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Need for Speed: Underground Cheats for GBA
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Need for Speed: Underground GBA Cheats

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Need for Speed: Underground

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Recommended cars 93%
The 1st car that you should buy is the Subaru Impreza. The 2nd
best car to race would be the Toyota Celica. With the Celica, you
should be able to be number one in drift, circuit, and drag racing.
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Fast getaway 93%
When racing in Underground mode or against a friend, never use the
emergency brake (L). Using it will almost make you come to a
complete stop, allowing your opponent to pass you. The best way is
to just let off the gas for a few seconds before your next turn.
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Glitch: Morph cars 91%
Select "Quick Race" from the menu. Now, choose any car (for
example, the Nissan Skyline). Press A, and "Select Car?" will
appear. Choose "Yes", and as soon as you select it, hold Left pad
until you can see the Mazda Rx-7. The screen should fade away, and
the car you are left with is a car that drives like an Rx-7 but
resembles a Skyline. You can notice this better if you make the
Mazda Red with all upgrades, and the Skyline White with no upgrades.
You can do this with any 2 cars on the game, but if the cars are
more than 4 spaces apart, the screen will fade away before you
can get to it. For example, you cannot morph a Celica with a
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Completion bonus 89%
Complete Go Underground mode to unlock all cars and
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Shortcut to Finsh Line 50%
Gear in R and accelrate your car and keep on going! Ignore the U turn sign and avoid crushing on the wall. For faster times, gear in 1 and turn around (not to the starting line).
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Best Times 33%
Accelrate and use NOS after 1 has faded away. Controls for using NOS, L Button (Auto), A button and D-Pad Up (Basic), A button and D-pad Up (Adv).
By: Zulhilmi(6)
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Sprint Short cut. 25%
9th& Frey is the only short cut.
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