1st match, go into the leveled up form. You should see Sora wearing silver clothes, he will be levitating and he will have 2 hovering keyblades in his hands!! If this doesn't work just pasue the game and press retry and repeat the method...some people say that you cannot get do this until you see the scene where Sora fights Roxas in "The World That Never Was", but it worked for me!

Now then....Final form levels up when you kill Nobodies....this one is more to "The World That Never Was" and land in the area called "Proof Of Existence", then go through one of the doors, go into final form and start killing nobodies, do the same as above for this form as well, when your gauge gets low...just go back to the save point...exit....then will find that as it levels up you will be able to do both doors, i managed to go from "Proof Of Existence" to "The Alter Of Naught" taking out nobodies as i doing this you can get about 25 points.

Summons: To level up your summons all you need to do is go anywhere in the world where there is a savepoint and you can use summons - then summon anyone - then all you need to do is stand on the savepoint and wait!! Summons gain a point for each guage that runs out....this is the longest and most boring in my opinion...just let the guage run down then before it empties simply exit....then re-enter to keep your gauge full. Other people say to keep attacking people and try to get the gauge to bounce between say 3 and 4 but i found this way easier. You may also want to take off any abilities that make summons last longer as you will have to wait longer.

Infinate Drive Gauge: Well i've pretty much explained it...when in any form...or using a summon simply exit the world through a savepoint before the gauge runs out....when you gauge will be maxed out!!

Easy leveling: All you need to do is either go to the top of "Pride Rock" after completing it for the 2nd time....and there will be loads of needles flying around your head....KILL 'EM ALL...then when they are gone...go to the next area....and then back...they will reappear...or the other method is to land in "The World That Never Was" and kill everything in sight and work you way up to "The Alter Of Naught" then exit and do it all over again.

Sephiroth: You can find Sephiroth in the "Dark Depths" which is through the "Great Maw". Right for this you are going to want to be a high level...have "Ultima Weapon" or "Sleeping Lion"...also you will want to have high jump lvl2 and aerial dodge lvl2 from Valour and Master Form, this isn't necessary....but it will help....alot!! You may want to have "beserk charge" and "second chance" and elixers equiped if possible!

He will start by doing a awesome attack all you need to do is constantly tap triangle to block the attack (he will use this several times during the be alert), then go at him and keep attacking....eventually he will disappear, when he does this lock onto him and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE - when he teleports again you may want to quickly lock on to him and attack - if he hits you into the air, lock onto him and use the retaliating slash technique by tapping sqaure to stop him attacking and also to start hitting him. If he goes into the air and say "Heartless Angel" then you will want to use the "high jump" and "aerial dodge" abilities to hit him QUICKLY....if you don't you will either be dead....or have 1HP left....and your MP guage will be empty. If he does be ready to tap traingle again for that awesome slash attack...if you block that then either use an elixer...or cure yourself if possible, keep doing the same - if he says "Perish Now"....RUN...big pillars of lire will come from the ground and they suck you in - just keep running away - this is also a good time to heal yourself!! He may use a meteor attack....if your unlucky...if he does then my advise would be to heal constantly...and keep jumping!! Follow this method and you will beat him eventually...if you dont....then i suggest level up some more!!

If you beat will get your drive gauge powered will then need to go and tell cloud where Sephiroth can find Cloud in the "Marketplace" - then when he leaves go back to the "Dark Depths" to see a little video of them fighting - you will then recieve "Fenrir" which has a better strength rating than "Ultima Weapon" but it has hardly any magic!!

After all this you will leave with a powered up drive guage....a new keyblade and the most important thing of all PRIDE!!

well....thats all that for now....but i might add more soon....i hope this helps!!!

