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Shining Soul 2 Cheats for GBA
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Shining Soul 2 GBA Cheats

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Shining Soul 2

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Passwords 100%
Name Codes

Enter one of the below as your character's name to start with
a bonus.
(These only work in the USA-version)

str +5Ninky
dex +5Yoshi
int +5 RTH +30Dengeki
RLT +30Saophen
Power GlovesVJxSS
Genome RingGenomes
Have a Dream Hat in your inventoryNindri
RDK +30Montaka
RPO +30Hachi
Have an Atlus Ring in your inventoryVjum
RIC +30Mizupin
VIT +5Taicho
RFR +30Iyoku
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Unlockables 100%
Advanced Mode

Advanced ModeWin the game once with any character.
Select the Completed Character to open up Advanced Mode.
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Multiply money 98%
First, have over 100,000 gold in your bank and inventory
Next, put any amount of money into your inventory.
Finally, grab the money in the bank and drop it on the money
in your inventory. Make sure the total will exceed 100,000.
When you do this, the bag that had the lowest amount of money
will be duplicated. A new bag of money will appear with that
amount in it, the bag that was originally in your inventory
will have 100,000 gold in it, and the money from your bank
will still be in your bank.
This will not work if there is a money bag in your 1st 2
item slots. Also, whatever is in those slots will be replaced
with the money.
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Duping any item 98%
Step 1 - Drop anything you want to dupe on the bed where you
start off
Step 2 - Save, and load the file
Step 3 - Pick up all the items that were on the floor at the
Step 4 - Defeat Chaos and watch credits (long part here)
Step 5 - Load file again, you should have all items in your
inventory + the same items on the floor
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Easter Eggs 98%
SEGA message balloon

Sacrifice the S, E, G, and A letters in the Temple of Light to
get the SEGA message balloon.
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Sound Mode 98%
Sound ModeAt the Atlus screen press Up, Down, Up, Down,
Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, then at
the Title Screen highlight any mode, hold Start and
press A
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Secret Character 96%
Secret CharacterWin the game once with any
character. The next time you create a new file, a new
Black Mage character will be selectable.
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