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Crash Twinsanity Cheats for PS2
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Crash Twinsanity PS2 Cheats

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Crash Twinsanity

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Spyro 3 reference 97%
Go to the start of the High Sea Hi-Jinks level and go to N.Gin's
battleship. Just after the ice littered with nitro crates, there is
a sheet of ice featuring a Rhynoc from Spyro 3, with a penguin on
his shoulder.
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Spyro reference 95%
When Crash, Cortex and Nina find the treasure at the same time as N.
Gin, N. Trance, N. Trophie and N. Bria did you will see Spyro for a
few seconds.
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Defeating Cortex 95%
Avoid the shots and bombs of Cortex. After that, he will fire big
green balls at you. When they reach you, throw them back by
spinning. Do this 3 times.
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Defeating the Totum Hokum Boss 95%
Avoid all slams of the big Totum Hokum Boss. When he opens his
mouth, you will see sonic beams. You do not have to be careful about

them because they will not harm you. When he opens his mouth, throw
Cortex in it. Repeat this a few times to defeat him.

At first, the boss uses punches in the ground that create small
shockwaves. Just run in a circle to avoid them. He also may dig
slightly into the ground and try to hit you from underneath with one
of his arms. When he starts breathing in, throw Cortex into his
mouth, kill the tiny golems as necessary, then grab Cortex when he
gets spat back out. The 2nd attack pattern adds laser beams that
shoot from his eyes. Repeat the 1st step with throwing Cotex in
his mouth. More small golems will pop up this time, and you may need
to hit and run. The 3rd attack pattern is the same as the second,
except a large number of small golems pop up when you throw Cortex
in his mouth. Because this is his last life, just run from the
golems. The totem God will spit Cortex back out and you will have
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Defeating the Evil Twins 95%
First, you will play as Nina. Go to the right or left until you
reach some keys. Use the arm expand to reach the keys. When you are
near the upper key, point to the left platform then jump and hold Up
and press Circle. Do the same thing at the other 2 sides. You will
now switch to Cortex. Just shoot rapidly at the aiming locations of
the big robot. You will also finally understand why Crash ran away.
You will now use Crash, using Mecha Bandicoot. Avoid the beams of
the Twins. Hold and release Square while aiming at the Twins. Repeat
this a few times to defeat the Evil Twins.
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Defeating Dingodile 95%
First, avoid the Dingodile's fireballs. After that, stand on a mark
and jump away when Dingodile wants to shoot at you. This will reveal
a button. Body slam it, and the button will activate some kind of
shower above Dingddile what will distract him. Now, smack him down
by spinning or sliding against him. After that, he will go down. Use
his flamethrower and spin at the same time. You must double jump
above the flame ray to avoid it. After that, he will stand, shoot,
and spin at the same time. Just duck until he stops. Now, run
around Dingodile; he is going to make a spinning fire wall. Go to a
mark and do what was done before. Dingodile is now going to do the
same thing as before, only he is going to switch stand often -- stay
focused. After that, he will use his firewall again. However, this
time he will also switch directions. He will now use his fireballs
as done at the beginning. After that, go to another marked spot and
let Dingodile open it. Body slam on the button and make the final
touch to Dingodile.
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Defeating Madamme Amberly 95%
While fighting Madamme Amberly, Cortex will have unlimited
ammunition. Avoid the electric beams from Amberly. You can see her
aiming point when you are seeing small flames coming from the
platform. When she hits it, it will expand and close it by shooting
at it rapidly. After that, she will shoot school bells slowly to
you. Shoot them all rapidly. After that, when Amberly turns around
shoot at her engine. Repeat this a few times to defeat her.
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Defeating N. Brio and N. Tropy 95%
First, avoid the giant Brio monster by running big circles. After
that, N. Tropy will appear. Avoid his stick slams until the safety
field around him disappears and he is dizzy. Now, slam him. You
must do this 2 more times to defeat them.
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Easier jumps to small platforms 93%
If you have trouble jumping and landing on small platforms, just aim
the camera with the Right Analog-stick to watch from above, then

