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Forbidden Siren Walkthrough Cheats for PS2
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Forbidden Siren Walkthrough PS2 Cheats

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Forbidden Siren Walkthrough

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Tamon Takeuchi 100%
1."Reach road to Karuwari with Yoriko Anno."
"Listen to in-school announcement while on top of fire tower."
2.Drive off Shibito.
"Find item dropped by Yoriko.Drive off Shibito."
3.Defeat sniper.
Remember Akira Shimura.
4.Pick up Yoriko Anno's trail.
Find album.
5."Arrives as Kyoya Suda at gate to The Nest's core."
"Penetrate gate to The Nest's core as Kyoya Suda."
6.Find charred remains.
Reach Takeuchi residence.
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First scenario of Naoko Mihama 100%

Second scenario ofNaoko Mihama
First objective.
1.Win the game after some/all shibitos awake

Second objective.
1.Go to tunnel 3
2.Sneak in and collect the key lying on the ground (don'tworry about the pink
satchel at this point)
3.Exit and go all the way to the manager's office which is at the opposite end
of the map.
4.Use the key to unlock the office, and collect the gun.
5.When you exit, you will hear something drop. Go back into the office again
and collect the key.
6.Go back to the main yard and into the control hut.
7.Activate alarm, and sight jack shibito so that you know when they are all in
position on tracks.
8.Quickly enter tunnel 5 (use the key to unlock the gate).
9.There is a mine cart at the top. Get behind it and push it.
10.If times it right, the cart should kill all shibito in yard and down by
manager's office.
11.Quickly enter tunnel 3 again, and check out pink satchel. You will obtain
library card. There is also an archive itemthat falls out which you can collect
by pressing O.
12Quickly run all the way to tunnel 1 and exit scenario. You have to do this
before shibito awake.
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Square button 100%
Torch On/Off
Whilst the torch is turned off the chances of enemy
detecting player is reduced, but so is aiming accuracy with a gun.
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First scenario of Tamon Takeuchi 100%
First objective.
1.Search Yoshimura's house to find a radio.
2.Search cemetry to find .
3.Hike the bucket in the well. Put the radio into bucket.Radio static
echoes from inside the well.
4.Pick up a which drop out from the bucket.
5.Find somewhere to hide and wait until a zombie check the well.
6.Shoot him.

Goals for Mission Objective 2 fulfilled.
7.Go through this scenario by leading your girlfriend Yoriko Anno to
reach road to Karuwari.
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Reiko Takato 100%
1."Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda."
"Unlock door to gymnasium fire exit from within.Help Harumi Yomoda
escape from the school."
2."Let Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."
"Light lanterns in order.Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."
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All objectives of missions(according to the characters) 100%
Kyoya Suda
1.Escape from police officer.
2."Reach road to Karuwariwith Hisako Yao."
Find letter.
3."Reach road to Tabori settlement with Miyako Kajiro."
Find grave of Takeuchi family.
4."Escape from abandoned house with Miyako Kajiro."
Find scythe embedded in wall.
5.Drive off Shibito.
"Acquire .38 caliber police-issue revolver."
6."Infiltrate The Nest with Yoriko Anno."
"Create entryway for Harumi Yomoda."
7.Defeat Datatsushi.
Decapitate Datatsushi.
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Siro Miyata 100%
1.Escape from Janokubi Valley.
Find nurse's shoes.
2."Reach upper waters of river with Risa Onda."
Acquire notebook.
3.Defeat Mina Onda.
Acquire Uryen.
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Second objective 100%
-1.Got pipe
2. Go to that warehouse
3.k.o that guard zombie
4.remove trees beside a stone lantern
5.climb up
6.find a tombstone
7.pull it down
8.Use pipe on gate to bust it open
9.Got screwdriver
10.Turned water pipe off
11.Jumped into water area, found a book (added to archive)
12.check that tomb beside that book~

Fourth scenario of Kyoda Suda

Fith scenario of Kyoda Suda

Sixth scenario of Kyoda Suda
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Third scenario of Kyoda Suda 100%
First objective.
1.Got pipe
2.Use pipe on gate to bust it open
3.Got screwdriver
4.Turned water pipe off
5.Jumped into water area, found a book (added to archive)
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First scenario of Risa Onda 100%
First objective
1.Hide in the kitchen.
2.Search the floorboards of kitchen.
3.Find a secret closet, and there is a stone marker in it, push it

Goals for Mission Objective 2 fulfilled.
4.Search around the doghouse.
Find kite string and a key.

Goals for Mission Objective 2 fulfilled.
5.Return to kitchen room.
6.Tied the kite string to the ventilator.
7.Attached the kite string to the cupboard.
8.Turn on ventilator(well, it doesn't work.)
9.Switched on the circuit breaker behind this abandoned house.(Not the
circuit breaker of that lonely house, that breaker is for the second
objective of Kyoyo Suda's forth scenario.)
10.Find somewhere to hide until the sniper leave the door.
11.Run out.
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Second scenario of Tomoko Maeda 100%
First objective: Reach road to church.

