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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats for GBA
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Pokemon Fire Red GBA Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
Pokemon Fire Red Cheats


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Pokemon Fire Red

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Selphy 98%
*** you must have rescued lady selphy in the lost cave, and captured most of the pokemon in the pokedex.

selphy's house is on island five, resort gorgeus
before talking to lady selphy, save. she will ask you to show her a pokemon. if this pokemon is in your party or pc, fly quickly to the pokecenter and claim that pokemon. use surf to go back to resort gorgeus and show her the pokemon. if you take to long, she'll get bored and ask you to show her another pokemon. if you show her the pokemon before she gets bored, she'll ask sebastian (a man will appear out of nowhere) to give you something in return.

these are what he'll give you
luxury ball: common
pearl/big pearl: rarely
nugget: almost never ^_^
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Articuno 98%
To find articuno go to seafoam island you will see a little cave entrance go into it. It might take a while but evantully will find articuno. Best way to catch him is to put him to sleep then get him into the red health then when you through the pokeball hold up then when the ball opens hold b aswell. It might take a while but trust me it does work this cheat will also help you catch other legendaries.
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How to get a smoochum 98%
First, you must have a jnyx (obtained through trading with a NPC) and a ditto. go to the day-care couple in 4 island. give them jynx and ditto. walk for a while, and go back to the old man. he'll give you an egg. hatch this, and, voila!! you hav yourself a smoochum!
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Pichu egg 98%
First you have to get a ditto and a pikachu then you must go to the day care people on 4 isand and leave ditto and pikachu with them visit the other isands and then go back to the day care and chat to the day care man and he'll give you an egg walk around and the egg will hatch and a pichu should come out.
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Azurill 98%
*** Enable trading with Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald versions. also you must have a ditto, and a marill (obtained by trading with the said versions.)
leave ditto, and marill or azumarill with the day care couple. walk around and take the egg from the old man outside. hatch this, and azurill is yours! ^__^
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Silph Co. 98%
Go to the fifth floor. Now, go right until you reach a wall. You will see a Team Rocket grunt. Do not go in front of him. Instead, go all the way up so he must walk to fight you. Make sure that when he walks up, he makes it so you can walk past him after you defeat him. An easy way to defeat him is to use Water type Pokemon with Surf, After defeating him, go behind him down the narrow path, then turn. You will see a Pokeball. It has the Card Key, which is the item that you need to open doors. Go back out and down to level three. Go left until you see a locked room that has a portal in it. It also has a locked room behind it as well. Go into the 1st locked room and use the warp. Make sure you have some strong Pokemon to battle your rival. Defeat him, then chat to the man standing against the left wall. He will heal you and give you Lapris. Now, go through the other portal (not the one you came from, but other on on the other side of the table). Defeat the Team Rocket grunt, then defeat the Team Rocket Boss. Next, chat to the owner of Silph Co. He will give you the Master Ball. You now can fight Gym Leader Sabrina.
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Lots of $$$ Money 96%
This takes till u can win the elite 4 without losing. After u bete them the 1st time go home and get the amulet coin. Then go back to to the elite 4(if desired, u can do the ruby saphire thing first.) Then go through and put the amulet coin on ur best guy. Use him in every battle. Once u bete them u should end up with about 50 grand. Do this again and again. It worked for me and i have all the money u can hold. =)
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Easy way to train pokemon 4 the elite 4 96%
Ok First have your selection of pokemon you want to enter in the pokemon league a good variation of types would do good some grass rock water fire elec etc.

make sure you have the tri-pass so u can go 2 island 3.
make sure your pokemon are atleast lvl 45+

go to the place right beside berry forest and u will c 2 trainers use your vs. seeker
and hopefully you will challenge them fight them

