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Easy AP in early stages 100%
When you are on the boat facing sins fin you can get lots of AP which will help you there is an infinte number of sin scales so tyou can get loads of AP. the best formation to use is tidus, wakka and kimahri but make sure tidus uses cheer so he can kill all of them in one shot. MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE BATTLE OR ONLY THE ONES WHO TAKE PART GET ALL THE EXPERIENCE
By: jake94(282)
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Lots of AP when in operation mi'hen 100%
When you are in that battle against sinspawn gui all you have to do is:
first get rid of the head with lulus fira and this will get you an overkill on that
make sure you have the best formation I prefer kimahri, auron and lulu
get lulu to cast fira on the arms this will also get overkills
wait for the arms to regenerate then kill them gain with fira and keep doing this and you will get lots of AP.
you will have to have lots of gd healing items.
By: jake94(282)
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Valefors energy blast (new overdrive) 100%
To get valefors more powerful overdrive you need to go bsck into besaid o nce youve just had the cutscene where yunas carrying all that luggage.
once youve gone back into besaid go and talk to the shopkeeper shewill ask you wat you want say nothing and leave. but she will at the end of your conversation say you no the funniest thing happened the other day my dog dug something up I wonder what it was. now leave the tent and enter the right one (the one opposite the crusader tent) and press x on the dog and you will get it.
By: jake94(282)
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How to get yojimbo 100%
To get yojimbo when you defeat defender x and walk forward theres a little cutscene saying not to go down the hill but go down there anyway and there will be a cave follow the path through the cave to the chamber of fayth. to get yojimbo ask for power and from my experience anything over 200,000 gil will get him because you have to pay him
By: jake94(282)
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Getting the flower scepter 100%
Just only defeat the summoner belgimine at requiem temple!
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Some of jechts speres 100%
Heres a few of jechts sphere:
theres one on the thunder plains (the part before the travel angency)
theres one on the moonflow (i think its on the befor the shoopuf)
theres also a braska sphere its on the way up the mountain (its near a part where you have to go up a kind of slope)
thats all I know so far hope I helped
By: jake94(282)
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How to get fast sphere levels 100%
First you need master tonberry when you find him in the omega ruins capture him then head to the calm lands go to the battle arena then press on the omega dungeon press left to go to tonberry then press on tonberry wait for him to come up after 4 waddles before he gets 4 waddles use triangle on each charater but use hasteaga when you get the charaters on after that use haste on each charater when you don't need them switch them for your strongest charaters then attack him when gets 4 waddles keep on attacking him if a charater dies use a phinox down on them if you are a low level it will give you some good levels because he gives you 20000 ap if your a high level you might get 1 sphere level or not but I get like only 1 sphere level so good luck on your leveling and I hope you will like this
By: finalfantasy10(6)
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How to Beat Dark Shiva/Dark Ixion/ Dark Valfore with no cheats, in one turn, with Yuna. 100%
It's pretty simple. Plus you can do this at any level, as long as you have these requirements:

1) Magus Sisters
2) A rod with Auto - Haste / Auto Hastga

Okay, now go and get Yuna's overdrive to the top.
This is now a bit boring but... get the Magus sisters overdrive full.
Now go to whichever of the three Dark Aeons mentioned in the title.
Summon the Magus Sisters, (WITHOUT YUNA'S OVERDRIVE) do their Delta Attack.
Then use Yuna's overdrive to summon them again with their overdrive. Do their overdrive, and the Aeon will die. :)

I came up with it since I'm not one of those crazy gamers who do 999,999 damage each turn, with Auto Life all the time etc., so I hoped I helped those like me! The only reason you cannot do it with other Darks is because they have more HP. 2 Delta Attack's does 1,3 million damage, (Ixion's HP) yet not 1,4 million damage, which is Dark Ifrit's HP. (Note that I've only tried it with Dark Shiva, but Dark Valfore has less HP than her. Also, I overkilled her which means I did enough damage to kill Dark Ixion, which has 100,000 more HP than Dark Shiva.)

