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Mortal Kombat Deception Cheats for PS2
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Mortal Kombat Deception PS2 Cheats

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Mortal Kombat Deception

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Getting Koins 95%
In Konquest mode, many characters will ask you to do missions for them, usually fetch-type tasks. Completing these missions usually will result in a good sum of Koins.

In Konquest mode, use Punching as a tool to get different responses from characters. For example, Mocap in Chaosrealm will say "Ow my balls". Also, punching certain characters will make them drop Koins.

In Konquest mode, characters that appear with a puff of smoke will hand over a very large sum of Koins. For example, Motaro will give you 1200 Gold Koins.
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Fatality distances 95%
Some fatalities must be done at a specific distance, as listed as follows.

Close: As close as possible to opponent
Sweep: From close, tap Away(2).
Outside Sweep: From sweep, tap Away once more Far: Full screen away
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Baraka: Moves 95%
Flying Shard: Press Down, Away, Square.
Mutant Blades: Press Toward(2), X.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Up, Down, Triangle (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Toward, Down, Away, Toward, Triangle (when in
sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Away, Up, Away, Circle.
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Random selection 95%
Enter practice mode and choose Scorpion. Now, highlight any opponent character on the top row and hold Up + Select for about five seconds.
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Liu Kang: Moves 95%
Move 1: Press Toward(2), Square
Move 1: Press Toward(2), Triangle
Move 1: Press Toward(2), Circle
Move 1: Press Down, Toward, X.
Fatality 1: Press Away(3), Toward, Triangle (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Away, Toward(2), Circle (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Down(3), Up, X.
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Netherrealm language 95%
The Netherrealm people talk backwards. To hear what they say, record the voices and play them in reverse. A few examples of what they say are: "Beware! Dimashi is the Dragon King!", "I am talking backwards, sucky isn't it?", "There are many realms", and "It is said that John Vogal is a genius".
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Defeating Onaga 94%
One way to defeat Onaga is to get far away from him. He will either do a stomp attack or a fireball. Jump when he does the stomp and just evade the fireball. After a short time he will come after you.
If you have any strong attacks, get ready. When he comes after you, you can usually get in a good shot or two. After hitting him, jump back quickly to avoid the punches or being grabbed. Try to stay
close to the statues, but be careful. Shujinko's (Liu Kang's) Bicycle Kick works very well when he comes after you, and use sword attacks when he gets close. After awhile of playing, you can learn
his patterns and better prepare yourself.

The Dragon King's arena is bordered evenly by all 6 pieces of the Kamidougu. The most effective way above all to defeat Onaga with any character is to back away from him, leaping over any ground attacks or projectiles he uses, then lure him towards the edge. Collecting a Kamidougu piece will stun Onaga for 2 seconds and even subtract from his health. Take advantage of this opportunity by unleashing your character's longest and most damaging combo, then back away when finished. Repeat this process using another Kamidougu icon. The most strategic way to do this is to aim for a back-to-back win, preserving 3 Kamidougu pieces for round one and the other 3 for round two.
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KoffinEffectCost or location 94%
AAQuan Chi Attack art 221 Sapphire
ABGolden Desert arena E-2 Netherrealm
AC297 Gold Koins 63 Sapphire
ADEdenia Realm Map art 148 Platinum
AE371 Jade Koins 137 Platinum
AFChou Jaio video Punch Mokap at C-6 Orderrealm
AGPuzzle Fighter Ladder art 121 Ruby
AHTorture concept art 159 Ruby
AIKabal Storyboard art 201 Gold
AJSindel alternate biography 186 Sapphire
AKKonquest Layout art 127 Sapphire
ALLiu Kang Tomb Render art 227 Platinum
AMNightwolf alternate costume/outfit A-4 Netherrealm
ANNoob Storyboard art 179 Sapphire
AOScorpion Kata Test video 612 Onyx
APMK4 Scorpion Render art 202 Platinum
AQJade alternate biography 352 Platinum
ARErmac Early concept art 192 Ruby
ASSub-Zero alternate biography C-3 Earthrealm
ATSindel Storyboard art 155 Platinum
BAKira Storyboard art 193 Sapphire
BBMK4 3D Test video 681 Platinum
BCDragon King Render art 108 Sapphire
BD602 Sapphire Koins 117 Gold
BEMK Chess concept art 213 Platinum
BFScorpion vs Sub-Zero art 113 Onyx
BG297 Sapphire Koins 352 Ruby
BHLiu Kang's Tomb arena Bridge at Earthrealm H-6 at 4 a.m. on Friday