Moses Mcgoo
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Fenrir 100%
To get the most powerful weapon in this game you must defeat
Sephiroth. Be careful, because he has fifteen health bars and is
very strong. To fight him, go to Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion at
The Dark Depth area (beyond the area where you must defeat 1,000
Heartless). You can only fight with him after you defeat the MCP
(Space Paranoids). After you defeat him, you must chat to Cloud (you
can see him at Market Place of Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion). Now,
talk with Sephiroth again. After that, you will get Fenril, which as
a 7 Atk and 1 Mag.
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Keychains 100%
Complete the listed task to receive the listed Keychain
for your Keyblade.
Bond Of Flames: Defeat Axel at Twilight Town.
Circle Of Life: Speak to Simba at The Pride Lands.
Fenrir: Defeat Sephiroth at Hollow Bastion.
Follow The Wind: Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Guardian Soul: Defeat Hades in the "Underworld" segment at Olympus
Gullwing: Speak to Yuna after getting Guardian Soul.
Heros Crest: Defeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
Hidden Dragon: Defeat Shan-Yu at The Land of Dragons.
Holy Pumpkin: Defeat the Test Subject at Halloween Town.
Monochrome: Defeat Pete at Timeless River.
Oathkeeper: Complete Sora's 1st visit to Twilight Town.
Oblivion: Defeat Xigbar at The World that Never Was.
Photon Debugger: Complete Space Paranoids.
Rumbling Rose: Speak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.
Sleeping Lion: Go to Ansem's study at Hollow Bastion.
Star Seeker: Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.
Sweet Memory: Complete the Spooky Cave mini-game at The
Hundred-Acre Wood.
Ultima Weapon: Get the Ultima Recipe in the Twilight Town mansion
basement then make it at a Moogle Shop.
Wisher's Lamp: Defeat Jafar at Agrabah.
Wonders Of The Abyss: Complete Chapter 4 in Atlantica.
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Unlockable: Rumbling Rose 100%
You must chat to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.
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Drive mode training 100%
Go to Timeless River. Make sure your Drive is full. Pick any of the
4 doors in front of you and enter it. Kill all the Heartless in
the area with any transformation then return to Disney Castle before
your Drive gauge is emptied. When you return to Disney Castle, your
Drive meter is full again. Keep doing this until your Drive level is
at maximum.
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Unlockable: Fenrir 100%
You must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

Unlockable: Follow the Wind
You must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Unlockable: Guardian Soul
You have to beat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.
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Unlockable: Photon Debugger 100%
You must finish the Space Paranoids.
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Unlockable: Sweet Memory 100%
You must finish the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in the Hundred-Acre Wood.
Unlockable: Ultima Weapon
You must get the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town.
Once that's done, you can use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain.
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Unlockable: Star Seeker 100%
You must get Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.
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Sora like Roxas's Dual Keyblade 100%
1.Equip Olibivion keyblade as your standard keyblade
2.Equip Oathkeeper as your Valor/Master/Final Form Keyblade (Final is better becuse you have the greatest Form
By: Ravenart(213)
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Secrets 98%
Secret Ending
Just like Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II has a special secret movie that can be viewed at the end of the game, after the credits roll.
In "Beginner" mode, you can not unlock it at all.
In "Standard" mode, you must fully compelte all the worlds and Jiminy's
Journal to unlock it.
In "Proud" mode, you need only fully complete all worlds.
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Glitch: Remain in transformed state 98%
If you are in a transformed state, ride a skateboard. You will stay
in your transformed state, even if your Drive gauge goes to zero.
However, if the gauge is already at zero and you get off the
skateboard, you will return to your regular form.
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Glitches 98%
Drive Extension
Early on in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora receives new clothing, replacing his rather
silly looking attire from the original game. At the same time, he earns the
ability to use "Drives" which, among many other things, further alter his
appearance while activated. There is a way to "extend" the length of a Drive's
visual change however, so as to reflect in cut-scenes as well:
During any of the game's numerous "objective" based fights, simply complete the
fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance
for the story event that follows.
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Glitches 98%
Drive Extension
Early on in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora receives new clothing, replacing his
rather silly looking attire from the original game. At the same time, he
earns the ability to use "Drives" which, among many other things, further
alter his appearance while activated. Interestingly enough, there is a
simply way to "extend" the length of a Drive's visual transformation, so
as to reflect in cut-scenes as well: During any of the game's numerous
"objective" based fights, simply complete the event with a Drive activated
and Sora will retain his modified appearance for the story event that
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Keychains 98%
At various points throughout the game, you will be given Keychains, which
allow you to give the Keyblade new forms and powers.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bond of FlamesComplete the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.
Circle of LifeSpeak to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.
FenrirDefeat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.
Follow the WindDefeat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Guardian SoulDefeat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus
GullwingSpeak to Yuna after completing the above.
Heros CrestDefeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
Hidden DragonDefeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.
Holy PumpkinDefeat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.
MonochromeDefeat Pete at Timeless River.
OathkeeperComplete Sora's 1st visit to Twilight Town.
OblivionDefeat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.
Photon DebuggerComplete Space Paranoids.
Rumbling RoseSpeak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.
Sleeping LionGo to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.
Star SeekerObtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.
Sweet MemoryComplete the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in The Hundred-Acre
Ultima WeaponObtain the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion
in Twilight Town. After that, you may use the Moogle Shops to
synthesize the keychain.
Wisher's LampDefeat Jafar in Agrabah.
Wonders of the AbyssComplete Chapter 4 of Atlantica.
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Unlockable: Gullwing 98%
Speak to Yuna after beating Hades in the 'Underworld' section.
Unlockable: Hero's Crest
Beat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
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Drive meter refill 98%
If your Drive gauge is almost empty when in your transformed state, quickly go to a save point and go to Gummi Ship. Now, go to any world desired. When you are in the world selected, notice that your Drive gauge is full.
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Unlockable: Sleeping Lion 98%
You must to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.
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Alternate ending sequence 98%
Complete all worlds and Jiminy's Journal under the
standard difficulty setting to view an additional sequence after the
ending credits. When playing under the proud difficulty setting,
successfully complete all worlds to view the sequence.
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Unlockable: Oblivion 98%
You must beat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.
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Unlockable: Oathkeeper 98%
You must finish Sora's 1st visit to Twilight Town.
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Unlockable: Wonders of the Abyss 98%
You must finish Chapter 4 of Atlantica.
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Unlockable: Circle of Life 98%
You must go chat to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.
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Unlockable: Hidden Dragon 98%
Beat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

