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.hack Part 1: Infection Cheats for PS2
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.hack Part 1: Infection PS2 Cheats

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.hack Part 1: Infection

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Ultimate weapons 100%
Twin Blade: Hyakkidorran (Data Drain the Parasite Dragon)
Blade Master: Jinsiran (Data Drain the Metal Goblin)
Heavy Blade: Dryad's Sword (found at Theta Beautiful Hopeless
Spiral), Shikisokuzeku (Data Drain the Goil Menhir), or Sakabatou
(Data Drain the Hell Hound)
Heavy Axe: Devil's Axe (Data Drain the Phoenix Queen or Mystery
Wavemaster: Dark History (Data Drain the Phoenix Queen) or
Starstorm Wand (trade with at Theta Server Root Town)
Long Arm: Scarlet Autumn (Data Drain the Tetra Armor)
Alternatively, for Heavy Axe: Axe Bomber (Data Drain Red Scissors),
and Wavemaster: Jester's Wand (Data Drain Wood Stock).

When you find Twin Blade weapons that have any elemental attack
(preferably the spin type ones), keep them. They can be useful if
used properly. If you encounter an enemy with the Earth element,
then pull out that weapon and use Splinter-Slash on him. It is much
more effective because you will always hit for about 100, and with
an elemental attack it will hit them about 10 times with 200+
damage. The same applies for Wavemaster weapons. Make sure to have a
variety of attacks for every situation.
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Master Blades 100%
In the last level, Data Drain the Orges and you will get a more
powerful weapon, named Master Blades.

An easy way to get the Master Blades for Kite is to 1st have
access to the Beta server (the 0 server). It greatly helps to have a
Grunty Flute to avoid battles. Also, you must have the Bloody Blades
(recommended) or Ronin Blades and a spare weapon. Go to the Beta
server, then to the gate and hit "Random". When you get a field that
is in the range of level 25 to 30, enter. When you arrive in the
field, make sure it is daytime and sunny. Select the overall map and
look for a spring. If one is found, use the Grunty Flute to travel
faster and avoid battles. If there was no spring, gate out and try
again. Once you reach the hot spring with the Bloody Blades and are
asked what you dropped in, say "Neither". He will upgrade you
weapon. Continue to do this until you get the Master Blades.

To get the Master Blades, raise a Noble Grunty. Sometimes when you
trade with him, he will have the Masterblades.

Get the Twinblade weapon Raitei. While in the Theta server, go to a
level 25 to 30 area. Find a Spring Of Myst. Drop the Raitei in and
answer "Neither" when asked if it was a Golden Axe or a Silver Axe.
If successful, you wil now have Master Blades.
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Golden Axe and Silver Axe 100%
Use the following trick to get a free Golden and Silver Axe. Go to a
Monsieur level 1 and give him any moderately high level weapon or
armor. When he asks you what you lost, tell him "Neither one". He
will give you a Golden Axe, Silver Axe, and your weapon back.

Go to the weapons shop in root town Lambda - L, Cultural City
Carmina Gadelica and buy one Spiral Edge for 700 GP. Each time you
encounter a Spring Of Myst, throw in the Spiral Edge. Monsieur will
tell you that "With a weapon of this level, there is nothing I can
do". He will give you back the Spiral Edge plus one Golden Axe and
one Silver Axe every time. *** This trick works with any "rare"
weapon thrown in the Spring Of Myst.
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Kite: Best weapon 100%
To get Kites best available weapon for Part 1, Data Drain the "Mu
Guardians" enough times. Eventually you will get the rare Level 14
Dual Blades.

Data Drain the Mu Guardians for one of Kite's best weapons, the
Bom-Ba-Yee. Data Drain a Phoenix Queen to get a very powerful
Wavemaster weapon.
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Getting items 100%
Use the following trick to get certain items needed for trade (for
example, Cooked Bile). Remember a place that has the item and go
there. Once you get to a place with a lot of jars or eggs/small eggs
(usually a treasure box area), break everything. If you get the
desired item, exit then immediately return. The jars or eggs/small
eggs have been restored. Break everything again. *** This does not
mean you will get the desired item every time. Keep repeating the
process until you have enough of those items to trade. You will get
items that are useful, such as Healing Potions, Healing Drinks,
Antidotes, Resurrects, and Restoratives. This is especially useful
just before Bosses. Also, since it is free you will not want waste
any money.