BILiu Kang biography Unknown
BJChamber Death Trap concept art 198 Gold
BK4 Player concept art 106 Platinum
BLEvil Yin Yang concept art 87 Jade
BM659 Platinum Koins 97 Gold
BNNightwolf concept art 88 Onyx
BOBo' Rai Cho alternate biography 269 Ruby
BPLive at Kuatan music E-5 Netherealm
BQNethership Stern art 227 Sapphire
BR461 Gold Koins 129 Ruby
BSChess Kombat concept art 56 Jade
BTArcade Select music 488 Onyx
CA722 Ruby Koins 202 Gold
CB374 Gold Koins 338 Platinum
CCBeetle Lair music A-6 Earthrealm
CDBeetle Lair concept art 212 Onyx
CEDariou alternate biography 422 Jade
CFWeapon concept art 178 Platinum
CGRaiden Torpedo Shujinko's Move E-5 Edenia
CH254 Sapphire Koins 154 Gold
CILi Mei concept art 210 Sapphire
CJFalling Cliffs concept art 135 Gold
CKChamber of Artifacts Lower Level art 101 Jade
CLRaiden Lightning Test art 1004 Jade
CMUndead General art 177 Platinum
CNHavik alternate costume/outfit 1114 Onyx
CODragon King's Throne art 256 Platinum
CPCarlos Pesina photo 267 Jade
CQErmac Storyboard art 255 Gold
CR150 Gold Koins 125 Ruby
CSMartial Arts Moifah video 521 Platinum
CTJim Terdina photo 781 Gold
DAKabal alternate costume/outfit Complete Kabal's mission, then
proceed to fight Kabal at Chaosrealm B-1
DBShujinko biography 331 Onyx
DCHavik concept art 176 Ruby
DDShujinko's Foot Grab move Edena D-8 Monday 1:00 a.m. behind house
DEErmac alternate concept art 207 Sapphire
DFFalling Cliffs concept art 205 Ruby
DGDanny Guitierrez photo 111 Platinum
DHChaos Realm concept art 143 Ruby
DITanya unlocked A-3 Outworld
DJSub-Zero Promotional Render art 185 Jade
DKOutworld Guard House art 137 Sapphire
DLShang Tsung's Destroyed Palace art 255 Onyx
DMNoob-Smoke unlocked 3643 Onyx
DNLi Mei Storyboard art 177 Gold
DODragon Mountain arena H-8 Outworld
DPTanya biography 306 Platinum
DQSlaughterhouse Sketch art 66 Onyx
DRMarketing and Media Team photo 601 Platinum
DSLiving Forest arena 1694 Sapphire
DTCinematic Scorpion art 301 Sapphire
EAErmac Masked concept art 207 Platinum
EBEd Boon photo 144 Sapphire
ECPortal Arena music 871 Jade
EDOrder Realm City Center art 215 Platinum
EEAshrah alternate costume/outfit H-4 Netherealm
EFShujinko Promo Render art 236 Platinum
EGThank You! art 291 Ruby
EHNethership Interior map 245 Onyx
EINethership Hanging Bodies art 165 Sapphire
EJNoob-Smoke alternate costume/outfit 1494 Platinum
EKSlaughterhouse Death Trap art 288 Gold
ELDairou Storyboard art 199 Jade
EMRaiden's alternate costume/outfit Train with Raiden at Outworld, then go to Edenia F-3
ENFalling Cliffs Fatality art 294 Onyx
EOOpening Movie Animatic video 793 Platinum
EPFalling Cliffs Fatality art 227 Sapphire
EQVoice Actors photo 316 Onyx
ERLiu Kang's alternate costume/outfit Edenia H-5, 1st day of month at 12 p.m. in tree area south side of waterfall
ESSektor and Smoke art 234 Onyx
ETMileena concept art 141 Jade
FAHotaru Character Sketch art 206 Ruby
FBMartial Arts Monkey video 565 Onyx
FCOld Shujinko concept art 217 Onyx
FDMK Mythologies video 628 Ruby
FELiu Kang's Tombs concept art 301 Sapphire
FFRaiden Character Studies art 116 Ruby
FGOutworld Chess concept art 222 Gold
FHGame Balance Testers photo 138 Platinum
FIMartial Arts Zha Chuan video 596 Gold
FJRed Dragon Sword art 153 Sapphire
FKCliffhanger concept art 293 Platinum
FLPlayer Capture concept art 126 Jade
FMCinematic Team photo 154 Sapphire
FNHua Chuan video Earthrealm E-2
FOSky Temple concept art 456 Jade
FP378 Ruby Koins 107 Sapphire
FQQuan Chi's Realm Detail art 198 Gold
FRDouble Character concept art 288 Onyx
FSSlaughterhouse concept art 122 Ruby
FT418 Platinum Koins 224 Jade
GABaraka alternate biography Earthrealm A-3
GBNoob-Smoke alternate biography 390 Sapphire
GCJade alternate costume/outfit G-4 Outworld
GDMileena Storyboard art 133 Ruby
GEJon Vogel Painting art 216 Gold
GFKuatan Palace arena In a house at A-4 Orderrealm
GGQuan Chi' Skull Wall video 610 Ruby
GHRaiden Promotional Render art 299 Sapphire
GIKira concept art 182 Ruby
CJSan Diego Creative Team photo 251 Ruby
GKHotaru's alternate biography 267 Gold
GLDarrius concept art 99 Sapphire
GMMileena (Puzzle Fighter) unlocked Netherrealm C-6 at 2:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. behind Shinok, to the left behind the building
GNChaos Realm Water Center art 217 Ruby
GOJade (Puzzle Fighter) unlocked 2911 Ruby
GPPortal arena G-5 Earthrealm
GQMK4 Sonya art 154 Sapphire
GRJon Greenberg photo 209 Gold
GSKira biography 202 Sapphire
GTSexy Mileena art 217 sapphire
HAAdisak Pochanayon photo 186 Onyx
HBYin Yang (Puzzle) arena D-1 Earthrealm
HCYin Yang Statue art 111 Gold
HDJennifer Hedrick photo 168 Ruby
HE434 Gold Koins 173 Onyx
HFShujinko Sword concept art 183 Gold
HG434 Jade Koins 317 Gold
HHSareena Render art 54 Jade Konis
HINoob-Smoke biography 312 Gold
HJTiles of Death and Whimsy music Chaosrealm E-7 in a house
HKSub-Zero Render art 668 Jade
HLMileena alternate costume/outfit From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at F-7 Earthrealm
HMScorpion concept art 136 Ruby