Thanks for reading my Tip, and I really do hope I helped someone :)
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Easy reset 100%
Press L1+R1+R2+L2+start+select it will restart the game but not the system
By: rmkangas(12)
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In-game reset 98%
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play

Cheats: Combat
Cheats: Locations
Cheats: Items
Cheats: Characters
Cheats: Blitzball
Cheats: Miscellaneous
Cheats: Glitches
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Easy Ways to load Aeons and Teams Overdrive 100%
Overdrive load:
1. Make sure to set Stoic Overdrive mode to all Hero, and Yuna must have at least Cure and Life Spell (or item)
2. Find the Tutorial Machine near Save point
3. Select Fiend Info Menu, then chose the strongest monster that have an area attack
4. Cast Haste to Yuna then ask her to cast Protecting spell to her self (Reflex may usefull to help Yuna evade non magic attack)
5. Cast Haste to enemy
6. Then select Guard order for all Hero. Let enemy attack your hero until Overdrive Full

When one Hero have full Overdrive, change with another Hero.
Use same way to load your AEONs Overdrive
By: akukutuan(39)
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Defeat Braska's Final Aeon and Yu Yevons easily 78%
If you want to defeat Braska's Final Aeon easily, there is 2 ways to defeat him. It your choice to choose -

1) Teach your aeon Zombie Attack,
2) Teach your aeon Full Life,
3) Use Zombie Attack on Braska's Final Aeon
4) Use Full Life on Braska's Final Aeon

It will kill him with no battle damage. Use those steps again to defeat the second form.

Another way is -
1) Make Yojimbo's Overdrive full
2) pay him about over "100,000" or "105,107" to be exact

It will kill him with no battle damage. Use those 2 steps again to defeat the second form.
By: CheatMaster26(17)
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Be deathproof and find secret temple 75%
To get deathproof on your armour you need to get 60 farplane winds. to get the farplane winds you need to face belgemiefor the last times.
she is in a secret area thistime and you need a chocobo to get there.
once youve got a chocobo go to the op of the calm lands (the bit where you firsy seen the calm lands) and instead of going down the hill you need to go the opposite way.
this will lead to a place where your chocobo needs to jump.
next you will have to dismount and go through the next place then just followed the the path
By: jake94(282)
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Easy win over seymour 2 67%
Cast haste on all your party members in the battle.
all the people who can talk to seymour le them talk to them bacause whatever is raised of them kis raise a lot.
make sur you have lots of phoenix downs
cast reflect on all you party members so it bounces of you and hit him (make sure youve got lots of hi-potions because cur and cura will bounce of and cur him)
hop I helped
By: jake94(282)
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Air ship passwords 62%
#1 GODHAND- takes you to Rikku's legendary weapion.
#2 VICTORIOUS- takes you to Rikku's Victorious armor.
#3 MURASAME-takes you to get Murasame.
all of the passwords are in capps
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Al Bhed Primers 59%
Here are all the Al Bhed Primers

