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The Sims: Makin' Magic Cheats for PC
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The Sims: Makin' Magic PC Cheats

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The Sims: Makin' Magic Cheats

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The Sims: Makin' Magic

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Glitches 100%
Floating House
Create a 2 story house, and ignore the bottom for now. Customize the top
floor as you want it to be(walls, floors, doors, etc.), and add stairs of
some sort to the bottom floor. Delete The walls on the bottom floor, and
you now have a floating house.
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House Cheats 100%
To get the cheats to work type CTRL+SHIFT+C then type them in.
Get ThisBy Doing This
Start and stop the sim log.sim_log
Turn on the display of routing debug balloons.route_balloons on
Turn off the display of routing debug balloons.route_balloons off
Set absolute world rotation.rotation [0|1|2|3]
Turns on/off animation preview mode.preview_anims
Checks for required objects on the current lot and deletes come and
see me objects.prepare_lot
Sets the event logging mask.log_mask
Turn on mode for editing grass tiles. Increment sets number value by
which to change the grass historyedit_grass [1-150]
Draw colored dots on selected person's path.draw_routes on
Doesnt draw colored dots on selected person's path.draw_routes off
Turn the floorable grid ondraw_floorable on
Turn the floorable grid offdraw_floorable off
Shows the "ticks" in the gamesweep
How much the Sims think on their own.autonomy (Values 0-100)
Views selected Sims personalitys that aren`t listed in the
enables the water toolwater_tool
Change the current timeset_hour (1-24)
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Quick Money 100%
Description: Enable cheat mode and enter the rosebud code. Display the cheat prompt again and type !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;! (up to 60 total commands may be entered).

Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud;: . Then hold [Enter] so that "No such cheat" begins to flash. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians. Note you can replace : with any invalid character in the cheat.

Enable cheat mode and enter the rosebudcode. Now, display the cheat prompt again and type !;!;!;!;: (a message stating that no such cheat will appear, but ignore it). Keep [Enter] held to increase your money to up to 99,999,999 simolians.
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Money 100%
Description: Sell a Garden Gnome after it is enchanted with any charm for 100 Simoleons. *** They first have to be solidified.
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More Money 100%
Description: Make the charm called Rain Of Riches and cast the spell. A lot of gold will fall from the sky. You can collect the piles of gold and sell them for about 400 Simoleons each.
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Career Advancement 100%
Description: To easily advance in careers, just pick the military track. You do not need friends for the first 4 stages, and it pays the most money.

A good way to get money is to make gnomes with full mechanical skills. Sell them for 100 Simoleons each. Sell each gnome quickly, or a Sim may kick the gnomes and destroy them.
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Getting Magic 100%
Description: Create a Sim or a Sim family and have them move into a lot (or just use an existing family). After you have moved them in a lot, make or have a door to the outside to have the "Mystery Man" (an NPC) come to your house. He will drop off a box. Have one of your Sims open the MagiCo's Magical Starter Kit. A message will appear, describing what it is. Now, 3 objects will appear (A Hole In the Ground, The Start Here Spell Book, and a Truly Charming End Table with a Spellbound Wand Charger). Also, there will be objects in the box that you will have to add to your inventory (a Magic Wand, Butter, Toadstools, Toad Sweat, and 35 MagiCoins). These objects will help you start on you mission to become the greatest Wizard, or Witch in the Sim world.
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Using Your Magic Wisely 100%
Description: Do not get caught using your Magic at home around more than 1 other Sim visitor or the Mystery Man will appear and fine you for exposing your magic. However, in Magic Town you do not have to worry about this, because almost everyone uses it.
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Have the Best Magic 100%
Description: To get the best Magic and impress the entire Magic Town, have your Sim get full Logic. Logic is the key to having the best Magic.
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Winning Magic Duels 100%
Description: After your Sim is worthy enough to face other Sim opponents to test their magic, have them go to Magic Town. Show off their skills by challenging another Sim to a Magic duel. To do this (if you have not edited the original Magic Town) is to go to Clowntastic
Land or A Spooktacular Spot, where there is a Diametric Dueling Device. Have the Sim you want to battle, and click on it. The word "Duel" will appear. Click on it and it will show
all the names of people on the lot for you to challenge. *** You can face the vendors. When you choose the Sim that you want to battle, the dueling begins when they arrive at their post.
You get MagiCoins for defeating any Sim. You get more coins the better you defeat them. The following is a list of weaknesses and strengths of the magical elements (White Lightning, Red Wave,
Blue Tornado, Black Blizzard, Yellow Brimstone):

The same element against itself is a tie. Do not do this if you want to get MagiCoins from your opponent.