HNTanya Character Studies art 194 Jade
HOScorpion wire frame from MK4 art 172 Ruby
HPSindel Character Study art 156 Platinum
HQLiu Kang's Tomb (Puzzle) arena 1515 Jade
HROutworld Cottage art 401 Onyx
HSHerman Sanchez photo 213 Platinum
HT361 Jade Koins 324 Sapphire
IAMKGold Baraka and Mileena art 144 Jade
IBBo' Rai Cho alternate costume/outfit 2086 Onyx
ICAnimation Sketches art 243 Sapphire
IDShujinko's Spear move A-1 Edenia, defeat Scorpion
IEDarrius Promo Render art 216 Sapphire
IFUser Interface Team photo 682 Ruby
IGMian Chuan video E-8 Netherrealm
IHMK Deception Teaser Trailer video 556 Jade
IIKonquest Production art 200 Sapphire
IJQuan Chi's Realm Portal art 144 Sapphire
IKArena Weapon concept art 224 Platinum Koins
ILSlaughterhouse concept art 199 Ruby
IM286 Ruby Koins 133 Platinum
INShujinko's Ice Blast Orderrealm E-5 in a building at 10:00
a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday
IOGood Yin Yang concept art 194 Platinum
IPKobra alternate costume/outfit Fight Kobra at G-2 Earthrealm
IQDragon King Ending Part 2 art 139 Onyx
IRJade Storyboard art 256 Jade
ISRaiden Solid Model art 164 Gold
ITInformation Technology photo 189 Sapphire
JAJim Bulvan photo 324 Onyx
JBJay Biondo photo 29 Ruby
JCNethership Fight Intro art 376 Sapphire
JDNightwolf Storyboard art 186 Ruby
JEMythologies Bloopers video 793 Sapphire
JFNoob alternateernate concept art 217 Platinum
JG357 Onyx Koins 175 Ruby
JHBaraka Render art 235 Platinum
JIDead Pool arena 2191 Ruby
JJEarly Promo art 200 Platinum
JKKenshi alternate biography 245 Jade
JLTanya from MK4 art 63 Onyx
JMBaraka vs Mileena Animatic video 640 Jade
JNJohn Nocher photo 159 Sapphire
JOShujinko's alternate costume/outfit Edenia F1 at 3:30 a.m. to 4
a.m. on Tuesday, located inside a building
JPScorpion Storyboard art 134 Jade
JQNexus arena A-4 Chaosrealm; go around to the outside corner
of the cliff where the other chest is and wait from 4 a.m. to
8 a.m. It appears on the right side of the other chest
JRDeadly Alliance Exhibit art 187 Ruby
JSHavik unlocked In a house at H-4 Chaosrealm
JTMK Mythologies Sub Zero Dies video 804 Gold
KATanya alternate biography 253 Jade
KBNoob concept art 225 Sapphire
KCShujinko's slam move Edenia C-8 Wednesday 5:00 p.m.
KDArt Crew photo 212 Onyx
KESindel Promo Render art 178 Sapphire
KFQuan Chi Realm Approach art 260 Gold
KGRaiden alternate biography Train with Raiden at Outworld,
then go to Outworld G-1 at 5 p.m.
KHLiu Kang's Tomb concept art 273 Onyx
KIScorpion alternate costume/outfit In the town at B-6 Earthrealm
KJ477 Sapphire Koins 161 Onyx
KKShujinko's suicide move Earthrealm A-8, cave on Sunday from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m.
KLShang Tsung Attack art 200 Gold
KM242 Platinum Koins 145 Ruby
KNShujinko "Powerfist" From 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. at D-3 Netherrealm
KOQuan Chi Cinema Model art 186 Ruby
KPJohn Podalesak photo 401 Gold
KQMK Mythologies video 683 Onyx
KRAshrah Character concept art 145 Gold
KSKabal alternate biography 233 Onyx
KTLiu Kang's Tomb music Earthrealm C-7
LAFacial Animation Test art 165 Ruby
LBBrian Le Baron photo 170 Onyx
LC489 Jade Koins 182 Onyx
LDShang Tsung's Chess concept art 67 Jade
LENightwolf alternate biography 265 Platinum
LFShujinko's Fatality 1 Outworld C-8 in cave
LGFace Damage Demo art 155 Gold
LH297 Jade Koins 217 Sapphire
LIAnimation Sketches art 206 Sapphire
LJEdenia Realm House art 196 Ruby
LKAshrah concept art 170 Onyx Konis
LLHavik biography 398 Sapphire
LMLuis Mangubat photo 178 Gold
LNBaraka Storyboard art 232 Gold
LOHotaru biography 342 Jade
LPTools Group photo 136 Platinum
LQMK Universe Logo art 125 Sapphire
LR299 Ruby Koins 201 Jade
LSDragon King Face art 200 Jade
LTKonquest Mission Maps art 200 Platinum
MARaiden unlocked Orderrealm E-3
MBMike Boon photo 639 Jade
MCFatality concept art 280 Onyx
MDOrder Realm City Center art 99 Jade
MEDarrius Character concept art 66 Jade
MFNoob Saibot Demo art 385 Jade
MGNethership Plan art 192 Platinum
MHSindel's alternate costume/outfit Outworld H-6 in hut behind Frost at 2:45 p.m. on Friday
MIKabal (Puzzle) unlocked 2425 Platinum
MJChaos Realm Ruins art 139 Sapphire
MKKira alternate biography 283 Platinum
MLTanya alternate costume/outfit Fight Tanya at Outworld C-2
MMShujinko alternate biography Chaosrealm G-8
MNDragon King Ending Part 1 art 164 Gold
MODragon King's Temple arena Chaosrealm D-7 in house at 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
MPQuan Chi voice test 815 Sapphire
MQMary Qian photo 128 Onyx
MRDark Prison music In a house at Earthrealm C-3
MSRaiden Demise video 528 Platinum
MTMike Taran photo 529 Onyx
NA476 Onyx Koins 126 Jade
NBSky Temple concept art Unknown
NCNigel Casey photo 148 Gold
NDBo' Rai Cho (Puzzle) unlocked C-6 Earthrealm
NEScorpion Render art 196 Platinum
NFLi Mei biography 281 Ruby
NGAshrah Render art 166 Sapphire
NH461 Onyx Koins 144 Platinum Koins
NIScorpion's Katana art 227 Jade
NJKombo Krusher music 561 Gold
NKJon Vogel photo 245 Jade
NL357 Gold Koins 105 Jade
