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Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town
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Rating: 4.9/5 VOTE
Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town Cheats


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Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town

Rating: 4.9/5 VOTE

Midnight mirror 50%
When you have a mirror(bought at the T.V. shopping network) go inside your house at 00:00(not 00:01 or any other number).This means 12:00 mn.Go see your mirror and scan tha left and the right corner of the mirror.You might see a dialog box,a monster that pushed you or the door closed by itself
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Zack says 2 boxes of japaneese 50%
One day you talk to zack while he is picking up your delivery stuff then talk to him again and he will say something in Japanese!
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Hints-Money& Mary 50%
A quick and easy way to earn alot of money fast is to go out every morning and sell everything in Mineral town. This includes the honey from your farm, eggs from your chickens (if you have any), milk from your cows (if you have any), wool from your sheep (if you have any), all the grasses spread around mineral town, and anything else. This will earn you the balance of about 1,000 g a day.

Mary is very easy to please. She likes certain grasses and apples especially. But don't just give her any grass. I haven't yet experimented with them all yet, but I do know she isn't a big fan of yellow grass. Flowers, either. She says, "Th- Thanks." If she really likes something, she'll say, "I love these!" or, "What a great gift!"
If you give her a necklace, she says someting like, "Where did you get this stone? I've never seen one like it!", that being a good thing. ^_^
Mary likes you if you visit her frequently, (like all the girls) and likes it when you go to the 2nd story of the library. If you really like Mary and don't want her falling for Gray, just flat out don't meet him. I've just started a new file, I'm almost in the second year, I have a green heart for Mary, and haven't spoken to Gray once. And it's worked! None of those annoying romance scenes come up with Mary and Gray. This doesn't just go for Mary, but helps with all the bachelorettes of Mineral Town.

Many people say Mary really likes Blue grass, which sells for a nice 120 g, I think. But truth be told, Mary likes the honey from your farm just as much, and it only costs 50 g. I know this isn't alot, but in the end, it all adds up to a nice, plentiful sum! )

Thanks, and good luck, gamers!
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The best way to befriend with the harvest sprites 50%
This is the best way to befriend with the H.S, you must give them honey or bread (they love it so much). Those H.S have their birthday every season
spring 4 - bold
spring 15- staid
spring 26- aqua
summer 16- timid
fall 10- hoggy
fall 14- chef
winter 22- nappy

after their heart increase by 3 or more you now play with them or ask for help in watering, harvesting and animals, in playing those are the option too.

if you already friend all of the H.S they will send you a letter that you can join them in Sprite Tea Party.

If you want to attend the party you must bring the letter and asks the harvest sprite to start it.. after the party they were so happy that's why they gave you tea leaves it worth 1000g if you ship it

thanks! hope it will help.....
By: eumaliezel(99)
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Cursed tools 50%
Get it at level 29,30,50,100,299,200. dunno the others but still try these (make sure your not in the winter mine)
By: yaziquel(205)
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Get Power Berries 50%
[x]dig in your field
[x]throw an egg in harvest godess spring for several days
[x]win horse race make sure you dont have anything in your hands
[x]the tv shopping network will sell it for 10,000 G only if you bought EVERYTHING
[x]dig in lv.100 of spring mine
[x]dig in lv.19 of lake mine
[x]mothers hill will freeze during winter go behing lake mine entrance and press A
[x]use mystrile pole and fish on dock
[x]win at beach day
now I bet you want to go get some power berries well....theres more to it.Want to meet kappa?and get a super rare BLUE power berry?well heres how
[x]throw 1 cucumber into mothers hill lake for 10 days straight
kappa will appear and at the 10th day he will give you a super power berry!
By: LadyIcee(958)
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Befriend Harvest Sprites fast! 50%
Go to the supermarket and get flour or bread (flour is cheaper) dont get anything else because some of them might not like whatever else you are getting them.Give them flour (recomended) for 2 or 3 days then their heart (on earnings list) will go up to 3 they will then consider you a friend and you can play with them and ask them to work just make sure to give them presents as thank-yous every now and again so they dont begin to dislike you

By: LadyIcee(958)
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Tools 50%
When you first start farming you are given 5 tools to use: the Hammer, Hoe, Sickle, Ax, and Watering Can. With these tools you can clear the debris from your neglected crop field and plant some vegetables. The 6th tool is the Fishing Pole, which you have to receive from Zack. Go to his house on Mineral Beach during your first few days on the farm. He will find a Fishing Pole in among his stuff and give it to you. If when you visit him he doesn't give you the pole, make sure you have an empty slot in your Tools section of the rucksack. You can store your tools in the box inside of your farm house when you don't want to carry them around.