White defeats Blue & Red
Red defeats Blue & Black
Blue defeats Yellow & Black
Black defeats White & Yellow
Yellow defeats White & Red

*** Facing some of the vendors will give you more MagiCoins than the normal Sims. The maximum number of MagiCoins you can get from dueling is 40 per duel, with a Sim opponent with full

When you are in a duel, immediately after the challenger chooses a spell, pause game play to give yourself time to think of what spell to use. Now, select the spell, resume the game, and watch
what happens. Keep repeating this. *** You only have a certain time to react; pause immediately after the challenger chooses the spell (unless you are down to the last spell), or your Sim
will choose automatically (which is rarely correct). Also, be careful on what spells you choose. Use your strategy wisely and always keep track of what spells are available. The spells are:
White Lightning (White), Red Wave (Red), Blue Tornado (Blue), Black Blizzard (Black), and Yellow Brimstone (Yellow). Getting into a tie (using the same elements/spells) is good, but only
do this when it is absolutely necessary. You need to win the rounds to win MagiCoins. Even if you win one round and tied the rest, you will get MagiCoins (though not many).
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Potions 100%
Description: This is a list of the "side effects" to all the potions you make.

BlueAll motives are refreshed
OrangeDrinker turns invisible
RedRandom person falls in love with drinker
PurpleDrinker turns into a monster
GreenCreates an evil clone of drinker, or brings all motives down
YellowPersonality is reversed permanently
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Easy MagiCoins 100%
Description: Go to Magic Town and perform on stage all Sim day until your Sim decides by himself or herself to stop. The maximum number of MagiCoins possible in one Sim day is 675, with full logic. Then go home immediately, go green up, and then you can do the whole thing over again to make a lot of MagiCoins.

Duel Vicki Vampiress for the most MagiCoins. If you have 5 in Logic skills and you defeat her in all the rounds, you will get 36 MagiCoins. If you defeat her in three rounds, you will get 27 MagiCoins. If you end with a tie, you will get 18 MagiCoins.

Make a family and move them to an empty lot. Now, wait for the Mystery Man to appear and give you a box full of magic accessories. Collect the 36 MagiCoins from the box and save the game. Now,
evict your family from the lot and repeat the steps using the same family until you have collected the desired amount of MagiCoins.

