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Pokemon Crystal--updated Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Crystal--updated GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Crystal--updated

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Where to find Red!? 100%
For those who doesn't know where Red is,he's in Mt.Silver but you have to go through alot of places in the cave til you reach a certain place that when you keep moving forward,you will notice that the cave lane gets smaller til to a one-lane.Just keep walking until you see Red.He will be the R/B/Y character sprite and will be looking forwards.When you talk to him,there will be only:"... ..."then the fight starts!
Beware:after you defeat him,the credits will roll and when you want to fight him again,he'll be gone.Hope this helps!
By: Emeraldmaster24(132)
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Ruins Of Alph: Easy attacks 100%
If you have a weak Pokemon with weak attacks, take it to the Ruins of Alph and train there. The Unknown are very weak. Train until it evolves, and cancel the evolution until your Pokemon is at level 20. Now, let it evolve. You should have had one attack come quicker than when it is evolved.
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Route 44: Free Pokeballs 100%
Battle Fisher Wilton on Route 44. He will call you if he snags an item.
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Shiny Pokemon 100%
According to the official guide, it is possible to get all Pokemon in the game in an alternate color. However, the chances of seeing an alternate color Pokemon is so low you may have to play for hundreds of hours to see any, except for the red Gyarados at the Lake Of Rage. The alternate color Pokemon do not have better stats. Any difference in the stats is due to the trainer, and not the color.
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Gengar 100%
Teach a Gengar Thief and take it to the battle tower. Use it to steal the opponent's item.
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Pikachu 100%
Go to the grassy area just before you enter Viridian City. Pikachus are usually in the top row of the grass at about 10:00 am.
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Happiness evolution 100%
In order to get the Pokemon that evolve with happiness, such as Eevee into Unbreon or Espeon, you need to raise their happiness level to a certain number. Using an emulator, the number you need to get to is approximately 225 points. Once your Pokemon has reached 225 points, it will evolve after it gains a level. Using the following guide, you can calculate the approximate happiness stat of your Pokemon. When you catch/receive a Pokemon the begining happiness stat is as below:
When Pokemon is captured by a Friend Ball: 200 points
When Pokemon is captured by any other ball : 70 points
When Pokemon is given/traded/received as a gift: 70 points
Note that if you have a Pokemon whose happiness is 200 and you trade it, the happiness level becomes 70. The following are things that increase happiness levels and how much they increase it by:
For every 520 steps you take with the Pokemon in your party: +1
For every status increasing item used on the Pokemon (like Carbos,
HP UP): +2 points
For every level gained by the Pokemon: either +3 or +5 points
For every time Blue's sister grooms the Pokemon: +3 points
The Hair Cut Brothers, located in the Goldenrod Underground, can also increase your Pokemon's happiness stat. How much it increases depends on the saying you get after the grooming is finished. Here is a list of how much the happiness status is increased by each brother.
For The Older Brother ($500)
If it says "looks a little happier": +1 point
If it says "looks happy": +3 points
If it says "looks delighted": +5 points
For The Younger Brother ($300)
If it says "look a little happier": +1 point
If it says "looks happy": +3 points
If it says "looks delighted": +10 points
The happiness stat can also be decreased. The following things decrease the happiness stat.
If the Pokemon faints: -1 point
If Heal Powder is used on the Pokemon: -5 points
If Energy Powder is used on the Pokemon: -5 points
If Energy Root is used on the Pokemon: -10 points
If Revival Herb is used on the Pokemon: -10 points
Also, the following do not affect the happiness stat of a Pokemon either way:
If the Pokemon is holding items
If the Pokemon wins any battle
If the Pokemon HP falls to critical (not fainting)
If the Pokemon is put in the PC
If the Pokemon is poisoned, stunned, confused, burned, frozen, or asleep
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Umbreon 100%
Level up your Eevee until it trusts you very well. Now, level it up at night to get Umbreon. *** Your Eevee will not automatically evolve as soon as it trusts you. It will most likely be above level 42 when it evolves, when it learns Take Down. To see how tame it is, go to Goldenrod by the gym. There is a lady in a house there who tells you how tame your Pokemon is. As long as she says, "I get the feeling it really trusts you," you are doing well.

