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Fire Emblem Cheats for GBA
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Fire Emblem GBA Cheats

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Fire Emblem Cheats

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Fire Emblem

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Raven and Lucius 100%
When liberating Caelin, you can get Raven and
Lucius to join your cause. To get Raven, chat to him with
Priscilla, who is his sister. Once done, you can then get Lucius
to join you by talking to him with Raven.
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Guy 100%
He joins if you chat to him with Matthew. He apparently told
Matthew that he owed him his life after being forced to do so in
order for Matthew to give him some food. He will join, not
willingly, but it does not matter.
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Hawkeye 100%
You can get Hawkeye to join by talking to him with your
main character (Eliwood or Hector). He appears in a sandstorm a
few turns later in the southeastern part of the desert in which
you are supposed to help Pent defeat the desert bandits.
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Vaida 100%
Vaida is a Wyvern rider who joins you if she survives in
the 1st chapter that you encounter her. You later get her to
join by talking to her with either Lyn or the main character of
your path (Hector or Eliwood).
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Harken 100%
You must not kill the Sage, Bishop, and Druid in the
chapter with the Boss Kenneth. In 9 turns he will appear. Talk
to him with Eliwood for him to join.
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Erk and Priscilla 100%
You can get Erk to join you for a 2nd time
by talking to him with Serra sometime in an early 10 chapter. Erk
is extremely useful in the later parts of the game. If you go to
the village south of where you get him to join, you can find
Priscilla. She is a healer, and is another highly useful
character, considering she rides a horse and can get to injured
units faster. She is also required to get another character to
join your game.
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Heath and Rath 100%
Another Wyvern rider. You will meet him by talking
to him with Lyn in the same chapter in which Rath reappears. You
can also get him to join by talking to him with Lyn or perhaps
your main character (Hector or Eliwood).
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Wallace 100%
Get him to rejoin by talking to him with Lyn. He appears
in Bern when you are fighting because he got lost on his way to
Caelin, which happens often.
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Fiora 100%
: She is Florina's sister. Get her to join by talking to her
with Florina. She is also a Pegasus Knight. She appears on the
1st mission on Valor, or Doom Island.
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Pent and Louise 100%
You do not chat to Pent and Louise to get them to
join. They join a few chapters after you 1st meet them. In
joining, Pent gives you a Heaven Seal, which you can use to
upgrade one of your lords (other than the main character, Hector
or Eliwood). Upgrading Lyn is recommended, as she can use a bow
which is very useful. Pent is a very high official in Bern, and
Louise is his wife. Pent is a Sage when you meet him, and he has
Elfire, a very useful spell. Louise is a Sniper, and is also very
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Nino and Jaffar 98%
If you chat to Nino in the chapter when you are
supposed to defend price Zephiel, she will join you (main
character). You now may be able to get Jaffar to join you by
talking to him with Nino.
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Defeating the dragon 98%
The last Boss of the game is obviously a dragon. By the time you
reach him, you should have Athos The Archsage. If you are in the
Eliwood path, you should have obtained some Elixirs in the chapter
with the cave of lava, in which you need to defeat the guardians to
get to the Durandal. Equip Athos with Aureola (the light spell that
he has). This does a good 20 points of damage on the dragon. The
dragon has a maximum of 120 HP. Get into range of the dragon, end
your phase, and let the dragon attack. On your turn, use an Elixir
on him for healing. Get the dragon down to 40 HP, and on your turn
attack with Athos, Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood to finish it.
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Completion bonuses 98%
Win the game to the hard difficulty setting,
Hector mode; and the "Sound Test", "Movie Gallery", and "Tactician
Rating: options.
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Chapter 22 98%
For a sure win on Chapter 22 (in which you protect Nils), you need a
long bow with either Rebecca or Will. You need also Marcus with 2
Light Runes if possible, Oswin preferably as a general, Erk Best as
a Sage, sum1 with a javelin or hand axe, and all the other units
allowed. Leave the Ostia units at the bottom of the stairs followed
by 2 (two by two) Paladins, then Erk and the person with a javelin
or hand axe. For the 2nd long bow, get Rath (the green nomad).
Deploy Merlinus and in that small area where Nils is put, the rest
of your units for substitutes while you heal the 6 needed units.
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Get to secret shops 98%
You must steal the Member Card in the chapter with Darin as the
Boss. Have some of your units to go right, including Matthew. At the
staircase by the crack in the wall, a thief will appear. You can
steal the Member Card from him.
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Special characters 96%
Canas: You can get him to join in the stage in which you have to
chat to the pirate captain, Fargus. He is in one of the houses
that you start next to. He is a Shaman, who upgrades into a Druid.
When upgraded to a level 20 Druid, the highest he can get, he is
basically untouchable. He is very strong, even with his lowest
spell Flux. With Luna, he can defeat the morph of the Black Fang
mage in one critical hit. .
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Glitch: Beyond The Borders: Disappearing archer 96%
When Erk fights the archer, he will rarely get a critical hit. When
this happens, the archer will still be on the field with 0 HP. If
you attack him there will be no damage, but afterwards he disappears
as if he was killed.
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Karel 96%
You can get Karel to join by talking to him with Lyn. He
appears in the chapter in which you are attacking the Black Fang
base in the mountains. You may have to wait a little while, but he
eventually appears. Chat to him with Lyn and he joins.
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Extra characters 95%
Your enemy works for a house or organization. It will say the name
of the characters or the group they are working for. if it shows a
face instead of a symbol you can almost always get that unit with
green units.
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Note 94%
This game is also titled Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken.
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Hector hard mode 94%
Win the game in Hector's normal mode.
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Fire emblem -how to make your characters job easy with the chapter 10 boss 83%
The final battle of Lyn mode is great for leveling up characters. Provided you have a few hours spare and do not care about getting a S ratting. Basically. Give Mathew a steel sword and the energy ring. And hope all the others levels up +weapon MT got them to 17 or higher. Cos the boss has Def 16 with the gates bonus. Then. Just attack him till he is really low on HP. Let him heal and also heal yourself when needed and then attack him again. When he can no longere fight back, still heal the 1HP you might get for leveling up. Doing this for about 3 hours on my 1st completed play-through without using cheats got me the following character levels. Lyn -level 13 lord, A with swords, Kent --Level 11 cavalier, C each with swords and lances. Sain -L 14 Cavalier, B with lances and D with swords. Florina -L 10 Pegasus knight, C with lances, Will -Level 14 archer, A with bows, Dorcas -Level 15 fighter, A with axes, Serra -Level 15 cleric, A with staffs, Erk -Level 12 mage with a B with anima, Mathew -Level 11 thief, B with swords, Rath -Level 16 nomad, A with bows, Nills -Level 15 bard, Lucius -L 13 Monk, C with light and Wallace -Level 12 Knight, Level 5 general, S with lances and D with swords
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Glitch* control your enemies ?!?!? 83%
The glitch to control enemies requires a mine. when an enemy steps on the mine, reset the game during the animation and when you resume chapter you control the enemies for 1 turn
Fire Emblem cheat video Cheat Video
By: Stickman(454)
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How to get Ch 24 Four Fanged Offence alternate (linus) 83%
To get this Chapter the combined level of your lords must b over lvl 50
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Triangle attack requires you to surround an enemy with florina, fiora, and farina. attack a surrounded enemy in this formation and its a 100% chance of critical hit