Each tool has an upgrade-meter that will increase with usage. When the meter reaches 100%, the tool can be upgraded to it's next level of power. You can see the upgrade-meter by pressing the Select button, then the Left directional button once. You will see all 6 of your tools listed and their usage percents.

When the tool is ready to upgrade, you will first need to have the appropriate Ore in your inventory. At the 100% mark, the tool's upgrade-meter will reset to 0% and a colored "dot" will appear under its name. The "dot" is the same color of Ore that you're going to need to dig out of the Spring Mine. Then take the Ore and your tool and talk to old man Saibara. He is the town's blacksmith and will upgrade your tools to the next power level for a small fee.

Once you have had your tools upgraded to level 5, the level 6 "cursed" tools will appear in the Lake Mine. Each of your tools has a cursed version of itself, which you can find by digging in the ground on certain levels of the mine. The cursed tools don't replace your existing tools you can put them in your tool box and still have access to your level 5 tools. Cursed tools cannot be removed once they are equipped. You'll have to go to the Church and have Carter give a blessing on the tool to unequip it. He can give blessings when he's in his confession booth on Mondays and Wednesdays between 1pm and 4pm. Carter will also be in his booth when the weather outside is raining or snowing. When he casts a blessing on your tool, it will be removed from your equipped item slot and put back into your rucksack.

The benefit of owning the level 6 tools is that they are, by far, more powerful then your level 5 ones. The disadvantage is that they also suck up a lot of energy every time you use one. You might only be able to use a cursed tool five times before you turn blue! To counteract the energy consumption, you can work on getting the cursed tools permanently "blessed" by doing 1 of 3 different things.

When your cursed tools have all been transformed into blessed tools, the Mythic Stones will appear in the Spring Mine. When you find a Mythic Stone you can have Saibara upgrade your level 6 tools one last time. Then you will have the ultimate level 7 tools and no more upgrades are available.

After your tool has been powered up, you can use it's extra strength by holding down the B button when using the tool. The longer you hold down the B button, the higher the tool's power level will be.
By: eumaliezel(99)
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Mary Ann in one Year ! 50%
Here it goes. When you first start you have nothing so give her flowers EVERY DAY!
When you get a chicken take its egg,Spa-boild it and give it to Ann EVERY DAY!
When you get the kitchen and pot and chese maker make her chese founde
the recepi is : pot,chese,bread and give it to her EVERY DAY!
That is all.
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Get lot of money without cheats 50%
On the day of the Horse Racing Festival, get your Basket and proceed to Rose Square. Make a bet on a race and try to win as much as Medals as you can. At the end of the Festival, talk to the Mayor and exchange your Medals for broches . and place them all on your basket about 30 in the basket and about 4 in the bag. Leave Rose Square, then place your Basket in the Shipment Box. Continue the game as normal afterwards. When Gotz picks it up the next day, you will earn 68000 G.
A good way to build up some profits is to take some Orichalc Ore found in the Spring Mine to the blacksmith with 1,000 G. Have him make any of the jewelry. Return when he is done and pick it up. Then, put it in the shipment box and sell it for 2,000 G. Repeat the process with more ore as many times as desired.
Start with 10,000 G and have the basket. On one of the horse racing days, take the basket to one of the entrances of the Rose Plaza. Save the game. Take the basket in with you and go to the Mayor. Have him start each race, but do not bet on them yet. Write down or remember who won which race. Reload from the saved game of just before you went in. Go to the mayor and bet on the winning horses. It should be the same winners unless there was an extreme change in the winners pay out multiplier, such as 5 or less jumping to 13, and another horse getting very low or close to the winner's amount. Bet as much as desired. The pay outs are usually very close to what they were each time you reload the game. You should get lots of medals this way. Purchase the brooch for 18 medals. Fill up the basket if you can. Leave the horse races after all three are completed. Take the basket and dump it into your shipping bin. The next day when Zack picks up your things, he will comment on having so much there for him. The money will come from the brooches you just sold for 2,000 G each. If you do not win that many race medals, or want to try again, reload the saved game and start over.
Go to the Fall horse race and bet an even amount on all contestants. You can get a necklace for 20 medals, then sell it for 2000 G. For example, with Hephestus, bet 10 medals (cost 500 G) and 60 medals. This is worth 6000 G 500 G multiplied by four is only 2000 G, giving you a profit. Note: This will not work only if the winner is x2, but then you will break even. Having the large backpack is recommended.and if you are using vba or no$gba save the state see which racer wins and load state and bet on him...(thats how I did it)hope it helped
By: avinduhewa(166)
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Karen loves most 50%
Wine! DUH! you can buy it at the winery
By: yaziquel(205)
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Harvest Goddess 50%
Birthday - spring 8