An easy way to get Espeon and Umbreon is to get an Eevee to lay an egg in the Daycare Center and hatch it. When the level 5 Eevee comes out of the egg, go to Goldenrod's Pokemart and buy 10 of Calcium, Iron, Carbos, and Protein. Use all of them on the level 5 Eevee. Train the Eevee until it grows one level. If its day or morning it should evolve into Espeon. If it is night time it should be an Umbreon. *** You should save before using the items on Eevee just in case it does not work, and restart the game. It also helps to take it to the Salon after using the items on it.
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Typhlosion 100%
Typhlosion is a very powerful Pokemon. It can take Ground, Rock, and Water Pokemon down easily. Teach it Flamewheel, Mud-Slap, Solarbeam, and Sunnyday. If facing a Water type, use Sunnyday, then Solarbeam.
If facing a Rock/Ground type, use Sunnyday, then Solarbeam. If facing a Rock/any other type, use Mud-Slap. If using Water/Ground type, use Sunnyday, then Solarbeam. If facing a Grass type, use Sunnyday, then Flamewheel.

For an almost unbeatable Typhlosion, get it to level75 and have it learn Thunder Punch, Flamethrower, Earthquake, and Strength. Use Thunder Punch on Water, Flying, and Dragon types; Flamethrower on Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel and Normal types; Earthquake on all Ground, Fire, Poison, Rock and Ghost types; and Strength on all other types.
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Vance: Carbs 100%
Add Bird Keeper Vance to your phone list. Battle him every time he calls and he will give you a Carb.
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Eevee 100%
When you get Eevee from bill in Goldenrod City, catch a Ditto and give them to the day care couple at the same time. Go in back and check to make sure that they are interested in each other. Wait 2 days and then pick up an egg -- the man will be in the yard and you do not have to take Eevee or Ditto back. A couple of hours later, return for a 2nd egg, and later again for a third. It takes 2 days to hatch them, and you can now get 4 evolutions. Breed another Eevee with another Ditto for the last evolution
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Larvitar 100%
During the morning or the day, you can catch Larvitar. It takes quite awhile find it, but is worth it when Larvitar evolves into Tyranitar.
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Route 38: Gold Nugget 100%
A Gold Nugget us located behind a cow at the Dairy Farm on Route 38.
Use the Item Finder.
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Clefairy: Dancing 100%
In Kanto at 6 o'clock, you can find dancing Clefairies on Route 4 (outside Mount Moon ), but only on Monday nights. They are in the patch of grass with little flowers. When the Clefairies notice you, they run away, but will leave a rock that one of your Pokemon can Rock Smash. Underneath, is a Moon Stone, which that can evolve Pokemon such as Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Nidoran (male and female).
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Misdreavus 100%
Go to Mt. Silver at night. Go to the room before the room where Red (Ash) is located. Walk around and fight every Pokemon you see and Misdreavus (level 45) will appear.
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Espeon 100%
Level up your Eevee until it trusts you very well. Now, level it up in the day or morning to get Espeon. *** Your Eevee will not automatically evolve as soon as it trusts you. It will most likely be above level 42 when it evolves, when it learns Take Down. To see how tame it is, go to Goldenrod by the gym. There is a lady in a house there who tells you how tame your Pokemon is. As long as she says, "I get the feeling it really trusts you," you are doing well.

An easy way to get Espeon and Umbreon is to get an Eevee to lay an egg in the Daycare Center and hatch it. When the level 5 Eevee comes out of the egg, go to Goldenrod's Pokemart and buy 10 of Calcium, Iron, Carbos, and Protein. Use all of them on the level 5 Eevee.
Train the Eevee until it grows one level. If its day or morning it
should evolve into Espeon. If it is night time it should be an Umbreon. *** You should save before using the items on Eevee just in case it does not work, and restart the game. It also helps to
take it to the Salon after using the items on it.
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Violet City: Trade for Onyx 100%
Go to the small house to the left of the Pokemon Center. Find Kyle and he will want to trade a Bellsprout for an Onyx.
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Magikarp, shiny 100%
Catch the shiny Gyrados at the Lake Of Rage. Now, catch another Gyrados. Breed both Gyrados. The egg may hatch into a shiny Magikarp, but the odds of this happening are low.
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Hoothoot, shiny 100%
On Route 30, just below Mr. Pokemon's house, is a level 4,male albino Hoothoot. The chances of finding it are quite slim, but worth the effort.
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Chansey 100%
You can find a Chansey on Routes 15, 14, and 13. It will be at level 20 or higher.
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Pineco 100%
Go to Ilex Forest at night. Headbutt a tree just next to a trainer Pineco should appear.