Have a Sim get the Starters Kit and make them open it. Make your Sim take the Wand and the Magicoins. Then make your Sim take something else out of the box (for example, Butter, Toadstools, Toadsweat) when they are reaching down for the item. Pause game play and delete your Sim. Resume the game and the box will be open and shut. Click your Sim at the bottom and make them open the box. There will be more Magicoins. Repeat this as many times as desired.
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Using Magic on people 100%
Description: When casting a spell on a magical Sim that is offensive, be careful; it can backfire and hit you instead. Use extreme caution if using your Toadification. If it hits you and you hop away, you are are in trouble. Your Sim may never return.
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Toadification Spell 100%
Description: If you cast the Toadification spell onto a magical Sim, it may backfire and make you a toad instead. If you hop away, your Sim may not return. If you do not know the other Sim is magical or not, save the game 1st. If you turn into a toad and hop away, leave to the neighborhood screen without saving then go back to the house.
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Toad Sweat, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins 100%
Description: When you evict someone from a house then buy a new one, you get a parcel from the Mystery Man. He will give you some Toad Sweat, Toadstools, Butter and 35 MagiCoins Save the game and evict the Sim/family from that house, Move in to get those items again. Keep doing this to move into Magic Town or to get unlimited Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins.
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Charm of House &Home 100%
Description: The Charm Of House and Home does not really destroy
the house. It summons Wally O Wisp if performed correctly, and
he cleans your house.
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Auntie Bones 100%
Description: You can have a skeleton maid called Bonerella. If you have a child, put the baby crib by the door. Every time it cries, make your Sim knock on the skeleton's door. Soon it will sing, play, and cradle the baby.
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Prince 100%
Description: If you kiss enough Toads, a Prince that you can name will join your family. This works best if you get the toad plague from the Horn of Plenty spell backfiring. Just run around and kiss a lot of toads.
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Ghostly Sim 100%
Description: Make the Shed Your Skin charm and cast the spell. It will usually turn your Sim into a ghost, but sometimes it will backfire and make a large number of snakes in your home.
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Drunken Gnomes 100%
Description: Make the spell Enchant and create a few Lawn Gnomes.
Cast Enchant on them and they will usually turn into little slave-people
and tend to your garden. Sometimes, if you have a Berry Nector
Maker, the gnomes will climb in it like a bathtub and get drunk.
*** Sometimes when you cast Enchant, it will backfire and set
a gnome on fire.
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Stupid Clone 100%
Description: Make the Clone Drone charm. The clone of your Sim will walk around, dumping water all over the place. Sometimes, he or she will spontaneously explode, creating a fire at that location.
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Unlimited Maid 100%
Description: Enable the move_objects on code. Buy Bonehilda's Closet and knock on the door. When she exits her closet, delete the closet. She will remain in your house and keep cleaning.
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Quick Friend 100%
Description: Make the Relationship Boost spell and cast it on the person you are trying to convert to a friend. Alternatively, make the Smiley Faces spell and cast it on someone. They will instantly become your friend.
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Full Need Bars 100%
Description: Enable the move_objects on code and delete your Sim. If there is only one Sim in the family, then time will speed up. Go to live mode and the deleted Sim's picture at the bottom should have a circle with a cross in it. Click the picture of the Sim and the circle with the cross in it should go away. Your sim should appear in the place where it was when you deleted it. *** The bars will not be completely filled, but you can use this trick if your Sim is very tired and you want them to keep doing a certain thing. This trick also works on pets.
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Items From Dragons 100%
Description: Tickling Dragons with get you Dragon Tears. Brushing them will get you Dragon Scales. Make sure they have a Dragon Toy (obtained from Viki Vampress) and that they have enough garbage to eat. One way to get trash is to have your Sims eat snacks and not throw them away. Now, enable the move_objects on code an put the trash in the Dragon's room. Make sure you do not let the Dragon out of its room. Try making two rooms and put a Sim in one with everything they need. They will live in solitude with the Dragon until you have all the desired Dragon items. Make sure that the Dragon and Sim are trapped or the Dragon will burn everything.
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Dragon Egg 100%
Description: You need 49 MagiCoins to buy a Dragon Egg.
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Free Ingredients 100%
Description: When you accept a delivery mission for a vendor, the ingredient will appear in your inventory. Just leave the lot and you will have a free ingredient.
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Ingredient List 100%
Description: To get all the ingredients you need to make all spells and charms you are going to need 4 Butters, 13 Toadstools, 3 Toadsweats, 9 Beeswaxes, 6 Honeys, 4 Pixie Dusts, 5 Golden Threads, 4 Magic Beans, 2 Llama Spits, 1 Grapes, 1 Rubber Chicken, 1 Diamond Dust, 2 Sands Of Time, 2 Garlics, 1 Snake Venom, 2 Pegasus Feathers, 1 Four-Leaf Clover, 2 Glacial Glasses, 6 Dragon Tears, 2 Clown Confetties, 1 Wizard Eyelash, 5 Dragon Scales, and 7 Faerie Dusts (you can only get this ingredient when kids play with the Visions Of Sugarplums toy).
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Black Roses 100%
Description: To get the Black Roses, you need The Sims Superstar. First, get 3.0 to 3.5 stars. When you get an obsessed fan, he will leave some Black Roses somewhere on your lot. However, if you have any type of maid (for example Bonchilda, a butler), they will clean it up.
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Unlimited Grapes & Elderberries 100%
Description: Make sure you have the ingredients needed to make a Perfect Garden charm. Also, make sure you have at least 5 to 10 Elderberry and Grape Sprigs. Go to "Build Mode"
then "Plants" and find the plant called "As The Plot Thickens". Buy 10 to 20 of them, and in half of them plant Grapes, and in the other half plant Elderberries. Make a "Perfect Garden" charm, then cast Perfect Garden. This will make your grapes and berries grow to full size, and you can harvest them. After the harvest, cast Perfect Garden again to be able to harvest them again. Repeat casting and harvesting until the charm runs out. To keep getting grapes and berries, just make another Perfect Garden charm. This saves a lot more time and money in tending to the plants and/or running to Magic Town lots to buy grapes and berries.
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Trick or Treat by Grim Reaper 100%
Description: Buy 6 Jack-O-Lanterns and place them in front of your house. Now, just wait for awhile. Eventually, the Grim Reaper will appear, ring your doorbell, then run away and disappear.
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Turn Pet into Human 100%
Description: *** This trick requires The Sims: Unleashed. Once you collect your wand, get these ingredients: Butter, Clown Confetti, and a bag of Pet Treats (in old Town). Mix the ingredients in the spells cauldron, to add 1 charge of "A Friend Indeed". Now, get a pet and cast it on him or her to change it into a human Sim. *** This is permanent.
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Bees Attack Claire the Bear 100%
Description: If you have a Bee Nest Harvest and Claire the Bear appears, he will sometimes take honey from it and get attacked.
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Clown Confetti 100%
Description: Go to Apothecary Todd and talk to him. He will ask you to do a task. Once you have done the task, he should give you a rare ingredient. Apothecary Todd usually gives you Wizard
Eyelashes. Mara usually gives you Pegasus' Feather. Vicky Vampiress usually gives you Wizards Eyelashes.
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Getting Rid of Pedestrians 100%
Description: Go to buy mode and enable the move_objects on code. Now, move your pointer over to the very ends of the sidewalks and click. There should be a picture of an end table. It is called the "*Portal-pedestrian". To delete it, press [Delete] or click at the bottom of screen.
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Get Magic Ingredients for Children 100%
Description: Children cannot get MagiCoins. To use their Magic Charger, you have to get the ingredients using items. *** You can also use these things to get items for adults. Except for Pixie Dust, Adults can make them and then have kids pick it up.