The one that gives you more exp is the tuber she gives you 2000 and sumthing exp per battle she has 3 water pokemon this is the order she battles in poliwag poliwhirl poliwag all lvl 37 i think

the next triner has bellsprout and weepinbell u get 1700 and sum exp from this i worked a lvl 24 gyarados in 1 wk to a lvl 63 wow! and a moltress lvl 50 2 lvl 60 in 3 days! try it!
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Where to find professor oaks aids 96%
Here are the places to find professor oaks aids are route 2 gate,route 10 pc,route 11 gate,route 16 gate,and route 15 gate. Well that is that. this is madman5551 signing out see ya!
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Secretst Mystery Gift 96%
Go into any Pokemon Center and go to the Clipboard by the Shop Owner. Go to it and you can put in 4 words. Put in the words "Link Together With All." The Shopkeeper will notice this and give you access to the Mystery Gift system. Now save your game and reset and when you go to re-load it will be right below "New Game."
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How to get Togepi 96%
You must have the rainbow pass.
Have an empty slot on your party.
go to five island. walk past the guy fishing for his dinner. use surf. go through the maze, but not to resort gorgeus. instead, go left, and you should get to a small island. go chat to the guy with the hat. he'll give you an egg. when it hatches, a togepi is yours!!! ^__^
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Get the National Dex (JP Version) 96%
Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.
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Ultimate $$$ Money Cheat 95%
For this cheat you must have the following

1) A lv 60 or higher pokemon
2) The vs seeker
3) The rainbow pass (for the sevii islands)
4) The amulet coin

First thing you have to do is go to Vermilion city and take the boat to Five Island. Next take the Water Path to the Resort Gorgeous and go to the island with house on it. Now put the amulet coin on your strongest pokemon and battle the lady farthest to the right and the lady standing next to the house (if you haven't already). Now the lady farthest left will give you $20000 and the lady standing right next the house will give you $19800. Now after that go to your pack and use vs seeker and battle them again. They will have the same pokemon, same level, and give you the same amount of cash. Run around the island and recharge the battery and keep using the vs seeker (only on the 2 girls though). I can tell you this works for a fact because i got about $310000 by fighting them 10 times.
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Mewtwo 95%
You can catch mewtwo in cereluen cave at lv.70 after u win the elite 4 and give the ruby and sapphire to celio.he is really easy to catch if u have some "TIMER BALLS" just keep stalling 4 A long time and every turn the ball will become batter you can buy timer balls at one of the sevii islands from the guy that just starts a business at the side place
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Unlockables 94%
Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire (JP Version)

Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire-Fix the Network Machine on Island
1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game
items) and bringing them to the machine
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Secret Japanese Time Glitch Fix 94%
In order to do this, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, 2 GBA's, and a link cable. When the game gets to the start up menu, press select and B. Then press A on the next screen. Next, put the link cable in. Make sure the purple tong is in the GBA with FR/LG, and the grey one is in the GBA with R/S. Press A to do the transfer. When you start up the 2nd GBA, with R/S in it, press Select and Start on the Gameboys default screen to fix the time glitch in R/S.
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Raising levels (easy way) 93%
The easiest way of rasing your pokemon level in FR/GL is keep it in the day care. Pick your pokemon you wish to level up, now there will be some steps to this.
1. Head to Celadon City and go to the slot game place and go down to the rockets secret base down stairs.
2. Go to b3f and go to the pads.
3. Go down there , take the pad on the left that points to the left go down and go on the pad that points to the right next.
3 Now, finally stay at the pad there. Get some sticky tape or a tool that can hold in place on the button. now put that on left arrow pad on ur GBA watch and watch as ur player keeps moving to the left 3 spaces and spinning back on the yellow pad every 1 or 2 second. this is a good cheat because each step u take effects on the leveling in the day care. also if u want to you can tape the B button to make ur player run in sted of walk.
leave the player running and spinning back continuosly for about 10 to 15 hours. yes yes i know it is a very long time but for this cheat u can raise ur pokemon's level in the day care about 30 to 40 level raised.
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Secrets 93%
Secret Japanese Time Glitch Fix
In order to do this, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, 2 GBA's, and a link cable. When the game gets to the start up menu, press select and B. Then press A on the next screen. Next, put the link cable in. Make sure the purple tong is in the GBA with FR/LG, and the grey one is in the GBA with R/S. Press A to do the transfer. When you start up the 2nd GBA, with R/S in it, press Select and Start on the Gameboys default screen to fix the time glitch in R/S
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Bite flincher 93%
You know that a Pokemon with Bite has a chance to flinch the opponent, right? Well, when the Pokemon uses Bite, press A the same time the jaws hit the opponent, and there's a 95% chance of the opponent flinching (not moving the next turn) Hope I helped! ^_^
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Get all evolutions of Eevee 92%
First, you must have eevee, which you can get on the top floor of the celadon mansion (accessed through the back way), and a ditto. then go to 4 island. have the day care lady take care of these two. walk around for a while, and go back to the old man. he should give you an egg. hatch this, and you have an eevee! keep repeating for a few times. after that, use the ff:

water stone: for vaporeon
fire stone: for flareon
thunderstone: for jolteon
for the other two:
umbreon: happiness to the max, then level up in the night
espeon: happiness to the max, then level up in the day
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Hitmon madness! 91%
*** you must win the fighting dojo, taken either hitmonlee or hitmonchan, have the rainbow pass, and a ditto