Get Headbutt, then go to either New Bark Town exit the National Park. One tree behind the plant the contains Ice Heal; Pineco should be there. *** you can also find Eggsacute.

Go to the Ilex Forest and headbutt every tree. A level 10 Pineco will eventually fall from the tree. Be careful -- it is awake and will use Explosion on its 1st move.
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Lake Of Rage: Rare Candy 100%
There is a Rare Candy hidden under where Wesley Blackbelt on Wednesday stands. He is located beside the hidden house on left side. Use the Item Finder.
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Cerulean City Cape: Bills Grandpa 100%
In Cerulean City Cape, there is a little house. Go inside and he will say that his son mentioned something about a Pokemon with a long tongue, which is Lickitung. Bring one to him and he gives you an Everstone to look at. Next, he tells you of another Pokemon. When you bring that to him, he gives you a Leaf Stone. Soon you will have the Leaf, Thunder, Hard, and Fire Stones.

Cherrygrove City: Easy Pokemon catching at start of game: After you get your Pokemon from Professor Elm, go to Cherrygrove City and heal your Pokemon. Go to Mr. Pokemon's house. As you are traveling to his house, try to run from every battle you can and do the same thing on the way back as well. After you get Pokeballs, you can catch Pokemon more easily without worrying about killing them first.
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Vermilion City: Rare Candy 100%
After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, you will get a call from Professor Elm to get a ticket to go to Kanto. You will end up at Vermilion City, where Lt.Surge is located. There is a Rare Candy up on the left, near water.
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Red: Pokemon team 100%
Red uses the following Players:
Pikachu (level 81)
Snorlax (level 70)
Charizard (level 75)
Venasaur (level 75)
Blastoise (level 75)
Espeon (level 70)
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Cianwood City: Information for evolving by tameness 100%
When you chat to the Night Trainer on Route 39, she tells you that because she caught her Meowth there, she can level it up easier and it becomes more tame. This is also true for your Pokemon. Visit the Pokemon Seer in Cianwood and she will tell you when and where you caught your Pokemon . Go there at that time and fight Pokemon. Your Pokemon will level up quicker, and if it evolves by tameness it will evolve quicker.
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Note 100%
The more Pokemon you trade, the more ID numbers you get, which gives better chances at winning the lucky numbers game.

Tune into your radio after 6:00. Listen to all the shows until you find one that is saying Pokemon or items. Remember the code and go to the radio tower. Find a girl with blue hair. Tell her the code and she will give you a point. There is another girl in the room. If you collect enough points, you can buy a Rare Candy from her. Do this throughout the game.
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Steps required for breeding 100%
When you leave Pokemon at the Day Care Center and are trying to get them to breed, it does not take a set amount of time. Instead, the game requires a certain amount of steps. Getting the Pokemon to lay an egg requires a couple hundred steps. It varies on how long it takes the egg to hatch.

1000 Steps: Magikarp
2500 Steps: Cleffa, Igglypuff, Pichu, Togepi
4000 Steps: Caterpie, Geodude, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Pidgey, Rattata,
Sentret, Spearow, Spinarak, Weedle, Zubat
6500 Steps: Elekid, Heracross, Magby, Mantine, Misdreavous, Mr.
Mime, Onix, Pinsir, Scyther, Skarmory, Smoochum, Tyrogue
7500 Steps: Kabuto, Omanyte
9000 Steps: Eevee, Aerodactyl
10000 Steps: Chansey, Dratini, Lapras, Larvitar, Snorlax
All others take about 5000 steps.
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Unowns 100%
In the back of each puzzle room in the Ruins of Alph is a word formed by Unowns. They require you to do things in order to get into a back room. In one place, you must equip a Water Stone. In another, you must put Ho-Oh 1st in your lineup. In another you must use an Escape Rope. In another you must use Flash. Once in the back room, pick up the items and fall down the hole to find a room with a message about Annon/Unown. Fall down the hole there to return to the Unown shrine.

To catch an Unown easily, 1st catch a Ditto and train it to level 27. Go to the Ruins Of Alph, and have Ditto transform into the Unown you want to catch. Use Hidden Power once. This should bring the enemy Unown into the orange zone and make it easy to catch with the Pokeball. *** This works about 99% of the time. For the other 1%, the enemy Unown is KOed.