Unlockable: Holy Pumpkin
You have to win the Test Subject in Halloween Town.
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Unlockable: Monochrome 98%
Defeat Pete at Timeless River.
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Unlockable: Wisher's Lamp 98%
You must beat Jafar in Agrabah.
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Unlockable: Bond of Flames 98%
You must finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.
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How to survive Sephiroth's HEARTLESS ANGEL move. 96%
When he either teleports or goes up in the air, have CURE or a super potion because the move will put your life down to 1. you will hear him say, `HEARTLESS ANGEL` and you will damage. if you don't get ready, he'll either teleport to hit you, or charge at you with his widening blade. (WARNING:if you are good at the game and have a low level, level 90 or 87 is the best bet to kill this guy. )
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Defeat Sephiroth! 96%
You can beat Sephiroth LV 45 in Begginer Mode Easily!(equip 3 or more Elixirs) All you have 2 do is block reaction command, unleash a combo, then trinity limit:) Stay away from him while he attacks, and watch him do his combo. If he hits you in the air, don't worry! Just equip the ability airial dodge and use that, and combo attack him! Sin Harvest Angel isn't a problem! Just get close, and unleash trinity limit! And if you can not get him, just prepare an elixir, use it, and get ready for a block reaction command. Also, when he summons a pillar of fire, just jump and run in the opposite direction of the flame. And when he says "Give into the dark..." just hit the dark circles with your keyblade(which should be Oblivion or Ultima Weapon) or use Reflectaga. And for the meteor attack, just jump out of the way of all the meteors (you might need to use an elixir here). Trust me just use this, and all your problems with Sephiroth will be nothing. Beat Sephiroth, Go near where Uncle Scrooge is, chat to Cloud, go to Dark Depths, and watch the ultime Cloud ys. Sephiroth battle! (And if you hate magic and love strength, you will get a cool keyblade called Fenrir!!!)
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Mickey mouse cheat 93%
I am not the best cheat code master i'm saying this ,because this is for only battle!first don't equip any items don't equip cure cura curaga etc. then fight only a nobody fight act like your having trouble then a thing will appear that says give up or don't give up then mickey mouse will appear I fought xaldin and mickey mouse appeared and I freaked out
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Oriculum+ 91%
This is probably the item that drives everyone crazy, well here's a list to get all of them.

