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Conflict Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats for PC
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Conflict Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad
PC Cheats

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Conflict Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad

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Destroying armored vehicle or tanks 100%
Use Jones to run up to the vehicle or tank. Lay an anti-tank mine
next to it, in turn sacrificing jones Temporarily to take out the
vehicle or tank.

Use Jones to run close to the tank, then plant a C4. Throw a smoke
grenade on the tank, run for the nearest cover, then blow it up.
Information in this section was contributed by spraggabenz.
Have one of your team members run by the tank to distract it. Now,
run up to the tank, plant C4, and blow it up (risking your life).
You can heal him with the other team member.

Tanks are weak in the following locations: their rear; in front, in
between the armor over the tracks; and where the gun barrel meets
the turret.

Throw a smoke grenade in front of a tank. Now, lay mine or C4 in
front of it or simply shoot it with an anti-tank rocket in the
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Clear room without a door 100%
To clear a room without a door, 1st throw a phosphorous grenade
in. Now, have Jones follow you and have Foley and Connors cover the
entrance. Now, tell Jones to rush the opposite side of the room.
Also move in at the same time and rush a corner, gunning down any
resistance. If there is a door, then position sum1 with an
automatic weapon facing the door (preferably Connors), then open the
door and back off while Connors polishes off any resistance. Now,
rush the room and tell Connors to follow you and shoot anything that
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Besieged mission 100%
In order to complete this mission, you must have snipers on top of
the building in order to win that battle. Place a tank mine by a
dirt hill-looking place then put down 3 claymores by the 2nd
hill. Even though the claymores will not destroy the tank, they will
let you know you that the tank is approaching and will slow it down
slightly. When you finish that, have everyone run to the gate where
the Delta team will C4 the door. Run in quickly and have everyone
inside -- there is a heavy duty tank coming; so run.
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Victor Two level: First tank 100%
When you reach the 3rd area where you see the 1st heavy tank, do
not make any sounds. The tank crew is standing behind the tank. Have
Conners and Foley kill them before they know that you are there, and
before they can get in the tank.
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Avoiding damage when in a building 100%
When in urban areas, about half of the damage comes when you are in
a building. Have all the teammates (except Foley; if there is a
2nd floor put him at a window) cover a door or entryway.
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POWs In Baghdad mission: Easy completion 100%
When you start, go to the left. You will see a desk. Go over to it
and pick up the weapons. Now, go outside. The alarm will go off.
Try to shoot everybody in the area. Go into buildings, because some
of them have weapons, ammunition, and health packs. When you find
one of your teammates, open the cell (you do not need a key). Give
him one of your weapons and a health pack. Try to find the location
that is all red. When you get out, follow the path to reach an area
with a lot of enemies. Ignore them and let your men kill them. Get
your man with the bazooka out. Run to the left to find a tank. Use
the bazooka on it. You will then be in a building. Go through it and
you will get outside.
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Scouting 100%
When you are moving ahead to scout a location, always leave your
squad in a good position that they can cover you from, and in a
pinch lay down some serious suppressive fire. Even if they do not
hit the enemy, it will make them hit the dirt.

Hint: Air Cover mission: SAM destruction:
SAMs can be destroyed by shooting them with any gun enough times.
Save the C4 for the bigger tanks.

When you have cleared all resistance near the plane and are in a big
hall, go up the stairs and you can find some windows. You can see
SAMs through the window. It is easy to destroy them from here with
grenades or any other desired weapon. *** After destroying the
SAMs from the window and you are about to go forward in the map,
place claymore mines in the corridors. If you place all your
claymores there (do not set them too close to each other), you will
not have a problem with the enemy soldiers who are coming from the
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Extreme mode 100%
Win the game under the hard difficulty setting to
unlock the extreme difficulty setting.
Hint: Healing falling teammates:
If one of your teammates falls to the ground, throw a smoke grenade
near him. Now, get your health packet out and heal him.
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POWs In Baghdad mission: Powerful weapon 98%
From where you start, turn left and pick up the guns on the table.
Now, turn around and wait for the door to open. Take out the guard
and go through the door. Turn left and take out another guard.
Continue down the hall, turn left, and take out another guard. Go to
the door where the guard came out of and prepare for another guard.
After the guard is down, run to the desk to pick up an 870 combat
shotgun with 7 rounds. You may lose some health and ammunition,
but the reward is a powerful weapon.
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Communications Breakdown mission 98%
On mission 5, where Bradley is left stranded at the start, quickly
veer left and pick up the things on the table. Get out the gun and
sprint down towards the searchlight. However, instead of going
there, turn left and go into the armory. There you will be able to
pick up health packs and other items. Using the silenced pistol, go
around killing the guards. If you get them in the head, they die
instantly. Your 4 teammates are stuck inside separate cells. Once
you go into the armory, just walk around a bit and you should find
either Foley or Jones. To get them out of the cells, go up to the
beeping red light, aim at it for a few seconds, and press R. Make
sure when you pick up ammo and guns that you share it around so that
no one has all of it. Finally, you should find Connors. At the back
of the building where he was held, go through the door and make
everybody halts just outside the door. Get the man with the sniper,
and stand to the left of the boxes. Snipe all the men, then move
forward and take out the searchlight men and the searchlights. Make
everyone follow you. You should then reach the next building where
there are rocket launchers. Give one to everybody except Foley. Have
him pick up the shotgun. Now, go down the stairs and down the
hallway. Have everyone halt before you get to the hallway leading to
the "bridge". Get Connors with the machine gun and have him stay in
the hallway, killing the men. Watch out -- some have grenades. Once
you have taken everybody out, cross the bridge then go down the
path. You will encounter more guns and things. Pick them up and make
everyone halt there except for the man who just picked up the
automatic machine gun. Get him, go down the path, and look left.
There are lots of men. Some have grenades, but stand your ground.
Once you kill all the men a tank appears. Take out a rocket launcher
and blow it up.
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Go around corner with low profile 98%
If you are in an urban area and want to go around a corner while
keeping a low profile, roll around the corner by going prone and
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POWs In Baghdad mission: Destroying tanks 98%
When you 1st encounter the tank, the easiest way to destroy it is
as follows. First, eliminate all foot soldiers. Now, throw 2 or
3 smoke grenades at the machine gun bunker. Move directly to the
house with the machine gun bunker, taking out the gunner as you run.
Make sure the squad holds in a safe location away from the tank.
Drop to a prone position and crawl through the house to the other
door. Run along the wall until you reach an opening on the left. You
should see the back of the tank. If needed, throw another smoke
grenade at the tank and move to the rear. Drop on a knee and shoot
the exact rear of the tank. It should be destroyed On the 2nd
tank, give all the remaining smoke grenades to one person and move
them to the top of the stairs. Throw them at the tank. Order the
squad to fall in and run to the GAZ jeep.
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