In the beginning of the game when Orca explains about normal
treasure chests and risky treasure chests, leave the dungeon and
enter it again. The chests will reappear. Do this as many times as
desired to get good items to sell or trade.

Use the following trick to get free level 3 armor. In the area with
Orca, enter the dungeon. Watch the "Open Chest" tutorial, then leave
the dungeon and re-enter. The chests should return. Open them and
repeat this until you cannot hold any more items. Use Orca's Repth
spell when you run out of "Fortune Wires."
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Ryu Book 100%
To get a Ryu Book, use Data Drain frequently. However, do not use
Data Drain can cause some damage to you. There are only 8 Ryu
Books in volume one. The Ryu Books keeps a record of almost
everything. It will tell you if you broke a record. It will then
give you a new sound or movie for your computer on the game. ***
Movie only works the game has been completed, and all movies are
just some memories of what happened. Check every Ryu Book if you got
everything for the computer. If it is red, it can not create any
more things for you. You can only check a Ryu Book when in the
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Equipment for Kite or Long Arm User 100%
Weapon: Dante's Blades or Hell's Gate (Twin Blade), Fiend Spear
(Long Arm)
Helmet: Fire Dance Hat
Armor: Firedrake Mail
Hand Armor: Miner's Gloves or Smith's Gloves
Leg Armor: Fire Lizard
Equipment for BlackRose, Blademaster, Heavy Blade, or Heavy Axe:
Weapon: Claymore (Heavy Blade), Jinsaran (Blademaster, Secret Rare
Blademaster Sword) or Sun Fang One or Kikujyumonji, Devil's Axe
(Heavy Axe)
Helmet: Hunter's Hood or Forester Helm
Armor: Blaze Armor
Hand Armor: Hands of Fire
Leg Armor: Electric Guard
Equipment for Mistral or Wavemaster:
Weapon: Starstorm Wand
Helmet: Scarab Earring
Armor: Lincoln Green (From Cima)
Hand Armor: Air Bracer
Leg Armor: Oak Anklet

To defeat Skeith, distribute twenty Resurrects to each person in the
party, then thirty Healing Drinks and twenty of Antidote and
Restoratives. Do not distribute the Mage's Souls. Use the entire
group at 1st and use skills. If Kite dies, press Square for "First
Aid" and afterwards, just keep hitting him without skills. Once you
get enough for data hacking, use it on Skeith and you will see his
2nd form. Because of this, just do a hit and heal combo so you
will not get major damage from the shockwave hits. Keep repeating
this combo so you will not die. And if you do die, keep using "First
Aid" and keep slashing away.

To defeat Skeith easily, follow these tips. Have Blackrose and
Gardenia in your party, with everyone at least level 32 (extra HP
and SP). Buy a lot of Resurrects, and get Healing Potions (the ones
that increase your health by 400). Have your character get the
MasterBlades as a weapon, and the Scarab EarRings as head armor.
Have Blackrose have her best weapon, the Dryad's Sword (go to Theta
Beautiful, Hopeless, Spiral and get it from the Gott Statue). Have
Gardenia have the Scarlet Autumn weapon (Data Drain Tetra Armor).
When the fight begins, act as the healer and let Gardenia and
Blackrose do skills. If Skeith Data Drains sum1, it does not
matter. Use Restoratives on him or her. After Data Draining him, you
can come in and use the Twin Dragons Skill (included with
MasterBlades) on Skeith. With Scarab Earrings, you can cast Rip Maen
on a dead person, instead of using a Resurrect

After you Data Drain Skeith, have all your characters use all their
skills. Keep everyone's SP up using Mage's Soul. Do the same for
your own character. Use your skills; the more complex, the better.
Skeith, in his 2nd form, will not move or attack if you are doing
damage to him. It is possible to defeat him without Skeith even

Have everyone in your party at level 33. Stand back while they hack
at Skeith. Use Pure Water for the Judgment attack as well Hunters
Knights and Warriors Blood for the defense against his attacks, as
well as damage and accuracy towards him. Collect healing potions
from other dungeons. You need at least 25, as well as 99 Health
Drinks, Restoratives, Resurrects and Antidotes. Have your party
members use their most powerful weapon, which is normally the rarest
weapon for them. Now, just let them hack at Skeith until Data
Drained. Now, repeat the process on Data Drained Skeith.

