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Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective Cheats for GBA
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Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective GBA Cheats

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Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective Cheats

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Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Easy experience 100%
When you defeat an enemy, switch to the character you want the
little experience orbs to go to. This helps your favorite character
grow levels without having to actually fight.
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Escape while fightning Inmaki 100%
Switch to Hiei, go to the left side of the wall, and use the
Teleport or Teleslash ability.
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Teleport over ledges 100%
Hiei can teleport over ledges as long as he cannot see the wall that
supports them. Just stand next to the ledge and press B.
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Defeating Gouki 100%
In order to defeat Gouki, hit him with the Spirit Gun. Never get
close to Gouki. Just keep walking, and from a safe distance, shoot
him. You will eventually defeat him. If you run out of Spirit Power,
keep a safe distance from Gouki until your Spirit Power returns,
then start shooting again. At the end of the battle, you should have
full health.
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Fire in Yusuke 50%
When you play as Kayko, she has to save Yusuke. When in the apartment, to find Yusuke's room go right, right, up, right, up, right, right, right, right.
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The real Suzaku!!! 33%
When you finish off 1 Suzaku, He will morph into 8 or 10. Here's how you tell which is real.
1. Stay a short distance away and the one firing at you is real.
2. Shoot a spirit gun at each of them until you see Suzaku's health go down.
3. Just shoot the second one on the left.

I know these work. I invented these myself as far as I know.
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