Space Paranoids-Central Computer Mesa
100 Acre Wood-Finish Stary Hill
Twillight Town-Sunset Terrace
Atlantica-Finish "A New Day is Dawning"
The World That NEver Was-The Brink of Despair
Finish the Goddes of Fate Cup

Now the next part is where it drives people razy, thinking there at are more, but there are no more so listen up.

You need to get all synthesis items in the game, making your moogle synthesis cut every single recipe ingredient in half.
By: jacksparrow(2465)
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Defeating Xemnas with Riku 100%
Don`t waste your time killing Xemnas`s clones, just side-step them untill you get close to Sora.
By: Roxas13(14)
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How to get nobody gared 100%
Go to the tower it is in twilite town for the 2,3,etra finnd 4 gambits (nobody) do stop dice or stare game a fuw times without canging in to a card or dice
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Defeating Sephiroth 88%
First you need the ultama weapon keyblade and 2 Elixers and 4 Mega-potions. Then go to Radiant Gardan and go where you fought 1,000 heartless and keep going up untell you reach the dark depths and talk to Sephiroth but make sher your at level 65 and over becuase its easier to use Berserk. ok here we go I remember it well, click triangle rapidly before the story ends or else you will have lost masive damage and then lock on to him at the same time and attack keep attacking if he fights you in the air use square and block it every time he disapears you lock on to him and keep a close eye on to him when you have gotten ritten of at least five lives go
By: ahunter(80)
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How to survive the millions of bullets at the end of Xemnas's Final Form 86%
At the end of Xemnas's Final Form. You and Riku are trapped in a dome with a little glowing light. Then suddenly millions of bullets start shooting at you. To survive this, press Triangle and X as fast as you can.
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Anti sora form 86%
If you have master form then this will work but you wont be able to use reactions . when your drive is less or at 4 1/2 but ubuve 4 turn into master form and you will turn into anti sora but no key blades but you will have way fast movement and be abull to hit someone about 20 times if you keep pressing attack
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Sora's Ultima Weapon 86%
Sora's Ultima Weapon is obtained through item synthesis. Once you have obtained seven
Orichalcum+s and the other ingredients, you will be able to synthesize it if you have an
Energy Crystal. Note: You must be at least a level 2 Moogle to use energy items
(for example, shards, stones, gems, and crystals). The items required are as follows:

Ultimate Recipe

Go to the mansion in Twilight Town. This is towards the end of the game when you go with
Sora. Once the machine is up and running to go to Roxas's Twilight Town, do not enter it.
Instead, go through the other room where you went to fight Axel with Roxas at the start of
the game. Then, go into the next room with the hallway with the pods where Goofy and
Donald were found. There are a few chests in there the Ultimate Recipe is the in the
chest next to Donald and Goofy's pod.

Seven Orichalcum+

1. Clear Atlantica.

2. Clear 100 Acre Wood.

3. Find the chest in The World That Never Was at the Brink Of Despair just prior to you
go into the castle. There will be a big chest next to the save point. This is not the
Orichalcum+. Turn around at this location and follow the short path across from the save
point with the Orichalcum+ chest.

4. Clear Goddess Of Fate Cup in the Underworld Coliseum.

5. Chest in Twilight Town, in Sunset Terrace where you went earlier in the game for the
Seven Wonders. Jump on top of the train and you will see a chest on the roof of the big
building (the one closest to to the sunset station).

6. Chest in Space Paranoids during the second visit there, just prior to you fight
Commander Sark and the MCP.

7. Collect all Material in the game and give it to the Synthesis Moogle. He will give you
an Orichalcum+. You need every single Material (shards, stones, gems, and crystals,
including a regular Orichalcum).

Other ingredients

Energy Crystal: Required to halve the amount of Orichalcum+s you need. Dropped by
Bookmasters in Radiant Gardens (Hollow Bastion) near Merlin's house. These are the
characters that float with green hats and books.

Twilight and Dense Crystals: Nobodies on Naught's Skyway. Go to naught's skyway just
after the Hall Of Empty Melodies. Fight the Nobodies there and they will drop Twilight and
Dense items.

