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Harvest Moon

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The Name Game 98%
Capitalize the 1st letter of your name to grow eggplants and carrots. Leave the 1st letter of your name lowercase to grow peanuts and broccoli. To grow all of the above, make the 1st letter of your name begin with a symbol, such as a heart.
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Cool Cow 96%
When you get your 1st cow start it's name with a heart symbol and it will give good milk and grow up fast.
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Infinite Egg 93%
Wait until one of your chickens lays an egg directly above the shipping box. Water the egg and it will turn into a block. Now pick up the "egg", and you will have infinite eggs, and lots of money!
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Heart levels 55%
Mary gets her heart level from you if you give her a honey or grape juice everyday for every 13 days. on starry night she invites you to come over and eat at her house for the occasion at 6:00 PM. it helps you with her heart level more if you go there. on the fireworks festival day talk to her at 6:00 at the beach and she will join you to0 watch the fireworks. that also helps her heart level go up more.hope I helped.
By: certifiednoob(32)
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Mary[librarian] 55%
She doesn't like herbs as much as honey and grape juice.
By: certifiednoob(32)
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In the of your game (spribg 2) quicly click at the tv right (two times) up down and a quick left press high godness will appear and say this is new years game show ill say a number and you answer if it is larger or smaller if you know how to have an infinite money pls. tell it because I promise my little sister
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Friends of mineral town 33%
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Poppuri 33%
Is the spelling correct anyways

you can give weeds to her! and she will like you too!
By: expertgamer(188)
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Harvest Moon 448008How do I save the game? I've lost my manual, but I have been told that the game would save automatically, but it doesn't? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 951756How can I get money of 999,999,999,999 Answers: 0
Harvest Moon 995027How could I get the sickle back from the sprites if days already passed? Cause I didn't know what to do Answers: 0
Harvest Moon 302968Where is mine cave or whatever plz tell me fast cause I wan to do the 999,999,999,999 code answer fast plz Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 227087In this game that I have, how do you get a baby with Gray? My game is called :Harvest Moon Boy and Girl" for Sony PSP.I married him and it goes on to the credits.PLZ REPLIE A.S.A.P. Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 272787How to get to winter mine Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 213204How or where do you get the feather? Answers: 4
Harvest Moon 67002How do you get a nursery for a baby? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 212038Ok I am so confused about all this basement stuff but please explain how you get your house renovated plz plz plz! Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 194976How do you make food? Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 174408How do you get the big bed in the first year? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 41076How do I get my sickle back from the harvest sprite? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 302162Where is the the shippiing box Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 2708How can i get the money of 999,999,999,999 Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 75543It didnt work Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 183750Pls anser our questions how do we get the sickle back from the sprites Answers: 0
Harvest Moon 224867Will rod come back, if so when? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 307813When your in the town cave how to you find the passage way straight to the next level? I search all over and I always loose stamina before I find it. I need help! Answers: 0
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