To catch an Unown easily, catch a Scyther at the National Park Bug-Catching Contest. Train it to level 18, when it learns False Swipe. Now, go to the Ruins Of Alph and get into battle with an Unown you do not have. Send out Scyther and use False Swipe. Catch the enemy Unown with the Pokeball. *** This works best if the enemy Unown is Paralyzed, Asleep, etc.
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Hitmontop 100%
If the Tyrogue that you got from the Karate Master in Mt. Mortar has already evolved, you will need a Ditto to get the Hitmontop. Take your evolved Tyrogue (Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee) to the Daycare Center and make sure they like each other. You will know this if you chat to them when they are in the backyard of the house. Have them lay an egg. After getting the egg and hatching it, train the baby Tyrogue to level 19, then save the game just in case it does not evolve to Hitmontop (and you can do it again). Check its Attack and Defense status. If one is higher than the other, go to the Department Store and buy the necessary Protein or Iron to make the lower one equal the higher one. Now, go back to training it. When it gets to level 20 and evolves, it should be a Hitmontop. *** If this does not work, reset the game and repeat the procedure.
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Suicune 100%
Get 20 or more Great Balls and go to Tin Tower. Save the game in front of the stairs then go inside and battle Suicune. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows an Ice type move so you can freeze him. You can now take all the time needed to throw Great Balls at him. If you run out of Great Balls, turn off your Game Boy Color and repeat the steps. Catching Suicune may take some time.

Use Hypnosis at the start of the battle with a Poliwhirl or Politoed. Now, switch to a level 40 or higher Scyther or Scizzor. As soon as you send it out, use False Swipe. Make sure you have a lot of Fast and Ultra Balls. If Suicune wakes up, use Hypnosis again. Also, save your game before you enter Tin Tower.
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Olivine City: Battle Tower 100%
In Olivine City you will find the Pokemon Battle Tower that is somewhat like a Pokemon Stadium 2 tournament battle.

The 1st battle room that you can go into is the level 10 battle room. You will have to fight 7 trainers each, with a team of 3 Pokemon using 3 of your level 10 Pokemon. The rules are simple -- you cannot enter Pokemon that are a higher or lower level then the level the room you are entering. For example, if your Pokemon is at level 11 and you want to go into the level 10 room he cannot enter. You also cannot have 2 of the same species of Pokemon, and you cannot have 2 Pokemon holding the same item.
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Lance: Defeating him 100%
Catch Suicune and train it to level 46. When it tries to learn
Aurora Beam at level 41, erase Leer, then teach it Icy Wind from the Mahogany Gym Leader. Now that it has Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Icy Wind, And Gust, go to battle Lance. Use Bubble Beam on Charizard, and Icy Wind and Aurora Beam for the rest.
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Goldenrod City: Trade for Machop 100%
Go to the Pokemart and find Mike on the fifth floor. He wants to trade an Abra for a Machop.
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Route 34: Items 100%
Battle Picnicker Gina then chat to her after the battle. She will then ask you if you would like to register her phone number. Answer "Yes" and she will call you if she picks up any items she finds off the floor and give them to you.