The Goddess is the priestess of harvest. You can give offerings to the Goddess by going to the Hot Springs and throwing an item into the waterfall. She will appear and thank you for your gift. Sometimes she will give you a gift in return. If you really wanted to, you can even marry the Goddess!

Unlike the other 5 normal girls, the Goddess doesn't have a love rival for you to compete against. There's no worries about her marrying some other guy before you get your chance at her. She's all yours if you choose to persue her heart.

Before you can marry her you'll need to fulfill some requirements. All girls require you to have your home upgraded as far as it will go, but for the Goddess that isn't enough. She is a goddess after all! Besides having to have the house, you will need to do a lot more.

Catch all the different species of fish, including the 6 Kings
Ship at least 1 of every shippable item
Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and receive the Gem of Goddess
Own the Big Bed for your home
Dig up every type of item from the Lake Mine
Dig up every type of item from the Spring Mine
Be in your 5th year (or later) on the farm
Ask Carter for permission to "Marry the HG" during his Confessional times

The Goddess has an invisible love-heart and there are a few things you can do to help raise her affection for you. When you do certain tasks 10000, 100000, 1 million, or 1 billion times she'll pop out and congratulate you. You can catch fish, have steps counted on your Pedometer, or ship crops. For example, the Goddess would pop up if you caught 10,000 fish or have 100,000 steps counted on your Pedometer. She'll even appear after you've shipped 10,000 Sweet Potatos!

Another way you can raise her invisible love heart is to dig down to floors 100, 200, and 255 of the Spring Mine. She'll only congratulate you when you reach that level for the first time. You'll also raise her affection for you if you complete most the requirements needed for marriage. You don't get any extra points for just owning the Big Bed or being on your 5th year in the game. When you're ready to ask her to marry you, just take the Blue Feather and throw it into her pond. The Goddess' affection will still need to be at the equivalent of a "red heart" level before she'll accept your Blue Feather.

The easiest way is of course, throwing items into her pond. Every day when you toss in a gift, it adds to her affection level. Giving her Pineapple and Strawberries give you more of an impact than if you were giving her flowers every day.

RelaxTea Leaves, Eggs, Milk, Flowers, all other Crops

Pineapple and Strawberry
By: eumaliezel(99)
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Butter 50%
U can get butter by putting any size of milk into the mixer then TADA!
By: yaziquel(205)
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Secret Passage 50%
There's a secret passage on the up Got's house. If you see like a passage, go to it. Actually, there's nothing in that passage. What an annoying.
By: alinonasis(5)
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How to cheat money???? 45%
First when your playing the harvestmoon FOMT in Visual Boy Advance (it works only on PC or Laptop) press Ctrl+C you can see their the add value write there your GOLD then press start then Search.The code will appear at the top then click on it next press add cheats Write there the Money you want then give description Finally press ok

Ray Aldrine T_T
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Extra power berry!!! 43%
If you have enough time to fish, go to the mineral beach. Fish on every fishing spot and you'll fish a power berry! As long as your fishing rod is at mythic level.
By: spasm26(29)
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Step By Step Marry. 41%
1.Get a large bed from TV Shopping every Saturday.
2.Get the story of your dream girl about the parent
talking about marry their daughter.
3.Buy a "Blue Feather"(1000 g)

Your Harvest Moon Guide,
Always remember to vote for me.
By: Darius3595(85)
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Scary mirror 40%
Try to go at your house. exactly 0:00 am. there will be a ghost!
By: erilsky(110)
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Master code 38%
32006A44 0008
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Give the harvest sprites a flour (make sure that your bag is empty)buy 9 flour then give it to the harvest sprite that you want to give the flour make 3x to each harvest sprite
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Hint : Tools 18%
It is better If the tools are Gold and the Axe is Silver.
By: expertgamer(188)
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Easy second floor house 10%
Press aroow+ up 2times and down 19 times and press all bottons quickly
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