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Serious Sam: Next Encounter Cheats for PS2
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Serious Sam: Next Encounter PS2 Cheats

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Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Unlockables 96%
Unlock the lost levels.
By getting gold medals it is possible to unlock extra levels. On the Main
level select screen press the X button to enter ''The Lost Levels'' menu.
Get ThisBy Doing This
Ancient Rome-Addressing the Senate9 Golds
Ancient Rome-Caesar's Sanctum12 Golds
Ancient Rome-Praetorian Camp3 Golds
Ancient Rome-The Forum of Trajan7 Golds
Ancient Rome-The Forum Romanum5 Golds
Feudal China-The Gate of Supreme Harmony18 Golds
Feudal China-The Silk Road15 Golds
Legendary Atlantis-The Corridors of Power26 Golds
Legendary Atlantis-The Geothermal Tunnels24 Golds
Legendary Atlantis-The Steam Tower22 Golds
The Gallery31 Golds
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Reload fast 50%
When you need to reload your guns start reloading then open NETRISCA then wait then go out then your gun will be reloaded
By: Sumner(139)
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Skip respown 42%
Press x to skip respown time
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