Second objective: "Reach road to church without being discovered by
Shibito." not turn on the light of that motor bike.
2.Turn my head and go straight.
3.Go across the river through that abandon car.
4.I wait for a moment and jack sight of the zombie who is
patroling.(near that gasoline car.)
5.While he turn back, I run past.
6.Before I go upstairs and reach the door to church, I jack sight
another zombie who guard the door.
7.View his route for a while, and when he turn back, run behind it and
reach the door to church.(Despite you are very close to that zombie, he
won't hear your footstep, so just run past that zombie as quickly as
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Walkthrough 100%
First scenario of Kyoya Suda (student boy)
1.Open the door of the hut.
2.Find on the desk.
3.Get beside copier.
4.Exit the hut.
5.Go past that police and pick up under
6.Used to unlock the door of the construction worker's
pickup truck.
7.Get in car.
9.Insert key and start engine.
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Second objective 100%
1.tie the rope on the well then climb down there.
2.there's a zombie standing in front of the ladder.(mayb you can shout to lure
him...i think so)3.
climb up there and attack him.
4.after that check the 2 boxes of explosive.(a short scene)
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Second objective 100%
1.Pick up on the roof of Rokkaku's
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Third scenario of Kei Makino 100%
First objective
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Second objective 100%
1.Pick Flashlight up
2.Reach your car
3.Grab wrench and flash.
4.Reach shrine and pick there.
5.Reach Pay phone. The sniper zombie will leave the bridge.
6.Go past the bridge.
7.Jack sight of one patrol zombie. You will find he often stares at
8.Go downstairs of the bridge and search along the riverside.
9.Find a stone marker and push it over.
Goals for Mission Objective 2 already fulfilled."
10.Search the brushwood that zombie always stares and you will find the
dirty shoe of nurse.
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Second objective 100%
1.Do as same as the walkthrough, but this time you need to unlock door
to gymnasium fire exit from within.
First sceario of Siro Miyata.
First objective.
1.Pick Flashlight up
2.Reach your car
3.Grab wrench and flash.
4.Reach Scrap material
5.Ignite flash. The sniper zombie will leave suspension bridge.
6.Go past suspension bridge
"7.Find a small generator outside the mountain hut.
It looks like it only needs gasoline to run."
8.Pick up container in the mountain hut.
9.Go back to your car and fill the container with gasoline.
10.Find in the ore processing plant.
11.Fill the generator will gasoline. The sniper zombie will leave the
exit of the ore processing plant.
12.Go downstairs and escape from Janokubi Valley.
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Naoko Mihama 100%
1.Reach road to Janokubi Valley.
"Reach road to Janokubi Valley after defeating all Shibito."
2.Escape from the school.
"Find Book of Hanuda Folk Tales.Escape from the school."
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Second scenario of Kyoya Suda 100%
First objective.
1.Follow Hisako's command, it is easy to go through this scenario.
2.Pick up beside the phone of tabacconists.
3.Pick up under the wall of barbershop.
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Risa Onda 100%
1.Escape from abandoned house.
Discover Mana cross.
2."Warn Miyata and Makino of approaching Shibito."
Find angel statuette.
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Second objective 100%
1.Climb up and search the clothesline.
2.Find a in the planter.
3.Search along the red water pool.
4.Find somwhere had been dug up.
5.Use to dig up and find Mana cross.
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Second objective 100%
1.Search cemetry to find
2.Find a rusty water pipe along the riverside.
3.Open the lock of the chain by the key.
4.Turn valve.

Goals for Mission Objective 2 fulfilled.
7.Kill all nearby zombie of fire tower.Be care that sniper on the roof.
8.Climb up fire tower and complete this scene.

Second scenario of Tamon Takeuchi
First objective
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Control 100%
Left analog stick/directional button
Move. (Push lightly to walk, hold down to run.)
Pull back on stick quickly for 180 degree turn.
Make selection from List menu.
Climb up/down ladders.
Shake off enemies (Push quickly in different directions several times.)
Move crosshairs in Attack mode.
Walking is quieter than running."

Right analog stick
Scan side-to-side.
Zoom whilst sniping.

Circle button
Open/close door.

X button
Jump off ladder.
Moving whilst crouched is silent, chances of enemy detecting player is
greatly reduced."

