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Punisher Cheats for PS2
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Punisher PS2 Cheats

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Cheat mode 100%
Get a gold medal rank on the listed level to unlock the
listed cheat in an apartment sub-menu. *** You cannot
progress in the game if any cheats are enabled.

Crazy Deaths: Lucky's Bar level
Gun Splitters: Crack House
Unlimited Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
Invulnerability: All levels
No Reloads: Stark Towers
One Shot Kills: Ryker's Island
Unlimited Slaughter: Takagi Building
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Defeating Jigsaw 100%
Jigsaw is quite possibly the easiest fight in the game (if played
smart). First, take out Jigsaw's jet pack. Simply walk over to a
cargo crate. Make sure that you can see Jigsaw, but he cannot see or
hit you. If you wait, Jigsaw will come to you. When he gets close
enough, run under him. Now, just shoot his backpack and stay under
Jigsaw. After a little cat and mouse, an intermission sequence will
play. Jigsaw is now on foot. Jigsaw's way of defense are 10 fast
blasts and a large plasma ball. You will need to run in between
boxes to throw him off your path. Run around until you see a guard,
then finish him quick. The guard will drop a RAM explosive. These
are used by walking up to a wall and pressing Secondary Fire once
(while RAM is selected). The charge is now armed and ready for
detonation. Get Jigsaw's attention by letting him see you. He will
run after you. When he gets near the RAM, press your Secondary Fire
again (maintain safe distance) and an explosion will blow off a
piece of Jigsaw's armor. Repeat this procedure until Jigsaw falls to
your punishment.

When you are fighting Jigsaw, get under him when he is in the air
and shoot his jetpack. When he turns around, get behind him and
shoot him again. Plant mines on the ground and detonate them when he
walks by to finish him.
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Defeating the Russian on the island 100%
When you get off of the gondola, take a right into the shed. Do not
go to the launch pad yet. Get the ammunition for the sniper rifle.
Leave the shed and make a right to the steps to the missile launch
pad. Walk up the steps and the Russian will say "We have to stop
meeting like this, Big Boy!". He will stay on the catwalk above,
throwing flaming barrels at you. Shooting him is useless. Watch the
Russian through your more precise aiming (it is easier this way).
When he lifts a barrel, he will walk a little way, lift it above his
head, and it will catch fire. Shoot the barrel while it is on fire
before he throws it at you. It will explode in his face. After 2
or 3 explosions, guards will begin to appear from the right and
left sides of the map. Take them out if they give you a problem,
however try to focus on the Russian. After the Russian's life gets
half-way down, an intermission sequence featuring him catching
ablaze will play. He will then jump down and chase after you. Get
him to chase you into the piles of barrels scattered in the corners
of the map. There is one barrel in each pile that will light
(usually the brightest one). Get the Russian to walk into the barrel
and it will ignite. Now, shoot the barrel to blow it up on the
Russian. Be careful not to get too close or you will sustain damage.
After about 4 to five explosions, he will be defeated. *** If
the Russian runs into a guard, the guard will also catch fire.
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Defeating BullsEye 100%
When in KingPin's office, throw grenades at him. Do not try to shoot
him unless you aim for the head; bullets do not hurt him. Just keep
throwing grenades until he dies.
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Special kills 100%
When you grab enemies with skulls over their heads, you can get
information from them. In order to do special kills, you must walk
over to a purple skull shining out of the ground with the enemy. To
do this, you must grab him and take him over to the purple skull.
Now, use his own method.
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Defeating the chopper at Stark Towers 100%
When you reach this part of the level, you may be compelled to take
the sniper rifle to your left. You can if desired, but it is not
required. If you want to get out quick, run to the middle rock near
the edge (where the chopper is flying). You will find an anti-tank
launcher (rocket launcher) and what may be an unlimited ammo cache.
Try to aim for the man with the rocket launcher in the chopper
(usually on the right). After you hit him, keep firing missiles at
the chopper. Make sure that you strafe (or at least keep moving), as
there are snipers in almost all directions around you.
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For unlock everything you must use "v-pirate" for your profil.
By: calvin007(40)
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