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Unreal 2: The Awakening Cheats for PC
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Unreal 2: The Awakening PC Cheats

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Unreal 2: The Awakening

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Aboard The Atlantis: Lots of pictures 100%
After the Dam mission, you will get your briefing for "Kalydon" by
Ne'Ban. When he tries to use the holotank, he will fail. However 10
to fifteen images will appear very quickly. Enabel the slomo -1 code
to try and see most of them. Use slomo 1 to return to normal speed
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Item names 100%
Use one of the following entries with the Sum code.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Sea Goat hologram 100%
This trick can be done at any time you are on the Atlantis. In the
briefing room, to the left keyboard of the holotank is a secret
button. Secret buttons are difficult to find. They are orange in
color and the information reads "Secret Button". Press it to make a
Sea Goat appear. The 1st time, it makes the Sea Goat expand. The
2nd time makes the Sea Goat shrink.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Flash Bang 100%
This trick can be done at any time you are on the Atlantis. In the
weapons locker (Isaak's weapons room, where you go get information
on the weapons; across from the briefing room), near the entrance on
Isaak's desk is a secret button. Pressing the button will make Isaak
say "Flash Bang" and an EMP blast will appear.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Artifacts 100%
This can only be done after your 1st mission (Sanctuary). After
acquiring a artifact, go in the weapons locker (where you get
information on weapons, where Isaak works; across the hall from the
briefing room. Look on the desk behind and to the left of Isaak. All
collected artifacts will appear here.
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Easy teleporting 100%
Bind the following command to a key" Teleport | OnRelease
UnTeleport. Doing so will make you teleport in the direction you
looking at, until it reaches a blocked or impassable area such as a
wall or locked door. When you release the key, it will "unteleport"
and allow you to move again.
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Secret Interlude: Dance party 100%
Save the game before attempting this trick. The only way to get back
from this is to load a saved game. At any time, type the open
atlantis?missioncompleted=83 code and press [Enter]. This will load
a secret interlude that features lots of Sea Goats dancing on the
bridge of the Atlantis, with balloons and a shiny Unreal Logo.
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Aboard The Atlantis: A few laughs 100%
This trick can be done at any time you are on the Atlantis. Get to
the main deck (same deck as the bridge and living quarters). At the
back of the deck is an open floor panel. Go in it and look for
another secret button. They are difficult to find, so keep looking.
Press it to make Lincoln and Grant appear and laugh at you.
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Pawn names 100%
Use one of the following entries with the Sum code.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Secret distress call 100%
This trick is done immediately after the training mission but before
the briefing. This secret modifies the briefing. After getting up to
the ship, look at the hatches on the main deck. This is the deck
where the bridge and all the living quarters are located. Looking
where the drop ship bay is found (on the main deck), to the left is
a hatch just before you turn the corner. Open the hatch to find a
Seagoat. You can interact with it by "using" it. Enter the following
responses in this exact order: "Spam", "Spam", "Spam", "HumBug" .
You will see a "Lincoln is pleased" message. Go to the 2nd deck
to your briefing. Pay close attention to the distress call.
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Hint 100%
The gestures can only be seen in 3rd person view (behindview 1)
and will cycle randomly. Try binding this command to a key.
Please submit any information regarding the unknown codes.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Wandering Sea Goat 100%
This can only be done after the Swamp mission (the mission after
Sanctuary). Walk around the ship and look for a Sea Goat. Find it
twice. then Dalton (you, the player) can interact with it. It will
make Dalton say one thing. Now, after another mission, he changes
his comment but you will have to find it twice again.
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Egg infection 100%
When you get the "Spider Gun" from Isaak, shoot in secondary fire
mode. It will shoot out a small egg. If an enemy gets close to it,
the egg will split and shoot Araknids on your opponent. However if
you shoot the egg with primary fire, the egg will enlarge and a
larger Araknid will appear. You can also get a bigger Araknid by
holding [Alt ] + [Fire] for a few seconds, then shooting it.
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Crawling 100%
This trick is very useful when getting the last of the artifacts.
Enable the behindview 1 code ti be able to see your entire body
instead of just what is in front of you. Hold [Crouch] + [Jump] and
move in any direction while holding them down. You will crawl around
and can go underneath other places. You can even sneak up on
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Hint 100%
Avalon (training mission): Secret Nali shooting range:
When its time to mantle onto the higher block in training, jump over
the fence to your right. You should see an open crate with a weird
head inside. Pick it up to get a "You unlocked the secret shooting
range" message. When its time to test the weapons, specifically the
grenade launcher, move to the left (as if there was another weapon
to try out). Another shooting range will be unlocked. It is Nali.
The cardboard figures even talk when you kill them.
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Aboard The Atlantis: License plate 100%
This trick can be done at any time you are on the Atlantis. Go into
your quarters. You will know that it is your quarters if you see
some military uniforms inside the locker. Go to where your locker is
located. Enable the ghost code and move around to position yourself
so you can see the back of the locker. There is a license plate with
the word "Sea Goat" on it. Make sure you are inside the ship before
you disable the code by using the walk code.
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Aboard The Atlantis: Photo album 100%
This trick can be done at any time you are on the Atlantis. Go into
your quarters (you will see your belongings). Look on the wall/large
screen. There is a new picture every time you finish a level. It is
a picture of the level.
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Cheat mode (alternate) 100%
*** This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
"user.ini" file in the game folder. Change the value for the
"CheatsEnabled" line to "true". The previously listed console
commands can now be activated.
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Cheat mode 100%
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter
BeMyMonkey to enable cheat mode. Now, enter one of the following
codes at the console window to activate the listed cheat
function. Enter BeMyMonkey again to disable cheats.