Head to island 4. leave ditto and hitmonlee or hitmonchan in the day care. walk around for a while, and the old man will give you an egg. hatch this, and you will have a tyrouge, the pre-evolution of hitmonlee, hitmonchan, and hitmontop. do this again, and you should have these: hitmonlee or hitmonchan, 2 tyrouges.

hitmonlee raise tyrouge's attack, and level up till 20
hitmoncan raise tyrouge's speed, and level up till 20
hitmontop raise tyrouge's defense, and level till 20
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How to get the Ruby FireRed/LeafGreen 88%
Deafeat Elite 4 At least once If you have over 60 Pokemon See Proffesser Oak He updates it beacause Jhoto Region Pokemon Come Then go to Mount Ember There will be 2 Roket Grunts beat both n enter cave travel deap n in a spot you will find the ruby
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Berries 2 88%
Ok you might be thinking where do I get more berries well you need to go to the berrie forest then look for these smal black circles then press a when infront of them and voila you have it! p.s. vote this helpful!
By: shad900(85)
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How to breed pokemon 81%
First of all, you can't breed legendary pokemon (yeah it kinda sucks doesn't it?) take the pokemon you want to breed and a ditto. go to the day care center at four island. go inside, and give pokemon to the daycare lady. then wait. after a while, go back, and the daycare man should be waiting for you outside. talk to him, and he will give you an egg. make sure you have an empty slot in your party. after a certain number of steps, the egg will hatch into the pokemon that you bred (not the ditto) you can also take 2 of the same types of pokemon, and do the same thing, but they have to be male and female.
By: sanmantha(161)
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A pokemon MEWTWO can't touch. 80%
Get a SABLEYE from emerald ruby or saphire to fire red or leaf green none of mewtwos attacks will affect it. trust me
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Easy level ups 78%
Go to the seventh island walk down for a while till you get to two people and you vs them and you use the vs seeker run around for alittle whille and use the vs seeker keep doing that and your pokemon will go up real quick you will need about level 50 pokemon I got 3 level 54 up to 100 in just two days [try it it works]
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How to get unlimited supplies of luxury balls and mabye rare candies 78%
First you need the rainbow pass so that you can access island 5.first go to the cave beside resort gorgeous and save the girl.once youve done that go inside the house and talk 2 her. she will ask to see a pokemon so have a pokemon in your party with HMsurf and HMfly with the pokemon she asks to see . now go back to her house and talk 2 her now she will give you a luxury ball or rare candie walk out the door and go inside again and talk to her. fly to the pokemon health place and go get the pokemon she wants 2 see.. repeat this again and again.

PS.(if you dont hve the pokemon shee wants 2 see wait 2 mins. then do it again)
By: lionbreaker2(9)
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Elite 4 $$$ 77%
The elite 4 get stronger every time you beat them so instead of winning lose on like the last one and youll have lots of$$$$
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How to get to island 1,2,3 75%
Beat blanie and walk outside and bill will be there he will then take you to island no 1
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Get charzards ultimate move 74%
Go to island 2 and go to that old lady on the hill with charzard as youre 1st pokemon in youre party and she will give you blast burn.( this hint may not work )
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How to get berrys on ss anne 73%
Ok this is how to get some berrys plz vote thishelpful!anyway go on the ss anne go into the kitchen then at the right side of the room there is some barrels press A when you are looking to wards it rthen you will get some berries!
By: shad900(85)
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Cerulean Cave 72%
You cant go in the Cerulean Cave unless you beat the elite 4 and find 2 gems, a ruby and a saphire.
By: rommelizer3(85)
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Unbeatable articuno 71%
When you catch the articuno at the seafome islands levle it up to 80 and teach it sheercold but this is very important make sure you do not let it forget mind reader. and then in battle use mind reader first and in the next turn use sheer cold and it wont miss. but they only have 5pp so use it risely I used a pp up on both of them so that they each have 6 and you will beat the opponent in only 2 moves awesome. oh sheer cold is a 1 hit ko move as well.
By: lelouchgirlfan(32)
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HM Flash 70%
To find the HM Flash you go through Diglett Cave in Vermillion City go down cut a small tree keep going down until you see a building,go in it, talk to an Aide and he will give it to you if you have 10 or more pokemon.
By: rommelizer3(85)
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HM cut 69%
Go to the S.S. Anne and the captain will give it to you
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Stones evolve Pokemon into. 67%
Fire Stone Thunder Stone
Vulpix -> Ninetales Pikachu -> Raichu
Growlithe -> Arcanine Eevee -> Jolteon
Eevee -> Flareon