I - Al Bhed Salvage Ship
II - Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge
III - S.S. Liki - Engine Room
IV - Kilika - Tavern
V - S.S. Winno - Bridge
VI - Luca Stadium - Basement B
VII - Luca Theater - Reception
VIII - Mi'hien Highroad (Automatic)
IX - Mi'hien Highroad - New Road North
X - Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice
XI - Djose Highroad
XII - Moonflow - North Wharf
XIII - Guadosalam - House
XIV - ThunderPlains - Agency (Say to Rin that the Al Bhed study goes well)
XV - Macalania Woods - Lake Road
XVI - Lake Macalania - Agency Front
XVII - Sanubia Desert - Central
XVIII - Sanubia Desert - Central (Near the bulletin that says 'Home')
XIX - Al Bhed Home
XX - Al Bhed Home - Living Quarters
XXI - Al Bhed Home - Main corridor
XXII - Bevelle Temple Priest's Passage (After the marrying scene)
XXIII - Calm Lands - Central (Near the Chocobo Trainer)
XXIV - Remiem Temple - Left Side
XXV - Calm Lands - Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth
XXVI - Omega Ruins
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Easy Seymour Form 2 Kill 58%
Ok before you fight Seymour Form 2, put Yuna in your party. Now go fight some monsters around the area before you begin your big match. When you encounter one of the monsters have Yuna call out one of her Aeons, now let the Aeon take the hits from the monsters so the *Overdrive* bar goes up, once you get the *Overdrive* bar up "Dismiss" the Aeon and call the other Aeons keep repeating this step until all your Aeons have full *Overdrives* now your ready to fight Seymour Form 2! Get into battle with Seymour (NOTE - Make sure you have Yuna in the party!) now don't attack Seymour until its Yuna's turn (*HINT* - Press TRIANGLE to skip Character's turn!) now call out your first Aeon in the list (Valefor) I prefer going down Top to Bottom that way you have the powerful Aeons at the Bottom (Ex. Bahumut, Yojimbo) now use your Aeon's *Overdrive* (All of your Aeons should do 9999 damage no matter what except for Bahumut, Anima, & The Magus Sister's they do over 9999 damag!
e if your Aeon's dont do that amount of damage then you didn't fight enough monsters, remember when Yuna Level's up and you upgrade her HP Sphere your Aeons level up as well so it's like leveling up your Aeons when leveling up Yuna, keep that in mind!) after you have done the damage to Seymour, he will kill your Aeon instantly after you attacked it even if you used normal attack he kills your Aeons in 1 hit you can't do nothing about it! (I prefer to use Bahumut last, he is the only powerful Aeon in your list) then just use Bahumut's *Overdrive* to kill Seymour eventually he will die after Bahumut's attack!
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Defeating Seymour 3 54%
Get a lot of holy waters, a lot of hi-potions, and a lot of phoenix downs when he uses his combo attack and one of your party's status is zombie use holy water on them before he uses full life and kills you. If you can use reflect on everyone including Seymour, so when he uses full life (if you run out of holy waters) it will miss you and you will live.
NOTE: after you've done that bring out some of your hard hitters preferably Wakka and Auron.
Oh, also get LuLu to use fire, fira, and/or firaga because he is weak against fire.Easy Spheres
Fight Kottos in the monster arena (get him by catching all the monsters in the mi'ihen highroad) then do an 'Extract' attack (Extract Ability, Extract Speed etc.) on him and then beat him, you'll get 40 of the spheres you extracted off him!
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Easy defeat for most creatures and even bosses 50%
If youve got yojimbo then pay him about 1/3 of your gil and he will use his best attack which will kill most in one shot
i defeated seymour third form this way
By: jake94(282)
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All jechts sphere 50%
Jecht sppere - macalania forest
jecht sphere - besaid village
jecht sphere - s.s liki
jecht sphere - luca stadium
jecht sphere - mi'ihen highroad
aurons sphere - mushroom rock road
jecht sphere - moonflow
jecht sphere - thunder plains
jecht sphere - macalania woods
braskas sphere - mt.gagazet
By: jake94(282)
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Some of the overdrives kimahri can learn and who to get them of 50%
Self-destruct - the bombs on the mi'ihen highroad
seed cannon - you should get this anyway
flame breath - the big monsters on the mi'ihen highroad
stone breath - those salamanders on the djose highroad
white wind - on the people kimahri battlaes on his own
thrust kick - on the people who kimahri battles alone
bad breath - of the malboro inthe cal lands
doom - of those things in the gorge cave
aqua breath - again the battle with kimahri
jump - default
mighty guard - cant remember that one
nova also cant remember
By: jake94(282)
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A realy easy way to beat seymour the secent time 50%
Make sure that lulu knows a spell that powsens then make sure that that your main charter knows cura and same with yuna knows it to then use the spell that piosens on seymour then make sure that yuna and you main are healing do not send in aeons un les ther overdrive is full and do not trie to poisen the thing that helpes him it whont work just woke on seymour
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YOJIMBO for 198000 gil. Realy cheap 50%
Follow this step : 1st. offer him 130.000 gil, 135.000 gil, 155.000 gil, then 198.000 gil to get Yojimbo.
It's work well
By: akukutuan(39)
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Best Blitzball Players! 47%
rf:Basik Ronso/Argai Ronso/Wakka
Rd:Lakkam/Judda/Auda Guado
Gl:Nimrook/Nizarut/Noy Guado
By: fireheart708(556)
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The running glitch 33%
When running press circlemany times and it will look like hes not using his legs
By: mehaverkamp(123)
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Recruiting wakka 33%
Everyone says just press square on wakka to recruit him BUT THERE WRONG.
you NEED to be on the airship to recruit him bacause I gtried it lots of times before that and nothing happened
By: jake94(282)
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Lazer ball for valfore 29%
Talk to the dog at the first island
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Jecht shot noise 25%
First get the jecht shot, then after tidus(or w/e you named him) spins around and just hits the ball, quickly pause the game and the unpause it, instead of hearing a regular boring blitzball hit noise, you'll hear this really cool swooshy sound. it doest contribute to the shot, however it makes it kinda more intense!
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