NMRock Crusher Death Trap art 129 Sapphire
NNNightwolf Promo Render art 499 Ruby
NOLiu Kang's Tomb concept art 188 Gold
NP325 Ruby Koins 144 Onyx
NQBo' Rai Cho Storyboard art 243 Gold
NR348 Sapphire Koins 115 Ruby
NSNick Shin photo 124 Ruby
NTNetherrealm Shull Rock art 162 Onyx
OASub-Zero Storyboard art 128 Onyx
OBCourtyard arena A-1 Netherrealm
OCOutworld Map art 211 Sapphire
ODHell's Foundry art 209 Platinum
OESlaughterhouse Render art 152 Platinum
OFShujinko "Flip Kick" Orderrealm D-1
OG322 Sapphire Koins 148 Jade
OHSky Temple Elevation art 178 Jade
OIJade unlocked 2417 Jade
OJHotaru unlocked Orderrealm H-1
OKSilat video Chaosrealm B-1
OLOnline Team photo 211 Platinum Koins
OMNoob and Smoke Demo art 181 Onyx
ONKenshi unlocked Earthrealm E-4 (unknown time requirement)
OOCommercial art 452 Platinum Koins
OPKobra Storyboard art 282 Sapphire
OQQuan Chi Fortress arena In a house at Orderrealm H-5
ORAlan Villani photo 272 Sapphire
OSHavik alternate biography 395 Ruby
OTLiu Kang Complete Konquest mode, go to Edenia G-8 Friday
12:00 a.m. to 12:05 a.m. behind the tent
PARaiden concept art 346 Jade
PBNightwolf and Sonya from MK3 art 194 Gold
PCGoju Ryu video 592 Sapphire
PDLi Mei unlocked In a house at Outworld F-7
PENethership Interior art 212 Ruby
PFKenshi Storyboard art 260 Ruby
PGPaulo Garcia photo 45 Jade
PHWheel of Death Concept art 188 Jade
PIAshrah Storyboard art 280 Sapphire
PJErmac alternate biography 254 Gold
PKPav Kovacic photo 128 Jade
PLSlaughterhouse Death Trap art 255 Onyx
PMOutworld Map art 312 Onyx
PNNoob concept art 161 Sapphire
POKonquest Missions Team photo 227 Ruby
PPRaiden (Puzzle) unlocked 3604 Gold
PQAnimation Sketches art 103 Onyx
PRKenshi biography 288 Gold
PSShujinko's kick move Chaosrealm G-4, 2:00 a.m. on Sunday
PTShinnok from MK4 art 171 Sapphire
QAQuality Assurance, Chicago photo 467 Sapphire
QB463 Platinum Koins 189 Sapphire
QCHavik concept art 169 Platinum
QDDarrius alternate biography 392 Gold
QEChaosrealm concept art 178 Gold
QFNethership Cross Section art 126 Gold
QGChamber of Artifacts Render art 210 Gold
QHLi Mei alternate biography 296 Onyx
QIDairou's alternate costume/outfit Chaosrealm D-8
QJChaos Realm Koffins art 207 Ruby
QKLiu Kang Storyboard art Chaosrealm F-7
QL348 Jade Koins 134 Ruby
QMAnimation Sketches art 377 Jade
QNAshrah alternate biography 324 Sapphire
QOScorpion Pawn art 197 Sapphire
QPErmac alternate costume/outfit Netherrealm A-8
QQQuality Assurance, San Diego photo 374 Jade
QR227 Gold Koins 123 Platinum
QSNethership Bow art 231 Platinum
QTHotaru alternate costume/outfit 1064 Ruby
RADragon King Storyboard art 169 Platinum
RB258 Ruby Koins 215 Onyx
RCMidway Media, Chicago photo 263 Platinum Koins
RDFrozen Katakombs art 167 Platinum
REMileena alternate biography Earthrealm F-6
RFSub-Zero concept art 213 Gold
RGYoung Shujinko art 288 Sapphire
RH397 Onyx Koins 163 Gold
RISky Temple concept art 320 Onyx
RJFalling Cliffs Fatality art 159 Jade
RKSludge Pit concept art 148 Sapphire
RLBeetle Lair Attack art 166 Gold
RMSub-Zero's alternate costume/outfit From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at
Earthrealm F-8, small path
RNAlexander Barrentine photo 137 Gold
RO343 Platinum Koins 124 Jade
RPJade biography 258 Jade
RQEvil Yin Yang concept art 131 Sapphire
RRRyan Rosenberg photo 88 Gold
RSDead Pool Arena music 398 Platinum
RTScorpion alternate biography Earthrealm D-4
SARaiden biography Earthrealm C-4
SBSteve Beran photo 327 Platinum
SCKenshi alternate costume/outfit Earthrealm A-6
SDDeception Preview video 675 Platinum
SELiu Kang alternate biography Orderrealm G-5
SFGood Yin Yang concept art 167 Onyx
SGKira alternate costume/outfit 990 Sapphire
SHKira unlocked Earthrealm H-2 in house
SIJade Character Studies art 244 Gold
SJSindel unlocked Netherrealm D-1
SKBo' Rai Cho art 52 Onyx
SLVal Tudo video 615 Ruby
SMEdenia Realm Palace art 195 Gold
SNShujinko Character concept art 155 Jade
SOSound Team photo 198 Jade
SPBaraka concept art 244 Sapphire
SQShujinko Fatality 2 Orderrealm D-4
SRBaraka alternate costume/outfit 2252 Gold
SSProduction Assistance photo 219 Ruby
STChess Piece concept art 298 Ruby
TATodd Allen photo 104 Jade
TBDarrius alternate costume/outfit In a small hut at Outworld F-8 at
10 a.m. on Friday
TCLiving Forest music 682 Sapphire
TDNoob Demo Version 2 289 Platinum
TELi Mei's alternate costume/outfit Defeat Li Mei at Orderrealm A-5
TF434 Onyx Koins 150 Sapphire
TGTony Goskie photo 135 Onyx
THHavik concept art 257 Jade
TISindel biography 269 Onyx
TJDeath Trap Chamber art 239 Sapphire
TKMK Deception Trailer Animatic 547 Ruby
TLGolden Desert music Netherrealm City D-8
TMMK4 Promo art 191 Onyx
TNEarly Quan Chi art 191 Onyx
TOTony Zeffiro photo 126 Gold
TPKobra alternate biography 283 Onyx
TQLower Mines Death Trap art 274 Gold
TRKenshi puzzle fighter In shrine at Earthrealm F-4
TSTaaron Silverstien photo 365 Sapphire
TTChoy Lay Fut video Edenia F-4, in the house
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Raiden 94%
After you finish Konquest mode, go to the Orderrealm, and go to E-3.