Wate Stone Leaf Stone
Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath Gloom -> Vileplume
Shellder -> Cloyster Weepinbell -> Victreebell
Staryu -> Starmie Exeggute -> Exeggutor
Eevee -> Vaporeon Nuzleaf -> Shiftry
Lombre -> Ludicolo
By: poofcat(19)
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Having your squitul better than bulbasuar even at high levels! 67%
This cheat works only if you start with squitul.when you get to celedon city get in of coins to get ice beam tm13 and teach to squitul,wartutle or your blastoise and use it on bulbasuar,ivusuar,or venasuar and it will be super effective hit.
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How to join team roket 67%
To do this you have to start of with char mander and rais him to lvl 50 without evolving ( keep pressing b while pokomon is evolving) in cerulean city beat all 5 contenders on nugget brige when man hwo gives you the nugget asks you to join team roket press a b a b r1 r1 and a choice box should pop up clik yess the man will say thancks (ones in team rocket you will lose all your pokamon and you will start of whit a lvl 5 mew and mewtwo).
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Coin slots 67%
Go 2 celadon city slot machines wen you enter you will see 2 people with 1 machine between them use that 1 I got 5 triple 7s in 30 minutes
By: tyruge(29)
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How to get a bike 66%
First go to the Vermilion city then, there is a house behind the GYM. Then talk to the old man, then he will give you something. Then go to the Cerulean city, then go to the last edge, then go there, then talk to he man behind the cash register.
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Easy leaveling up! (really easy) 65%
Go to Celdon go below Celdons game corner , but before that put a Pokemon in the daycare center on island 4 or below cirloin city then go to the game corner Go to below level 3 go to a pad tape Button up down right left and make sure it is going towards a square with points facing up, right, left or down and leave it there for a long time. Leave for 10-24 hrs and this should raise your Pokemon 50-60 levels(It may be long but it's worth it)
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Pokemon evolve by trade 64%
Machoke evolves toa Machamp in trade.
Graveler evolves to a Golem in trade.
Kadabra evolves to a Alakazamin trade.
Slowpoke evolves into slowking when holding a kings rock in trade.
Seadra evolves to Kingdra when holding a Dragon scale in trade.
Scyther evolves into Scizor when holding a metal coat in trade.
Poliwhirl evolves into a politoad when holding a kings rock in trade.
By: poofcat(19)
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Super fast egg hatching! 63%
Tired of run around for 1500 steps to hatch? Wanna cut 1500 steps in f=half to hatch your egg? then follo the followin to do so. First get an you want to hatch. Put it first in your party(this helps a little) then go find a pokemon with the special ability flame body. some of the pokemon who have this r magmar and magby, slugma and magcargo. this will make the egg hatch in 750 steps instead of 1500 steps witch is a huge difference
By: mage3496(252)
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How to catch 3 legendary cats 63%
You have to get the national dex by catching 60 pokemon and beating elite 4 if you want raikou choose squirtle,suicune-charmander,entei-bulbusaur they can be anywhere and they flee so this is the best way get 5 crobats with mean look and 1 pokemon with sing,hypnosis,sleep powder,dark void,etc.and it has to be holding quick claw.(preferably wobbufet because it has shadow tag) put it to sleep then switch to crobat use mean look weaken it then use ultra ball or timer ball they are level 50 so be careful and they are not dogs they are cats tiger,lion,cheetah so stop writing dogs
By: wareon209arceus(195)
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How to catch pokemon easily 63%
You can use any pokeballs to do this. when you want a pokemon throw the pokeball out and immediatly hold left on the cursor pad and B. (note this works only 95% of the time)