Toggle God modeGod
Toggle invisibilityInvisible
All weaponsgoodies 0 100
Ammunition for all weaponsAllAmmo
Toggle God mode for selected actorGodEx
Toggle Phoenix PowersuitPhoenix
Enemy fears youFearMe
Ghost modeGhost
Flight modeFly
Underwater modeAmphibious
Return to normal walking modeWalk
Slow motionSloMo
Set jump heightSetJumpZ
Toggle unlimited ammunitionToggleInfiniteAmmo
Toggle reloadsToggleReloads
Toggle invisibilityToggleInvisibility
Teleport to location looked atTeleport
Level skipNextLevel
Map selectOpen
Double speedToggleSpeed
Set player speedSetSpeed
Set player sizeChangeSize
Toggle God mode on selected pawnTogglePawnInvulnerability

Summon array of goodiesGoodies ,
Spawn listed item or pawnSum
List all actorsActors
Go to selected actor locationGotoActor
Give specified damage to targetDamage ,
Give specified damage to NPCsDamageNPCs
Give specified health to targetSetHealth ,
Set player healthSetMyHealth
Harm player by specified amountHurtMe
Damage all visible pawnsManCannon
Toggle animation servosToggleServos
Show player teamsShowTeams
Change game difficultyDifficulty
See view from listed actorCheatView
Target camera on playerViewSelf
Enable time demoToggleTimeDemo
Toggle scoreboardToggleScoreBoard
Toggle free ordersEnableFreeOrders <0 or 1>
Toggle behind viewBehindView
Set particle densitySetParticleDensity
Toggle impactsToggleImpacts
Toggle weapon tick codeSetWeaponTick <0 or 1>
Toggle weapon firingSetWeaponFire <0 or 1>
Show all hidden actorsToggleShowAll
Show all keypointsToggleShowKPs
Show all navigation pointsToggleShowNPs
Toggle RmodeToggleRMode
Set player eye heightSetEyeHeigth
Kill listed actorKillActorx
Kill actor under crosshairKillHitActor
Kill NPC under crosshairKillHitNPC
Kill all active NPCsKillActiveNPCS
Kill all dormant NPCsKillDormantnPCS
Gib all NPCsGibAllNPCS
Gib NPC under crosshairGibHitNPC
Toggle players onlyPO
Toggle freeze viewToggleFreezeView
Toggle HUDToggleHUD
Different animations in 3rd person view1 gesture
Set camera distanceSetCameraDist
Toggle free camera movementFreeCamera <0 or 1>
Set fog red color valueSetFogR
Set fog green color valueSetFogG
Set fog blue color valueSetFogB
Set field of view degrees; 90 is default; 360 is fish-eye view
Toggle creature summon menuSendEvent ToggleSummonMenu
Toggle debug menuSendEvent ToggleDebugMenu
Screen flashSetFlash
Red line shows where your eyes are lookingShowViewLine
Field of vision zoom; 80 is defaultToggleFOV
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Secret Interlude: Balloon mania 100%
Save the game before attempting this trick. The only way to get back
from this is to load a saved game. At any time, type the open
atlantis?missioncompleted=110276 code and press [Enter]. This will
load another secret interlude. This time, it is in your cabin/living
quarters. They are filled with floating Sea Goat and Lincoln
balloons. There are more balloons outside your cabin.
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