Serenity Crystals: You can get these from the Moogles for giving them complete sets of

Mythril Crystals: Found in random item chests.
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Defeating Sephiroth and getting the fenrir 86%
In order to get the fenrir you have to beat Sephiroth(Fenrir is the strongest keyblade in the game so you might want it). Don't go up to him and battle unless your at least level 65 or more other wise you will fail big time, be careful he has fifteen health bars. First you will need the ultima weapon which you get from idem sythesis, and at least 4 mega-potions and 2 elixers. Then make your strength as strong as you can and your defense. Now go Dark Depths in Radiant Gardan and talk to Sephiroth then as the little stories begins playing press triangle constantly because after the story he will use a combo attack at the very beginning so that why your ready, then lock on to him quickly and attack keep attacking unttell he uses this fire move that draws you closer to him but move the oposite direction he will use heartless angel evangualy and you go to your item screen and use elixer, but block the attack first like the beginning and repeat the prosese and you will beat him in no time
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2 times for each world 83%
Once a blery world appers go to all worlds and there will be new storys
By: chapo121(1519)
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Easy gaming 83%
To defeat Xemnas just block and ALWAYS use reaction commands you can even just run away equip all abilities and your body should be protected 100%
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How to finf out the world got new espisode without refering to journal or hint 80%
Go to wrld map .then look at the worlds
if you see a light circling a world got something new
nice to try
By: arceas17(151)
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Fatal Cresent Key chain 75%
Not many ppl no of this cheat but theres a keyblade called the fatal cresent.Its attack isnt high but its magic is.To unlock the Fatal Cresent just beat The godess of fate cup w/ 900+ orbs and you should get it.Good luck.
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Defeat sephiroth 75%
You can find sephiroth in the dark depths ( next area to the great maw )
- your weapon of choice must be oblivion ( it's better when you have the ultima weapon )
- you must ensure your level is at 75 or more
-your abilities must include all the areals ( areal spiral, areal recovery, finishing leap...) and the second chance, once more and the leaf bracer, berserk charge etc.
-costumize your shortcuts:
3 elixir
3 high potions
- when he summons his dark orbs, simply hit it or cast reflega
- when he unleashes his fountains of flame, RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN AND PUSH THE LEFT ANALOG AWAY FROM HIM!
- when he is gaining on you, rapidly push square to avoid his attack
- his ground combo has a reaction command thats stands him still, this is the easiest way to hurt him
- when he launches you to the air, use air recovery and use an air combo
- when he is glowing and rising to the air, hit him, or just let him attack, heal with a healing item, press triangle to avoid his next attack
- lock on all the time]
- when he teleports, slam r1 to lock on
- when he glows, he gets stronger
- when he uses his meateor rain, AVOID IT]
- sephiroth cannot be defeated if his hp is only 1 and you have no mp
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Easy way to lvl up summmon 71%
If you want to level up summon easily do this:

1. go to olimpus colloseum
2. go to underworld
3. summon anything(genie if you want to fight heartless
4. either stay idle or fight heartless
5. once you summon goes away if you have some left summon again
6. once that is gone enter any(not paradox) cup!
7. quit out of it
8. do 3-7 again until you don't want to do it anymore or when it is fully leveled up!:D:D :):)
By: mikepie(160)
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Underworld unlockable cups 67%
Kingdom Hearts 2: Unlockable Cups