hope I help someone
^-^ (.Y.)
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How To Get Evilution Stones!!!!! 63%
First, go to Celadon City. Go to the mall and go to the fourth floor. They have the Fire Stone, the Water Stone, the Thunder Stone, and the Leaf Stone. Hope I helped >_
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Get 2 up-grades 63%
I forgot where the 1rst up-grade is (sry if you don't know) but to get the 2nd up-grade, go to the trainer tower on one of the sevii islands (you need the rainbow pass to get there. To get the rainbow pass get the ruby give it to celio on 1 island.) beat all of the trainers there and once you get to the top talk to the guy and he'll give you the 2nd up-grade. :-).
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Tyrogue 62%
To get these you must have a hitmonlee or hitmonchan in the fighting dojo(saffron)then go to island 4 get ditto put it with hitmonlee or hitmonchan wait and walk around then you'll get an egg.
By: jj3000(44)
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More rare candies 62%
If you put 6 meowths in your party(they have the ability pickup)you will have a 35% chance of getting rare candies.
By: ghreg(525)
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Way to raise weak pokemon to strong ones really fast 60%
Go to rainbow island 7 and at the end of it right before you get in the water to catch unknown. Give the weak pokemon you want to raise an Exp. share and put it first in your party. Now use your Vs. seeker. Now when you battle switch it with a stronger pokemon (specifically Levels 65 and up). Keep doing this when you battle. When your pokemon you wanted to raise gets to the levels 50 and up you can battle some of the pokemon by itself (the ones that have weaknesses to it). You'll get from 2200 to 3000 for each one.

Here are some examples: Heracross Lv. 22 3 days later Lv. 72
Magneton Lv. 48 2 days later Lv. 73
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Ultra moves 59%
On islands 2 if you go to the top of the cape brink there is a house with this old lady if you talk to here with your charisard,venasuar(ect)she will talk a couple lines then see will teach a charisard blast burn,venasur will get freenzy leaf and you no im gona say blastois get hydro cannon
By: demike(176)
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Every thing I know about the Safari 59%
Hard to find Pokemon found in water:
Dratini - fartest corner pond
Dragonair - fartest corner pond

Hard to find Pokemon in grass:
Kangaskahn - far right corner by the rest house
Chansy - varies
Parasect - left of the far right corner
Syther - varies

Other tips:
infinate steps tap lightly in the direction you want to go
Safari balls work like master balls Press A & B at the same time then right when the ball opens let go of B but still hold A and you should catch the Pokemon ( works 99.9% of the time).

Pokemon that still usually don't stay in battle when you trough bait:

Hope these tips help. :-) (-:
By: Rocknroller(618)
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Pokemon gaining more exp. points 57%
Allright. Are you having trouble training your pokemon. I did until I figured this out. Step one. Chose the pokemon you want to train. Step two. Make sure you have someone to trade with. Step three. Make sure both people have a pokemon they want to train. Step four. Trade the pokemon. Make sure you trade the pokemon you want to train. Step five Trade back. Step five is optional. Step Six. Go train your pokemon. It should say your pokemon gained a boost of exp. points. You will notice your pokemon will grow levels faster. This even works for legendary pokemon. There is also a shorter way to do this. If you get a pokemon from a different game it will gain a boost of exp. points. For example. If I get Shromrish from sapphire it will gain a boost of exp. points. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something. This isin't really a cheat. It's just a hint. I hope you get great pokemon from this hint.
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Walk through walls gameshark code 57%
Must be on:

000014D1 000A
10044298 0007

walk through walls code:

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4
By: cheattester94(32)
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Get to the start menu with out turning the power off 56%
Whilst in a game and want to get to the main menu press a b select and start at the same time and it will go to the main menu
By: mewman101(71)
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Best Team Ever! 56%
O.K so this is the best team ever and I guarantee that if they are this level you can beat the Pokemon league (the first time through) with minimal fainting. so here it is

Your Starter lv. 56+
Put a good variety of moves on it and it should pretty much dominate :)

Pigeot/ Fearow lv. Your starter -1
Pretty much the same as your starter but with one of the moves as "mirror move"

Kadabra/ Alakazam lv. your starter -1
Make sure he knows psychic and some other good moves

