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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2 Cheats for GBA
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2 GBA Cheats

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Card passwords: 100%
Enter the cheat-password to get the listed card. To enter the
codes, press L to access to the sub-menu, then choose the 2nd
icon (Duel Assistance), press Down, choose 8 pass to enter the

Axe Raider48305365
Blue-Eyes White Dragon89631139
Compassionate Nun84080938
Cosmo Queen38999506
Cyborg Wyvern48766543
Dragon Capture Jar50045299
Earthbound Spirit67105242
Exodia The Forbidden One09987668
Garneshia Elephantess49888191
Gate Guardin25833572
Giant Red Sea Snake85531685
Giant Soldier of Stone13039848
Goblin Strike Team78658564
Great Moth14141448
Harp Spirit80770678
Harpy Feather Duster18144506
Kaisar Dragon94566432
Magnet Valkyrion75347539
Masked Beast Death Guradiuss48948935
Masked Beast Hellraiser49064413
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth48579379
Red-eyes Black Dragon74677422
Red-eyes Black Metal Dragon64335804
Serpent Night Dragon66516792
Summoned Skull70781052
Time Wizard71625222
Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon53183600
Ushi Oni48649353
Wall of Illusions13945283
Water Mage8563925
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Unlocking Limit option 100%
Pass the Pyramid event, then win all the tournaments that have a set
of limitations. You can then replay those tournaments without those
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Trap card 100%
Enter 62279055 to activate a trap card. When your
opponent attacks you, this card can inflict the damage back to your
opponent's life points.
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8 pass 100%
You need at least 500 duel points in order to get access to the 8
pass. *** Once you access the 8 pass, you will automatic lose 500
duel points, even if you do not enter a code or used a wrong code.
You only get 50 duel points for each duel played and 300 for every
tournament played.
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Maximillion Pegasus 100%
Get the Toon World Magic Card.
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Glitch: Strange win 100%
Play a trap card that lets you summon a monster, such as Ultimate
Offering, then defeat your opponent. When asked if you want to
activate a trap effect, answer "Yes", then summon some monsters.
After that, it will say that you won.
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Bandit Keith 100%
Get five more wins than losses for Yugi Moto, Tea Gardener, Joey
Wheeler, Bakura Ryou, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu Ishtar, Rex Raptor, Weevil
Underwood, Solomon Moto, Mai Valentine, Espa Roba, Mako Tsunami,
Mokuba Kaiba, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings,
Lishto/Rishid, Umbra and Lunis, Arkana, Marik Ishtar, and Shadi.
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Duke Devlin 100%
Defeat Yugi Moto, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu, Rex,
Weevil, Solomon, Mai, Espa Roba, Mako, Mokuba, Bandit Keith,
Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Lishto/Rishid, Umbra and
Lunis, Arkana, Marik, and Shadi.
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Getting good cards 100%
If you find a man who is bald with very circular eyes and seems to
have a 3rd eye on his forehead in the shape of a millennium item,
play him. Defeat him and choose a Dark Ceremony Edition packet as
your prize as a pack of cards. You will get 2 parts of the Gate
Guardian (God) and other cards which do not go under 2200/2200.
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Duel faster 100%
Hold R when you are at the rock, paper, scissors, screen. Continue
holding R until the duel starts and it will go much faster.
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Mokuba Kaiba 100%
Lose 10 times.
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