Unlock Cerberus Cup: Clear Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride Land for the first time
Unlock Goddess of Fate Cup: Clear previous cups and beat the first fight with Xemnas
Unlock Pain and Panic Cup: Clear Disney Castle for the first time
Unlock Paradox Cups: Cerberus Cup Except Final Form, Form levels must be at Lv. 5 and must unlock Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic
Unlock Paradox Cups, Hades Cup: Clear all the previous cups, clear Space Paranoids for the cecond time, and have ALL forms and summons at Lv. 7
Unlock Paradox Cups, Pain and Panic: Clear all the previous cups
Unlock Paradox Cups, Titan Cup: Summon level should be at Lv. 5 and have the Paradox: Cup Pain and Panic unlock
Unlock Titan Cup: Clear Olympus Coliseum for the second time
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Secret Orchiculum+ 67%
Complet the moogle list*all shards,stones,gems,and crystals*and you will get a Orochiculum+
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Synthesize ultima and beat sephiroth to get fenrir and equip both to valor master final my favorite is final with this combo if you do this it should any enemy with 2-20 hits
By: sephiroth101(43)
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Tips to kill sephi 67%
You need:
H-jump lvl 3 when he will use his darkness angel
berserk for limits
1 more chance just in case
aerial dodge lvl1 is enough
6 elixirs
mega potion 4 your life
By: adventureboy(595)
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Mr. Gummiship The High Score Fighter 67%
Some say swords are useless...
Think again.
Equip them. Use them often when alot of them are around.
Equip multiple! Not just one!
Then, you'll get Rank S+.(If there is one)
And you'll get SUPER RARE PARTS.
By: ST30x10D(194)
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Easy defense 67%
At the start choose the defense valor and the all other key blades will have higher defense
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Easy level up 60%
Go tp pride lands and go to the peak of the kings den and tyhere will be heaps of heartless to defeat. once defeated them all you go back to the kings den and back to the peak and there all there again.
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Heartless Sora 60%
Face anybody or anything. Once your going to get hit, turn into your Valor form or your Wisdom form or your Master form. At the exact time you turn into a form and get hit it suddenly turns you INTO A HEARTLESS! I hope you like killing the heck outta Heartless yourself. You can hit very fast and see unbeliveable hitting. Good luck and I hope you like this code.
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Shadow sora 60%
Equip oblivion then equip fatal crest to master form and transform to it with max drive
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Infinite Skateboard Jumping 60%
I didn't discover this cheat. My best friend discovered it. He showed it to me. It was a good easter egg. Now here's how to do it. Go to Twilight Town. Go to Tram Common. Go to where the entrance to the Sandlot is. Don't go to the Sandlot. Ride the skateboard. Go up that thing that looks like the Arc De Triumph. Get on the hood thing. Jump to the building with the blue roof. Keep jumping. Now you'll never stop jumping (unless if you get off).
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Ways to lvl up drive forms +Skills 58%
Valor Form - by Heartless and nobodies (best place is the world that never was)

Wisdom form - Heartless (any where exept twilight town)

Master Form - Heartless (any where exept the world that never was)

Final Form - Nobodies (Best place The World That Never Was and Tlilight town)

Skills for growth.

High jump Lvl 1 - High jump Lvl 3 (Valor Form) lvl ups

Quick Slide Lvl 1 - Quick Slide Lvl 3 (Wisdom Form) lvl ups

Arial Dodge Lvl 1 -Arial Dodge Lvl 3 (Master Form) lvl ups

Glide Lvl 1 -Glide Lvl 3 (Final Form) lvl ups

Sorry but Anti - form doesnt have a lvl skill. Anti - Form doesnt even lvl up
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How to get past last battle Xemnas's one million neetles wihtout a scratch! 56%
If you have very fast pressing thumbs, you can either choose to use triangle ore triangle and X. if you have slow pressing thumbs, you have to use triangle AND X or you'll get killed.

Thanks for reading! peace out!
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Final Form Sora 54%
After you fight Roxas (only a scene but on Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix + you fight Roxas) You can unlock a new drive form but it doesn`t come right after the scene You must use drive many times (maybe 100 or 200 times) and whern you fight an Orginization member try to go in drive (try when you`re fighting Xigbar) You will either turn into the form you chose, turn into a heartless or turn into final form sora.
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Unlockable summons 50%
Where to get Summons

Chicken Little: In the 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second cutscene.
Genie: Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord.
Peter Pan: In the ship grevayard in the second visit to Port Royal.
Stitch: In the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form

Submitted by Tunkstar77
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Beat sephiroph in couple tries easy!!!! 50%
K what you want to do is euip your best keyblade un-euip ariel finish and just stay on him! dont let him get an opening
to attack you when he uses those ball thingies just keep attacking him the balls will get hit and vanish you will whant to have curaga and whant to be about lvl 82 if you do this ull beat him no prob no go and pown sephiroph!
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Roxas The Muninaire 50%
Keep doing the Poster Job. Sooner or later, your gonna be RICH.