On Route 34 north of Goldenrod, swim across a little creek to the west and get a Mystery Berry, then keep swimming south and get a Nugget, and keep swimming south and battle 3 female Cool Trainers. The last one will give you Soft Sand if you defeat all of them.
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Pidgey, shiny 100%
You can find a Golden Pidgey on Route 2.
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Mahogany Town: Secret music 100%
In Mahogany Town, before you defeat Team Rocket, tune into the radio on the last channel. You should see five question marks (?????). You will hear secret music that is not available after you beat Team Rocket. The secret music is about the Lake Of Rage. The radio thing is what Team Rocket is using to evolve Magikarp.
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Routes 40 and 41 100%
Before going to Routes 40 and 41, pick up Magnamite on Routes 38 and 39. Even better, pick up the Spearow early in the game and have it now at level 35 with Peck. Make sure that you carry lots of Antidotes and the Bitter Berries that cure Confusion. There will be lots of Tentacools and Tentacruels. They know both Poison Sting and Super Sonic.
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Saffron City: Rail Pass 100%
Find a house that has an upstairs and 2 people on the 1st floor.
Chat to the man on the 1st floor. Now, go upstairs to chat to his daughter. She will tell you she is missing her Clefairy. When she asks you if you could help, answer "Yes". Go to Vermilion City.
Enter the Pokefan building. Walk towards a fat man and chat to him. He will give you the doll. Return to Saffron City and give Copycat the doll. In return, she will give you the Rail Pass.
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Pinser 100%
You can catch either Scyther or Pinser at National Park on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. You can only keep one of them because it is a contest.
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In-game reset 100%
Hold A + B + Select + Start during game play to return to the title screen.
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Increasing happiness 100%
Buy 30 each of Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium. Give as many of the Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium to your Pokemon as possible. Now, take your Pokemon to the groomers and have it groomed twice. Now, take it to the Happiness rater to see how much it likes you. After that, raise it up a level and it should evolve. This is best used with Togepi to Togetic, Eevee to Espeon, Eevee to Umbreon, and Chansey to Blissey.
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Smeargle 100%
Get all 16 Badges and all Onown Pokemon. Teach your Pokemon Surf and go to Azalea town, Union cave and go down to the ladder. Go farther north, then exit. If you see a tall grass you may find a Smeargle.
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Lapras 100%
Every Friday at Union Cave there is a wild Lapras in a secret place.
Get at least 20 Heavy Balls and a Pokemon at level 25 that knows Surf and Fury Swipes. When you get into Union Cave, go near the end of the cave. Instead of going to the exit near Azalea Town, go to the other side on the left. Instead of going to battle the man to the north, go south. You should see a pond. Surf down the pond, and there should be a staircase. Use it. After you go down the staircase, there is an other pond. Go near the pond and Surf across.
There is an other staircase. Use it. Next, go south and Surf all the way down. When you reach the bottom, go left and get on the land. Go all the way down, then save the game. To catch Lapras, look on the right side of the land that you are on. Use Surf on the pond you just saw and look for Lapras. Battle Lapras and bring her down to the red zone by attacking her with the level 25 Pokemon. Now, catch her with a Heavy Ball. If you kill her, turn off the game and resume from the saved location.
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Dunsparce 100%
To get wild Dunsparce, find Anthony the hiker on Route 33. Battle him and get his phone number. He will call when the Dunsparce appear in the Dark Cave.
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Elite Four: Defeating them 100%
Train an Alakasam to level 55 and teach it Psychic, Thunder, Fire, and Ice Punch. Train a Gyrados to at least level 40 and teach it Surf and Hydro Pump. Train a Machamp to level 35 and have it learn Vital Throw. Use Alakasam against everyone except Houndoom (use Gyrados) and Umbreon (use Machamp).Your Alakasam should be able to defeat all in one or 2 moves.

Get Typhlosion to level 100. Use Flame Wheel on all the opponents up to Bruno. When you get to Lance, Use Flamethrower on all his Pokemon for a one hit knockout.

Use a Typhlosion at level 100 that knows-Hyperbeam, Flamethrower, Earthquake, and Thunder Punch. Make sure to max the PP of Flamethrower and get Thunder Punch and Earthquake's Pp up as high as you can. Typhlosion can now take out the Elite Four by itself.
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Poliwag 100%
You can find a wild Poliwag in the grass on Routes 30 and 31.
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Olivine City: Trade for Voltorb 100%
Go to the small house above the lighthouse and find Tim. He wants to trade a Krabby for a Voltorb.
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Erin: Calciums 100%
Add Picnicker Erin to your phone list. Battle her every time she calls and she will give you a Calcium.
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Houndoom 100%
To get a very powerful Houndoom, defeat the Elite Four. At night, catch a Houndour on Route 7 and give it a Exp. Share. Battle the Elite Four until it reaches level 35 then let it evolve. Have it learn Crunch, Faint Attack, Bite, and Flame Thrower.
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Donphan 100%
Go directly south of Blackthorn and search in that location. Information in this section was contributed by The Ultimate Pokefan.
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Route 36: Free items 100%
Battle Schoolboy Alin on Route 36, then get his phone number. He will call you if he has any items. *** You may get stones.
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Shuckle 100%
You can find Shuckle by doing one of 2 things. First, you can use Rock Smash on one of the rocks to the south of the Pokemon Battle Tower. Second, you can get one free from the kid in Cianwood City who had his other Pokemon stolen by your Rival.
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Route 34: Finding sales 100%
Battle Camper Todd then chat to him after the battle. He will ask you if you would like to register his phone number. Answer "Yes" and he will call you when the Goldenrod City department store is going to have big sales on top of the roof.
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Route 38: Free items 100%
Chat to a girl on Route 38 (Lass Dana). After you battle her, she will say that she will share an item with you when a boy (not you) gives her an item. Register her phone number and she will call you if she has any items she wants to share. *** You may get rare stones.
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Goldenrod City: See your house 100%
Go to the roof of the Pokemart and look in the binoculars at the top right. You will say "These binoculars let me see far away. Maybe I can see my own house. Is it the one with the green house?"
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Sentret 100%
To make a very powerful Sentret, save your money and go to the Goldenrod department store. They sell 3 Punch TMs, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch. Sentret can learn all 3 and get an advantage on Ghost, Bird, Grass, Water, and Dragon type Pokemon.
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Meowth 100%
Meowth learns Pay Day at level 20.
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Route: 45: PP Up 100%
Kenji Black Belt on Route 45 will give you a PP Up if you call him when he is taking a lunch break. Visit him. He does not battle. He will not call to remind you, which makes it even harder. Call every day in the morning. He will say he is too busy training. When he says he is going to take a lunch break at noon, call him at noon and fly over and visit him on Route 45 on the right side of path. He will thank you for stopping by and give you a PP Up. The days he take a lunch break are random, so you have to call every day and remember to visit at lunch time. He will Continue giving these out if you visit him when he takes breaks.