Pikachu/ raichu/ Zapdos lv. your starter -1
Make sure it knows shockwave thunderbolt and thunder so you won't have trouble with the ice pokemon league trainer

Lapras/ Gyarados lv. your starter -1
Make sure they know a good water move or two and maybe ice beam or blizzard or if you have Lapras sheer cold

and last but not least Dragonite lv. 55+
Make sure he knows ice beam and a good dragon move for Lance.

and that's it, trust me this team works it is the best team I have ever made and you will destroy your rival especially if you started out with charizard or venusore but if you started out with blastoise make sure you have tought one of your other pokemon a good fire move or your rivals venasore will destroy you. :^
By: EpicPumaNess(11)
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Over night level ups 55%
Go to the team rocket hide out at the game machine room.go down 2or3 levels to the moving floor.find a spot and tape down the left or right depending on which way you go and if you have running shoes tape down b.also make sure you put pokemon in the day care center before you do this.leave it over night with the charger going.check in the morning and your pokemon should have leveled up quiet a bit
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Confusion trick 54%
This is a very nifty trick, very hard to master, but useful when your pokemon are confused. When it's your confused pokemon's turn, and after you choose your attack, and it says, (POKEMON'S NAME) IS CONFUSED!! press A before the ring of ducks appear. It all depends on your timing, and if you pull this off, your pokemon should be able to attack
By: motokino(447)
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Secret Trainer Card stickers 54%
Go to the lowest house on Island Four and talk to the man inside. Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding sticker:

Egg Hatching Sticker #1: Hatch one egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2: Hatch one hundred eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #3: Hatch two hundred eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #4: Hatch three hundred eggs
Hall of Fame Sticker #1: Defeat The Elite Four one time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2: Defeat The Elite Four forty times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3: Defeat The Elite Four one hundred times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4: Defeat The Elite Four two hundred times
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1: Win one link battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2: Win twenty link battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3: Win fifty link battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4: Win one hundred link battles
By: CozaEmza(82)
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EASY $$!!MONEY!!$$ 53%
Goto Resort Georgious and put an amulet coin on a strong pokemon youll need to fight Lady Gillian which has 2 mareeps (lvl 47 & 48) and a flaffy (lvl 49) if the pokemon with amulet coin on it wins you get $19,600! and for the second person(Lady Jacki) you fight lvl 48 hoppip and 50 skiploom when you win you get $20,000!!! YOUR WELCOME!

(they wear pink dresses when there mini but when you battle they have blue dress o.o )
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Infinite rare candies/master balls 52%
Give any pokemon an item. then put them in the day care with a ditto. once you have the egg, hatch it, it will be holding the same item.
By: ghreg(525)
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TIP!!! for catching legendary pokemons easier 52%
First paralize the pokemon or any kind of status (I recomend toxic!) and then lower it's life to red and then throw a pokeball if the pokeball move once it's getting weaker then throw another pokeball again and again until the pokeball moves 2-4 times and then throw ultraball! if it doesen't work try the process all over again.

P.S. I caught mewtwo with just two pokeballs! really! I think of all pokeballs a normal pokeball is the best! I caught the birds with this trick!
By: vash009(30)
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Articuno,zapdos,moltres,and mewtwo 50%
Ok heres where you find articuno, (seafoam islands) zapdos, (power plant)

moltres, (one island,mt.ember) and mewtwo! (cerulean cave) tip:go in the ladder that is farthest away from you. for articuno,zapdos,and moltres use a ton of ultra balls. do not use your master ball! use your master ball on mewtwo! i've done it before
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Net ball 50%
Go to team rokets hide out and where giovania is the scientis use itemfinder and it will be where the box is if you walk around the table and you click on the box and it will have a net ball on or in it any way you get it.
By: mewman101(71)
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Unlimited foot steps in the safarie zone 50%
U just keep moveing around but dont take a step like face 1 way and press the oppisote way ect up down you could do to
By: mewman101(71)
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Get past all of the guards that are thirsty 50%
Go to Celadon city and get tea from the old lady,take it to one of the guards and they will say they will share it with the rest of the guards and now you can get past the guards.
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Catching legendary zados 50%
The best way to catch zapdos is to use ultra balls if you've already used your master ball.
Remember to save the game before you battle zapdos.
You will need to get he's health realy low and paralyse it or put it to sleep.
You will need about 61 or 56 to catch him.
Remember when you through your ultra ball keep pressing a button realy quick if you do your bound to catch him soon.
This is my own way of catching zapdos good luck.
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How to get pichu 50%
Hatch egg of raichu and ditto or pikachu and ditto
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Make loads of $ 48%
Ok first you go to resort gergous on 5 island and use the vs seeker if you have beaten them and have a amulet coin on and use it with a strong pkm and they will give you 20000 19600 1600 1600 and that over 42k!
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Mystery gift!!! and deoxys!! 48%
To get the mystery gift go to any poke mart and there will be a clipboard on the desk,click on it and write "link together with all" after you save the game there will be something that says "mystery gift" under "new game"...but to acess the mystery gift you need a "wireless adapter" put it in after "nintendo but before gameboy" when you turn on the game. click on mystery gift (under new game),then click on wonder gifts. after that go to the second floor of any pokemon center then there will be a man with a green hat he will give you I think a rainbow the game.then deoxys will be somewhere on island 8 0r 9!