P.S If you get 2000, then Hayner(And maybe the others) will say something else.
But it's not worth it.
By: ST30x10D(194)
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Lvl up early 50%
When you get to the station of calling go through all the way but dont go through the door. but go back to the station of serenity and go throught the door again. and fight the nobodies again and again to lvl up quick as roxas(which affects soras lvl and abilites).
By: khfan202(16)
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Glitch 50%
If you have drive go to a world with a save point turn 2 valor save the game reset ps2 and sora will still be in valor
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How to Level up your forms 50%
Each form has different ways of leveling up and here are a few ways to quickly get level 7 for each form.

Valor Form (Goofy): Valor form is the first form you get and should be easy to level up at the beginning of the game. Valor levels up for each hit that you deal damage to your enemies. The best place to level up at the beginning would be at Mulan's stage in near the village in the mountians becuase you get more enemies with lager health and that means more exp. to gain. Once you unlock the second part of Mulan's stage, is inside the palace corridor becuase you will fight 7 enemies with lots of health.

Wisdom Form (Donald): Wisdom form is the one of the two of the harder forms to level up becuase only gains one exp. per heartless that is defeated but its worth it once you get the quick step ability maxed out. The best way to level this form up is to go where their are lots of heartless that are easy to kill (mainly the small dark ones) but if you want you could wait until you get to theh area that leads to the final place in the game called "The Alley Between" because the heartless will come one after another and are the small fry that die easily.

Master Form (Both Partners): Master form is the second easyiest to level up becuase drive orbs get it exp. (one small equals one exp. while a large orb equals 3 exp). THe best place to level up would be at Mulan's second stage in the Palace Corridor since the enemies always drop the big orbs (I was able to level up this form to level 3 in about 10 minutes of fighting).

Final Form (Both Partners): This form is the second form that is hard to level up becuase just like the wisdom form, this form can only level up one exp. for each Nobody that is defeated. The only place to level up this form is in the Castle of the last stage because your only enemies would just be Nobodies. The best way to level this form up is to stay in the beginning part of the castle stage until you level up the form so that it has extended time and then start going deeper into the level once you have a good duration time for your form.

Tip: If by any chance you run out of of your Drive Gauge, go to Mount Olympus and talk to pain to start a tournement and quit because your drive gauge will be maxed out once you enter. Its best to enter that one with your forms.
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Getting ur form guage charged all the way up 50%
Go to the world that never was and if your form guage is about to run out while your in the form then go to the world that never was and go to the door where everyone is just standing there "mickey" "donald" goofy" and riku. when you go through that door it will take you out of your form but recharge your gauge up to full again good for training your master form or valor form (HAPPY CHEATING!)
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How to Unlock Sephiroth 48%
Entry Location:
Hollow Bastian/Radiant Garden

To unlock Sephiroth, you have to beat all of the worlds except for The World that Never Was. You must unlock all of the keyholes in all of the worlds before you can find Sephiroth. BUT before you go in the world you'll see places to go. Go to the Crystal Fissure. Then you need to equip these things if you want to fight him:

2 hi potions
2 elixirs
2 ethers
and the magic reflega.

Then go to Great Maw, then to Dark Depths.
By: kingmaster12132(13)
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Kill Sephiroth in 1 try 44%
If you have Codebreaker turn on and max MP and infinite MP and have Elixers in your quick slot (and be at lvl 99). there you can use Tirinity Limit 2 times before mp charge.
Also use Max items and use str boost to max and use thil skill to have more time for limits. once you do that, you`re set when the battle starts use the reaction command then use Tirinity limit do the combo (break) then the combo again he will loose like 5 gauges in total in 1 tirinity limit (he has about 15 gauges) you will have 1 MP left before he does the skill to take your HP to 1 use Tirinity again.
Then use your Elixer to get you MP full again use Tirinity limit again (he will start to use his skill to bring your HP down to 1) make sure you`re locked on to him and he is done for! you might get 10 for your drive gauge if you had 9 before you fight Sephiroth.
after that talk to Cloud (at the market section if radiant garden or Hollow Baston) then talk to Sephiroth again and you`ll get a tight scene Cloud V.S Sephiroth after that you get the strongest keyblade "The Finirir"

Made by Henoto from
Maple story
Trickster Online
and more.

submitted by Tashan2005
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Play as King Mickey 44%
If you want to play as King Mickey all you have to do is die at a boss and mickey will jump in for a bit. After a while king mickey will bring sora back to life and mickey will leave

