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Area 51 Cheats for PS2
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Area 51 PS2 Cheats

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Area 51

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Moon Landing Conspiracy 96%
When you reach "Lies of the Past: Checkpoint 4", you will ascend in
an elevator. Exiting the elevator, you will see a replica of the
Moon's surface, a model of the U.S. space suit, and a shuttle the
United States used to reach the Moon. This is in reference to the
Moon Landing Conspiracy, claiming that the U.S. never actually
reached the Moon, and faked the landing to win the Russians in the
space race. The conspiracy was heavily debated, but ultimately
rejected by the majority of opinions. Today, only a few people still
claim the Moon landing was a hoax.

Go to a building behind the crane operations and scan a top secret
file. Go back to the secrets in the campaign menu and play Doctor
Cray's diary to hear him say something similar to "Man certainly
have been to the moon but the horrors of the alien life form that
reside there have never been reviled to the public". This refers to
the theory is that there is alien life form on the moon and that the
government chose to hide from the public.
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Defeating Thetas 96%
The best way to defeat a Theta is to 1st mutate. Next, fire
parasites; or if you want to take a chance, fire contagion to lay
some heavy damage on him. *** Use contagion for heavy damage, but
parasites also work well, especially because they heal you. When
your mutagen runs low, run up and melee him and/or the enemies he
releases on you (the "bubbles" or leapers). Keep doing this and he
will eventually go down. This will take some time to accomplish and
may be difficult at first.
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Life Or Death: Alien grenade upgrade 95%
Search the dead soldier in one of the elevators where Cole starts the level to find a small key. Use it to open the small lockers in the 1st power conduit pit to find a databank item. It will upgrade the alien grenade so that it will track targets.
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Defeating the Super Beast 95%
When fighting the Super Beast, rather than running straight at him, run around in a circle. When he gets near an explosive barrel, shoot it. It does more damage then the BBG. Watch out for his plasma shooting arm as well. When you finish, Edgar will chat to you, and you get to see him.
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Interesting scans 95%
During the training levels, scan everyone that you can. You will
find some interesting equipment of the MPs, including adult diapers
and condoms.

Hold Right Analog-stick Down (with the default controller configuration, or in the opposite direction in the inverted configuration) until your scanner stops moving and you appear to be looking at your feet. You can now scan yourself and see information
about Cole.
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Secret tapes 93%
Find and scan all five databank items in a level to unlock the secret for that level. The final secret of the game is unlocked when all prior secrets have been found.
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Defeating Grays 93%
To defeat Grays that use shields, mutate and fire parasites at them. It will bring down the shields faster than any other weapon in the game.
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Gray Alien in multi-player mode 93%
Complete campaign mode under the hard difficulty
setting .
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Arcade cabinet 93%
In the earlier stages of the game, there are a few cabinets of the original Area 51 arcade game, complete with red and blue light-guns.
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Hard difficulty 93%
Complete campaign mode under the medium difficulty setting.
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Head shot 49%
Head shots kill quicker
By: joshkay(557)
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Unlock every thing 38%
At the main screen of the area 51 game, press R1, right, left, right,left, up, down, circle,
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GOD MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 31%
By: pokemaster75(457)
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Start With ShotGun 31%
Pause game play, then press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Left, R1
By: gam3kill3r(193)
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Make player have hugh penis 31%
R1 R1 R1 R1 UP UP X O X O X
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Invicibility 30%
By: pokemaster75(457)
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100% Health 25%
During gameplay, press R1, R2, L1, L2, Left, Up, Down
By: gam3kill3r(193)
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100% ammo on any gun 24%
During gameplay, press R1, R2, R3, Left, Right, Down
By: gam3kill3r(193)
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Area 51 343280How do I get those alien grenades to zoom in multiplayer? Answers: 4
Area 51 648486How do I defeat the super beast at check point 2. I tried several different combat maneuvers double shot guns and laser gun appear no enough fire power to defeat super beast 2. What should I do? Answers: 1
Area 51 688097Not 1 of your cheats work there all fake Answers: 2
Area 51 692781In life or death when you get under ground and you look off the land you see lava, how do you get on the top of the roof and climb on the ladder Answers: 2
Area 51 696300When you encounrter the Gray in his shield, throwing black op bubbles all over the place. How do you take out his shield? As before I assume there's a generator for it somehwere that I have to knock out, but can't find it. Answers: 3
Area 51 829928Where is r3 on the controller? Answers: 1
Area 51 862262Ps 2 Area 51 level 1, how do I get past the alien spiders coming from the wall? Answers: 1
Area 51 905311How do you put in the cheat codes Answers: 0
Area 51 908331How do you get the security door open to get the key in the amory in the search check piont two. I picked up one security gaurds arm is there another arm .If there is where is it Answers: 1
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Area 51 971046Can you play the arcade machine in hot zone. Answers: 0
Area 51 983565Do you ever end up outside? Answers: 0
Area 51 990431Scan severed arm for access Answers: 0
Area 51 508716In Check point 2 in they get bigger I cant seem to get past the mutants on the 2nd or 1st floor to my teammates behind the hangar door without being killed and how do I get to them in the first place Answers: 1
Area 51 618443What do you do in Dr.Cray's lab? Answers: 1
Area 51 618768I searched another website and tried their cheats for unlimited ammo and invincibility but I tried the cheats and they didn't work so are they fake cheats Answers: 2
Area 51 251481On the level life or death at checkpoint 2 I got the card put it into the machine what do I do then? Answers: 1
Area 51 144278How do I activate the hangar door in they get bigger Answers: 3
Area 51 144271How do I activate the angar door in checkpoint 1 iey get bigger Answers: 1
Area 51 94830What is the final secret tape? Answers: 1
Area 51 197590Starting the level decent after going down the elevator to the lower level what do you do ,i've shot all the enemies, tried to attack the ailen floating in the middle spawning more enemies ,i just end up running out of ammo. Answers: 2
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