There is a PP Up hidden where the Mystery Berry Tree and a small lake is located. Use the Item Finder. The item is in the water.
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Flareon 100%
Flareon learns Flamethrower at level 52.
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Ruins Of Alph: Mysterious Channel 13.5 100%
Use your radio in the Ruins of Alph to tune into Channel 13.5. You will hear mysterious sounds made by the Annon (Unown).
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Route 32: Hidden item 100%
There is a hidden item under where Frieda on Friday stands above the Pokecenter. You can only get it when she is not there. Use the Item Finder.
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Persian 100%
Go to the little patch of grass outside of Celadon City. *** Go out the door closest to the Pokemon Center.
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Tangela, shiny 100%
A level 35, yellowish-green shiny Tangela can be found by surfing to the grassy area just below Pallet Town. *** You must search the area at night.
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Cherrygrove City: Experience Share 100%
After you get the Red Scale from the red Gyarados you defeated or captured, Fly to Cherrygrove City. Go up into Route 30 and stay on the right side of the screen. You will see Mr. Pokemon's house. There is a berry slightly to the left. Take it and go inside. He will ask you to trade your Red Scale for his Exp. Share. Answer "Yes" and walk outside, anywhere. Attach Exp. Share to the Pokemon you want to train. It will get double experience. *** If your Pokemon has the Pokerus infection, it will get 4 times the experience.
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Goldenrod City: Move Tutor 100%
Every Wednesday and Saturday after you defeat the Elite Four, a person will appear in front of the Goldenrod City Game Corner. If you have 4,000 coins to pay, then he will teach one of your Pokemon one of 3 moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, or Flamethrower.
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Route 34: Rare Candy 100%
Once you get the Item Finder, go to the station between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod. Exit the station, go left (into the grass), and use the Item Finder. You should hear a ping. Look over the fence and remember that location. Keep going up until you can Surf. Surf to the small place (with the item, which is not the Rare Candy) and go to the very bottom. You should see 2 trees. Look at the left tree, then press A to get a Rare Candy.
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Sudowood 100%
When you go to capture Sudowood (the "tree" blocking the way between Violet and Goldenrod cities) make sure to have a Pokemon that knows Hypnosis and a level 28 Fearow. Have the 1st Pokemon cast Hypnosis, then use Fearow to slowly lower Sudowood's HP . Sudowood is a rock type, and Fearow is weak against him. This will help avoid a K.O. as there is only one Sudowood in the game in the wild. Save the game before you start the battle, just in case.

Use the following trick to get more then one Sudowood. Capture the Sudowood blocking the way to the ruins. Now, catch a male Graveler and put them both in the Day Care. The next day, go to the Day Care and make sure the old man is in the back of the house. Approach him and he will give you an egg. After a few minutes, go back to get another egg.

Use Hypnosis at the start of the battle with a Poliwhirl or Politoed and keep using Quick attack. Make sure you have a Scyther that was raised to level 20 or higher and use False Swipe. Bring at least fifteen Great Balls.
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Kadabra 100%
Kadabra will learn Confusion (at level 16), Disable (at level 18), Psybeam (at level 21), Recover (at level 26), Psychic (at level 38), and Reflect (at level 45).