P.S (This cheat doesn't always work)
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Red blood blade 43%
To get this awsome weopon you just have to beat the first xemnas and press all the buttons until you get the weapon you have a 50% chance of getting it P.S. this is the best weopon in the game because it can kill sephiroth in one hit!
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How to get the keyblade that will ruin your MP. 43%
After beating Sephiroth, tell Cloud where he is and go back to Sephiroth. after Cloud and him fight, tifa will talk to you and give you the Key that I can't remember what.
(do NOT use it unless you chose the staff at the beggining of the game.)
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Ultima Way To Get Ultima 40%
The best way to get ultima is to find a item you make ALOT.
Use some stones that increase EXP Gained and stones that decrease ingredients.
Then there you go!
By: ST30x10D(194)
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Twilighttown Battle Themes 40%
Sora: Working Together
Roxas: Sinister Showdown

If you like anyone of these, then you'd be glad I gave the name of the theme!
By: ST30x10D(194)
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Kill heartless faster 35%
You equip the explosion move (if gain move) just press x three times
and it is a powerful move.
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Press Triangle+Select for Every 1-Hit Kill All Enemy's as Many Times I Want by Press the 33%
Press Triangle+Select for Every 1-Hit Kill All Enemy's as Many Times I Want by Press the
X Button/Press the X Button to Stop, Using "All Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's" On the "Limit"
Command (Music Off Only)

100% SUPER TURBO QUICK ATTACK: All Summons & Character's
Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's
from All Final Fantasy Series & All Power Rangers Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's & Combine Weapon's Ultimate Final Strike's & All
from All Power Rangers Series & All Zord's & Megazord's Ultimate Attack's
& Final Strike's All Rookie Digimon's, Champion Digimon's,
Ultimate Digimon's, Mega Digimon's, DNA Digimon's & VR Digimon's Ultimate Attack & Final Strike's & All Robot's, Gundam's, Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's

MOON'S & ALL GALAXY'S: Flare, Flara, Flarega, Flareja, Meteor, Meteora, Meteorga, Meteorja, Meteornal,
Ultima, Ultimara, Ultimaga, Ultimaja, Ultimanal, Apocalypse, Apocalypra, Apocalypga, Apocalypja, Apocalypnal & Super Nova Attack's the All Enemy's)
Flare: Flarenal
Meteor: Meteornal
Ultima: Ultimanal
Apocalypse: Apocalypnal
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Drive Form Glitch 33%
If you want to fight Sephiroth fill your drive guage first, go to the Dark Depths and change to any Drive form you want Valor, Wisdom, Master, or even Final then talk to Sephiroth, don't skip the cutscene, instead watch it you will notice sora wearing the clothes of the form you picked, but when you are about to engage a batle with Sephiroth, your clothes will turn back to the way they are! and also your drive guage will max out.
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Ez drive lvup 33%
In twtnw b4 entering the castle go to th alley to between, d an g should b walkin go to fragment crossin an go drive . fight till drive is almost gone. go back to the alley. your drive should b max. if you run out of no hearts go to betwixt and between. bb is in twilight town just turn around an reoet. WARNING: only fight in first area
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Play as Riku in KH2 and FM+ 25%
This HAS to be the ultimate code! It's a little glitchy, though.


You can't go into Timeless River, Hundred-acre woods, or Twilight Town. You can't do ground combos, he'll freeze. Lastly, you CANNOT view cutcenes that show Sora right away. You can skip it before it shows Sora. If you don't, or if it is suppose to show him right away, the game will freeze.

Riku cannot get hurt, either.

Kingdom Hearts II Code:

11CFA3FC 0000089B
01CDCE77 0000002E
21CDCE78 7465736D
21CDCE7C 00000000
21CDCE80 00000000
01CDCE96 00000023
01C88E64 00000005
10340E60 000001C6
10340E66 00000001
11CDCE9E 00000002
20340CE4 00020100

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Code:

11CE0B68 0000089B
01CB8C77 0000002E
21CB8C78 7465736D
21CB8C7C 00000000
21CB8C80 00000000
01CB8C96 00000023
01C5FFD4 00000005
1032F228 00000001
1032F22E 000001C6
11CB8C9E 00000002
2032F0AC 00020100

You MUST enter it correctly.
By: AquaRiku(43)
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