Face Raiden to earn the key. You must have already finished Konquest mode or he will give you nothing but money.
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Menu mystery 94%
Press L1 at the start menu to reset your profile. Note the 3 rows of scrolling words. Press X to change the word that appears in the top row. A different word will appear each time X is pressed.
The word in the middle row seems to be random each time the menu is entered. The word in the bottom row is always "Deception". At this time, no known effect has been noticed by doing this, but it may be
related to the rumored "Super Unlockables" in the game.
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Glitch: Two Rains, 2 Jades, one Rain 94%
In Konquest mode, in Edenia, find Rain. He will give you a mission to find a cave. Do as he says and find the cave at G-8. Once you are there, you will see a tent with Jade and 2 bodyguards on each side
of her. She will reward you if you tell Rain about the cave so that she can ambush him. Go back to the place where you found Rain. Tell him about the cave and he will pay you about 300 to 600 Koins.
Before he runs off to the cave, quickly punch him. This will make him stay in the same place instead of running to the cave. Now, go back to the cave where Jade is located. You will see Jade outside of
the cave, with Rain on the ground by her side. Chat to her, and she will reward you. Now, go back to the tent inside of the cave, and she will be inside. Then go, to where you found Rain. He will not be there. *** Once you finish the cave mission try to get a good angle so you can see the Jade next to Rain and the Jade at the tent at the same time.
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Li Mei 94%
After you are caught by Kano in Outworld, she is in a house in F-7.
You will see her as soon as you walk in, and she will disappear
leaving you the key.
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Sindel 94%
In Konquest mode, go to the Netherrealm and head out to D-1. It should be a coliseum with lots of holes. Go straight back to the rock wall and meditate until the treasure chest appears. ***
Whenever Meditation is used, always give it a full day for the chest to appear.
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Kenshi: Moves 94%
Telekinetic Slam: Press Away, Down, Away, Square.
Telekinetic Toss: Press Down, Away, Circle.
Telekinetic Push: Press Toward(2), Triangle.
Tele-Fury: Press Away, Toward, X.
Mind Warp: Press Down, Away, X.
Fatality 1: Press Toward(2), Away(2), Triangle (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Away, Toward(2), Away, Triangle (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Away(2), Toward, Circle.
Hint: Kira:
Kira can be found in a beach house treasure chest on Earthrealm, at H-2.

Hint: Kira: Moves:
Black Dragon Ball: Press Away, Toward, Circle.
Kiss of Death: Press Toward, Down, Away, Square.
Night Shade: Press Down, Toward, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Toward(2), Away, Circle (Far).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Toward, Down, Away, X (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Away, Up, Away, X.

Hint: Kobra: Moves:
Windmill Kick: Press Toward, Down, Away, Circle.
Burning Fist: Press Down, Toward, Triangle.
Tele-Punch: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Chi-Blast: Press Down, Toward, Square.
Crouching Chi-Blast: Press Down, Away, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Down, Away, Toward, Down, Circle.
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Darrius: Moves 94%
Tricky Blast: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Twisty Kick: Press Down, Away, Circle.
Chest Cruncher: Press Away, Toward, Square.
Target Practice: Press Down, Toward, Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Up, Down, Away, Toward, X (when in sweeping
Fatality 2: Press Down(2), Away, X (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Away, Toward(2), Triangle.
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Dairou: Moves 94%
Tombstone Drop: Press Toward, Away, Down, Circle.
Stealthy Shadows: Press Down, Up, Triangle.
Iron Leg: Press Down, Away, X.
Fatality 1: Press Down, Up, Away(2), Square (when in sweeping
Fatality 2: Press Down(2), Away, Circle (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Away(3), Down, Square.
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Li Mei: Moves 94%
Nova Blast: Press Down, Away, Square.
Carnival Spin: Press Toward, Down, X.
Flying Furry: Press Toward, Toward, Triangle.
Flipping Heel Kick: Press Down, Away, Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Toward(4), Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Away, Toward(2), Circle (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Up, Down, Up, Down, X.
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Jade: Moves 94%
Vanishing Winds: Press Away, Toward, Square.