Use the characters Kite, Sanjuro, and Blackrose. Make sure that all
3 of them are at least level 32. When traveling through the
dungeon, make sure that Blackrose and Sanjuro do not use items to
heal or revive each other or your character. Do it yourself. Make
sure to carry 40 resurrects, 150 Healing Drinks, 50 Antidotes, 20
Restoratives, 20 Mage Souls, and 20 Warriors Blood. It would be best
to have the Warriorblades for when you fight Skieth. Do not use
scrolls and only use skills that come with your weapon. Do not use
Repth -- that is what the Healing Drinks are for. Keep everyone
constantly as close to full health as you can without wasting most
of the drink. Now, just attack him until he is dead.

The following is an easy way to defeat Skieth on level 1. There is a
room to the left. Go to the room to find jars, boxes, etc. at one
point. There is a lot of junk in this place, but there is a Healing
Potion (not drinks) which can be very helpful when fighting Skieth.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
The best way to earn money is to get charms and sell them. Put the
ones you want in storage and the ones you want to sell in your
inventory. You may want to keep some Speed Charms and the ones that
effect the enemy, Paralyze, Poison, and Sleep. Most charms are level
1,but on occasion you may find a level 3, which is worth more. You
often have to trade for level 2, or go to tougher dungeons. The
level 1 charms sell for 100 GP each. It is recommended that you
complete the dungeons completely (open all the portals on the field
and in the dungeon). When you complete this, words will appear that
all of the portals on the field or dungeon have been opened. Run
through the areas you have not visited and collect the items. You
could sell your weapons, but it is obviously better if you trade
them in for a Dante's Blade or Hell's Gate; or perhaps a Shadow
Blade if you are still in Delta Server. If you rely on charms a lot,
keep the ones you desire in your storage and sell the useless ones
to the merchants.
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Easy battles 100%
Keep powering up your Wavemasters so that you can just let them do
all the work. None of them will get hurt. Make sure to have a lot of
Artisan's Souls.

When you are going out to go to fields, choose Blackrose and Mistral
in your party. They are very useful. Make sure they have strong
weapons from .hack Part 1: Infection. Have Mistral equip Starstrom
or Storm whatever. She will have Summonings 1 and 2 of Earth
Yarthkins and level 2 Vulcan Fire. Also find an armor for her that
has Ola Repth. It recovers 400 HP with anyone near the target she is
healing. When in battle, have Mistral use the First Aid command and
if you have to everyone First Aid.
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Iron Grunty 100%
The only way to get an Iron Grunty is to give the Grunty what it
exactly wants, even as very Little Grunty.

An Iron Grunty requires 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snaky Cactuses, and
twelve Golden Eggs.
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Grunty recipes 100%
Noble Grunty: Almost anything
Iron Grunty: Four Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, twelve Golden
Poison Grunty: Four Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, one
Invisible Egg, eleven Golden Eggs
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Easy Piney Apples 100%
Go to 0 Hidden Solitary Sunny Demon. There is a Piney Apple directly
behind you. Pick it up, then go back to town. Return and do it again
until you have enough.
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Summons 100%
A level 1 summon for each type of element can be found in dungeons
level 29 and 30, for the listed element. They are not as
powerful as level 3 magic, but they seem to not miss the targets.
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Poison Grunty 100%
A Poison Grunty requires 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snaky Cactuses,
one Immature Egg, and eleven Golden Eggs.
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Defeating Parasite Dragon 100%
After you defeat Skeith, there will be 2 e-mails by "Roy@Bandai";
one stating that you cleared the game and the other called "Giant of
Heavens". Open it, and it mentions something about a "Mystical
Giant". The e-mail will give you a Virus Core T and a new place to
go to: "Delta Hideous Someone's Giant". The Boss is Parasite Dragon,
Level 30, HP: 9999, SP: 305, Skill: Ranki Lei, Items: 3x
Hyrakkidouran. To defeat this boss, you must use the following
characters: Kite, Choice of Heavy Blade, Heavy Axe or Blademaster,
and Wavemaster; along with these items.
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Equipment for Kite or Long Arm User 100%
Weapon: Dante's Blades or Hell's Gate (Twin Blade), Fiend Spear
(Long Arm)
Helmet: Fire Dance Hat
Armor: Firedrake Mail
Hand Armor: Miner's Gloves or Smith's Gloves
Leg Armor: Fire Lizard
Equipment for BlackRose, Blademaster, Heavy Blade, or Heavy Axe:
Weapon: Claymore (Heavy Blade), Jinsaran (Blademaster, Secret Rare
Blademaster Sword) or Sun Fang One or Kikujyumonji, Devil's Axe
(Heavy Axe)
Helmet: Hunter's Hood or Forester Helm
Armor: Blaze Armor
Hand Armor: Hands of Fire
Leg Armor: Electric Guard
Equipment for Mistral or Wavemaster:
Weapon: Starstorm Wand
Helmet: Scarab Earring
Armor: Lincoln Green (From Cima)
Hand Armor: Air Bracer
Leg Armor: Oak Anklet

