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paper mario Cheats for N64
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paper mario N64 Cheats

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paper mario

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheats 86%
this is the best cheat ever! how to get a monty mole as a party member! First go to toad town then buy a thunder rage go to dry dry outpost and buy dusty hammer go to a monty mole AND GET FIRST STRIKE NO MATTER WHAT! kill the monty mole with ONLY the dusty hammer and the thunder rage the mole will say OUCH! and say "please do not hurt me anymore "then he will join your party he can dig and find itens under-ground he can use rock throw and dig they both can do up to 30 damage is'nt that cool? find more from cheepo 2000
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SPIN jump 3 times in merlins house,badge will come down.
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Never ending hallway pattern 75%
The pattern to the Never ending hallway is up, down, up, down, down, up.
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Enter Princess Peach's room 75%
Talk to the guard guarding Peach's room five times and he will let you in.
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Answers to bowser`s questions 67%
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Be classic bit Mario 58%
To be classic''bit'' mario this is the mario from all the old games go to boo mansion and look for a room with a record player next to a cushion jump on the cushion and you will go into the record player and come out as classic ''bit'' mario this will last either for anout 5 minutes or if you go back in the record player.
By: LadyIcee(958)
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Classic mario music 47%
When you gou go to koopa village go to the third house(the one with the guy tanning himself inside) go up to the radio and click A and it will turn to classic mario music.
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HOW TO GET PAST TE TOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 44%
Talk to the guy in the spinning house in toad town
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Whaka Bump 42%
To get a whaka bump you must go to the train station and go to the mmoutain go up the mountain and you will see there is a blue creature on one of the cliffs on the left of the mountain whack hm with your hammer and you will have a whacka bump it restores 30 HP and 30 FP you can keep on hitting the whacka until he dies which is around 9 hits so you will have 9 whacka bumps.use them wisley you cant get them anywhere else.
By: LadyIcee(958)
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Flower Feilds maze to the boss 33%
When you enter the maze by the red flower, go right then left then you can go through the bushes to get to the pipe in the middle. Once you go in the pipe talk to the flower in that area and she will ask you if she is pretty say "yes". Then she will show you the water rock go to the flower with the crystal tree and ask her for something prettier than that water rock. She will give you a crystal berry. go back to the flower in the area and trade. Go to Lily the flower floating on the water and put the water rock in the hole. Water will come up. Use your member Sushie to get the bubble berry. Next, go to the bubble flower and give her the bubble berry. She will blow a big bubble for you to jump into. You fight a guy on a cloud named Lanster he will be one of your party members. Talk to the sun and then go all the way to the right by the main big tree. You will see colored blocks, use Lanster and go on the spikes to the green colored block jump on it then the purple, then red, then green, green again, then purple. keep going straight to the Huff Puff machine, fight the bad guys. hammer the machine. The sun will go into the sky. plant the seed near the main tree in this order. Soil, Seed, then water. A magic bean stalk will grow. Get on the leaf,you will travel up. Jump on the cloud going up and down you will get boots. Then turn right, You will see a tan cloud on the ground, jump on it. THAT IS THE BOSS! Use chill out on his and your strongest attacks.
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paper mario 277358How do I get passed the SKULL ROCK on the haunted pirate island in Level 5? Answers: 2
paper mario 340563How do you get back to the 2nd door in bowsers castle when you have the key to open the door? Answers: 1
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paper mario 440943How in the fudge do you break the blocks in Mt. Lavalava im lost Answers: 3
paper mario 708822Where exactly is the seed for the purple flower for access for the flower fields. I know it's at Mt Rugged, but I can't find it anywhere! Answers: 2
paper mario 473182How do you solve the puzzle near the end of the Crystal Palace? Does turning the statues to talk to them have anything to do with it? Thank you! PLEASE HELP! Answers: 1
paper mario 559727I am stuck on chapter 2 I got threw with the dessert but I dont know what to do in the town how? Answers: 2
paper mario 623455How do you get to the boss in the crystal palace Answers: 1
paper mario 706955Sorry but Where do I go right then left in the maze in flower fields? I was stuck on this part since last year :) Answers: 0
paper mario 706971Yo guys, how do you get the badge(or item) in the middle of the dry dry desert on top of the tall rock? Answers: 1
paper mario 724774How do you get the gusty gulch? Answers: 1
paper mario 720234I planted the bean and seed but there's no water. Answers: 1
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paper mario 778079How do I spin Answers: 1
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paper mario 796383If you try using thunder rage on the monty mole it will be instant death. what? Answers: 0
paper mario 836826How do I get into koopa castle Answers: 1
paper mario 837880Where are the monty moles? Answers: 0
paper mario 891329How do you beat the fire flowers in mt lavalava? Which character is best to use. Im so stuck! Answers: 1
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