Note* you can also do this with serene, tana, and vanessa in fire emblem sacred stones
By: Stickman(454)
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-/\/\/\- EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE win of final bosses -/\/\/\- 64%
All you need is the dark power Luna. Give one to Athos and Cannas. You should have Cannas (the shamman) at maximum level and ability, and lots of speed. When fast and strong enough, if you attack the dragon with Luna you should deal 60 damage EASILY. Finish him off with Athos and/or Eliwood. If looking weak, have a fortify staff handy.

It's worked for me and will work for you!
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Hw to get ch 32x 60%
Defeat ch 32 in 15 turns or under, hectors story only
By: Stickman(454)
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How to get alternate version of Pale Flower of Darkness (kenneth) 50%
To get this alternate version of the chapter, the total lvls of your magic users combined must b more than the units that use the hero quest
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Fighting Tips 31%
I easily beat the game by sending only my strongest man (Seth) to battle. Everyone else was in a corner to gaurd Ephraim or Eirika. Seth had easily killed everyone and i was able to pass every level without any of my characters dying.
By: REmaster1(81)
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Unlockable Characters 28%
Enter the cheat or hints here!Unlockable: Secret Characters
Fulfill the following requirements to get the characters to join your party.
Garcia: Chapter 2 -- Have Ross talk to him.
Ross: Chapter 2 -- Have Eirika talk to him.
Colm: Chapter 3 -- Have Neimi talk to him on Turn 2.
Lute: Chapter 4 -- Visit lower-left house.
Joshua: Chapter 5 -- Have Natasha talk to him.
Amelia: Chapter 9 -- Have Eirika or Franz talk to her on Turn 5.
Gerrick: Chapter 10 -- Have Innes talk to him.
Innes: Chapter 10 -- Have Tana or Eirika talk to him.
Marisa: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik talk to her.
Tethys: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik talk to her.
L'Archel: Chapter 11 -- Have Eirika talk to her.
Dozla: Chapter 11 -- Have L'Arachel talk to him.
Ewan: Chapter 12 -- Visit the small house on Turn 5.
Comrag: Chapter 13 -- Have Eirika talk to him.
Rennac: Chapter 14 -- Have Eirika or L'Arachel talk to him.
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Normal and Hard mode comparison 25%
In hard mode, the enemies are obviously going to be tougher and more abundant. In hard mode it is reccommended to take advantage of pure waters, recovery items, and restore staffs. also in hard mode there is an extra elasiyan whip (yes I kno I mispelled) and also the ability to steal a silver card which halves prices at the store. also allies you can get that start out as enemies also have higher stats and still at the same level. Hope this helps!
By: Stickman(454)
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