When Abra evolves into Kadabra, it is level16. It should have 2 attacks, Telelport and Confusion.
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Lake Of Rage: Elixir 100%
Go to the Fishing Guru's house and read the sign that is outside to learn that he wants a record size Magikarp. Catch one and show it to him. If it is of record size, he will give you an Elixir. If it is too small, try again.
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Underground Warehouse: Amulet Coin 100%
In the Underground Warehouse, look for a staircase. Climb it, and you will be on a new floor and see an Item Ball. Pick it up to get the Amulet Coin. Give it to one of your Pokemon. If you use the Pokemon holding it anytime during a battle, you will get twice as much money from the trainer. For example, if the Pokemon holding it can defeat any one of Lance's Pokemon, you will earn 10000P instead of 5000P.
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Psyduck 100%
You can find a wild Psyduck on Routes 34 and 35 and in the ILex Forest.

Psyduck learns Confusion at level 16
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Marill 100%
There are Marill at Mount Mortar. You will need a Super Rod to catch one.
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Route 44: Hidden item 100%
Between Mahogany City and the Ice Cave is a small island. Surf over to it and use the Item Finder to get a hidden item.

Between Mahogany City and the Ice Cave is a small island. Surf over to it at night and have a Pokemon that knows Thief. Use Thief on the Polliwhirls. One could be holding a King's Rock. Make sure you do not have a very high level Pokemon, where Thief will knock it out. Levels 25 to 40 should work.
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Hoothoot 100%
You can catch Hoothoot in the early parts of the game. To level him up, take Hoothoot to the Sprout Tower in Violet City where the Bird Gym is located. Most of the trainers have Bell Sprouts, which cannot do much damage to Hoothoot. However, beware of Ghost Pokemon. Have a Poliwag slightly leveled up to battle, and watch for the Hypnosis move. At this stage, only Poliwag's Bubble move is going to do much damage to a Ghost Pokemon. *** One daytime Pokemon, Butterfree, has the power to defeat both Bellsprouts and Ghosts in Sprout Tower.Information in this section was contributed by Marvin Cox.
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Pewter City: Silver Wing 100%
You can get the Silver Wing from the old man walking left and right near the market to capture Lugia. *** Both Ho-oh and Lugia are at level 60.
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Lake Of Rage: Rare Candy 100%
Go to where Wesley is standing. On any day other than Wednesday, you will find a Rare Candy.
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Olivine City: Iron 100%
Take the S.S Aqua boat from Olivine City. Battle everyone, then exit the boat. Surf to the right. In the water by the pole is an Iron. You cannot get this item from the other side once you pass the ticket man. It is on the ship side -- face the pole in the water and use Item Finder.
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Lake Of Rage: Full Restore 100%
You can find Full Restore with the Item Finder near the secret house at the Lake Of Rage.
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Hatching 100%
To hatch a:
*Magicarp = walk 1,300 steps
*Pichu , Cleffa , Igglybuff , Togapi = walk 2,500 steps
*Caterpie , Weedle , Pidgey , Rattata , spearow , Zubat , Geodude , Sentret , Hoothoot , Ledyba , Spinarak = walk 3,800 steps
*Onix , Mr.Mime , Scyther , Pinser , Misdreavus , Heracross , Mantine , Skarmary , Tyrouge , Smoochum , Elekid , Magby = walk 6,500 steps
*Omanyte and Kabuto = walk 7,600 steps
*Eevee and Aerodactle = walk 9,000 steps
*Chancy , Lapras , Snorlax , Dratini , Larvitar = walk 10,300 steps
*All other pokémon = walk 5,000 steps

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PokeRus 98%
You can get the PokeRus infection from a Yanma at Route 35, below bug catcher Arnie. Go up and down the grassy area. Add Bug Catcher Arnie to your list he will call you if he sees these rare Pokemon. You will know when you have the PokeRus because Professor Elm will call you and give you information about it (and tell you not to worry). Look at the stats on your Pokemon and you will see a shiny dot at the bottom right side (like a shiny Pokemon) and see the word PokeRus. It lasts 2 to 4 days and will spread to the other Pokemon in your party. Infect some and store them to keep the PokeRus going. Trade an infected Pokemon to the Pokemon Gold or Silver only -- it will not work on other versions. Take the infected Pokemon to a Pokecenter and heal. The nurse will say that your Pokemon has tiny bugs all over it -- but they do not seem to be harming them. The PokeRus virus is good, not bad. Pokemon that have it will gain
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Wartortle 98%
Wartortle evolves at level 36.
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Skarmory 98%
Go directly south of Blackthorn and search in that location.
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Drowzee, shiny 98%
You can catch a purple Drowzee on Route 34.