As you begin the battle, start by using everyone's best skills at
the dragon. However, do not use magic since the Parasite Dragon has
Magic Tolerance. The only thing that is effective on the dragon is
physical attacks. Use both Kite and the Heavy Blade, Heavy Axe or
Blademaster attacking the Dragon while the Wavemaster heals you.
Because of the last battle against Skeith, you should have a lot of
Resurrects. Keep attacking it and heal often. The dragon can do
damages of 400+ for the fire breath and 500 for each of the 2 bite
hits. Once finished, a short intermission sequence will show Kite
saying that the monster made the airship into a flesh airship.
Information in this section was contributed by Stephen A. Diablos.
Enter this battle with at least 15 Resurrects and make sure Kite
knows Repth or La Repth. Instead of bringing in a Wave Master into
the fight, bring in 2 of your strongest fighters (for example,
BlackRose and Gardenia). When the portal with the Parasite Dragon
opens, have Kite run away but tell the others to use attack skills.
The Parasite Dragon will be occupied with the other 2 fighters and
not on Kite. Keep having Kite heal everyone. When the other
characters die, use a Resurrect. When the Dragon can be Data Drained
(at about 700 HP) use Data Drain and you will get the Hyakkidouran
for Kite.

Get Kite and 2 of your strongest friends (such as Blackrose and
Piros). Go to a shop and buy 99 Healing Potions and about 50to 70
Resurrects. Also get some Mage's Souls and Warrior's Blood. Go to
the Parasite Dragon. When your 2 friends start fighting it, run
backwards to the bottom left or right. The dragon will stay fairly
far away. From here, use your potions on your friends and any spells
to help them fight. Your friends will eventually hit the dragon
enough until you hack it.

Go to Delta server and buy a lot of Resurrects. Do not waste your
money on other items. Before you leave, make sure you have Piros and
BlackRose, or Piros and Mistral. Now, go to "Hideous Someone's
Giant" and fight your way through the dungeon. Make sure your party
is over level 30. Once you are at the Dragon, its best to heal up
and prepare. Do not use skills or magic. Choose "Wonder Battle" and
"Physical Attacks". Your party will attack, but you will stay back.
Parasite Dragon does a lot of damage. It is best for you to watch
the battle. That way, when a member dies, you can revive them. It
may be boring, but it is the easiest way. There is no need to worry
about your equipment or Parasite Dragon's health and status unless
you want to do a lot of damage. Before you make the finally blow,
use Data Drain to get a rare weapon.(Hyakkidorran or Jinsiran). The
experience you get is weak; do not kill it with a normal attack.
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Grunty items 100%
The 2 most annoying items to find for the Grunties are the Piney
Apple at "hidden solitary sunny demon" and Twilight Onion at "hidden
gluttonous melody".
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Completion bonuses 100%
Win the game to unlock the following bonuses.
Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. ***
This is only available in the Japanese version.

Read the email from Bandai after completing the game for the Mummy
Ship location. Go there to fight another Boss. Data Drain the Boss
to get a rare weapon for Kite.