Toadstool: Sit on them a lot and mushrooms will grow. Harvest them to get Toadstools. Dragon: Brush him a lot to get Dragon Scales and tickle him a lot to get Dragon Tears. Visions of Sugar Plums (pink butterfly toy chest): Have a child play will this a lot and he or she will get Pixie Dust.

A simple way to get Toadstools, Dragon Tears, and Dragon Scales for your kids without going through all the hassle is to simply have your magic adults buy the ingredients and put them in the
Magic Bookshelf (downloadable from You can then have the kids go up to the bookshelf and pick it up. *** The kids have to fend for themselves to get Fairie Dust.
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Get food for Dragon 100%
Description: An easy way to get food for a dragon is to buy flowers. Dragons will eat them and it is a lot easier than making garbage.
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Recipes 100%
Description: These recipes are not listed in the cookbook, but will be added when you try them for the 1st time.

Magic TartPixie Dust, Butter, Baking Mix
Magic NectarTwo Grapes and a Toad Sweat in the Nectar Press
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Second Story 100%
Description: Instead of placing a number of pillars to make a 2nd story, just build a normal 1st floor with nothing in it, then build a 2nd floor and delete the walls on the 1st floor.
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Max Cooking Skill Level 100%
Description: Get the ingredients for the last spell in the family spellbook and use it on a dog you own, if you have The Sims Unleashed. After it is cast, look at the human animal's skill section. The Cooking skill should be maxed out.
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Abilities 100%
Description: If your Sim is very good at using magic, after awhile "Crystal Clear Ability" rocks will appear around your lot. And each one contains a special ability (Teleport, Spook, Extinguish). To get this effect quickly, use the Enchant Charm a lot or invite people to your house (that cannot use magic). Now, just banish or toadify them.
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Burglar Proof House 100%
Description: To cheaply burglar proof your home, grow a Pink Crystal. Harvest the crystal, remove all the doors from your home, and use teleport to enter and exit. *** The Pink Crystal gives you the teleport ability. Growing crystals works best in a Creepy Hollow lot. Also, there are many fan-created teleporter objects.
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Stool Labeled As Doll House 100%
Description: Have a child in your family. Get them to use the sink and they will get on top of a stool. Pause game play and enable the move_objects on code. Pick up the stool, and it will read "Doll House".
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Swim in a Puddle 100%
Description: If you have a puddle on your lot, make one of your Sims start swimming in the swimming pool. Now, enable the move_objects on code. Pick up your Sim and put them in the puddle. It will appear as if your Sim is swimming in a puddle.
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Create a super sim! 100%
When you create a sim give him a name but make him as a child, then edit him and make him into the sim you want but dont give him any personality points. move him into the house you want and he will already have some skill points. Fill all the skill points all the way then buy the potion maker. make the yellow potion and drinkit. all his personality points will fill up all the way!. (So he/she is very nice, very neat, very playful, very active, etc.) Then make him famous. (U need the sims superstar expansion pack for this.) get him up to 3.5 stars and a obsessed fan will start following you around and visting your house alot. Eventually he will leave some BLACK ROSES at your lot. Use it with the other ingrediants to make a charm with make you 5 stars famous forever! Then lastly make all the other spells and charms, get married, have some kids, get a dog and a cat and raise their skill points all the way as well.
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Codes 98%
Money Cheat
Press CTRL, Shift, and C at the same time to bring up the console.Now type
''rosebud'' and press enter, and your money should go up.
Get ThisBy Doing This
More Money"rosebud" then enter
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Sea monster 98%
At a neighborhood (downtown, magic town, vacation exe. Not at a builing)
press Ctrl + Alt + C to bring up the code space and type the following
Get ThisBy Doing This
a sea monster will come up to the surface of the water for a
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Passwords 98%
Move Anything Around Lot
Press the items below for their effect. First press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring
up cheat bubble. Then type words below
Get ThisBy Doing This
Allows all items to be moved around the entire lot, and allows sims
to be deletedMove_objects on
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Naked Sim 98%
Description: Get the Chrome Concept Shower. Enable the move_objects on code. Put a Sim in the shower, then delete the shower. Now, put a Space Miser Shower in its place. Go back to living
mode and your Sim will be walking around naked.
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Cockroaches Labeled As SRS Virtual Reality Set 98%
Description: Enable the move_objects on code and sell cockroaches to get 445 Simoleons. *** This only works sometimes.
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Get santa 61%
Get a fire place get a side put cookies on it go to sleep(sim earlie)at midnight 12:00,till 12:30 sant will come
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