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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Cheats for GBC
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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins GBC Cheats

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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Ninety-nine lives 100%
Complete the Hippopotamus and Space zones. Return to the
Hippopotamus zone, enter the water, and move to the left. Collect
the 50 coin bonus and repeat this procedure to accumulate 999 coins.
Now, play the bonus game to gain additional lives.
Easy mode:
Go to where you select a file and press Up, Select. Mario will get
smaller and "Easy Mode" will appear at the top of the screen to
confirm correct code entry. There are less enemies during game play
in this mode.

Alternatively, press Select at the pipe screen.

Return to map screen:
Press Start, Select.
Full map:
Hold B at the map screen until it is fully displayed.
In game reset:
Press Start + B + A + Select during game play anywhere in the outer
world to return to the title screen.

Recommended color palette:
Press Left at the Game Boy logo when playing this game on a Game Boy
Color system.
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Macro zone: Secret level 100%
When you enter the 1st level of Macro Zone, you will go
underground and have to navigate a group of floating ground-blocks.
When you reach the 2nd or 3rd ground-block (it has five or 6
coin-blocks), jump up over each of the coin-blocks and a hard
unbreakable stone will appear above each one, for 4 blocks. Jump
on the stones. You will see a pipe sticking out of the ground,
blocked by 2 fire-weak blocks. Shoot one fireball at each of them
by jumping half-a-block's space to the left or right (whichever
block you are shooting) then shooting them in mid-air. Jump up
through the pipe. You will only have to shoot one ant. Go to the
door that has a Star over it (shape of star). The level will close,
dots will appear on the Macro Zone main screen, and will lead to a
secret level. This secret level is a moving one but is not too
challenging if you jump correctly. *** You must have the
"Flower-Power" for Super Mario. If not, find a "?" block and claim
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Castle zone: Save a life 100%
When you are in the Castle zone and lose a life, turn off the game
just before Mario starts going down. This is helpful when you have
very few lives remaining.
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Hippopotamus zone: Money 100%
Go further into the level where there is a cloud that resembles a
club on a deck of playing cards. If you cannot find it, there is a
cloud that looks like an arrow that points to it. Fly up into the
right side of that cloud and a money bag (50 coins) will appear.
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Hippopotamus zone: Extra points 100%
Get in a bubble in Hippopotamus zone and travel close to the top of
the screen. Towards the middle of this level you should see an arrow
made out of clouds that is pointing up. Get under this arrow and go
straight up from the bottom. You should hit an invisible box which
will contain 100 points.
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Hippopotamus zone: Extra lives 100%
Locate the 1st Hippo and enter the bubble. Then return to where
you started and go up to find a box that contains an extra life.

Clear the Hippopotamus zone and the Space zone. Now, return to the
Hippopotamus zone. Go to the left to get in the bubble. Once inside,
go back to the left were you started. Go up to find a ? box that
contains a heart. Collect the heart, then press Start to pause game
play. Now, press Select to exit the level. Repeat this to collect
up to 99 lives.

As soon as you enter the level, get Fire Power. If you enter as
Super Mario, it will be easier. Go down to the very bottom of the
water and go left. You will reach a small hole. Go down the hole
(Fire Power is needed) and shoot the block to a small gap that only
regular Mario will fit in. Once you break the block, get hurt and
enter as regular Mario. You will find 3 blocks. Two of them will
have hearts (extra lives) inside.

Go to the stage to the right from the bridge to the Hippo Zone. Find
the secret star and hit as many enemies as possible. If you hit more
than 4 enemies, you should get another life. This can be repeated
as needed.

Go to the hippo, jump in the bubble, then go all the way to the top
left. There will be a box with a heart (extra life) located there.
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Lose a life without losing coins 100%
The game will automatically save. To keep your coins after you
losing a life, immediately turn off the game when you lose your last
life. You should have all the coins you had before, and still have
all the levels you previously completed.
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Level 98%
Hold Up and press SelectMushroom 1
Hold Up + A and press Select Hippo
Hold Up + B and press Select Turtle Zone 1
Hold Up + A + B and press Select Macro Zone 1
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Bird zone: Secret level 98%
Immediately after you ring the bell in the 1st Bird zone level,
get Fire power and go to the top where you can jump. Find the 2
spinable blocks, and jump very close to the same location to reveal
one to five hidden blocks. Flame the 2 blocks and go in the tube.
Get past the enemies to reach a doorway with a star on top of the
gate. Complete the secret level to go to the Boss level.
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Control demo mode 98%
Leave the game idle on the Title Screen to begin demo mode. Press
one of the following controller actions to control Mario during this
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Save a life 98%
When Mario loses a life and jumps in the air, pause game play and
press Select. You should be outside the level with the same amount
of lives. *** This has no effect in the Castle zone.
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Level 1: Coins 98%
Enter the 3rd tunnel, where the plant is located. When it goes
down, go in to the tunnel and get the coins.
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Pumpkin zone: Secret levels 96%
There are 2 secret levels in the Pumpkin Zone; in the middle 2
games (the 2 before the Boss level). In the 2nd game, you will
find a secret level in the 2nd big puddle near the end. There you
will find a small opening in the bottom. At one point you have to
break 2 boxes which block a tunnel going downwards. You do this by
jumping and pressing Down while in the air. The 2nd is in the
level immediately before the Boss. It is at the end. Instead of
going down the steps beside the ghosts, jump and fly across.
Information in this section was contributed by AlanaP.
Hint: Defeating the Octopus Boss:
When fighting the Octopus Boss, duck and he will not be able to hit
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Glitch: Fall through ground 93%
Go to a map where the is a long pipe. When in the middle going down
the pipe, press Start then Select to get out. Go to any level. You
will fall through the ground and be in another dimension. *** This
will not harm your game.
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Code 85%
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King 8%
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