Blazing Nitro Kick: Press Away, Toward, Circle.
Razor-Rang: Press Down, Away, X.
Dodging Shadows: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Toward, Up, Toward, Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Away, Toward(3), Triangle (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward(3), Away, Triangle.
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Sindel: Moves 94%
Banshee Scream: Press Toward(2), Square.
Star Screamer: Press Toward(2), Square.
Sliding Foot Grab: Press Away, Toward, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Toward(2), Away, Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Up(2), Away, Toward, X (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Up(2), Down, Circle.
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Hotaru: Moves 94%
Grasshopper: Press Down, Toward, Circle.
Lave Burst: Press Down, Away, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Away, Up, Down, Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Down, Toward, Away, Toward, Triangle (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Up, Away(3), Triangle.
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Double death 93%
Start versus mode with a friend. Select Falling Cliffs as your area of Kombat. Now, choose any 2 characters. Let the match begin. You will soon see that it is a circular platform, and that layers around the edges will begin to fall off every twenty to thirty seconds.
Make sure that you and your friend are on a layer of an edge that will break off the platform. Once it breaks off, both characters will fall off the platform (just like when your punch or kick
sum1 off). You will see both of the characters land on stone spikes. The one with the least health will lose the match, but both of your health bars will go down to 0. Also, If your both fall off
the same time and have full health, player one will always be the winner of that match.
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Defeating Scorpion 93%
When fighting Scorpion at the end of the game, continually strafe around him to dodge his specials, then attack when he has finished an attack of his own and is vulnerable. Also, try to save your Breakers, but use them when necessary.

The following trick is a very easy way to defeat the CPU, especially Scorpion for Shujinko's Spear move. Confront Scorpion and exit until you can fight him as Baraka. Do the "Mutant Blades" move and the
"Chop Chop Blades" move every time he gets back up. You may need to switch up the rotation of the 2 specials, but the "Mutant Blades" move (Forward, Forward, X) works most of the time when he is just
getting back up. When you think he is going to attack at close range, then use the "Chop Chop Blades" move (Down, Up, X). Save the game, go to the difficulty option, and set it on the easiest. This
works because he is constantly healingm and if he hits you, he takes 300% damage.
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Easy fatalities 93%
Go to a chess match. Once there and fighting, kill the opponent's leader with whoever you want to do the fatality with. If you defeat him pr her, a fatality will automatically happen.

Go to practice or Arcade Mode and pick Shujinko. Now, go to the Slaughter House level. When the match starts, knock your opponent down into the basement of the Slaughter House. Next, get on your
opponent's side so that you are moving them back toward the death trap. Make sure not to push them all the way back. Next, pop them up into the air with Back, Triangle(2). Now, while in the air, do Liu
Kang's Bicycle Kick. The last kick should send your opponent flying through the air and into the death trap. Once your opponent has been diced up into little pieces of flesh, it should say under your name.
13 Hits, 127% damage. You should have 2 hits from the pop-ups and 10 from the bicycle kick making that 27% damage, and one from the death trap, which automatically kills your opponent and gives you
100% damage. *** You must have Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick from Konquest mode.
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Liu Kang 93%
Complete Konquest mode. After the credits, go back into
Konquest mode and go to Edenia. One you have reached Edenia, go towards G-8. It is a small mountain path that leads to a tent.
Meditate behind the tent until it is Thursday night at 11 p.m. and wait until 12 midnight. A chest should appear, now that it is 12 a.m. Friday morning. Open it, and the key to Tomb OT will be yours, which unlocks Liu Kang.
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Unlockable - How to Unlock 93%
Courtyard - Treasure chest in netherrealm (Area A-1)
Dead Pool - Open Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins
Dragon Mountain - Open Koffin OO with 452 Platinum Koins
Golden Desert - Treasure chest in neatherrealm (area E-2)
Liu Kangs - Tomb At the end of the bridge in earthrealm after fighting Jax (Area H-6)
Living Forest - Open Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins
Nexus - Treasure chest in choasrealm (Area A-4)
Portal - Treasure chest in earthrealm (area G-5)
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Scorpion: Moves 93%
Bloody Spear: Press Away, Toward, Square.
Hellfire: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Awayflip Kick: Press Toward, Away, X.
Teleport Attack: Press Down, Away, X.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Down, Toward(2), Square (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Toward, Away, Toward, Away, Square (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Up(2), Away, Square.
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Noob Smoke: Moves 93%
Smokeycut: Press Toward(2), Circle.
Dark Assassin: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Death From Above: Press Toward(2), X.
Dark Shadows: Press Down, Away, Circle.
We Live: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Darkness: Press Up, Down, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Toward, Away, Toward, Square (Far).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Down(2), Toward, Triangle (as Smoke outside sweeping range)
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Up(2), Down, Triangle.
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Lui Kang's alternate costume 93%
Go to Edenia H-5. It can only be found at 12 p.m. on the 1st of each month. Use R2 to auto target a full list of Koffins to find it.
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Kabal: Moves 93%
Raging Flash: Press Away, Toward, Circle.
Plasma Blast: Press Down, Toward, Square.
Nomad Touch: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Up(3), X (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Up(2), Down(2), Triangle (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Up(2), Down, Triangle.
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Tayna 93%
In Outworldrealm, go to the ice cave at A-3. There should be a wall blocking your path inside. Meditate, and the chest will appear in front of the wall after a short time. *** Whenever Meditation is used, always give it a full day for the chest to appear.
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Nightwolf: Moves 93%
Spirit Arrow: Press Down, Away, Square.
Rhino Charge: Press Toward(2), Circle.
Lightning From Above: Press Down, Up, Square.