$ I hope this helps$ :)
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How to get two master balls 47%
connection cable
ditto in one of the games
any other pokemon holding a master ball
2X game boys
conmect the connection cable with both game boys and turn on.
put ditto in firstbox in party and on other game boy put any pokemon holding a master ball in the first box.then goto pokemon centre on second floor go to the lady that lets tou battle by using the connection cable. when your make ditto use transform then it will have a master ball in its hands.finish the battle and ditto will have a master ball still.
By: pokemon2000(72)
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When you are facing a rare pokemon like moltres,Articuno,Zapdos,Mewtwo and mew SAVE right before you battle it so if you mess up, just shut off the game turn it back on and you will get another chance to capture it.
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Get all the Hitmons 47%
You can only get hitmonchan and hitmonlee right? Well wut if u want hitmontop and hitmolee/hitmonchan? take the hitmon to four island and get two eggs from the hitmon u choose. once u have tryoge(egg of hitmonlee/hitmonchan)do the folloin to get each.

Hitmonchan=defense up high+ lv 20
Hitmonlee=attack up high+ lv 20
Hitmontop=speed up high+ lv 20
hope it works/helps=)
By: mage3496(252)
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Hatch eggz easyer!!! 47%
First beat all trainers on dat cycling road thing get an egg and go down on it but it may take 4-5 gos though [it worked for me]
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Easy catching 47%
Press left and right till it gose spark
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How to have a bike without buying it 47%
Go to vermillion city there in chairman's house near in the city gym go there and talk to the chairman he will give you a something and then go to the cerulean city go to the bike shop and talk to the sales man and he will give you a bike it's easy
By: pokeplayer(316)
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Multiply items 46%
For this you need two gameboys (we will call it gb 1 and gb 2) on gb 1 get a ditto and on gb 2 put a pokemon who knows the theif. On the pokemon who knows theif put an item on it, and then battle each other and use transform with ditto and then the item will be on the ditto use theif and you will get the item and keep doing this until you get enough.

NOTE: It helps if the ditto is a higher level then the other.
By: deoxys1231(153)
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Treasure island 46%
Go to one island after you walk out of the house where you use the boat swim to the left then down you will come to a little island. a script will apear and say Treasure island. put the itemfinder as the select button.then use it to find ultra ball(1) stardust(2) and Peril(1).
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Cerulean Cave 46%
Cerulean Cave is NorthWest of Cerulean city to get into it you would have had to 1.Beat the elite 4 2.Get the national dex and to get the national dex you have to own 60 pokemon 3.Help celio bills friend in island1 incase you forgot celio is in the pokemon center help him get the network machine running by getting the 2 ruby and sapphire crystals. thats how you get into cerulean cave
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Easy starter 46%
Blastoise actually levels up the fastest (really) for some reason, and it takes less EXP. to level him up. (my i have only played a short time and is at level 94)
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Togepi 46%
On island 5 go where the man is standing to the left surf and then go left there is a man in brown standing on an island he will give you an egg that will hatch into togepi
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Get originals like pichu easy!!! 45%
To get original take a ditto and a pokemon that has new evolutions that were before it like pikachu has pichu and Jinx has smoochum all you do is put the selected pokemon like pikachu or jynx with ditto and if they have an egg it will have to be the original pokemon like smoochum or pichu and thats the easiest way to do it.
By: superdude39(774)
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Beating brock super easily 45%
The easiest way to beat bock nthe first gym leader is to get bulbasaur as your starer then raise him until he knows
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Secret room 44%
First you halft to have a pokemon leaf green game and a nother gameboy. you need to transfer a pokemon that knows cut and skip the boat in videridan city.once get surf and are able to use it than go back to videridan city and the boat will still be their . once you give him the cardDONT GO IN! go to the side and use surfand on the front of the boat and go through the door
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Raise pokemon faster 44%
For this tip you need too heave beaten the pokemon and own a exp.share first take the selected pokemon give the exp.share and take your highest level pokemon and go throug the pokemon leage 5 or 6 times then the selected pokemon should be a lo t higher level.( I tried this with my lv:5 Togepi and now its a lv:50 Togetic.)
By: superdude39(774)
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How to catch pokemon easier in the safari zone 44%
First use bait. then use a rock,and then a throw safari ball (does not work on eggsacute to well)
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Less losing money from whiting out 44%
Ok first off, it's important to have your party pokemon to have at least a margin of 10-20 levels than your opponent. also, it's important that you know what his weaknesses are. oh, and also bring a lot of full restores, revives, and max potions.

