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Nanobreaker Cheats for PS2
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Nanobreaker PS2 Cheats

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Nanobreaker Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Completion bonuses 98%
Win the game and save to unlock Keith as a
playable character, Hard mode, Splatter mode, New Game + mode. Load
your cleared game in New Game + mode to start with all Combo Chips,
Boosters, and stats from you rprevious game.
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Mini-game 94%
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle during
game play. You can play a shooter mini-game on the in-game map at
the top right corner of the screen. *** This feature is available
in the Japanese version of the game.
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Nanocheat 46%
Nanocheat-gives infinit life and all chips are yours infinit booster
plss add this 2 nanobreaker of PS2
thank you
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Nanobreaker 367086How do I beat the final boss Answers: 2
Nanobreaker 794684How do I beat the first boss kieth Answers: 0
Nanobreaker 935242How to get to the last boss Answers: 0
Nanobreaker 952445Enter the Question here!how to beat the final boss in nanobreaker Answers: 0
Nanobreaker 972156Q.How to kill the snake type monster at starting Answers: 0
Nanobreaker 414491I have a question how do you beat the two circle creatures in the sewer Answers: 1
Nanobreaker 638856How to change weapon on nanobreaker Answers: 1
Nanobreaker 717658How can I unlock Jaguar as a playable character? Answers: 1
Nanobreaker 832852How to kill the snake type monster at starting Answers: 0
Nanobreaker 39560Im having trouble in the very begining of the game. when im fighting the venus. i can get the thrust thing but cant use it i must be doing something wrong what does it mean when it has shift square and triangle. im tried to hold r1 and square then triangle and so on but im not getting the axe. whats up Answers: 3
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