Check the BBS to find the final Goblin location. Go there to fight
and defeat the Goblin. Wear all the other Goblin items and you will
be able to summon a Yellow Goblin in battle.
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Defeating Martina, the last Goblin 100%
Bring a couple of Speed Charms and Mage Souls. Martina is immune to
most scrolls and magics. She also heals herself 17 health points
every few seconds. Use a Speed charm immediately. Walk up to Martina
and hit her with a special attack (Stacatto preferred, as it
inflicts a moderate amount of damage and does not take much of your
SP away). Immediately run away from her. Once you are outside a
certain range of this Goblin, you will exit battle mode and Martina
will stop running, and stand there in place. Run up to her and
unleash Stacatto again. She will have healed a small amount in the
time it takes to do this, but the damage you do will be far greater.
Repeat this process. Use a Mage's Soul every once in awhile to
restore SP. Depending on your level, she should only take five to
10 minutes to defeat.
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Easy experience 100%
Go to "Delta, Closed Oblivious Twin Hills" to find weak enemies that
give lots of experience points each. You should go there only if you
are at level 20 and above.

To gain levels quickly, buy a load of Hanged Mans and Healing items
and enter a high level dungeon with a Heavyblade and a Wavemaster
(BlackRose and Mystral recommended). When you enter a fight, use the
Hanged Man on your enemies to paralyze them, then have your group
use skills. Mystral works well because she uses the perfect attack
on enemies to score elemental damage. When your party gets weak, use
healing items or magic to revive.

When in Theta server, try to get to level 16 or 17. Make sure
BlackRose and Sanjuro (or any other strong character) is in your
party. Use the keywords Sleepy Hot-Blooded Sea of Sand. The monsters
here are level 28, are easy to defeat, and drop some good items. A
good weapon to have for Kite in this area is Raitei, due to its
Thunder Coil skill which will be strong against the Metal Goblins;
and Stacatto on the Lead Snakoid.
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DVD Timeline gallery instructions 100%
Insert the DVD, then select the "Data" option at the main menu.
Highlight the "Main Menu" option, then press Right, Left to view
instructions on how to use the Timeline gallery.
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Easy level up 100%
Put in a random keyword until you find a significantly higher level
than yours (use Kite only) and make sure what element it is. Once
you reach the server, use Speed Scrolls, Warrior Bloods, etc., and
items such as Burning Oil, Well Water, or magics to raise element
damage. Use a Hermit Blood on Kite and raise his element damage with
an item/magic (whichever element is needed). Encounter an enemy with
the opposite element and you
will do heavy damage. After you level up, bring your other
characters to the stage. You will notice that they also grew in
levels by a bit. Use the same strategy (if needed) and raise their
level as well
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Grunty keywords 100%
As keywords in the Grunty place, put in "Chosen Hopeless" then
whatever you want. There will now be some level 30 places.
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Easier game 100%
It is much easier if you have a Wavemaster in your party, whether it
is Elk, Wiseman, or sum1 else; and also have a heavy blade
person. This helps very much. Also keep your other members leveled
up with you because you have to use them at times.

Buy items such as Speed Scroll, Warrior Blood, Hermit Blood, etc. to
have a better boosted character.
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Regain SP 100%
Walk around and your SP meter will refill. This is especially useful
if you have monsters to fight next. You can just wait in an empty
dungeon room until it refills.
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Virus Cores 100%
Go to "theta bursting passed over holy ground". You can get Virus
Core Bs easily by Data Draining the Squilla Demons. This area is
level 16.
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Difficult levels 100%
Go to the Chaos Gate then enter one of the following new keywords.
"[ all data]" for Closed Oblivios Twin Hills, level 22, "Collapsed
pagan march" for level 26, "Caressed silent melody" for level 26,
"Quite gluttonous fiery sands" for level 24, "Lonely hot-blooded
sunny demon" for level 27, and "Lonely hot-blooded melody" for level

Go to the "Putrid primitive sea of sand". It is level 19.