To jump to a small platform, aim the camera view at the platform
using the Right Analog-stick, move forward and jump or double jump.
As soon as you see your shadow on the platform, stop moving and you
will land there successfully.
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Defeating N. Gin 93%
When you arrive at N. Gin's crows nest, he will blast 3 series
of rockets at you. Avoid them, and go near a holder with spikes.
When he throws a TNT crate at you, get away. If done correctly, the
holder will break after the TNT crate explodes. Repeat this 2
times to destroy the crow's nest.
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Bonus FMV sequence 93%
Get a 100% game completion rank to unlock a bonus FMV sequence.
Extras menu options:
Collect the listed gem in a level to unlock that level's material
in the listed Extras menu sub-menu.
Blue Gem: Boss Gallery
Purple Gem: Concept Art
Green Gem: Enemy Gallery
Red Gem: Storyboard
Yellow Gem: Unseen Gallery
Clear Gem: Video
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Defeating Mecha Bandicoot 92%
First, avoid all rockets and his saw. Now, stand as close as you
can by Mecha Bandicoot. When he wants to fire a big ball and shoots
it, get away as fast as you can. If done correctly, the ball will
not disappear. Slam it back to Mecha Bandicoot. Do this a few times
to defeat him.
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Glitch: Stiff Crash 90%
When you see the chicken that asks you to get rid of the "greedy
worms" and Cortex shoots him, spin into Cortex and go to the top
right corner of the worms. Slam Cortex and move into the fence.
Cortex will teleport back and Crash will be stiff. You can move, but
your feet will not be moving. To exit this, either spin back into
Cortex or die.
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How to beat last boss VERY easily 80%
When you are nina keep running all the time forget about the little ant guys follow the blue wires flowing to the middle and go up the hooks destroy the generator whhen you play as neo keep running to the LEFT when he moves to look at you shoot the barrels of the gun finnally when you play as the FIRST BOSS controlled by crash keep moving to the left again when the boss uses the sword shoot misseels with square or a plasma blast by holding it. when you defeat it don't skip any of the videos because they are funny
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Short cut 76%
When you get to n-gins boat when you get 2 the bit where n-gin shakes his fist at you and you've got that donkey kong thing throwing barrels at you when you enter the room go right and you come to a bit its 2 high 4 you to jump up so double jump and then body slam... then you've made a massive short cut (it takes a bit of practise)
By: kast(26)
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How to defeat bosses 1: cortex 75%
After cortex says stuff watch out for his blaster and spin back his plasma blast. do this three times but watch out for his bombs but the glitch is jump on the plasma blast.
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How To Defeat Mecha Bandicoot 69%
To Beat Mecha Bandicoot you will first have to evade the homing missiles that N-gin is firing And Yes the Mecha Robot is being control by N-gin.Mecha Bandicoot will do this three times each he fires missiles. After he uses missiles he uses his giant chainsaw.Be careful not to run into it! Next, you will have a chance to smack the energy ball that Mecha Bandicoot shoots out its metal nostril. Smack It with the [] button and it will cause a bar to disappear from its health. So just repeat this process and you will beat him. But notice when every time Mecha Bandicoot shoots the missiles each time the chance of you getting hit are 100 to 1. Finally, When all the metal arms are go you will have to be ready when Mecha Bandicoot fires another energy ball at you, then another one but more powerful, then last it will take a few seconds for N-gin to fire one more energy ball. At Last Mecha Bandicoot should have no health left. Also watch Mecha Bandicoot does after you defeat him its pretty funny. Enjoy Playing!
By: DarkSlyCooper(262)
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Shortcut on high seas high jinks and shortcut to get to high seas hi jinks 63%
Shortcut on high seas high jinks: when you get to the rhino guy spin him and go on the edge of the thing that is going to the wall run and jump and go to the left and you will get to the end of the first stage

shortcut to get to high seas hi jinks: when you have to get to ice climb go to the left where those bounce crates (there is a gem. get it if you want ) then go in the crate and on............................................................... after you get out wala you are in high seas high jinks
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Plasma spin back 58%
X square
By: wiiarefun(12)
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How to get on top of a high box 57%
In the academy of evil,when playing as cortex,right before the part where the cockroaches chase you,there should be two boxes by the ammo crate one is low another one is high so keep on trying to jump on it you will soon get a super jump and get on it
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WHAK-A-CORTEX-[crash twinsanity] 53%
On the first part of the first boss, the first time you knock down Cortex, press the square button, and vortex should be half way through the wall.
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On Ice Cave 50%
After you beat the uka uka boss, you will go into a cave. Go to the first detonator, jump on it and double jump to the right. You should be on the ledge. Keep jumping to the right(stay on the ledge!) When you get to a flat part of the wall, run towards it while you double jump slam. Then stop and double jump and you should go on top of the cave. Follow this video for another (few) glitch(es).
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Weard and creepy 38%
You know that place were you go to cortex and clear the path for him?. Well I beat that mission and I went to the place again were you have to clear the path for cortex and then I had to beat that mission again. ahhhman! pleze do that mission again and see if I am right?.!?.!?.!?. THE SECOND PART I HAD 2 SGUGGUL WITH AND NOW I HAVE TO DO IT AGIAIN. THAT SUCKS MAN BIGTIME
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How to get to the end of the game in 3 buttons 36%
Press o,x together and then move the right anolog stick 90 degree's
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Press start then repeat that:R1,R2,L1,L2 and circle
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