Reflector: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Toward, Away, Toward, Square (Far).
Fatality 2: Press Down, Toward, Down, Up, Triangle (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Up(4), X.
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Raiden: Moves 93%
Static Teleport: Press Down, Up, X.
Lightning Bolt: Press Down, Away, Square.
Shocking Touch: Press Forward(2), Triangle.
Flying Thunder God: Press Forward(2), Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Away, Down, Toward, Down, Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Down, Toward(2), Square (Far).
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Up(2), Away, Square.
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Hint Bo Rai Cho: Moves 93%
Puke: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Monkey Flips: Press Down, Away, Square.
Belly Bash: Press Toward(2), Circle.
Earthquake: Press Toward, Away, X.
Fatality 1: Press Down, Up, Toward(2), Triangle (when in sweeping
Fatality 2: Press Up, Away, Toward, X (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Away(2), Toward(2), Triangle.
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Mileena: Moves 93%
Rolling Thunder: Press Away, Down, Circle.
Soaring Sai: Press Down, Toward, Triangle.
Kick From Above: Press Toward, Toward, Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Down(2), Square (when in sweeping range).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Up, Toward(2), X (Far).
Hara Kiri: Press Away, Down, Toward, Down, Square.
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Ermac: Moves 93%
Mystic Float: Press Down, Up, X.
Mystic Bomb: During the Mystic Float move, press Down, X.
Dive Kick: During the Mystic Float move, press Toward, X.
Telekinetic Throw: Press Toward, Away, Triangle.
Telekinetic Slam: Press Away, Down, Away, Circle.
Hado-Energy: Press Down, Away, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Down, Away(2), Down, X (when in sweeping range).

Fatality 2: Press Away, Down, Away, Down, Circle (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Up(2), Down, X.
Hint: Havik: Havik can be found in a treasure chest in a house in the Chaosrealm at H-4.
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Havik: Moves 93%
Torso Spin: Press Down, Away, Square.
Diving Corpse: Press Down, Toward, Square.
Crackling Legs Projectile: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Head Snap: Press Away, Toward, Triangle.
Corpse Taunt: Press Toward, Away, Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Down, Toward(2), Up, Circle (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Toward(3), Away, Triangle (when in sweeping
Hara Kiri: Press Toward, Up(3), Triangle.
Hint: Hotaru:
After you have been captured and become an old man, or anytime after
you have finished Konquest mode, go to Orderrealm, H-1. There a long
bridge, and when it forks, take the fork until you can go no
further. Meditate until the chest appears. *** Whenever Meditation
is used, always give it a full day for the chest to appear.
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Unlockable Characters 92%
Unlockable - How to Unlock
Havik - Found in a treasure chest on map H-4 In Choasrealm in Konquest (check the houses)
Hotaru - Found in a treasure chest at point H-1 in Orderealm after 4AM
Jade - Open Koffin OI using 2,417 Jade Koins in Krypt
Kenshi - Found in a treasure chest on map C-3 In Earthrealm in Konquest
Kira - Found in a treasure chest at point H-2 in Earthrealm between 7-9pm
Li Mei - Find her in a house in outworld (Area F-7)
Lui Kang - Found in a treasure chest at point G-8 in Edenia at 12AM Friday Morning behind the tent
Noob - Smoke - Open Koffin DM using 3,642 Onyx Koins in Krypt
Raiden - Defeat Him at Point E-3 in Orderrealm
After Finishing Konquest Mode
Shujinko - Finish Konquest Mode
Sindel - Found in a treasure chest at point D-1 in Netherrealm
Tanya - Found in a treasure chest at point A-3 in Outworld between 7-9pm
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Unlockable - How to Unlock 92%
Baraka - Open Koffin SR with 2252 Gold Koins
Bo Rai Cho - Open Koffin IB with 2086 Onyx Koins
Havik - Open Koffin CN with 1114 Onyx Koins
Hotaru - Open Koffin QT with 1064 Ruby Koins
Kira - Open Koffin SG with 990 Sapphire Koins
Noob - Smoke - Open Koffin EJ with 1494 Platinum Koins
Scorpion - Found in a treasure chest in the 1st city in Konquest

Unlockable Arenas
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Kolach Awakes 92%
After you finished Konquest mode, go back to the Netherrealm. Before you move, press R1, which brings up a map of the realm. Go to the center of the realm to where you did the mission for Scorpion with catching Quan Chi. From there, go right until you see another platform smaller then the one in the center. You will see 3 people: Kabal, Kobra, and Kira. If you defeat them all, you will get
a reward. When you fight Kabal, you will fight him in Dark Kombat.
Make sure you get Kenshi as a good selection. Use his weapon and keep using his 4 hit combo (X, X, Triangle, Triangle). Now, fight Kobra. He is difficult to defeat. Each time he hits, you will
lose one 3rd or one half of your health. Try to use a long combo and dodge as much as you can. Try using Shujinko. When the match starts, let him attack you first, but make sure to dodge him and
kick him in the air twice (Up, Circle) before he falls to the ground. Do his Hardcore combo listed under the Mantis style of fighting. After you have finished the combo, you should have gotten
at least 9 or 10 hits in on him. Once you have killed him, go on to Kira. She is the most difficult of all of them. When you fight her, you are bleeding to death and she likes to block frequently. Make sure you get Baraka, Darrius, or Ashrah as a selection. If you are Darrius and the match starts, do your Tricky Kick. When you hit her, press L1(2) during the move so that you will have your
Gauntlets on. If she blocks one of them, press Square, Triangle, Circle(3). This should stun her for awhile and allow you to get in another Tricky Kick. Do this until you kill her. If you are Baraka,
hit her as soon as the match starts with Toward(2), X, which is 1 of Baraka's special moves. Now, quickly get close to her and press Away, X(2), which should pop her up into the air. While she is in
the air, press X(2), Triangle, Square(2). This should hit her about 6 or 7 times. Repeat this to defeat her. If you are Ashrah, quickly dodge one of her attacks then press, Up, Circle, to pop her
up into the air. While she is in the air, press Triangle(2), Square, R1, X, Away, X. You will hit her about 7 or 8 times. Keep doing this until you defeat her. Once you have defeated Kabal,
Kobra, and Kira, a portal will open, similar to the portal when you open it with a Kamidogu. Go through the portal and you should be back at the beginning of the realm. You should also see a chest with gold trim. Open it to get your reward. *** All chests with gold trim have something to do with the characters. However, this chest is different from all the others. All your hard work has paid off
with 1,000 Onyx Koins.