One can be found on the route directly north of Goldenrod City. It should be purple.
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Alakazam 98%
Alakazam will learn Psychic at level 38 and Reflect at level 45.
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Meowth, shiny 98%
Go just east of Celadon City and look in the small patch of grass at night.
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Route 46: Get good Pokemon early 98%
When you start catching Pokemon on Route 29 do not forget to make a side trip to Route 46 through the north building. You can only go a short distance, but you can catch low level Spearow that starts with Peck, Geodude, and in the morning you can catch a level 2 Phanpy. Phanpy is rare and you only have a 5% chance of catching him. He is not out at all in the day or night, so try early. A Phanpy raised from level 2 will evolve into a even stronger than usual Donphan.
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Mareep, shiny 98%
You can find a shiny Mareep on Route 32.
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Breeding tips 98%
Tameness is a large factor. The longer you keep a Pokemon in a box, the harder and less chance it has of producing an egg. If it is injured and you do not heal it, the Pokemon will get upset and often fail to produce eggs. If Pokemon have the same miniature icons (select the Pokemon option on your menu), they will prefer each other more than other Pokemon. Finally, do not breed family members with each other. For example, if you breed an Eevee with a Ditto, that Eevee will not breed with the new Eevee. They will refuse to breed and get upset.
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Mew and Celebi 98%
You cannot catch Mew or Celebi on any of the Pokemon games. You have to get them from Nintendo in one of their contests or tours.
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Heracross 98%
Look in grassy areas and use Headbutt on bushes.
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Eusine: Find him again 98%
If you want to see Eusine again, go to the Pokemon Center in Celedon City in Kanto. He will be there and say that he is visiting his hometown and wants you to catch Entei and Raikou.
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Squirtle 98%
Squirtle evolves at level 19 or 20 (transferred from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow).
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Nidoran (male), shiny 98%
There is a chance you can find a shiny Nidoran (male) in the National Park in Goldenrod City.
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Scyther 98%
You can catch either Scyther or Pinser at National Park on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. You can only keep one of them because it is a contest.

Scyther learns False Wipe at level 18.
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TM Lady 98%
Every Sunday a lady will appear and give away a TM.
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Legendary Birds 98%
You have to transfer Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow to get them.
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Ice caves 98%
The Ice Caves or Ice Path is located between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City.
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Lugia 98%
Go to the cave nearest to the city with the light house, or just follow the wall on the right-hand side while in the water. You will encounter 2 trainers and then a whirlpool. Use the whirlpool to get into the cave. Once inside, you will see a small walkway with jump-able bushes on one side. Jump over then go up and right. Go down the ladder. You will be on an island with an item nearby. Get the item and SURF down. Once down the waterfall, you will see an entrance in the cliff and a ladder. Go into the entrance. Now, Surf up to find Lugia, Use the ladder to exit the cave. *** Lugia are at level 60 and are very hard to catch with any Pokeballs other than the Master Ball.

Use Hypnosis at the beginning of the battle with a Poliwhirl or Politoed. Make sure you have a Scyther or Scizzor that is at least level 60 and use False Swipe. Bring at least 50 Ultra Balls. Save the game before you battle, in case you Lugia faints.

Find Lugia in the top right whirpool island. Move directly next to it and save the game. Make sure you have at least 25 of each Pokeball, Ultra Ball, and Great Ball. Weaken Lugia with a Thunder type attack (Thunderpunch or Thunderbolt) or Aurora Beam. Teach your Gyarados Zap Cannon, the attack you get in Kanto after you find the machine part for the generator. This attack will paralyze Lugia. Send out a strong Pokemon that does not have much effect on Lugia and keep it standing until all of Lugias recovers run out and the occasional Pokeballs. Next, use all your balls.
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Goldenrod City: Pokedoll crane game 98%
Go to the floor 6 of department store. Go up the staircase to reach the roof. Over to your left is a fat man. Next to him is the Pokedoll crane game.
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