another hint: before a big battle, make sure that you save just before you encounter your opponent. if, you're not ready, simply reset the game and level up your party more.

last hint:always use this combo: v.s. seeker + amulet coin
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Zapdos 44%
Go to Rout 10 and head north above the grass. Use surf and to the right and then surf south. Here there is a Pokemaniac called Mark with a level 29 Rhyhorn and a level 29 Lickitung. After you have beaten him go in the power plant where you'll find pokemons like Voltorb, Pikachu, Electabuzz, Magnemite, Magneton and a few Electrode. There a bunch a items that are actually Voltorbs. Since I already caught Zapdos I don't remember the excact location of it, but you will find TM17(Protect) and TM25(Thunder) which you can teach to Zapdos who doesn't have so many good attacks.

By Matt96
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Articuno 44%
Articuno is down in SeaFoam islands take about 20-30 ultra balls or a masterball
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Annoying music 43%
Alright, first off, i wasn't the only one who discovered this cheat. i just found out that you can also use the help button (L,R) not only to turn down the tune when your pokemon are healing, but also when you use the pokeflute.
By: motokino(447)
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Do we need the national dex to catch sucine? 43%
Yes because you can't go to the rainbow islands without getting the national dex
By: ljmj(5)
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Easy leveling 43%
Go to digletts cave get a strong pokemon and one hit knockouts will give you alot of exp.
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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HM fly 43%
Near where cycling road is at celadon city use cut to get past the tree then keep goin left to the house and the girl in the house will give it to you
By: pokemaster5000(127)
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Pichu egg 43%
First you have an pikcachu and ditto you will give the couple on the day-care go to any island and go to old man to the four island and you will receive egg just walking and it will hatch
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How to stay in safari zone forever 43%
Walk into the grass and press the directional buttons without moving.
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How to get more eevees 43%
Take a ditto and a eevee and go to iland 4 and put the in the day care and they will have a egg
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Weird noise 43%
When you turn on your game boy, it will say GAME BOY NINTENDO when that screen is over you'll see a back screen that says 2004 nintendo AND OTHER DATES AND company names like ga1995-2004 nintendo 1995-2004 creatures inc. gamefreak When This is shown press the L and R Buttons can hear some weird noises
By: TheDragonCol8(137)
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Invisible walls, Forget it! 42%
When you go to face Koga, look closely at the squares. you'll see 4small white things. That,s a wall
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Easier way to beat broak 1st gym leader in Fire Red 42%
First get a charmander as your starter and train him to level 13 before fighting broak. Charmander will learn metal claw witch is super effective agintst him, not the sandshrew that the trainer. has he is groung type!
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Using the V.S seeker without walking! 42%
When you whant to fight someone you use the vs seeker (found in vermelon citys pkmn center) so if you find someone who when defeated gives good exp. for your pokemon and a wad of cash like $20,000 or more and dont whant to do all the work simpley save the game then turn it off then use the v.s seeker it works all the time so try it I only played it like some 37 hours and got a KADABRA lv.58 to lv.68 in three days so its a gaurentee that it works

sincerly, Pokemon Dude
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