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Ashrah puzzle fighter 92%
Start a puzzle match with any character. At the loading screen, you will see Ashrah as a puzzle fighter fighting Ermac, but she is not selectable as a character in puzzle mode.
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Tanya: Moves 92%
Human Cannon Drill: Press Toward(2), Triangle.
Air Fire Blast: Press Down, Toward, Triangle.
Surging Blast: Press Down, Away, Triangle.
Split Flip Kick: Press Down, Away, Circle.
Find Me: Press Up, Down, Square.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Down(3), Square (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Up, Away, Toward, Up, Triangle (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Down(2), Toward, Up, X.
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Ashrah: Moves 92%
Heavenly Light: Press Down, Away, Circle.
Lightning Blast: Press Down, Toward, Circle.
Spin Cycle: Press Down, Up, Triangle.
Nature's Torpedo: Press Toward(2), Circle.
Fatality 1: Down(2), Up(2), Triangle (when close).
Fatality 2: Toward, Down, Toward, Down, Triangle (Sweep).
Hara Kiri: Press Up, Down, Up(2), Triangle.
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Shujinko: Moves 91%
Icy Breeze: Press Down, Toward, Square.
Flaming Fist: Press Down, Toward, Triangle.
Flying Jinko: Press Toward(2), Triangle.
Flip Scissor Kick: Press Down, Away, X.
Telekinetic Slam: Press Away, Down, Away, Circle.
Throw Spear (Scorpions Bloody Spear): Press Away, Toward, Square.
Slide (Sindel's Foot Grab): Press Toward, Away, X.
Bike Kicks (Lui Kang's Bicycle Kick): Press Toward(2), Circle.
Fatality 1: Press Up, Down(2), Toward, Triangle (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Away, Up, Toward(2), Square (when close).
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Away, Down, Away, X.
Go to the following locations to unlock all of Shujinko's moves
Torpedo: Directly in front of Edenia Portal
Bicycle Kick: Chaosrealm G-4 between 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Sunday
Ermac Slam: Edenia C-8 Wednesday at 5 p.m.
Freeze: Orderrealm F-5 at 11 a.m. on Wednesday (in building)
Foot Grab: Edenia D-8 at 2 to 3 a.m. on Monday (behind house)
Kobra Fist: Edenia G-6 (behind building)
Scorpion Spear: Edenia A-1 (Defeat Scorpion)
Flip Kick: Orderrealm E-1 at 11 a.m.
Fatality 1: Outword C-8 (in cave)
Fatality 2: Orderrealm D-4 at 9 a.m.
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Sub-Zero: Moves 89%
Ice Clone: Press Down, Away, Square.
Freeze Ball: Press Down, Toward, X.
Fatality 1: Press Toward, Away, Down, Toward, Triangle (when close).
Fatality 2: Press Away, Down, Toward, Down, Square (when in sweeping range).
Hara Kiri: Press Down, Up, Down, Up, Triangle.
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Hotaru puzzle fighter 88%
Begin a puzzle match with any character. During the loading screen, you should see Scorpion fighting Hotaru in a puzzle match. Notice that Hotaru is not a selectable character for puzzle mode.
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Unlockables 82%
Extra Costumes
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Mortal kombat deception 57%
Nook and smoke are brothers cause thay both have the same blood
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Lui Kang Biography 50%
BI - Lui Kang's Biography H-5 Earthrealm in the house behind Lui Kang's Ghost, unlockable once konquest mode complete.
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Liukang 47%
Found in edenia are g8 in a chest behind the tent after 12 am
By: platinumguard23(155)
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Mortal kombat falling cliffs blooper 44%
All you half to do is the battle stage has to be [falling cliffs] next you and your opponent have to be at the edge of the battle stage .and when the next cliff falls you and your opponent will fall on the spike.
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Secret Characters. 35%
There are secret characters in Deception,its......just hard to notice them.You can use Cyrax,Noob Saibot Demo Version 2,a bald ninja and even Noob when he is a wraith in the Choasrealm in Konquest.To get these characters,you get bonus costumes and and use the character as an enemy(1P vs 2P mode only).I'll tell you a few simple ones.

Tarakan Horde-Get Baraka's ALT costume.His life bar will say Baraka.
Noob Demo Version 2-Get Havik's ALT costume.His life bar will say Havik.
Noob & Cyrax-Go to Vs mode.Pick Noob-Smoke.Tell your buddy to
pick Noob-Smoke.When the match starts,your notice that 2P's Smoke is
replaced with Cyrax.Cyrax will still be called Smoke, and will have Smoke's
moves and special moves.
Noob(Wraith) & Smoky Smoke-Get Noob-Smoke's ALT costume.Smoke will
wear a ninja costume and his skin will be smoke.Noob will be nothing but black.

To get the rest,ask how to unlock more secret characters in the questoin section
of this website.I'll see if I can answer them.
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