Enter Great and silent as the 1st 2 keywords and then anything
else. It is all level 30 areas.
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Defeating Skeith 100%
Buy many Resurrects, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Restoratives and
Mage's Souls. Have your party at least at level 30. Take a person
with a lot of damage in your party, and equip the best equipment
there is, as follows:
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Iron Rod 100%
Almost everyone wants an Iron Rod. Buy as many Iron Rods as you can
and trade them with almost anyone. Even if they are not a
Wavemaster, they should accept the trade. *** This was only
attempted in the 1st Root Town. The most you will need for one
trade is twenty Iron Rods. Some people only want certain items, such
as Pure Water, and will only accept that item for a trade.
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Dante's Blades 100%
Get the Twinblade weapon Hell's Gate, then in Theta server, go to a
level 25 to 30 area. If you find a Spring Of Myst, put them in. When
asked if it was a Golden Axe or a Silver Axe, answer "Neither". If
successful, you will have Dante's Blades.
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Defeating the Goblin Kings 100%
Going through a set number of events, a message will appear on the
board called "Let's Play Tag". In this message, there will be a
Golden Goblin challenging you to play tag. Go to the area instructed
and try to defeat him. When you win, he will tell you how he is just
an apprentice of the 4 Goblin Kings. Later, you will get
extensions of the challenge note from one of the 4 Goblin Kings.
To defeat them, get close enough to use a multi-hit attack, such as
Tiger Claw or Staccato, after using an item or technique to raise
your accuracy. Otherwise, most of the hits will miss. Repeat this a
few times and you should defeat them easily.

To kill the last Goblin without having it heal itself, bring some
Mage's Souls and Speed Charm. First, use Speed Charm to go faster.
When you get close enough to the Goblin, use skills. When you run
out of SP, use Mage's Soul to regain it. Keep doing and that Goblin
will not have time to heal.
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Finding Grunty Food 100%
Bear Cat Eggs: Castle Wall Dungeons
Bloody Eggs: Flesh Wall Dungeons
Cordyceps: Keyword Part B: Someone's
Golden Eggs: Any type of Dungeon
Grunt Mints: Keyword Part C: Great Seal
Immature Eggs: Stone Wall Dungeons
Invisible Eggs: Cave Wall Dungeons
La Pumpkin: Keyword Part C: Paradise
Mandragora: Keyword Part C: Aqua Field
Mushroom: Keyword Part C: Hypha
Oh No Melons: Keyword Part B: Destroyer's
Piney Apple: Keyword Part B: Solitary
Root Vegetable: Keyword Part C: Fort Walls
Snakey Cactus: Keyword Part C: Fiery Sands
Twilight Onions: Keyword Part B: Gluttonous
White Cherries: Keyword Part C: White Devil
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Upgrading weapons or armor quickly 100%
You need to be at the 0 server and have the Grunty Flute. Go up to
the portal, make sure you have the items on you and are not using
them, hit "Random" a few times until you get a high field level (25
to 30) and warp. As soon as you are on the field, look for a pool
symbol. If there is not one, leave. If there is, stay and pull up
your menu. Go to "Key Items", then "Grunty Flute". Run to the pool
symbol. With the flute, you will not run into any of the portals. Be
careful, as there are some people just walking around. Check before
getting off the pig thing. Go to the pool and throw in your items.
He will appear and ask you what you dropped. Say "Neither". He will
spin and give you better or worse items. If you save just before you
do this, quit if he gives you worse items and try another area. Save
the game after he gives you a better item.

Go to a high level area of 25 to 30 and find a Spring of Myst. Make
sure you have a strong weapon such as Bom-Ba-Ye, which is acquired
by Data Draining Mu Gaurdians. If it is sunny, throw in the weapon.
Save the game before this is done. Choose either "lost a Golden Axe"
or "Silver Axe" and Grandpa or Monusier will make the weapon 2
levels stronger. Go to town and save the game. Do this again to get
the weapon to a very high level.