Triangle button
Bring up List menu.
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First scenario of Akira Shimura 100%
Second scenario of Akira Shimura
First objective.
1.Same as 2nd objective except let the timer past 115 sec before beating the
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Akira Shimura 100%
1.Reach road to Hirasakai.
Reach road to Dousojin stone.
2."Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno."
"Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno within 115 seconds."
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Last Scenario of Kyoya Suda 100%
First objective~`
There is only 3 pillars in this scene.(triangle)
After game start, don't move your character~~
Kyoya stand near one pillar, and face one pillar
Turn a little right, find the 3rd pillar.
Aim at that pillar
Zombie will show himself there~~
Hit him before he hit you~~(tough)
then he will leave that pillar, run towards another pillar.
Aim at another pillar, shoot him again.
need 4 hits.
If you are one sharp-shooter~~don't reload.
Then he will throw away his gun, run towards you with his sword.
Turn you head, run~~don't shoot him,bullets cannot hurt him anymore.
After you run a while, your weapon will changer automatically.(Uryen shield)
Use your new weapon kill him.
Pick up his sword~~
Then that invisible monster~~~
Jack sight to kill him~~Use Uryen shield to burn him for 3 times~~
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Tomoko Maeda 100%
1.Escape from Hirunotsuka.
"Escape from Hirunotsuka within 115 seconds."
2.Reach road to church.
"Reach road to church without being discovered by Shibito."
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R1 button 100%
Draw weapon.
Lock on if enemy within target area.
Accuracy of revolver increases in relation to length of time of lock-

R1 button + Circle button
Press button longer for strong attack."

R1 button + left analog stick/directional button (during lock-on)
Move targeted enemy to center of sights.

R1 button + L1 button + left analog stick/directional button(during
Change lock-on target.

R1 button + left analog stick/directional button (when not locked-on)"
Lock on if enemy within target area."
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Second objective 100%
1.put the water pipe to the water tap and throw it out of the window
2.Go to the 1st floor toilet and put the pipe into the drain.
3.Head upstairs again and open the tap and then get the key when it's float
up..(have to go downstairs to get it)
4.use the key to open the door on 2nd block of 2nd floor.
5.Head to the principal room check the room first
6.Go inside to the information room to take the old magazine on the desk.

Fifth scenario of Tamon Takeuchi

Last scenario of Tamon Takeuchi
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Harumi Yomoda 100%
1.Escape from abandoned house.
"Find ornament.Escape from abandoned house."
2.Escape from the Nest
Reach central intersection.
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Second objective 100%
1.Find Yoriko's wallet in the stone shrine.
2.To get to it, go all the way round the map the long way (past the car and the
abandoned house, then up the steps).
3.Once there, use your gun to shoot the lock. You can only do this if you
previously hit the lock with a rock in Kei Makino's scenario earlier, which
will have weakened it.

Third scenario of Tamon Takeuchi

Fourth scenario of Tamon Takeuchi:
First objective.
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R2 button 100%
First-person view.
Press hard to zoom."

L1 button + directional button
Move sideways.

L2 button
Enter/exit Viewjack

START button
Open menu.
Skip Movie

SELECT button
Display map.
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Second objective 100%
1.Soon as the stage starts get your aim up on the girl, shoot the 2 zombies
that try to attack her.
2.(Quickly) Climb down the ladder right after you shoot the 2nd zombie.
3.Now run towards where the girl ran (she went to hide in the house that had
the radio).
4.On the way, there will be 2 snipers on the roof of 2 seperate buildings.
DON'T shoot the one that's closest to the tower, but shoot the one that's on
the other building near the girl.
(Maybe if you're fast enough you can shoot both of them)
5.Then run towards the girl (shooting another walking zombie in the process).
6.Get the girl, make her follow you, run across the wooden BRIDGE that crosses
the river bank, run run run towards the exit where that sniper is.
7.Do the same thing as before - make her distract the sniper so you can shoot
8.Then run run run to the exit. (takes about 106s or so if follow those steps)

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Second objective 100%
Defeat that zombie
Pick up his sword.
Change your weapon~~
If you have pulled 4 stone marker over, you will find this sword is lighting.
Jack sight of that invisible monster.
Find your girl is standing beside you and direct somewhere~~
According her guidance, find crystal hill~~
That hill can reveal the monster~~
Decapitate Datatsushi by using that sword(lighting)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

First scenario of Reiko Takato 98%
First objective.
1.Ring the bell to attract zombie's attention and run downstairs with
Reiko Takato.
2.Find in the outside wall of 3-4 Grade
3.Let Harumi Yomoda hide into the closet of the 1-2 Grade Classroom.
4.Run into the faculty room.
5.Pick up .
6.If you hide Harumi Yomoda before, she will give you .

Goals for Mission Objective 2 fulfilled.
7.Find on the blackboard of
the faculty room.
7.Unlock the door of gym with the key.
8.Find in the cellar.
9.K.O that zombie schoolmaster.
10.Pick up a key he drop off.
11.Go upstairs and find Harumi Yomoda in the library.(If you don't get
the candle, maybe she is in the female washroom.)
12.Leave school with Harumi Yomoda through the window of faculty room.
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Kei Makino 98%
1.Reach road to Karuwari.
Find Sister Hisako's veil.
2.Reach road to Hirasakai.
"Find item dropped by Tomoko.Reach road to Hirasakai."
3.Drive off Shibito.
Acquire explosives.
4.Reach road to flood gates.
"Defeat all Shibito and reach road to floodgates."
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