First, get a powerful weapon that you can hold. Unequip it and go to
a high level area. Go to a stream and throw the weapon in there. You
will either get a more powerful weapon or your original weapon back
and a golden and silver axe. If it does not happens, go to a higher
level area with a stream.
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Revive characters 100%
If your characters are dead (such as Kite) and you cannot revive
them, press Square and choose "First Aid". One of your characters
should revive them.
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Charms 100%
You can get a lot of charms from places. The Moon, which puts people
to sleep and The Hanged man, which paralyzes people, can be used on
the Gob Kings. Then you can go over there and just hack at them.
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OrcaAxeman 100%
Use this trick to get good party members. You must have a party of
Piroshi and BlackRose. Level up to at least level 20.Go to stages
like theta, hidden, bursting, remnant. If you are very skilled, then
go to theta, chosen , hopples, ( ) .Keep doing this and Piros will
have 1050 health like Orca.
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DVD special keywords 100%
The OVA that comes with the game has hidden keywords to help you.
The only one that has relevance is "Chosen Hopeless Nothingness",
which is where you fight the final Boss. If you turn on subtitles,
you will find keywords throughout the DVD. Some include "Luscious
Her Remnant", "Hideous Organ market Scaffold, and "Dog Dancing
Passionate Tri Pansy". None of them are that special, but in "Delta:
Hideous, Organ Market, Scaffold", if you reach the statue of Gott at
the end of the dungeon you will get an Ice Block that is used for
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Chaos Gate: Extreme difficulty field 100%
At the Chaos Gate, choose "New Keyword" and put "Putried Primitive
Melody" for extreme difficulty (battle level 17).
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Spring Of Myst 100%
Through a weapon or armor in it while it is sunny and it will gain
2 levels. If it is at sunset, it will gain one level. If it is
raining, it will go down by one level.
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Blackrose: Best weapon 100%
The strongest weapon you can get for Blackrose or any Heavy Blade is
a Blaze Sword. You can get it by Data Draining the Hell Hounds in a
Level 28 to 30 Keyword, such as Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise.
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Escape from battles 100%
When you are in a fight, point the camera away from the enemy and
run in that direction. Do not stop running until "Battle Mode Off"
appears and the enemy sign disappears. Be careful not to run into
other enemies or other portals. *** This does not work on Bosses.
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Thunder Cloak 100%
Look for sum1 named Tim. He may be a Wavemaster wearing a green
outfit. He has an item for trade called Thunder Cloak. It is a level
31 armor, and has the power to revive dead players so you will not
need to use Resurrect potions all the time. It also has other
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Defeating Goblins 100%
Have some Wood magic equipped. Start the match, wait until the
Goblin runs, then sits still for a moment. Now, use the magic.
Goblins are all weak against Wood; 2 shots will kill them.
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Recommended weapons for Kite's party 100%
The following items give a good amount of skills and have great
stats. These items are all won by Data Drain, trading, or being

Lightning Cap
Quakebeast Fur
Thunder Gloves
Thunder Boots
Black Rose/Sanjuro
Dryad's Sword/Sakabatou
Stormlord Helm
Thunder Armor
Hands of Storm
Electric Guard
Jester's Wand/Dark History
Thunder Torque
Thunder Cloak
Storm Bracer
Thunder Anklet
Scarlet Autum
Lightning Cap
Quakebeast Fur
Thunder Gloves
Thunder Boots
Axe Bomber
Stormlord Helm
Thunder Armor
Hands of Storm
Electric Guard
Stormlord Helm
Thunder Armor
Hands of Storm
Electric Guard
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Giant Hill 100%
To get the rare heavy axe, Giant Hill, Data Drain the enemy Mantis
in places at levels 26 to 30.

Drain the Mantises at (Theta) Sinking Haunted Twin Hills. You will
need to drain 10 to twenty Mantises, but will get one or 2 Giant
Hill axes in the process.
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Well Waters 100%
The best location to find Well Waters for trading with people such
as Alicia is (Triange) Boundless Corrupted FortWalls. This is the
area given to you by Miu to go to alone. Go there and get to the B5
level. Their will be a plus sign set of rooms. In the left room are
6 crates and 6 barrels. The right room has 6 crates and 6
barrels. Break all twelve of them and run in between the 2 rooms.
You will average 1.2 Well Waters per room.
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Secret rare weapons 100%
Data Drain enemies and on rare occasions, you will get a secret
weapon. Each secret rare weapon lowers one or more stat parameter by

Secret Rare Twin Blade: Hyakkidorran (Data Drain the Parasite
Secret Rare Blademaster: Jinsiran
The best weapon is acquired by Data Draining the Parasite Dragon on
the airship. It does more damage than the Bom-Ba-Ye, is less
accurate, but has more skills and magic power.
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Root Town: Easy Master Supreme on the Zeit Statue ranking 98%
Go to Root Town and put the keywords "Chronicling pagan Sunny
Demon". Bring a Speed Charm and a few Fairy Orbs. To find the way in
the dungeon, use Speed Charm to go faster and Fairy Orb to see your
way. Go to the Zeit Statue. When at Master Supreme rank, you will
get Time items.
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